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Table of Contents


#NameTypeCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4FWAWIEElement ValueGather LocationDrop Monster
1Bullet SeedMaterial(Grain)(Gunpowder)(Oil)(Spark)X10Twilight ForestPoison Squirrel
2Wind FlowerMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X15Twilight Forest
3Earth FlowerMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X15Old HighwayOre Rat
4Water FlowerMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X25Twilight Forest
5Fire FlowerMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X35Searing Wastes
6Bent ScrewMaterial(Antique)(Metal)X10Twilight Forest, Old HighwayBad Treasure
7Rusty CogMaterial(Antique)(Metal)X15Twilight Forest, Old HighwayBad Treasure
8Grain ScrapsMaterial(Grain)X15Twilight Forest, Old Highway
9Antique StoneMaterial(Antique)(Ore)X15Old Highway, Ends of the EarthFakeruin
10Scrap MetalMaterial(Antique)(Metal)X15Old HighwayOre Rat, Bad Treasure, Pandora
11Mixed OilMaterial(Fuel)(Liquid)(Smelly)X20Old Highway
12Paper ScrapsMaterial(Fuel)(Paper)X15Southern RuinsFakeruin
13Garden StoneMaterial(Mystery)(Ore)X20Southern Ruins
14PendelockMaterial(Jewel)(Mystery)XX10Old Highway, Southern RuinsDeep Woods Spirit, Mirage Element, Mist Element
15Eternal LiquidMaterial(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)(Smelly)X20Upland Forest
16Soul VineMaterial(Mystery)(Plant)X20Upland ForestBad Sickle
17Green SoilMaterial(Clay)(Plant)X15Twilight Forest, Upland ForestGreen Spirit
18Crimson SoilMaterial(Clay)(Medic. Ing.)X20Upland ForestRed Spirit
19Ultramarine SoilMaterial(Clay)(Ore)X25Abandoned RiverBlue Spirit
20Amber SoilMaterial(Clay)(Seasoning)X25Withering PlainsYellow Spirit
21Lethe GrassMaterial(Elixir)(Plant)XX15Withering PlainsBad Sickle
22River WaterMaterial(Liquid)(Natural)XX10Withering Plains
23Legged RadishMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Seasoning)(Vegetable)X30Searing Wastes
24Buoyant GasMaterial(Fuel)(Gas)(Natural)XX15Searing Wastes
25Blaze OreMaterial(Jewel)(Ore)X35Searing WastesHungry Steel Beast
26Unburning WebMaterial(Natural)(String)X30Searing WastesFakeruin
27LotusMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Plant)XX15Abandoned River
28Mantis BladeMaterial(Animal)(Meat)(Metal)XX20Slag GraveyardScissor Beast, Flame Scythe, Bad Sickle, Death Scissor
29Fairy SoulMaterial(Seasoning)(Synthesis)XX15Green Spirit, Red Spirit, Blue Spirit, Yellow Spirit
30Bubbling WaterMaterial(Gunpowder)(Liquid)(Smelly)XX20Abandoned River
31Slag AntennaMaterial(Ancient Power)(Slag Parts)XX10Slag GraveyardGuard, Watchman, Officer, Flounder
32Slag MemoryMaterial(Ancient Power)(Metal)XX20Slag GraveyardFakeruin, Bad Treasure, Black Box, Pandora, Flat Fish, Flounder
33Slag HeartMaterial(Meat)(Slag Parts)XXX15Slag GraveyardCarrier, Tracker, Porter, Flat Fish, Flounder
34Slag CableMaterial(Slag Parts)(String)XX15Slag GraveyardMini-Slag, Nano-Slag, Pico-Slag, Flat Fish
35Ancient JerkyMaterial(Meat)(Medic. Ing.)(Seasoning)(Smelly)XX20Lab of Eternity
36Rough DiskMaterial(Antique)(Metal)(Synthesis)XX20Lab of EternityPico-Slag, Black Box, Frigate
37Bendy MateriaMaterial(Fuel)(Gunpowder)(Natural)XX15Lab of EternityFlat Fish, Flounder, Emerald Ray, Fatal Flat
38Rot Snake SkinMaterial(Animal)(Fuel)(Skin)XXX15Lab of Eternity
39King's WingMaterial(Dragon)(Feather)(Meat)(Skin)X40Ends of the EarthCompact Dragon, Goltessen, Rakshasa Dragon
40Dragon FinMaterial(Dragon)(Meat)(String)XXX20Ends of the Earth
41Dragon CrystalMaterial(Jewel)(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Smell)XXX20Ends of the EarthGrand Dragon, Sura Dragon, Rakshasa Dragon, Altegewalt, Dark Elder Dragon
42Dragon CoreMaterial(Dragon)(Elixir)(Gunpowder)(Ore)XXXX20Ends of the EarthRakshasa Dragon, Altegewalt
43Drying SandMaterial(Natural)(Ore)X30Withering Plains
44JunkMaterial(Antique)(Metal)XX10Ends of the EarthBlack Box, Pandora
45Buried BombMaterial(Antique)(Gunpowder)X40Ends of the EarthRaging Golem
46Jet Black CubeMaterial(Ancient Power)(Elixir)(Synthesis)XXX20Ends of the EarthDeath Scissor, Manic Golem
47Sky King FossilMaterial(Antique)(Ore)(Synthesis)X50Fallen RuinsSpirit Golem
48Sky WasabiMaterial(Plant)(Seasoning)(Smell)(Vegetable)XX20Fallen Ruins
49Noble BerryMaterial(Fruit)(Seasoning)(Smell)XX25Fallen Ruins
50Heaven's BranchMaterial(Fuel)(Lumber)XXX20Fallen Ruins
51Wing PlantMaterial(Feather)(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XXX5Searing Wastes, Fallen Ruins
52Jelly GemMaterial(Jewel)(Meat)(Synthesis)XXX15Fallen Ruins
53Water SourceMaterial(Liquid)(Synthesis)X25Fallen Ruins
54Moon MilkMaterial(Clay)(Ore)XX20Fallen Ruins
55Empty CoreMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Metal)XXX25Lab of EternityBlack Box, Blue Fang Saber
56AppleMaterial(Apple)(Fruit)(Smell)X15Colseit, Fallen RuinsPoison Squirrel
57Green AppleMaterial(Apple)(Fruit)XX15Fallen RuinsBitter Squirrel
58Poison AppleMaterial(Apple)(Fruit)(Smelly)X25Abandoned RiverPoison Squirrel, Bitter Squirrel
59Golden AppleMaterial(Apple)(Fruit)(Jewel)XXXX15Lab of Eternity, Fallen RuinsGolden Rat, Alchemy Rat
60Spiky FruitMaterial(Spark)X10Upland Forest
61Spiky BudMaterial(Spark)XX10Upland ForestPoison Squirrel, Bitter Squirrel
62Gold Spiky FruitMaterial(Oil)(Spark)XX20Upland Forest, Lab of Eternity, Fallen RuinsGolden Rat, Alchemy Rat
63TaunMaterial(Magic Grass)(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X10Twilight Forest, Lab of Eternity
64Mutated TaunMaterial(Elixir)(Magic Grass)(Plant)XX10Twilight Forest, Lab of EternityRegen Evo Rat
65Trio TaunMaterial(Magic Grass)(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Plant)X35Twilight Forest, Lab of Eternity, Fallen RuinsGolden Rat, Deep Woods Spirit, Evo Spirit, Hidden Spirit, Underworld Spirit
66Moss GrassMaterial(Plant)(Seasoning)(Smelly)X10Southern Ruins
67Bitter GrassMaterial(Plant)(Seasoning)(Smelly)XX15Upland Forest
68Dried GrassMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Seasoning)(Smelly)XX15Upland Forest
69TaroMaterial(Grain)X10Old Highway
70Hard TaroMaterial(Grain)(Medic. Ing.)X20Old Highway
71Decade TaroMaterial(Elixir)(Grain)X40Old Highway
72SalatMaterial(Plant)(Vegetable)X15Southern Ruins
73Fresh SalatMaterial(Plant)(Vegetable)X20Southern Ruins
74White SalatMaterial(Plant)(Vegetable)XX15Southern Ruins
75Smoke MushroomMaterial(Gas)(Smelly)(Vegetable)X15Searing Wastes
76Darkness ShootMaterial(Fuel)(Vegetable)X20Searing WastesBad Sickle, Return Red Fang, Regen Cube, Evo Cube
77Bitter LeafMaterial(Plant)(Seasoning)(Smell)X25Withering Plains
78Salt LeafMaterial(Oil)(Plant)(Seasoning)XX20Withering Plains, Lab of Eternity
79Dried RootMaterial(Plant)X10Old Highway
80Rich RootMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)X20Old HighwayUltimate Gaia
81Flame RootMaterial(Gunpowder)(Plant)XX10Searing WastesFlame Scythe
82Earth RootMaterial(Plant)(Vegetable)X35Old Highway, Lab of Eternity, Fallen Ruins
83Beast MeatMaterial(Meat)X20Slag GraveyardStray Dog, Heavy Skin, Ore Rat, Amethyst Rat
84Fresh MeatMaterial(Meat)XX15Slag Graveyard, Dragon's NestFlesh Eater, Howling Beast, Steel Skin, Lava Rat, Head Silver Wolf
85Gold MeatMaterial(Meat)(Medic. Ing.)XXX10Slag Graveyard, Dragon's NestDiamond Rat, Emerald Ray
86Big BoneMaterial(Animal)X15Withering Plains, Dragon's NestSteel Skin
87Black BoneMaterial(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)XX15Withering Plains, Dragon's NestRed Skin, Slayer Titan, Blue Elder Dragon
88Dragon BoneMaterial(Dragon)(Medic. Ing.)XXX10Withering Plains, Dragon's NestCompact Dragon, Emerald Ray
89Bird EggMaterial(Oil)X10Southern Ruins
90Sea Bird EggMaterial(Oil)X20Southern Ruins
91Ext. Bird EggMaterial(Oil)XX20Southern Ruins, Ends of the Earth
92Pale ClayMaterial(Clay)(Oil)X15Abandoned River
93Living ClayMaterial(Clay)(Ore)(Synthesis)X25Abandoned River
94PhlogistonMaterial(Gunpowder)(Natural)X20Southern RuinsFairydrake, Scorching Dragon
95Aqua LightMaterial(Liquid)(Natural)X20Southern RuinsNano-Slag, Watchman, Blue Spirit
96Wind CoreMaterial(Gas)(Natural)X20Upland ForestMirage Element, Mist Element
97Earth StoneMaterial(Natural)(Ore)X20Southern Ruins
98Green GemstoneMaterial(Jewel)XX15Southern Ruins
99Blue GemstoneMaterial(Jewel)XX15Southern Ruins
100Rouge GemstoneMaterial(Jewel)XX15Southern Ruins
101Shining CrystalMaterial(Ore)X25Withering PlainsGuard, Blue Spirit
102Corundum StoneMaterial(Metal)(Ore)X25Twilight ForestOre Rat, Amethyst Rat, Lava Rat, Diamond Rat
103Eternal CrystalMaterial(Ore)XX25Ends of the EarthOfficer, Yellow Spirit
104Aurora StoneMaterial(Jewel)XXX15Lab of EternityTracker, Officer, Diamond Rat, Yellow Spirit, Regen Breaker
105Night CrystalMaterial(Jewel)X20Slag GraveyardRegen Breaker
106Glass CoreMaterial(Ore)X25Old Highway, Withering PlainsMini-Slag, Carrier, Guard, Amethyst Rat, Blue Sky Monster, Blood Saber
107Scorching OreMaterial(Ore)XX15Searing WastesFairydrake, Lava Rat, Flame Scythe, Bloody Breaker
108Diamond GemstoneMaterial(Jewel)X40Lab of Eternity, Dragon's NestPorter, Diamond Rat, Bloody Breaker, Raging Golem, Manic Golem, Spirit Golem
109BeehiveMaterial(Beehive)(Fuel)X10Twilight Forest
110Silver HiveMaterial(Beehive)(Fuel)XX15Twilight Forest, Lab of EternityRegen Cube, Evo Cube, Manic Beast King
111Golden HiveMaterial(Beehive)(Fuel)(Jewel)XXX15Twilight Forest, Lab of Eternity
112Bitter MelonMaterial(Vegetable)X20Upland Forest
113Old MelonMaterial(Vegetable)XX10Upland Forest
114Honey MelonMaterial(Vegetable)XXX20Upland Forest, Lab of Eternity
115Sugar Tree SapMaterial(Liquid)(Seasoning)X20Abandoned River
116Milch BeanMaterial(Grain)X25Abandoned River
117Jewel BeanMaterial(Grain)XXX15Abandoned River
118Big Milch BeanMaterial(Grain)X30Abandoned RiverHungry Steel Beast, Evo Steel Beast, Evo Wing Lizard
119Red DevilMaterial(Seasoning)X25Slag Graveyard
120Blue DevilMaterial(Seasoning)X25Slag Graveyard
121Bitter Tree SeedMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XX10Old HighwayBitter Squirrel, Scissor Beast
122Epicure NutMaterial(Oil)(Seasoning)X35Abandoned River
123Anti-Bug GrassMaterial(Plant)(Smelly)X10Twilight Forest
124Fragrant ChipsMaterial(Fuel)(Fuel)(Lumber)(Smell)X30Slag GraveyardEvo Spirit
125Charcoal PiecesMaterial(Fuel)(Gunpowder)XX15Searing WastesMirage Element, Mist Element, Green Spirit, Hidden Spirit
126Purify BlockMaterial(Lumber)(Synthesis)X25Searing WastesDeep Woods Spirit, Mirage Element
127Lady's WhiskersMaterial(Plant)(String)X20Abandoned RiverFlesh Eater
128Golden YarnMaterial(Animal)(String)XX15Abandoned RiverHowling Beast
129Mysterious SilkMaterial(Mystery)(Natural)(String)X35Abandoned River
130Antique MossMaterial(Mystery)(Plant)X20Abandoned River
131Freshwater MossMaterial(Mystery)(Plant)X25Abandoned River
132Mountain FeatherMaterial(Animal)(Feather)X15Southern Ruins, Lab of Eternity
133Eagle FeatherMaterial(Animal)(Feather)X20Southern Ruins, Lab of Eternity
134Paradise FeatherMaterial(Animal)(Feather)(Mystery)X30Southern Ruins, Lab of Eternity
135Word Stone-StarMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Metal)X15Slag Graveyard, Ends of the Earth
136Word Stone-MoonMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Ore)X25Withering Plains, Slag Graveyard, Ends of the Earth
137Word Stone-SunMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Jewel)X30Slag Graveyard, Lab of Eternity, Ends of the EarthRampage Land Eye
138Word Stone-SeaMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Clay)X40Lab of Eternity, Ends of the EarthPandora
139Word Stone-ManMaterial(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Mystery)XXXX20Lab of Eternity, Ends of the EarthDreadnought
140Verdure GrassMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XX10Slag Graveyard
141Lucky CloverMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XXX5Slag Graveyard
142Oblivion CloverMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XXXX5Slag Graveyard
143Honey PoppyMaterial(Plant)(Seasoning)(Smell)XX5Slag Graveyard
144DunkelheitMaterial(Elixir)(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Plant)XXXX20Southern Ruins, Lab of EternitySura Dragon, Dark Demon Beast
145White FlowerMaterial(Plant)(Smell)X15Southern Ruins
146Red FlowerMaterial(Plant)(Smell)XX10Southern Ruins, Upland Forest
147Purple FlowerMaterial(Plant)(Smell)XXX5Southern Ruins, Upland Forest
149Clean WaterMaterial(Liquid)X25Abandoned RiverUltimate Death Bug
150Spring WaterMaterial(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)X35Abandoned River, Dragon's NestHead Death Bug, Spirit Death Bug, Ultimate Gaia
151Liquid CrystalMaterial(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)XX5Abandoned River
152Water CrystalMaterial(Jewel)(Liquid)X20Abandoned RiverWatchman, Mist Element
153EicheMaterial(Fuel)(Lumber)X15Twilight Forest, Upland ForestScissor Beast
154River WoodMaterial(Fuel)(Lumber)XX10Abandoned RiverScissor Beast, Ultimate Death Bug, Head Death Bug
155Mossy DriftwoodMaterial(Fuel)(Lumber)XX20Abandoned RiverRegen Evo Rat
156Ancient RootMaterial(Fuel)(Lumber)X40Lab of Eternity, Floating RuinsRed Skin, Deep Woods Spirit, Death Scissor, Spirit Death Bug
157Thin FruitMaterial(Fruit)X10Withering Plains
158Ripe FruitMaterial(Fruit)X20Withering Plains
159Fully Ripe FruitMaterial(Fruit)(Smell)XX15Withering PlainsGolden Rat, Alchemy Rat
160FluoriteMaterial(Jewel)X20Slag GraveyardCarrier, Amethyst Rat
161Lava StoneMaterial(Clay)(Ore)XX20Searing WastesEnds of the Earth
162Dried FatMaterial(Gunpowder)(Oil)X15Ends of the Earth
163Ghost ClothMaterial(Gunpowder)(Oil)XXX0Searing Wastes
164Ifrit BreathMaterial(Fuel)(Gas)XX15Slag GraveyardScorching Dragon, Red Spirit
165Black WaterMaterial(Fuel)(Liquid)(Smelly)XXX0Slag GraveyardTracker, Porter
166Fire Slag StoneMaterial(Jewel)(Slag Parts)X25Slag GraveyardNano-Slag, Pico-Slag, Return Red Fang
167Ice Slag StoneMaterial(Jewel)(Slag Parts)X30Abandoned River, Slag Graveyard, Dragon's NestFatal Flat, Frigate, Blue Sky Monster, Blood Saber
168Sky Slag StoneMaterial(Jewel)(Slag Parts)XXX10Slag Graveyard, Dragon's NestDragoon, Fatal Flat, Dreadnought, Amazing Breaker, Evo Sky Monster, Blue Fang Saber
169Earth Slag StoneMaterial(Jewel)(Slag Parts)XXX20Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthTank, Amazing Breaker, Slayer Titan
170Hard ClawMaterial(Animal)X15Dragon's NestHeavy Skin, Steel Skin
171Ruler's ClawMaterial(Animal)XX15Dragon's NestRed Skin
172Crystal ClawMaterial(Animal)(Jewel)XXX15Dragon's NestEvo Steel Beast
173Soft FurMaterial(Skin)X15Dragon's NestStray Dog, Flesh Eater, Howling Beast
174Cryptid FurMaterial(Skin)XXX20Ends of the EarthChild of Terror
175Quality FurMaterial(Skin)X25Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthHowling Beast, Steel Skin, Red Skin, Manic Beast King
176Silver FurMaterial(Skin)XXX15Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthHead Silver Wolf
177Dragon TailMaterial(Dragon)(Meat)XXX10Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthScorching Dragon, Compact Dragon, Blue Elder Dragon, Dark Elder Dragon
178Living TailMaterial(Dragon)(Meat)X20Fairydrake, Rampage Land Eye, Evo Wing Lizard
179Fairy TailMaterial(Dragon)(Meat)XX15Ends of the Earth
180Dragon ScaleMaterial(A Heavy Armor)(Dragon)(Dragon)(Elixir)XXX20Withering Plains, Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthGrand Dragon, Goltessen, Sura Dragon
181Dragon FangMaterial(Dragon)(Medic. Ing.)XXX20Withering Plains, Dragon's Nest, Ends of the EarthGrand Dragon, Goltessen, Emerald Ray
182Beast FangMaterial(Animal)XX20Abandoned River, Dragon's NestRampage Beast
183Black FangMaterial(Animal)XXX20Dragon's NestChild of Terror, Dark Demon Beast
184Spirit MagnetMaterial(Jewel)(Metal)(Ore)XXXX20Ends of the EarthEvo Sky Monster, Underworld Spirit
185Time FlowerMaterial(Ancient Power)(Elixir)(Plant)XXXX20Lab of EternityGullveig
186Preserved BiscuitMaterial(Medic. Ing.)(Snack)X15Various Requests
187Dried Taro ChipsMaterial(Grain)(Snack)X15Various Requests
188Cloud FinancierMaterial(Gas)(Snack)X15Various Requests
189Melting JewelsMaterial(Jewel)(Snack)X15Various Requests
190Sweet StumpMaterial(Fuel)(Snack)X15Various Requests
191Hand-Wound ThreadRelic(String)X10Upland Forest,Southern Ruins,Old Highway,Twilight Forest
192Ancient WaterRelic(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Supplement)XX25Slag Graveyard, Dragon's Nest, Fallen Ruins
193Fire Lord TearsRelic(Liquid)(Oil)(Fuel)(Supplement)X45Slag Graveyard, Searing Wastes, Lab of Eternity
194Aroma MateriaRelic(Smell)(Ore)(Jewel)(Synthesis)XXXX20Slag Graveyard, Searing Wastes, Dragon's Nest
195Fried PaperRelic(Fuel)(Gunpowder)(Oil)(Paper)XX20Slag Graveyard
196Gold ThreadRelic(Animal)(Natural)(Smell)(String)XX30Searing Wastes, Dragon's Nest, Ends of the Earth
197Primo. MedicineRelic(Elixir)(Medicine)(Medic. Ing.)(Plant)XXX35Lab of Eternity, Ends of the Earth, Fallen Ruins
198Med FoundationRelic(Elixir)(Medic. Ing.)(Oil)(Seasoning)X35Withering Plains, Abandoned River, Slag Graveyard
199Old StoneRelic(Clay)(Lumber)(Metal)(Ore)XX30Searing Wastes, Dragon's Nest, Fallen Ruins
200Ether ClothRelic(Cloth)(Mystery)(Skin)(String)XX30Abandoned River, Searing Wastes, Lab of Eternity
201Elaborate ScrewRelic(Antique)(Metal)(Mystery)(Ancient Power)X50Dragon's Nest, Ends of the Earth, Lab of Eternity, Searing Wastes

Direct download link: eschalogy_recipes.csv


#NameTypeCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4FWAWIEElement Value
3Ice BombAttack(Bomb)Freezing Gas(Liquid)(Supplement)X25
4Lightning BombAttack(Bomb)AbrasiveCapacitive Paper(Ore)(Supplement)X30
5Living BombAttack(Magic Tool)Soul Vine(Clay)(Ore)(Synthesis)X30
