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The Atelier series is a cross-genre set of games that combine a JRPG core with a deep and expansive crafting system. They are known for their down to earth, “moe slice of life anime” feel, as much as for their niche-defining alchemy systems. Each game is independent, but they generally fit into overall series arcs with some continuing plotline and characters, so the first of each is generally the best place to start any one of the series. Herein are overviews, guides, charts, and apps for a number of the games in the series, with a few still a work in progress – primarily the Arlands.

RoronaAyeshaSophie 1Ryza 1
TotoriEscha & LogySophie 2Ryza 2
Meruru (In Progress)ShallieFirisRyza 3
LuluaLydie & Suelle

Where to Start

There are many games in the series, where should one begin? The general consensus is to pick any of the games that are at the beginning of one of the many arcs, though one can always start in the middle and then fill in later if one wants to. Some are more friendly in different ways. Personally, I’d select Sophie 1 or Ryza 1 as comfortable but representative samples of the series, possibly also Rorona as long as you plan to only play it casually and won’t be trying to max/100% anything there. A few articles that break this down:

SalburgGramnadIrisManaArland [MC]Dusk [MC]Mysterious [MC]Secret [MC]Side
Marie [MC]JudieIris 1Mana Khemia 1Rorona *AyeshaSophie 1 **Ryza 1 **Annie
ElieVioletIris 2Mana Khemia 2TotoriEscha & LogySophie 2Ryza 2Nelke [MC]
LilieIris 3MeruruShallieFirisRyza 3
Atelier for TwoLuluaLydie & Suelle
Marie, Elie, and Anis

* and ** are my recommended places to start, italics are considered non-canon, [MC] are on modern consoles

Game Meta Breakdown

For those new to the series, a comparison of game series meta to other JRPGs in general can be found here: