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Atelier Sophie 2 was created after the original Mysterious trilogy (Sophie, Firis, Lydie&Suelle) were already released, and even after the publication of Ryza 2, making it the newest Atelier as of the end of 2022. However, it does not fit chronologically story-wise after the end of the series, instead it is a direct sequel to Sophie. It occurs mere weeks or months after the ending of that game, and long before the beginning of Firis. If you have the opportunity to play all four games of the Mysterious cycle, I recommend playing them in story-wise chronological order, so Sophie 1 first and then this one, before the others.

Note: there is one missable in the entire game – make sure not to save after beating the final endboss unless you did so on Very Hard mode, or you can never get the trophy without doing a full NG+.

The chart and recipe app links are up and working now as well!