6Lava CubeAttack(Magic Tool)Phlogiston x3Bomb(Fuel)(Supplement)X35
7Divine JarAttack(Magic Tool)Aqua Light x2Handmade Pottery(Liquid)(Supplement)X40
8Demon EyeAttack(Magic Tool)Fairy SoulLightning Bomb(Gas)(Supplement)X25
9Titan HammerAttack(Magic Tool)Purple Crystal(Ore)(Mystery)(Metal)X45
10Poly. PoisonAttack(Medicine)Darkness Shoot x2(Smelly)(Fuel)(Liquid)XX30
11Slag FigureAttack(Magic Tool)(Slag Parts)(Slag Parts)(Slag Parts)(Slag Parts)XX30
12Dimension BombAttack(Bomb)Buried Bomb x2Jet Black Cube(Paper)(Medicine)XXX35
13Dream BookAttack(Book)Magical Paint(Apple)(Snack)(Paper)XX30
14Knowledge BookAttack(Book)Heavenly SpiritsTreasure Grimoire(Elixir)(Dragon)XXXX35
15Roten BlitzAttack(Core)Ifrit Breath x2(Ore)(Fuel)(Supplement)X45
16Flava BlitzAttack(Core)River Water x2(Ore)(Liquid)(Supplement)X45
17Guryun BlitzAttack(Core)(Jewel)(Ore)(Gas)(Supplement)X35
18Airto BlitzAttack(Core)(Dragon)(Ore)(Antique)(Supplement)X50
19Tauzent BlitzAttack(Core)Sun Flower(Core)(Core)(Dragon)XXXX35
20Omega CraftAttack(Bomb)Spiky Bud x3(Spark)(Spark)(Gunpowder)XX20
21Dire BombAttack(Bomb)Phlogiston x5Scorching Ore x2(Gunpowder)(Paper)XX30
22Eis Ice BombAttack(Bomb)Water Crystal x5Ice Bomb(Liquid)(Supplement)XX30
23Blitz StoneAttack(Bomb)Corundum StoneCapacitive Paper(Gunpowder)(Supplement)XX35
24Healing SalveHeal(Medicine)(Plant)(Oil)(Liquid)X15
25Healing CloudHeal(Magic Tool)Buoyant Gas x2(Medic. Ing.)(Natural)(Smell)XX30
26Clear JellyHeal(Food)Honey(Fruit)(Smell)(Supplement)XX15
27Music BoxHeal(Lumber)(Sundry)Rough Disk x2(Cloth)(Oil)(Lumber)X45
28SP MedicineHeal(Medicine)Curing PowderHandmade Pottery(Medicine)(Natural)XX25
29Healing AromaHeal(Medic. Ing.)(Sundry)Wood Chips(Smell)(Natural)(Fuel)XX30
30Heal BandageHeal(Medicine)Lethe Grass x2(String)(Supplement)X25
31Cup of LifeHeal(Medic. Ing.)(Sundry)Eternal Liquid x2(Medic. Ing.)(Medicine)(Grain)X25
33Dragon's SecretHeal(Medicine)Distilled Water(Dragon)(Smelly)(Mystery)XX40
34Immune MedicineHeal(Medicine)(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)(Elixir)(Supplement)XXX25
35Magical PaintHeal(Fuel)(Sundry)(Ore)(Liquid)(Oil)(Supplement)XXX20
36Time WatchHeal(Magic Tool)Moon TabletAbrasive(Synthesis)(Antique)XXXX20
37Slag StatueHeal(Magic Tool)(Slag Parts)(Synthesis)(Clay)(Meat)XXX20
38Goddess ShieldHeal(Magic Tool)(Clay)(Jewel)(Mystery)(String)XXX25
39Eye-OpenerHeal(Medicine)Red DevilBlue Devil(Liquid)(Supplement)XX30
40Gold Curse RingHeal(Magic Tool)Sun FlowerZiegel Nugget(Antique)(Synthesis)XXXX30
41Demon CrucibleHeal(Magic Tool)Heart of FlameCup of Life(Clay)(Mystery)XXXX30
42Command ChimeHeal(Metal)(Sundry)Ziegel Nugget(Antique)(Ore)(Mystery)XXX30
43Medicine BreadHeal(Food)Five Grain Flour(Seasoning)(Medic. Ing.)(Vegetable)XX20
44Apple TartHeal(Food)(Grain)(Apple)(Seasoning)(Liquid)X10
45Forbidden CandyHeal(Food)Honey(Apple)(Gas)(Seasoning)XXX30
46Pancake StackHeal(Food)Fluffy WhipFive Grain Flour(Fruit)(Seasoning)XX35
47Fruit RationHeal(Food)Preserved Tablet(Grain)(Seasoning)(Fruit)XX30
48Apple StoryHeal(Food)Golden Apple x3(Apple)(Apple)(Apple)XXXX30
49Squash TeaHeal(Medicine)Dried Herbs(Smell)(Medic. Ing.)(Liquid)XX15
50Curing PowderHeal(Medicine)(Medic. Ing.)(Meat)(Plant)(Medic. Ing.)(Smelly)X25
51Veggie SoupHeal(Food)(Vegetable)(Vegetable)(Vegetable)(Liquid)XX10
52Refuel OintmentHeal(Medicine)(Medic. Ing.)(Magic Grass)(Oil)(Supplement)XX15
53Medical BandageHeal(Medicine)Trio Taun x2(Medicine)(Liquid)(Cloth)X25
54Holy ChaliceHeal(Liquid)(Sundry)Medical SolutionDistilled Water(Elixir)(Medic. Ing.)XX35
55Elixir BaseHeal(Medicine)Primo. MedicineAroma Materia(Dragon)(Mystery)XXXX40
56Slag EssenceHeal(Medicine)(Slag Parts)(Slag Parts)(Medic. Ing.)(Liquid)XX30
57Angel PowderHeal(Medicine)Dragon Bone(Synthesis)(Medic. Ing.)(Supplement)XXX25
58Traveler's RationHeal(Food)Five Grain Flour(Meat)(Vegetable)(Fruit)XX25
59Fruit PieHeal(Food)Honey(Grain)(Fruit)(Seasoning)XXX20
60Healthy RationHeal(Food)Medicine BreadCuring Powder(Seasoning)(Smell)XXX25
61Trad. MedicineHeal(Medicine)(Plant)(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Supplement)XX15
62Strong PowderHeal(Medicine)(Meat)(Medic. Ing.)(Smelly)(Grain)XXX30
63Rich PotageHeal(Food)(Grain)(Vegetable)(Seasoning)(Liquid)XX35
64Heart of FlameAccessory(Accessory)(Meat)(Metal)Slag Heart x3(Fuel)(Animal)(Supplement)XX35
65Concealing SkinAccessory(Accessory)(Cloth)Magical PaintLeather(Cloth)(String)XX35
66Angel RibbonAccessory(Accessory)(String)(Smell)(String)(Mystery)(Medic. Ing.)X45
67Glorious NoteAccessory(Accessory)(Animal)(Clay)Big Bone(Meat)(Clay)(Synthesis)X35
68Spirit GarlandAccessory(Accessory)(Plant)(Smell)White Flower(Magic Grass)(Plant)(String)XX20
69Seven Star MedalAccessory(Accessory)(Metal)(Mystery)Diamond Gemstone x2(Jewel)(Metal)(Animal)XXX30
70Treasure GrimoireAccessory(Accessory)(Book)(Paper)Soul Vine x2(Paper)(Animal)(Mystery)XXXX25
71Gunade RingAccessory(Accessory)(Metal)(Mystery)Ziegel Nugget(Jewel)(Mystery)(Ore)X45
72Beast EarmuffsAccessory(Accessory)(Skin)(String)(Animal)(Skin)(Cloth)(String)X40
73Exceed BeltAccessory(Accessory)(Skin)Leather(Mystery)(Antique)(String)XX30
74Phoenix BraceletAccessory(Accessory)(Elixir)(Metal)Big Bone x2Blaze Ore x3(Clay)(Animal)XXX35
75Soul BinderAccessory(Accessory)(Metal)(Mystery)Pendelock x3(Slag Parts)(Metal)(Synthesis)XXX30
76Glass TiaraAccessory(Accessory)(Synthesis)Glass RodShining Crystal(Jewel)(Antique)XX20
77Feather OrnamentAccessory(Accessory)(String)(Feather)(String)(Jewel)X40
78Leather GlovesAccessory(Accessory)(Cloth)(Skin)Leather(String)(Cloth)X25
79Blessed RingAccessory(Accessory)(Metal)(Mystery)Glass Rod(Mystery)(Antique)(Elixir)XXXX25
80Dusk TalismanAccessory(Accessory)(Jewel)Aurora Stone(Clay)(String)(Jewel)XXX20
81Magic StoneAccessory(Accessory)(Jewel)Ziegel NuggetAbrasive(Metal)(Antique)XXX20
82Crystal RingAccessory(Accessory)(Jewel)Polished CrystalGlass Rod(Metal)(Mystery)XXX15
83Aroma PouchAccessory(Accessory)(Cloth)Dried Herbs(Magic Grass)(Cloth)(String)X30
84Royal CrestAccessory(Accessory)(Metal)Beast King Relief(Dragon)(Jewel)(Metal)XXXX20
85Dark Night CapeAccessory(Accessory)(Cloth)Black Water(Cloth)(String)(Smell)XX20
86Acrobatic ArmorAccessory(Accessory)(String)Colseit FiberFeather Ornament(Cloth)(String)X40
87Tarot of FateAccessory(Accessory)(Fuel)(Mystery)(Paper)Purifying Liquid(Liquid)(Paper)(Mystery)XX30
88Brother CallAccessory(Accessory)(Clay)(Ore)Jet Black Cube(Metal)(Ore)(Clay)XX40
90Iron ClayIngredient(Metal)(Clay)(Oil)(Ore)(Clay)(Metal)(Ore)X30
91Black PowderIngredient(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Smelly)Charcoal Pieces(Gunpowder)(Smelly)(Seasoning)X50
92Freezing GasIngredient(Gas)Spray(Liquid)(Supplement)XX10
94Wood ChipsIngredient(Fuel)(Fuel)(Lumber)(Smell)Abrasive(Lumber)(Lumber)(Paper)XXX20
95Iron PlateIngredient(Metal)(Ore)(Metal)(Ore)(Fuel)XX20
96Mixed LubricantIngredient(Fuel)(Gunpowder)(Liquid)Mixed Oil x2(Smelly)(Clay)(Cloth)X20
97Crystal BallIngredient(Jewel)(Mystery)Polished CrystalAbrasive(Cloth)(Liquid)XX20
98Purple CrystalIngredient(Jewel)(Mystery)Crystal Ball(Jewel)(Cloth)(Liquid)X40
99Yellow CrystalIngredient(Jewel)(Synthesis)Polarized GemAmber Soil(Cloth)(Liquid)XX35
100Green CrystalIngredient(Jewel)(Synthesis)Bi-color CorundumGreen Soil(Cloth)(Plant)XX30
101Comet Crest StoneIngredient(Jewel)(Synthesis)Precious StoneAurora Stone(Antique)(Ancient Power)XXXX25
102Capacitive PaperIngredient(Fuel)(Paper)(Paper)(Ancient Power)(Liquid)XX15
103Burning GasIngredient(Gas)(Gunpowder)Black Neutralizer(Cloth)(Gunpowder)XX30
105Multi-patchIngredient(Cloth)(Sundry)Colseit Fiber(String)(Synthesis)XX10
106Five Grain FlourIngredient(Sundry)Grain Scraps x2(Grain)(Grain)X15
107Ziegel NuggetIngredient(Metal)(Ore)(Clay)(Metal)(Fuel)(Supplement)XX30
108Natural ExtractIngredient(Liquid)(Natural)(Smelly)Liquid Crystal(Plant)(Animal)(Fuel)XX35
109Distilled WaterIngredient(Liquid)(Liquid)(Paper)(Cloth)(Fuel)X20
110Allgemein BoardIngredient(Lumber)(Sundry)(Oil)(Lumber)(Lumber)X30
113Powdered GlassIngredient(Synthesis)Glass Core x2(Fuel)(Liquid)XX10
114Handmade PotteryIngredient(Sundry)(Clay)(Liquid)(Fuel)X30
115Pressed OilIngredient(Gunpowder)(Oil)Dried Root x2(Plant)(Fuel)X20
116Glass RodIngredient(Synthesis)Powdered GlassPowdered Glass(Liquid)(Fuel)XX15
117Dried HerbsIngredient(Plant)(Smell)(Plant)(Plant)(Plant)(Smelly)X15
119Strong YarnIngredient(String)(String)(String)(Skin)(Liquid)XX25
120Fluffy WhipIngredient(Food)(Oil)(Oil)(Seasoning)(Smelly)XX10
121Colseit FiberIngredient(Cloth)(String)(Plant)(Liquid)(Paper)X20
122White PowderIngredient(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Gunpowder)(Gunpowder)(Ore)(Fuel)XXX25
123Rainbow PowderIngredient(Gunpowder)(Medic. Ing.)Aurora Stone(Gunpowder)(Gunpowder)(Supplement)XXXX25
