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Atelier Escha & Logy is the second game in the Dusk Trilogy, following Atelier Ayesha, and then followed by Atelier Shallie. It follows two main characters, Escha and Logy, and you have to choose a protagonist for the game. In order to get the true ending, you have to play the game twice, and there are some items that are unique to each playthrough, though the plot is nearly identical.

The synthesis system takes the concept of the 4 cards from Ayesha and streamlines it heavily. While we no longer get to make Whetstones and Inks, which is a shame, we also don’t have to deal with the big pile of properties and traits that fall off the edge if they go over 5, either. Actions are streamlined, and elemental values are clearer.

It has Traits (Properties here) that are similar to the future Mysterious games, seeing the first instance of Destruction x Destruction+ = Very Destructive in any Atelier game, and is thus a major break from the historical selection available in Arland games and Ayesha. The 4 cards interface during synthesis looks much like Ayesha, but the mechanisms are more similar to Shallie and the future Mysterious games. One important element of synthesis here is that there are Effects, Traits, and Properties, a third category of material nature. Traits in this game are all things that affect the current synthesis process, whereas Properties are the things that stick on an end-item that make bombs and swords stronger. That eventually changes in later games.

The game has a time limit of approximately two in-game years, much like previous games. After completing the main questline, a number of other options open up, for completing character events and unlocking additional endings. Note that this period also has a deadline of another 2 years, after which the game truly ends and whatever endings have been unlocked must be chosen from. It’s broken up into chapters, with quests allotted to each, though with a little attention paid, one can finish every quest in the chapter given, other than the semi-final one. However, any undone quests are open in the final chapter again.

Cute side-note: in Japanese, “and” is と (to). So Escha&Logy is Eschatology. What are Escha and Logy’s jobs? Eschatologists.