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Atelier Ayesha is the first game in the Dusk Trilogy, followed by Atelier Escha & Logy, and then Atelier Shallie. It has a lot of unique elements to it, including a synthesis system never seen before or since, which has some plusses and minuses.

It has Traits that are similar to the previous Arland cycle of games, but in other ways is more similar to the games that follow it. One very different element of synthesis here is that there are Effects, Traits, and Properties, a third category of material nature. Traits in this game are all things that affect the current synthesis process, such as adding more elemental value, increasing or decreasing the CP (which is used for actions during synthesis), etc.

The game has a time limit of two in-game years, much like previous games and the one following it. After completing the main questline, a number of other options open up, for completing character events and unlocking additional endings. Note that this period also has a deadline of another 2 years, after which the game truly ends and whatever endings have been unlocked must be chosen from.

Note that a large number of things are missable in this game, so those interested in maximizing a single playthrough should consult the trophy guides for pointers.