124Metal ChipsIngredient(Metal)(Ore)Abrasive(Metal)(Ore)(Paper)XX30
125Golt BoardIngredient(Metal)Diamond GemstoneMedical Solution(Lumber)(Clay)XXX35
126Various ScrapsIngredient(Cloth)(A Clothes)(A Light Armor)(Cloth)(String)XX30
127Mystery LanternAlchemy(Adventure)(Fuel)Fairy Soul x2(Oil)(Fuel)(Ore)X25
128Plant NutrientsAlchemy(Adventure)(Liquid)(Plant)(Plant)(Synthesis)(Liquid)X45
129Dowsing RodAlchemy(Adventure)(Metal)Pendelock x2(Natural)(Metal)(Mystery)XX30
130Beast King ReliefAlchemy(Adventure)(Clay)Reverent IncenseAbrasive(Clay)(Jewel)XX35
131Heavenly SpiritsAlchemy(Adventure)(Lumber)Wing Plant x3Fairy Soul x5Eiche x10(Dragon)XXXX20
132Preserved TabletAlchemy(Medic. Ing.)(Smelly)(Sundry)Drying Sand x2(Medic. Ing.)(Paper)XXX15
133Ancient ScrollAlchemy(Antique)(Fuel)(Paper)Soul Vine x2(String)(Paper)XX25
134Reverent IncenseAlchemy(Gas)(Smell)Purify Block(Smelly)(Natural)(Fuel)XX20
135Sun FlowerAlchemy(Ancient Power)(Elixir)(Jewel)(Metal)Scrap Metal x10Dunkelheit(Elixir)(Dragon)XXXX30
136Purifying LiquidAlchemy(Liquid)(Medicine)(Smelly)(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)(Fuel)(Synthesis)X20
137Precious StoneAlchemy(Jewel)Abrasive(Jewel)(Jewel)(Liquid)XXX30
138Bi-color CorundumAlchemy(Jewel)(Synthesis)AbrasiveCrimson Soil x2Ultramarine Soil x2(Fuel)XX30
139Polarized GemAlchemy(Jewel)(Synthesis)AbrasiveGreen Soil x2Amber Soil x2(Fuel)XX20
140Gold DustAlchemy(Metal)Junk x5Medical Solution(Cloth)(Gunpowder)XXXX25
141Moon TabletAlchemy(Ancient Power)(Antique)(Mystery)(Ore)Corundum Stone x2(Natural)(Clay)(Supplement)XXX25
142Magic FiberAlchemy(String)(Sundry)Golden Yarn(Synthesis)(String)(Liquid)XXX20
143Automatic DriveAlchemy(Ancient Power)(Metal)(Sundry)Empty Core x2Rusty Cog x5Bent Screw x5(Metal)XXXX30
144Melty MetalAlchemy(Metal)Blaze Ore(Ore)(Metal)(Fuel)XXX20
145Polished CrystalAlchemy(Jewel)(Synthesis)Shining CrystalAbrasive(Liquid)(Cloth)XX20
146Medical SolutionAlchemy(Liquid)(Medicine)(Mystery)Distilled Water(Elixir)(Medic. Ing.)(Cloth)XXXX20
151Windmill PartsAlchemy(Metal)Wind Flower x3Rusty Cog x3Bent Screw x3X15
152Flight Gas JarAlchemy(Gas)Buoyant Gas x2Glass Rod(Clay)(Oil)XX20
153Spirit GemAlchemy(Jewel)(Mystery)Purple CrystalAbrasive(Jewel)(Mystery)X40
1543rd Gen EngineAlchemy(Key)(Ancient Power)Automatic DriveBendy Materia x5Fire Lord's BlessMoon Tablet
155Slumber IncenseAlchemy(Smell)Wood Chips x3(Smell)(Smelly)(Oil)XX30
156Einzel SteelAlchemy(Metal)Diamond GemstoneIron PlateDistilled Water(Fuel)XXXX25
157Purify BottleAlchemy(Mystery)(Sundry)Zettel(Metal)(Smell)(Supplement)XX20
158FertilizerAlchemy(Clay)(Medic. Ing.)Green Soil x2Crimson Soil x2Ultramarine Soil x2(Plant)XXX20
159Canned FoodAlchemy(Elixir)(Food)(Mystery)Preserved Biscuit x5Iron Plate(Food)(Food)XXX25
160Burning SpiceAlchemy(Medic. Ing.)(Seasoning)Red DevilBlue DevilBitter Tree Seed(Oil)XX20
161Apple JamAlchemy(Food)(Seasoning)(Apple)(Seasoning)(Liquid)(Supplement)X20
162White NeutralizerAlchemy(Supplement)(Synthesis)(Mystery)(Liquid)XX25
163Black NeutralizerAlchemy(Supplement)(Animal)(Mystery)(Liquid)XX20
164SP NeutralizerAlchemy(Supplement)Medical Solution(Metal)(Jewel)(Plant)XXXX20
165Flowing MetalAlchemy(Liquid)(Metal)Soul Vine(Metal)(Liquid)(Supplement)XX20
166Traditional StaffWeapon(W Staff)(Lumber)Eiche(Feather)(Lumber)(String)X10
167Golden Wing StaffWeapon(W Staff)(Metal)(W Staff)Corundum Stone(Lumber)(Metal)X20
168Feather StaffWeapon(W Staff)(Lumber)(W Staff)Feather Ornament(Lumber)(Jewel)X20
169Sky Alchemy StaffWeapon(W Staff)(Metal)(W Staff)(Dragon)(Synthesis)(Metal)XXX20
170Lifetree StaffWeapon(W Staff)(Lumber)(W Staff)Dunkelheit(Elixir)(Plant)XXXX25
171Phantom SaberWeapon(W Alch. Sword)(Metal)Scrap Metal(Metal)(Ore)(Supplement)X10
172Glass SabreWeapon(W Alch. Sword)(Jewel)(W Alch. Sword)(Synthesis)(Metal)(Jewel)X20
173Black Wing VeilWeapon(W Alch. Sword)(Metal)(W Alch. Sword)Pendelock(Metal)(Mystery)XX20
174Crystal FangWeapon(W Alch. Sword)(Jewel)(W Alch. Sword)Polished Crystal(Jewel)(Ore)XX30
175Proto PhantomWeapon(W Alch. Sword)(Metal)(W Alch. Sword)(Dragon)(Metal)(Elixir)XXX30
176Sledge HeadWeapon(W Hammer)(Metal)Rusty CogAbrasive(Clay)(Metal)X10
177Graviton GaleWeapon(W Hammer)(Metal)(W Hammer)Antique Stone(Lumber)(Metal)X20
178MjolnirWeapon(W Hammer)(Metal)(W Hammer)Lightning Bomb(Synthesis)(Clay)XX20
179Soul BreakerWeapon(W Hammer)(Metal)(W Hammer)Melty Metal(Gunpowder)(Metal)XX30
180Brave BunkerWeapon(W Hammer)(Metal)(W Hammer)Sky King Fossil(Jewel)(Metal)XXX30
181Ruby TalismanWeapon(W Accessory)(Jewel)Fluorite(Ore)(Mystery)(Metal)X10
182Aqua TalismanWeapon(W Accessory)(Jewel)(W Accessory)(Jewel)(Liquid)(Metal)X20
183Magic TalismanWeapon(W Accessory)(Ore)(W Accessory)Crystal Ball(Ore)(Clay)X35
184Wind TalismanWeapon(W Accessory)(Jewel)(W Accessory)Green Crystal(Jewel)(Synthesis)X40
185Holy TalismanWeapon(W Accessory)(Jewel)(W Accessory)Comet Crest Stone(Ancient Power)(Metal)XXXX25
186ScattershotWeapon(W Gun)(Gunpowder)Bullet SeedBomb(Metal)(Lumber)X10
187Silver ArmWeapon(W Gun)(Gunpowder)(W Gun)(Oil)(Gunpowder)(Metal)X20
188Red StarterWeapon(W Gun)(Gunpowder)(W Gun)Black Powder(Fuel)(Lumber)X35
189GoltriatWeapon(W Gun)(Gunpowder)(W Gun)Ziegel Nugget(Oil)(Metal)XX30
190White Feather 9Weapon(W Gun)(Gunpowder)(W Gun)Gold Dust(String)(Lumber)XXX30
191Explorer's PackWeapon(W Bag)(Medic. Ing.)Leather(Medicine)(Cloth)(String)X10
192Medical BagWeapon(W Bag)(Elixir)(W Bag)(Medic. Ing.)(Medicine)(Cloth)X20
193Teak BasketWeapon(W Bag)(Medic. Ing.)(W Bag)(Lumber)(Medicine)(String)XX20
194Dark Angel BagWeapon(W Bag)(Medic. Ing.)(W Bag)(Mystery)(Medicine)(Cloth)XXX20
195Traveling DoctorWeapon(W Bag)(Elixir)(W Bag)(Antique)(Medicine)(String)XXXX25
196Great BladeWeapon(W Longsword)(Metal)Corundum StoneMixed Lubricant(Ore)(String)X10
197CleaverWeapon(W Longsword)(Metal)(W Longsword)Abrasive(Ore)(Metal)X20
198BoneshatterWeapon(W Longsword)(Metal)(W Longsword)Big Bone(Synthesis)(Ore)X35
199Slaying BladeWeapon(W Longsword)(Metal)(W Longsword)(Dragon)(Slag Parts)(Metal)XX30
200Humming QuasarWeapon(W Longsword)(Metal)(W Longsword)(Ancient Power)(Jewel)(Ore)XXX30
201Magician's BroomWeapon(W Broomstick)(Lumber)Eiche(Synthesis)(Mystery)(Magic Grass)X20
202Precision BroomWeapon(W Broomstick)(Lumber)(W Broomstick)(Paper)(Magic Grass)(Lumber)XX20
203Meteor BroomWeapon(W Broomstick)(Lumber)(W Broomstick)Moon Tablet(Synthesis)(Magic Grass)XXX25
204Inspector's bladeWeapon(W Rapier)(Metal)Corundum StoneAntique Stone(Jewel)(Ore)X20
205Cross RapierWeapon(W Rapier)(Metal)(W Rapier)Glass Rod(Jewel)(Metal)XX20
206Peerless SabreWeapon(W Rapier)(Metal)(W Rapier)Diamond Gemstone(Dragon)(Antique)XXX25
207Service StickWeapon(W Club)(Lumber)River WoodAbrasive(String)(Antique)X20
208Mystery StickWeapon(W Club)(Lumber)(Mystery)(W Club)Crystal Ball(Mystery)(Lumber)XXX10
209Fantasy StickWeapon(W Club)(Lumber)(Mystery)(W Club)Jet Black Cube(Ancient Power)(Jewel)XXXX20
210Light LadleWeapon(W Cookware)(Metal)Scrap MetalAbrasive(Lumber)(String)XX10
211Metal TurnerWeapon(W Cookware)(Metal)(W Cookware)(Metal)(Mystery)(Lumber)XXX20
212Single MixerWeapon(W Cookware)(Metal)(W Cookware)Aroma Materia(Synthesis)(Metal)XXXX25
213Cotton ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(Cloth)(Magic Grass)(Paper)X15
214Sturdy ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)(String)(Magic Grass)X15
215Knitted ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Strong Yarn(String)X20
216Stylish ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Magical Paint(String)XX10
217Leather ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Skin)(A Clothes)Leather(Oil)XX15
218Fur ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)(Skin)(Paper)(String)XX15
219Chain ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Metal)(A Clothes)(Slag Parts)(Metal)(String)XX20
220Rainbow ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Aurora Stone(Cloth)(Paper)XXX15
221Combat ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Multi-patch(Skin)(Metal)XX30
222Gold Thread ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Gold Dust(String)(Cloth)X50
223Celestial ShirtArmor(A Clothes)(Cloth)(A Clothes)Magic Fiber(Ancient Power)(Synthesis)XXXX15
224Chest PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)Scrap Metal(Lumber)(String)X10
225Alloy PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)(A Heavy Armor)Iron Plate(Metal)(Fuel)X15
226Bone PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Animal)(A Heavy Armor)Big Bone x2(String)X20
227Magic PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)(A Heavy Armor)Fairy Soul(Ore)XX15
228Crystal PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Jewel)(A Heavy Armor)Polished Crystal(Metal)XX15
229Jewel PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Jewel)(A Heavy Armor)Precious Stone(Jewel)(String)XXX15
