Here lies the cyberspace home of Sean Cusack, the page of all things interesting to me. Coding, Japanese, Piano, Anime, Video Games, Social Justice, Science, Cooper Union, Beer and Whiskey, Event Planning and Hosting, and eccentrica and eclectica of all sorts. Also, here be dragons.

Current ongoing project:

Atelier Sophie User Guide, Maps, and Charts

This has really been combining a number of interests of mine, from doing a service for the gaming community around this series, which is small in America and doesn’t have many people to do FAQ’s; working in Japanese, because most of the information on the game is located in Japanese blogs, and I’m currently studying Japanese; data mining, because collecting data from blogs, or from the game itself has meant using a dozen new and different technologies in interesting ways; and coding, as a lot of the data processing requires scripting, and this whole website itself is also a framework to practice web technologies.

Other ongoing projects:

  1. Continuing to study Japanese, aiming to pass the JLPT N2 this December
  2. Working on my Piano repertoire
  3. And the usual bevy of event hosting that I do, from apartment concerts, to tastings, to game nights and movie nights, to baking parties