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Atelier Shallie is the third game in the Dusk Trilogy, following Atelier Ayesha and Atelier Escha & Logy. Like the previous game, there are also two protagonists, and each has a bit more of a difference in the plotline. Overall it’s the same, but many events play out from a different point of view, some bosses are different, and there are several items unique to each playing.

This game is the first Atelier with no time limit. This doesn’t mean there’s no anti-grinding mechanic, which is a bit of a shame, but there’s no hard limit. Basically if you finish “enough” tasks to move on to the next chapter, but keep going and doing more things, you incur essentially depression points which stick around from chapter to chapter, and they make you walk more slowly and find less items while collecting. In the final chapter, this gets eliminated, but you shouldn’t push the meter too far or it gets pretty annoying.

The synthesis system is very similar to Escha & Logy, with a bit more focus on abilities that cross over between cards. Also, there are no longer Effects and Traits and Properties. Traits are now removed and Properties contain things that can be passed directly to an end item. Some Effects and Properties take the place of the separate Trait system in the previous 2 games, i.e. they can adjust the nature of the synthesis in which they are placed.