230Ebony PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)(A Heavy Armor)Ancient Root x2(Liquid)(Lumber)XXX20
231Scale PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)(A Heavy Armor)Melty Metal(Jewel)(String)X45
232Meteor PlateArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Metal)(A Heavy Armor)Moon Tablet(Ancient Power)(Metal)XX30
233Dragon ScaleArmor(A Heavy Armor)(Dragon)(Dragon)(Elixir)(A Heavy Armor)Dragon Scale(Dragon)(Dragon)XXX20
234Leather CoatArmor(A Light Armor)(Skin)ZettelLeather(String)(Oil)X20
235Assassin's CoatArmor(A Light Armor)(Cloth)(A Light Armor)Magical Paint(Paper)(String)X25
236Heroic CapeArmor(A Light Armor)(Cloth)(A Light Armor)Magic Fiber(Animal)(Cloth)XX25
237Dragoon CapeArmor(A Light Armor)(Dragon)(A Light Armor)(Dragon)(String)(Ancient Power)XXX25

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Effects per Item

1CraftFire1Slows Movement
2CraftWater1Embedding Thorns
3CraftWater2Shredding Thorns
6CraftEarth1Phy Damage L
7BombFire1Fire Damage L
8BombWater1Minor Poison
9BombWind1Const. Damage L
10BombWind2Const. Damage M
11BombEarth1Minor Blindness
12BombEarth2Speed Down M
13Ice BombFire1Water Damage L
14Ice BombWater1Speed Down L
15Ice BombWater2Speed Down M
16Ice BombWind1Evasion Down
17Ice BombEarth1Slight Reduction
18Ice BombEarth2Dulls Legs
19Lightning BombFire1Minor Blindness
20Lightning BombWater1Slows Movement
21Lightning BombWater2Stops Movement
22Lightning BombWind1Wind Damage L
23Lightning BombEarth1Fixed Damage
24Lightning BombEarth2Piercing Damage
25Living BombFire1Quick Throw
26Living BombWater1Defense Down L
27Living BombWater2Defense Down M
28Living BombWind1Attracts
29Living BombWind2Stops Movement
30Living BombEarth1Earth Damage L
31Lava CubeFire1Inflicts Burns L
32Lava CubeFire2Inflicts Burns S
33Lava CubeWater1Rain of Fire
34Lava CubeWind1MP Consume S
35Lava CubeWind2MP Consume M
36Lava CubeWind3MP Consume L
37Lava CubeEarth1Stray Bullets
38Lava CubeEarth2Falling Stars
39Divine JarFire1Flash Flood
40Divine JarWater1Causes Blindness
41Divine JarWater2Causes Poison
42Divine JarWater3Dulls Legs
43Divine JarWind1Status Damage L
44Divine JarWind2Status Damage M
45Demon EyeFire1MP Consume S
46Demon EyeFire2MP Consume M
47Demon EyeFire3MP Consume L
48Demon EyeWater1Quick Throw
49Demon EyeWind1Eye of Storm
50Demon EyeEarth1Stones
51Demon EyeEarth2Boulders
52Titan HammerFire1Critical Throw
53Titan HammerWater1MP Consume S
54Titan HammerWater2MP Consume M
55Titan HammerWater3MP Consume L
56Titan HammerWind1Defense Ignor
57Titan HammerWind2Slows Movement
58Titan HammerWind3Dullness
59Titan HammerEarth1Impact
60Poly. PoisonFire1Causes Blindness
61Poly. PoisonFire2Dulls Legs
62Poly. PoisonFire3Triple Handicap
63Poly. PoisonWater1Attack Down S
64Poly. PoisonWater2Defense Down S
65Poly. PoisonWater3Speed Down S
66Poly. PoisonWater4Decrease Stats
67Poly. PoisonWind1Poison Damage L
68Poly. PoisonEarth1Const. Damage S
69Poly. PoisonEarth2Status Damage S
70Slag FigureFire1Slag Craft L
71Slag FigureWater1Piercing Damage
72Slag FigureWater2Crit rate down
73Slag FigureWater3Water Damage L
74Slag FigureWind1Wind Damage L
75Slag FigureEarth1MP Consume M
76Slag FigureEarth2MP Consume L
77Slag FigureEarth3Earth Damage L
78Dimension BombFire14D Damage
79Dimension BombFire2Induces Changes
80Dimension BombFire3Set % Damage
81Dimension BombWater1D. Explosion
82Dimension BombWind1MP Consume S2
83Dimension BombWind2MP Consume S
84Dimension BombWind3MP Consume M
85Dimension BombEarth1Stops Movement
86Dimension BombEarth2Hit Vitals
87Dream BookFire1Candy Dream
88Dream BookWater1MP Consume S2
89Dream BookWater2MP Consume S
90Dream BookWater3MP Consume M
91Dream BookWind1Reduces Stats
92Dream BookWind2Critical Throw
93Dream BookEarth1Daydream
94Dream BookEarth2Induces Changes
95Dream BookEarth3Weak to Changes
96Knowledge BookFire1Four Heavens
97Knowledge BookWater1Evasion Down S
98Knowledge BookWater2Crit rate down
99Knowledge BookWater3Resonant Damage
100Knowledge BookWind1Unstable Damage
101Knowledge BookEarth1MP Consume M
102Knowledge BookEarth2MP Consume S
103Knowledge BookEarth3MP Consume S2
104Roten BlitzFire1Flame Strike L
105Roten BlitzWater1Attack Down L
106Roten BlitzWater2Attack Down M
107Roten BlitzWater3Attack Down S
108Roten BlitzWind1Inflicts Burns L
109Roten BlitzWind2Open Wounds
110Flava BlitzWater1Hyd Strike L
111Flava BlitzWind1Speed Down L
112Flava BlitzWind2Speed Down M
113Flava BlitzWind3Speed Down S
114Flava BlitzEarth1Damage Absorb L
115Flava BlitzEarth2Damage Absorb M
116Guryun BlitzWater1Weak to Attacks
117Guryun BlitzWind1Wind Blade L
118Guryun BlitzEarth1Defense Down L
119Guryun BlitzEarth2Defense Down M
120Guryun BlitzEarth3Defense Down S
121Airto BlitzFire1Big stats reduc.
122Airto BlitzFire2Greatly Dulls
123Airto BlitzFire3All Stats Down M
124Airto BlitzWater1Status Damage S
125Airto BlitzWater2Major mov Stop
126Airto BlitzWater3Induces Changes
127Airto BlitzWind1Lightning Speed
128Airto BlitzWind2Strong Blindness
129Airto BlitzWind3Strong Poison
130Airto BlitzEarth1Earth Strike L
131Tauzent BlitzFire1Einzelkampf
132Tauzent BlitzWater1All Stat Drain S
133Tauzent BlitzWater2All Stats Down S
134Tauzent BlitzWind1Major Wounds
135Tauzent BlitzWind2Crit Rate Down
136Tauzent BlitzWind3Hit Vitals
137Tauzent BlitzEarth1Major mov Stop
138Tauzent BlitzEarth2Critical Throw
139Tauzent BlitzEarth3Damage Absorb S
140Omega CraftFire1Explosive
141Omega CraftFire2Thorn Strike
142Omega CraftWater1Shredding Thorns
143Omega CraftWater2Piercing Thorns
144Omega CraftWind1Attracts
145Omega CraftWind2All Stats Down L
146Omega CraftEarth1Phy Damage S
147Dire BombFire1Fire Damage S
148Dire BombWater1Inflicts Burns L
149Dire BombWater2Inflicts Burns S
150Dire BombWind1Quick Throw
151Dire BombEarth1Defense Down M
152Dire BombEarth2Cremate
153Eis Ice BombFire1MP Consume S2
154Eis Ice BombFire2MP Consume S
155Eis Ice BombWater1Water Damage S
156Eis Ice BombWind1Evasion Down
157Eis Ice BombWind2Freeze Solid
158Eis Ice BombEarth1Speed Down M
159Eis Ice BombEarth2Defense Ignor
160Blitz StoneFire1Intense Thunder
161Blitz StoneFire2Attack Down M
162Blitz StoneWater1MP Consume S2
163Blitz StoneWater2MP Consume S
164Blitz StoneWind1Wind Damage S
165Blitz StoneEarth1Weak to Changes
166Blitz StoneEarth2Weak to Attacks
167Blitz StoneEarth3Evasion Down S
168Healing SalveFire1Cure Poison
169Healing SalveWater1HP Recovery Min
170Healing SalveWater2HP Recovery L
171Healing SalveWater3HP Recovery M
172Healing SalveWind1Recovery Bonus Min
173Healing SalveEarth1Refreshing
174Healing SalveEarth2Clears the Mind
175Healing CloudFire1Cloud Heal
176Healing CloudFire2Raincloud Heal
177Healing CloudFire3Stormcloud Heal
178Healing CloudWater1MP Consume M
179Healing CloudWater2MP Consume L
180Healing CloudWind1Evasion Up L
181Healing CloudWind2All Stats Up L
182Clear JellyFire1Sits in Stomach
183Clear JellyWater1MP Recovery L
184Clear JellyWater2MP Recovery M
185Clear JellyWind1Quick Throw
186Music BoxWind1Terrible Tone
187Music BoxWind2Tone of Strength
188Music BoxWind3Protection Tone
189Music BoxWind4Fight Tone
190Music BoxEarth1MP Recovery L
191Music BoxEarth2MP Recovery M
192SP MedicineWater1Cure Blindness
193SP MedicineWater2Cure Slow
194SP MedicineWind1Cure Poison
195SP MedicineWind2Cure Weakness
196SP MedicineEarth1HP Recovery Min
197SP MedicineEarth2Defense Up L
198SP MedicineEarth3Defense Up M
199Healing AromaFire1Recovery Bonus L
200Healing AromaFire2Recovery Bonus M
201Healing AromaFire3Recovery Bonus S
202Healing AromaWater1HP/MP Recovery L
203Healing AromaWater2HP/MP Recovery M
204Healing AromaWind1Perk Up
205Healing AromaWind2Cure Slow
206Heal BandageWater1HP Recovery Min
207Heal BandageWater2HP Recovery L
208Heal BandageWind1Quick Throw
209Heal BandageEarth1Speed Down L
210Heal BandageEarth2HP Regen Min
211Cup of LifeWater1Recover KO Min
212Cup of LifeWater2Recover KO L
213Cup of LifeWater3Recover KO M
214Cup of LifeWind1Clears the Mind
215Cup of LifeWind2Perk Up
216Cup of LifeEarth1Recovery Bonus L
217Cup of LifeEarth2Recovery Bonus M
218ElixirFire1Recover KO S
219ElixirFire2Recover KO S2
220ElixirWater1Ailments Down M
221ElixirWind1HP/MP Recovery S
222ElixirWind2MP Recovery S
223ElixirEarth1Word Protect L
224ElixirEarth2Immortality Pwr
225ElixirEarth3HP regen S
226Dragon's SecretFire1Wind Res Up S
227Dragon's SecretFire2Earth Res Up S
228Dragon's SecretWater1Avoid KO
229Dragon's SecretWater2Warrior Blessing
230Dragon's SecretWater3Hero's Blessing
231Dragon's SecretWater4Blessing of God
232Dragon's SecretWind1All Stats Up S
233Dragon's SecretEarth1Fire Res Up S
234Dragon's SecretEarth2Water Res Up S
235Immune MedicineFire1DMG Reduction L
236Immune MedicineWater1Ailments Down M
237Immune MedicineWater2Ailments Down S
238Immune MedicineWind1Cure All Ail.
