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Atelier Lydie and Suelle is the third release in the Mysterious series, after Atelier Sophie and Atelier Firis. With the recent release of Atelier Sophie 2, which is set canonically inbetween those two, Lydie and Suelle are now the 4th Mysterious game, chronologically. A brief FAQ can be found here.

Whereas Atelier Firis experimented heavily with being a mostly open world game with no central Atelier base, no recipe unlock map, and the first time limit (for the first half of the game anyways) since Atelier Escha & Logy back in the Dusk series, Lydie and Suelle is basically a return to form. They continued to refine the synthesis system, which is extremely similar on a surface level to both Sophie and Firis, but with a bunch of new “enhancer” options rather than (or more specifically in addition to) catalysts in previous and future games.

The plotline follows Lydie and Suelle, the daughters of an alchemist and painter father, and who had only recently lost their mother. One day they notice something strange from one of their father’s paintings, and when they go to investigate, they get sucked into an alternate world, where they could swear they saw someone that looked like their mother in the distance. The adventure continues on from there.

The story continues where previous games left off, and includes ongoing main and support characters from previous games, including, critically, Sophie and Plachta, the protagonists of the first game. While previous characters are often the subject of ongoing character development and plot, this game goes the extra mile and gives Sophie and Plachta nearly main-character amounts of events and development, if you look for them. In the end, no spoilers, but it wraps up a lot of really emotional material that started way back at the beginning of Sophie, and I cannot recommend highly enough that one play the previous games before this one, and that one really max out all the event trees to make sure you see the final Sophie and Plachta plot developments.

At present, external data I have found for Lydie and Suelle in English are:

I have not had the time yet to document, in particular, the effects for each recipe. However, see the sidebar for at a minimum a chart of the recipes and materials, and a recipe finder app.