239Immune MedicineWind2Cure Poison
240Immune MedicineWind3Cure Blindness
241Immune MedicineWind4Cure Weakness
242Magical PaintFire1ATK Power Up L
243Magical PaintFire2ATK Power Up M
244Magical PaintWater1Defense Up L
245Magical PaintWater2Defense Up M
246Magical PaintWind1Speed Up L
247Magical PaintWind2Speed Up M
248Magical PaintEarth1Evasion Up L
249Time WatchWater1Auto Revive L
250Time WatchWater2Auto Revive M
251Time WatchWind1Move Time Cut S
252Time WatchWind2Move Time Cut M
253Time WatchWind3Move Time Cut L
254Time WatchEarth1MP Consume M
255Time WatchEarth2MP Consume L
256Slag StatueFire1Call Slag L
257Slag StatueFire2Call Slag M
258Slag StatueFire3Call Slag S
259Goddess ShieldFire1Water Res Up M
260Goddess ShieldFire2Fire Res Up M
261Goddess ShieldWater1Defense Up M
262Goddess ShieldWater2Defense Up S
263Goddess ShieldWind1Earth Res Up M
264Goddess ShieldWind2Wind Res Up M
265Goddess ShieldEarth1Word Protect S
266Goddess ShieldEarth2Word Protect L
267Goddess ShieldEarth3Word Protect M
268Eye-OpenerFire1Crit Rate Up L
269Eye-OpenerFire2Crit Rate Up M
270Eye-OpenerFire3Crit Rate Up S
271Eye-OpenerWater1Cure Blindness
272Eye-OpenerWind1Evasion Up M
273Eye-OpenerWind2Evasion Up S
274Eye-OpenerEarth1Crit Power Up S
275Eye-OpenerEarth2Crit Power Up L
276Eye-OpenerEarth3Crit Power Up M
277Gold Curse RingFire1Golden Curse
278Gold Curse RingWater1Immortality Pwr
279Demon CrucibleFire1Impish Mischief
280Demon CrucibleWater1Consecutive Act
281Demon CrucibleWater2Instant Action
282Demon CrucibleWater3Avoid KO
283Demon CrucibleWind1HP Consume S2
284Command ChimeFire1Disperse Signal
285Command ChimeFire2Gathering Signal
286Command ChimeWind1Reduce Wait S
287Command ChimeWind2Reduce Wait L
288Medicine BreadFire1Cure Poison
289Medicine BreadFire2Cure Weakness
290Medicine BreadWind1Sits in Stomach
291Medicine BreadEarth1Eat Recover M
292Medicine BreadEarth2Eat Recover S
293Apple TartWater1HP regen L
294Apple TartWater2HP regen M
295Apple TartWind1Sits in Stomach
296Apple TartEarth1Eat Recover Min
297Forbidden CandyFire1Eat Recover S2
298Forbidden CandyFire2Eat Recover S3
299Forbidden CandyWater1MP Recovery M
300Forbidden CandyWater2MP Recovery S
301Forbidden CandyWind1Recover KO M
302Forbidden CandyWind2Recover KO S
303Forbidden CandyEarth1Forbidden Power
304Forbidden CandyEarth2Fills Stomach
305Forbidden CandyEarth3Sits in Stomach
306Forbidden CandyEarth4Avoid KO
307Pancake StackFire1Eat Recover L
308Pancake StackFire2Eat Recover M
309Pancake StackWater1Major mov Stop
310Pancake StackWater2Fills Stomach
311Pancake StackWater3Sits in Stomach
312Pancake StackWind1Speed Down S
313Pancake StackWind2Speed Down M
314Pancake StackWind3Speed Down L
315Pancake StackEarth1Defense Up M
316Fruit RationFire1Eat Recover M
317Fruit RationFire2Eat Recover S
318Fruit RationWater1HP Regen M
319Fruit RationWater2HP Regen S
320Fruit RationWind1MP Recovery L
321Fruit RationWind2MP Recovery M
322Fruit RationEarth1Nutritious
323Fruit RationEarth2Strength Boost M
324Apple StoryWater1Apple Healing
325Apple StoryWind1Apple Blessing
326Apple StoryEarth1Apple Miracle
327Squash TeaFire1Strength Boost L
328Squash TeaWater1Cool
329Squash TeaWind1Refreshing
330Squash TeaEarth1Cure Poison
331Squash TeaEarth2Ailments Down L
332Curing PowderWater1Ailments Down L
333Curing PowderWind1Cure Weakness
334Curing PowderEarth1Cure Poison
335Veggie SoupFire1Warm
336Veggie SoupWater1Eat Recover Min
337Veggie SoupWater2Eat Recover L
338Veggie SoupEarth1Nutritious
339Refuel OintmentFire1HP regen L
340Refuel OintmentFire2HP regen M
341Refuel OintmentWater1MP Recovery L
342Refuel OintmentWater2MP Recovery M
343Refuel OintmentEarth1HP Recovery M
344Refuel OintmentEarth2HP Recovery S
345Refuel OintmentEarth3HP Recovery S2
346Medical BandageFire1Cure Blindness
347Medical BandageFire2Cure Weakness
348Medical BandageWater1HP/MP Recovery M
349Medical BandageWater2HP Recovery S
350Medical BandageWind1Cure Poison
351Medical BandageWind2Cure Slow
352Medical BandageEarth1Recover KO Min
353Holy ChaliceWater1Recover KO M
354Holy ChaliceWater2Recover KO S
355Holy ChaliceWater3Recover KO S2
356Holy ChaliceWind1Quick Throw
357Holy ChaliceEarth1HP Regen S
358Holy ChaliceEarth2HP Regen S2
359Elixir BaseFire1Recover KO S
360Elixir BaseFire2Recover KO S2
361Elixir BaseWater1Auto Revive S
362Elixir BaseWater2Strength Boost S
363Elixir BaseWind1HP/MP Recovery S
364Elixir BaseWind2HP Recovery S3
365Elixir BaseEarth1Cure All Ail.
366Elixir BaseEarth2All Stats Up S
367Slag EssenceWater1HP to MP
368Slag EssenceWater2HP to SP
369Angel PowderFire1Immortality Pwr
370Angel PowderWater1HP Regen S2
371Angel PowderWater2HP Regen S3
372Angel PowderWind1Ailments Down L
373Angel PowderWind2Ailments Down M
374Angel PowderWind3Ailments Down S
375Traveler's RationWater1Nutritious
376Traveler's RationWater2Nourishing
377Traveler's RationWind1Eat Recover M
378Traveler's RationWind2Eat Recover S
379Traveler's RationEarth1Fills Stomach
380Fruit PieWater1Eat Recover S
381Fruit PieWater2Eat Recover S2
382Fruit PieWind1HP regen M
383Fruit PieWind2HP regen S
384Fruit PieEarth1Sits in Stomach
385Healthy RationFire1Eat Recover M
386Healthy RationFire2Eat Recover S
387Healthy RationWater1Cure All Ail.
388Healthy RationWind1MP Recovery L
389Healthy RationWind2MP Recovery M
390Trad. MedicineWater1HP/MP Recovery L
391Trad. MedicineEarth1HP Regen Min
392Trad. MedicineEarth2HP Regen L
393Trad. MedicineEarth3HP Regen M
394Strong PowderFire1ATK Power Up M
395Strong PowderFire2ATK Power Up S
396Strong PowderWater1Speed Up M
397Strong PowderWater2Speed Up S
398Strong PowderWind1Defense Up M
399Strong PowderWind2Defense Up S
400Strong PowderEarth1DMG Reduction S
401Strong PowderEarth2DMG Reduction M
402Rich PotageFire1Fire Res Up L
403Rich PotageFire2All Stats Up M
404Rich PotageFire3Fire Res Up M
405Rich PotageWater1Water Res Up L
406Rich PotageWater2Water Res Up M
407Rich PotageWind1Wind Res Up L
408Rich PotageWind2Evasion Up M
409Rich PotageWind3Wind Res Up M
410Rich PotageEarth1Earth Res Up L
411Rich PotageEarth2Earth Res Up M
412Heart of FlameFire1Fire Attack
413Heart of FlameFire2Fire Blessing
414Heart of FlameWater1Beast Vitality
415Heart of FlameWind1Heated Pulse
416Heart of FlameEarth1Avoid KO M
417Heart of FlameEarth2Avoid KO S
418Heart of FlameEarth3Avoid KO S2
419Concealing SkinWater1Rest Efficiency
420Concealing SkinWater2Relaxation
421Concealing SkinWind1Evasion Up
422Concealing SkinEarth1HP Regen Min
423Concealing SkinEarth2HP Regen L
424Concealing SkinEarth3HP Regen M
425Angel RibbonFire1Angel's Blessing
426Angel RibbonFire2God's Blessing
427Angel RibbonWater1Immune: Ailments
428Angel RibbonWater2Immune: Weakness
429Angel RibbonWater3Immune: Blind
430Angel RibbonWater4Immune: KO
431Angel RibbonWind1Weaken Ailments
432Glorious NoteFire1Fists of Fire
433Glorious NoteWater1Fists of Water
434Glorious NoteWind1Fists of Wind
435Glorious NoteEarth1Forged Fists
436Spirit GarlandWater1Development
437Spirit GarlandWater2Flower Blessing
438Spirit GarlandWater3Flower Awakening
439Seven Star MedalFire1Fire Attack
440Seven Star MedalFire2Fire Blessing
441Seven Star MedalWater1Frost Attack
442Seven Star MedalWater2Water Blessing
443Seven Star MedalWind1Thunder Attack
444Seven Star MedalWind2Wind Blessing
445Seven Star MedalEarth1Fast Action
446Seven Star MedalEarth2Earth Blessing
447Treasure GrimoireFire1Special Attacks
448Treasure GrimoireWater1Scholar's Focus
449Treasure GrimoireWater2Sage's Focus
450Treasure GrimoireWind1Skill Up S
451Treasure GrimoireWind2Skill Up M
452Treasure GrimoireEarth1Overflow Wits
453Gunade RingFire1Strength
454Gunade RingFire2Divine Strength
455Gunade RingWind1Give Speed
456Gunade RingWind2Divine Speed
457Gunade RingEarth1Protection
458Gunade RingEarth2Divine Protect
459Beast EarmuffsFire1ATK Power +6
460Beast EarmuffsFire2Skill Up L
461Beast EarmuffsWind1Well Power
462Exceed BeltFire1Critical Min
463Exceed BeltFire2Critical L
464Exceed BeltWater1Forge Body
465Exceed BeltWater2Forge Muscle
466Exceed BeltWater3Forge Mind&Body;
467Exceed BeltWind1Forge Spirit
468Exceed BeltWind2Forge Mind
469Exceed BeltEarth1Overweight
470Exceed BeltEarth2Legs of Earth
471Exceed BeltEarth3Earth Shackles
472Phoenix BraceletFire1Awakening
473Phoenix BraceletWater1Accel. Recovery
474Phoenix BraceletWater2Super Recovery
475Phoenix BraceletWind1Phoenix Vitality
476Phoenix BraceletEarth1Aura of Prot.
477Soul BinderFire1Chains of Circ.
478Soul BinderFire2Barrier Chains
479Soul BinderFire3Chains of Dest.
480Soul BinderWater1Coop Up
481Soul BinderWater2Power Absorption
482Soul BinderWind1Slag Slayer
483Soul BinderEarth1Draw out Wits
484Glass TiaraFire1Magic Blessing
485Glass TiaraWater1Expert Wisdom
486Glass TiaraWater2Sage Wisdom
487Glass TiaraWind1Attract Success
488Glass TiaraEarth1Skill Up L
489Feather OrnamentFire1Draw Attention
490Feather OrnamentFire2Hard to Notice
491Feather OrnamentWater1Speed +10
492Feather OrnamentWind1Acrobatic
493Feather OrnamentWind2Illusion Phantam
494Feather OrnamentWind3Evasion Up
495Leather GlovesFire1Hard Leather
496Leather GlovesFire2Tailored Pelts
497Leather GlovesWater1Smooth Finger
498Leather GlovesWind1Increase Dex
499Leather GlovesEarth1Def Power +3
500Leather GlovesEarth2Beast Slayer
501Blessed RingFire1Spirit Blessing
502Blessed RingWater1Flower Blessing
503Blessed RingWater2Twilight Bless
504Blessed RingWind1Power Blessings
505Blessed RingEarth1God of War Bless
506Dusk TalismanWater1Harmony Prayer
507Dusk TalismanWater2Strength Prayer
508Dusk TalismanWater3Health Prayer
509Dusk TalismanWater4Swift Prayer
510Dusk TalismanWind1Twilight Bless
511Dusk TalismanEarth1Avoid KO S
512Dusk TalismanEarth2Immune: KO
513Magic StoneFire1Consumes Spirit
514Magic StoneFire2Strengthen Soul
515Magic StoneWater1Soul Awakening
516Magic StoneWater2Power of Origin
517Magic StoneEarth1Magic Stone Ray
518Crystal RingFire1F/Water DMG DWN
519Crystal RingFire2F/Water DMG Res
520Crystal RingWater1Protect Crystal
521Crystal RingWind1E/Wind DMG DWN
522Crystal RingWind2E/Wind DMG Res
523Aroma PouchFire1Spirit Slayer
524Aroma PouchWater1Immune: Poison
525Aroma PouchWater2Relieve Ailments
526Aroma PouchWind1Healing Scent
527Royal CrestFire1Weaken Impact
528Royal CrestFire2Quick Action
529Royal CrestWater1Lineage of Kings
530Royal CrestWater2See Vitals
531Royal CrestWind1Will of Heroes
532Royal CrestWind2Dragon Slayer
533Royal CrestEarth1King Possession
534Royal CrestEarth2Champ Possession
535Dark Night CapeFire1Silencing
536Dark Night CapeFire2Hard to Notice
537Dark Night CapeWater1Immune: Poison
538Dark Night CapeWind1Immune: Blind
539Dark Night CapeEarth1Def Power +9
540Dark Night CapeEarth2Physical Min
541Acrobatic ArmorFire1Acrobatic
542Acrobatic ArmorWater1Speed +5
543Acrobatic ArmorWater2Speed +15
544Acrobatic ArmorWater3Speed +25
545Acrobatic ArmorWind1Swift Knowledge
546Acrobatic ArmorWind2Swift Secrets
547Tarot of FateFire1Talisman of Luck
548Tarot of FateFire2Star Talisman
549Tarot of FateWater1Wealth Talisman
550Tarot of FateWater2Talisman of Gold
551Tarot of FateWind1Scholar Talisman
552Tarot of FateWind2Sage Talisman
553Brother CallFire1Substitution
554Brother CallFire2Coop Strategy
555Brother CallFire3Coop Secrets
556Brother CallWater1Alignment
557Brother CallWind1Resonant Bell
558Brother CallWind2Harmonic Bell
559Brother CallEarth1Movement Bonus
561Iron ClayNone1None
562Black PowderNone1None
563Freezing GasNone1None
565Wood ChipsNone1None
566Iron PlateNone1None
567Mixed LubricantNone1None
568Crystal BallNone1None
569Purple CrystalNone1None
570Yellow CrystalNone1None
571Green CrystalNone1None
572Comet Crest StoneNone1None
573Capacitive PaperNone1None
574Burning GasNone1None
577Five Grain FlourNone1None
578Ziegel NuggetNone1None
579Natural ExtractNone1None
580Distilled WaterNone1None
581Allgemein BoardNone1None
584Powdered GlassNone1None
585Handmade PotteryNone1None
586Pressed OilNone1None
587Glass RodNone1None
588Dried HerbsNone1None
590Strong YarnNone1None
591Fluffy WhipNone1None
592Colseit FiberNone1None
593White PowderNone1None
594Rainbow PowderNone1None
595Metal ChipsNone1None
596Golt BoardNone1None
597Various ScrapsNone1None
598Mystery LanternNone1None
599Plant NutrientsNone1None
600Dowsing RodNone1None
601Beast King ReliefNone1None
602Heavenly SpiritsNone1None
603Preserved TabletNone1None
604Ancient ScrollNone1None
605Reverent IncenseNone1None
606Sun FlowerNone1None
607Purifying LiquidNone1None
608Precious StoneNone1None
609Bi-color CorundumNone1None
610Polarized GemNone1None
611Gold DustNone1None
612Moon TabletNone1None
613Magic FiberNone1None
614Automatic DriveNone1None
615Melty MetalNone1None
616Polished CrystalNone1None
617Medical SolutionNone1None
622Windmill PartsNone1None
623Flight Gas JarNone1None
624Spirit GemNone1None
6253rd Gen EngineNone1None
626Slumber IncenseNone1None
627Einzel SteelNone1None
628Purify BottleNone1None
630Canned FoodNone1None
631Burning SpiceNone1None
632Apple JamNone1None
633White NeutralizerNone1None
634Black NeutralizerNone1None
635SP NeutralizerNone1None
636Flowing MetalNone1None
637Traditional StaffFire1ATK Power +2
638Traditional StaffWater1Hit Up Min
639Traditional StaffWind1Speed +5
640Traditional StaffEarth1Critical Min
641Golden Wing StaffFire1ATK Power +2
642Golden Wing StaffWater1Hit Up Min
643Golden Wing StaffWind1Speed +5
644Golden Wing StaffEarth1Critical Min
645Feather StaffFire1ATK Power +4
646Feather StaffWater1Hit Up L
647Feather StaffWind1Speed +10
648Feather StaffEarth1Critical L
649Sky Alchemy StaffFire1ATK Power +4
650Sky Alchemy StaffWater1Hit Up L
651Sky Alchemy StaffWind1Speed +10
652Sky Alchemy StaffEarth1Critical L
653Lifetree StaffFire1ATK Power +6
654Lifetree StaffWater1Hit Up M
655Lifetree StaffWind1Speed +15
656Lifetree StaffEarth1Critical M
657Phantom SaberFire1ATK Power +2
658Phantom SaberWater1Hit Up Min
659Phantom SaberWind1Speed +5
660Phantom SaberEarth1Critical Min
661Glass SabreFire1ATK Power +2
662Glass SabreWater1Hit Up Min
663Glass SabreWind1Speed +5
664Glass SabreEarth1Critical Min
665Black Wing VeilFire1ATK Power +4
666Black Wing VeilWater1Hit Up L
667Black Wing VeilWind1Speed +10
668Black Wing VeilEarth1Critical L
669Crystal FangFire1ATK Power +4
670Crystal FangWater1Hit Up L
671Crystal FangWind1Speed +10
672Crystal FangEarth1Critical L
673Proto PhantomFire1ATK Power +6
674Proto PhantomWater1Hit Up M
675Proto PhantomWind1Speed +15
676Proto PhantomEarth1Critical M
677Sledge HeadFire1ATK Power +2
678Sledge HeadWater1Hit Up Min
679Sledge HeadWind1Speed +5
680Sledge HeadEarth1Critical Min
681Graviton GaleFire1ATK Power +2
682Graviton GaleWater1Hit Up Min
683Graviton GaleWind1Speed +5
684Graviton GaleEarth1Critical Min
685MjolnirFire1ATK Power +4
686MjolnirWater1Hit Up L
687MjolnirWind1Speed +10
688MjolnirEarth1Critical L
689Soul BreakerFire1ATK Power +4
690Soul BreakerWater1Hit Up L
691Soul BreakerWind1Speed +10
692Soul BreakerEarth1Critical L
693Brave BunkerFire1ATK Power +6
694Brave BunkerWater1Hit Up M
695Brave BunkerWind1Speed +15
696Brave BunkerEarth1Critical M
697Ruby TalismanFire1ATK Power +2
698Ruby TalismanWater1Hit Up Min
699Ruby TalismanWind1Speed +5
700Ruby TalismanEarth1Critical Min
701Aqua TalismanFire1ATK Power +2
702Aqua TalismanWater1Hit Up Min
703Aqua TalismanWind1Speed +5
704Aqua TalismanEarth1Critical Min
705Magic TalismanFire1ATK Power +4
706Magic TalismanWater1Hit Up L
707Magic TalismanWind1Speed +10
708Magic TalismanEarth1Critical L
709Wind TalismanFire1ATK Power +4
710Wind TalismanWater1Hit Up L
711Wind TalismanWind1Speed +10
712Wind TalismanEarth1Critical L
713Holy TalismanFire1ATK Power +6
714Holy TalismanWater1Hit Up M
715Holy TalismanWind1Speed +15
716Holy TalismanEarth1Critical M
717ScattershotFire1ATK Power +2
718ScattershotWater1Hit Up Min
719ScattershotWind1Speed +5
720ScattershotEarth1Critical Min
721Silver ArmFire1ATK Power +2
722Silver ArmWater1Hit Up Min
723Silver ArmWind1Speed +5
724Silver ArmEarth1Critical Min
725Red StarterFire1ATK Power +4
726Red StarterWater1Hit Up L
727Red StarterWind1Speed +10
728Red StarterEarth1Critical L
729GoltriatFire1ATK Power +4
730GoltriatWater1Hit Up L
731GoltriatWind1Speed +10
732GoltriatEarth1Critical L
733White Feather 9Fire1ATK Power +6
734White Feather 9Water1Hit Up M
735White Feather 9Wind1Speed +15
736White Feather 9Earth1Critical M
737Explorer's PackFire1ATK Power +2
738Explorer's PackWater1Hit Up Min
739Explorer's PackWind1Speed +5
740Explorer's PackEarth1Critical Min
741Medical BagFire1ATK Power +2
742Medical BagWater1Hit Up Min
743Medical BagWind1Speed +5
744Medical BagEarth1Critical Min
745Teak BasketFire1ATK Power +4
746Teak BasketWater1Hit Up L
747Teak BasketWind1Speed +10
748Teak BasketEarth1Critical L
749Dark Angel BagFire1ATK Power +4
750Dark Angel BagWater1Hit Up L
751Dark Angel BagWind1Speed +10
752Dark Angel BagEarth1Critical L
753Traveling DoctorFire1ATK Power +6
754Traveling DoctorWater1Hit Up M
755Traveling DoctorWind1Speed +15
756Traveling DoctorEarth1Critical M
757Great BladeFire1ATK Power +2
758Great BladeWater1Hit Up Min
759Great BladeWind1Speed +5
760Great BladeEarth1Critical Min
761CleaverFire1ATK Power +2
762CleaverWater1Hit Up Min
763CleaverWind1Speed +5
764CleaverEarth1Critical Min
765BoneshatterFire1ATK Power +4
766BoneshatterWater1Hit Up L
767BoneshatterWind1Speed +10
768BoneshatterEarth1Critical L
769Slaying BladeFire1ATK Power +4
770Slaying BladeWater1Hit Up L
771Slaying BladeWind1Speed +10
772Slaying BladeEarth1Critical L
773Humming QuasarFire1ATK Power +6
774Humming QuasarWater1Hit Up M
775Humming QuasarWind1Speed +15
776Humming QuasarEarth1Critical M
777Magician's BroomFire1ATK Power +2
778Magician's BroomWater1Hit Up Min
779Magician's BroomWind1Speed +5
780Magician's BroomEarth1Critical Min
781Precision BroomFire1ATK Power +4
782Precision BroomWater1Hit Up L
783Precision BroomWind1Speed +10
784Precision BroomEarth1Critical L
785Meteor BroomFire1ATK Power +6
786Meteor BroomWater1Hit Up M
787Meteor BroomWind1Speed +15
788Meteor BroomEarth1Critical M
789Inspector's bladeFire1ATK Power +2
790Inspector's bladeWater1Hit Up Min
791Inspector's bladeWind1Speed +5
792Inspector's bladeEarth1Critical Min
793Cross RapierFire1ATK Power +4
794Cross RapierWater1Hit Up L
795Cross RapierWind1Speed +10
796Cross RapierEarth1Critical L
797Peerless SabreFire1ATK Power +6
798Peerless SabreWater1Hit Up M
799Peerless SabreWind1Speed +15
800Peerless SabreEarth1Critical M
801Service StickFire1ATK Power +2
802Service StickWater1Hit Up Min
803Service StickWind1Speed +5
804Service StickEarth1Critical Min
805Mystery StickFire1ATK Power +4
806Mystery StickWater1Hit Up L
807Mystery StickWind1Speed +10
808Mystery StickEarth1Critical L
809Fantasy StickFire1ATK Power +6
810Fantasy StickWater1Hit Up M
811Fantasy StickWind1Speed +15
812Fantasy StickEarth1Critical M
813Light LadleFire1ATK Power +2
814Light LadleWater1Hit Up Min
815Light LadleWind1Speed +5
816Light LadleEarth1Critical Min
817Metal TurnerFire1ATK Power +4
818Metal TurnerWater1Hit Up L
819Metal TurnerWind1Speed +10
820Metal TurnerEarth1Critical L
821Single MixerFire1ATK Power +6
822Single MixerWater1Hit Up M
823Single MixerWind1Speed +15
824Single MixerEarth1Critical M
825Cotton ShirtFire1Maximum HP +5
826Cotton ShirtWater1Maximum MP +5
827Cotton ShirtWind1Def Power +3
828Cotton ShirtEarth1ATK Evasion Min
829Sturdy ShirtFire1Maximum HP +5
830Sturdy ShirtWater1Maximum MP +5
831Sturdy ShirtWind1Def Power +3
832Sturdy ShirtEarth1Physical Min
833Knitted ShirtFire1Maximum HP +5
834Knitted ShirtWater1Maximum MP +5
835Knitted ShirtWind1Def Power +3
836Knitted ShirtEarth1Avoid KO Min
837Stylish ShirtFire1Maximum HP +5
838Stylish ShirtWater1Maximum MP +5
839Stylish ShirtWind1Def Power +3
840Stylish ShirtEarth1HP Regen Min
841Leather ShirtFire1Maximum HP +5
842Leather ShirtWater1Maximum MP +5
843Leather ShirtWind1Def Power +3
844Leather ShirtEarth1ATK Evasion Min
845Fur ShirtFire1Maximum HP +10
846Fur ShirtWater1Maximum MP +10
847Fur ShirtWind1Def Power +6
848Fur ShirtEarth1Physical L
849Chain ShirtFire1Maximum HP +10
850Chain ShirtWater1Maximum MP +10
851Chain ShirtWind1Def Power +6
852Chain ShirtEarth1HP regen L
853Rainbow ShirtFire1Maximum HP +10
854Rainbow ShirtWater1Maximum MP +10
855Rainbow ShirtWind1Def Power +6
856Rainbow ShirtEarth1ATK Evasion L
857Combat ShirtFire1Maximum HP +15
858Combat ShirtWater1Maximum MP +15
859Combat ShirtWind1Def Power +9
860Combat ShirtEarth1Avoid KO M
861Gold Thread ShirtFire1Maximum HP +15
862Gold Thread ShirtWater1Maximum MP +15
863Gold Thread ShirtWind1Def Power +9
864Gold Thread ShirtEarth1HP regen M
865Celestial ShirtFire1Maximum HP +15
866Celestial ShirtWater1Maximum MP +15
867Celestial ShirtWind1Def Power +9
868Celestial ShirtEarth1Physical M
869Chest PlateFire1Maximum HP +5
870Chest PlateWater1Maximum MP +5
871Chest PlateWind1Def Power +3
872Chest PlateEarth1ATK Evasion Min
873Alloy PlateFire1Maximum HP +5
874Alloy PlateWater1Maximum MP +5
875Alloy PlateWind1Def Power +3
876Alloy PlateEarth1Physical Min
877Bone PlateFire1Maximum HP +5
878Bone PlateWater1Maximum MP +5
879Bone PlateWind1Def Power +3
880Bone PlateEarth1Avoid KO Min
881Magic PlateFire1Maximum HP +5
882Magic PlateWater1Maximum MP +5
883Magic PlateWind1Def Power +3
884Magic PlateEarth1ATK Evasion Min
885Crystal PlateFire1Maximum HP +10
886Crystal PlateWater1Maximum MP +10
887Crystal PlateWind1Def Power +6
888Crystal PlateEarth1Physical L
889Jewel PlateFire1Maximum HP +10
890Jewel PlateWater1Maximum MP +10
891Jewel PlateWind1Def Power +6
892Jewel PlateEarth1HP regen L
893Ebony PlateFire1Maximum HP +10
894Ebony PlateWater1Maximum MP +10
895Ebony PlateWind1Def Power +6
896Ebony PlateEarth1ATK Evasion L
897Scale PlateFire1Maximum HP +15
898Scale PlateWater1Maximum MP +15
899Scale PlateWind1Def Power +9
900Scale PlateEarth1Avoid KO M
901Meteor PlateFire1Maximum HP +15
902Meteor PlateWater1Maximum MP +15
903Meteor PlateWind1Def Power +9
904Meteor PlateEarth1HP regen M
905Dragon ScaleFire1Maximum HP +15
906Dragon ScaleWater1Maximum MP +15
907Dragon ScaleWind1Def Power +9
908Dragon ScaleEarth1Physical M
909Leather CoatFire1Maximum HP +5
910Leather CoatWater1Maximum MP +5
911Leather CoatWind1Def Power +3
912Leather CoatEarth1ATK Evasion Min
913Assassin's CoatFire1Maximum HP +10
914Assassin's CoatWater1Maximum MP +10
915Assassin's CoatWind1Def Power +6
916Assassin's CoatEarth1Physical L
917Heroic CapeFire1Maximum HP +10
918Heroic CapeWater1Maximum MP +10
919Heroic CapeWind1Def Power +6
920Heroic CapeEarth1HP regen L
921Dragoon CapeFire1Maximum HP +15
922Dragoon CapeWater1Maximum MP +15
923Dragoon CapeWind1Def Power +9
924Dragoon CapeEarth1Physical M

Direct download link: eschalogy_effects.csv

Effects Descriptions

1Phy Damage LDeals physical damage.
2Phy Damage SDeals strong physical damage.
3Fire Damage LDeals fire damage.
4Fire Damage SDeals strong fire damage.
5Water Damage LDeals water damage.
6Water Damage SDeals strong water damage.
7Wind Damage LDeals wind damage.
8Wind Damage SDeals strong wind damage.
9Earth Damage LDeals earth damage.
10Rain of FireDeals fire damage. This repeats throughout the battle.
11Flash FloodDeals a large amount of water damage.
12Eye of StormDeals a large amount of wind damage.
13ImpactDeals a large amoung of earth damage. Larger foes take more damage.
14Poison Damage LDeals physical damage. Causes additional damage if target has status ailments.
15Slag Craft LDeals physical damage. The effect changes (somehow) with repeated use.
16D. ExplosionDeals massive fire damage.
17Candy DreamDeals physical damage.
18Four HeavensDamage from all elements.
19Flame Strike LDeals fire damage.
20Hyd Strike LDeals water damage.
21Wind Blade LDeals wind damage.
22Earth Strike LDeals earth damage.
23Lightning SpeedGives a chance to move twice in a row.
24EinzelkampfDeals physical damage.
25BurstingDeals minor physical damage.
26ExplosiveDeals small physical damage.
27Thorn StrikeDeals strong physical damage.
28Embedding ThornsMinor HP damage each turn.
29Shredding ThornsSmall HP damage each turn.
30Piercing ThornsLarge HP damage each turn.
31CremateChance of instant kill.
32Freeze SolidDelays turn. Effect diminishes with use.
33Intense ThunderReduces foe's max HP. Amount varies.
34Inflicts Burns LSmall continuous fire damage.
35Inflicts Burns SLarge continuous fire damage.
36Fixed DamageDeals minor, fixed amount of damage.
37Piercing DamageDeals small, fixed amount of damage.
38Defense IgnoreDeals large, fixed amount of damage, ignores defense.
39Set % DamageDeals very large, fixed amount of damage, ignores defense.
40Unstable DamageDeals large, fixed amount of damage, ignores defense.
41Stray BulletsDeals additional physical damage.
42Falling StarsDeals large physical damage.
43StonesDeals additional physical damage.
44BouldersDeals large additional physical damage.
45Decrease StatsDecrease all stats by a large amount.
46Triple HandicapChance to afflict with poison, blindness, and weakness.
47DaydreamDeals additional physical damage.
48Golden CurseTimed effects are extended.
49Impish MischiefCalls forth good and bad events, influenced by luck.
50Quick ThrowReduces waiting time.
51Slows MovementDelays turn by small amount.
52Stops MovementDelays turn by fair amount.
53Major mov StopDelays turn by large amount.
54All Stats Down LDecreases all stats by small amount.
55All Stats Down MDecreases all stats by fair amount.
56All Stats Down SDecreases all stats by large amount.
57Attack Down LDecreases attack by small amount.
58Attack Down MDecreases attack by fair amount.
59Attack Down SDecreases attack by large amount.
60Defense Down LDecreases defense by small amount.
61Defense Down MDecreases defense by fair amount.
62Defense Down SDecreases defense by large amount.
63Speed Down LDecreases speed by small amount.
64Speed Down MDecreases speed by fair amount.
65Speed Down SDecreases speed by large amount.
66Minor BlindnessHas slight chance of blinding target.
67Causes BlindnessHas moderate chance of blinding target.
68Strong BlindnessHas high chance of blinding target.
69Minor PoisonHas slight chance of poisoning target.
70Causes PoisonHas moderate chance of poisoning target.
71Strong PoisonHas high chance of poisoning target.
72DullnessHas slight chance of slowing target.
73Dulls LegsHas moderate chance of slowing target.
74Greatly DullsHas high chance of slowing target.
75Slight ReductionHas slight chance of weakening target.
76Reduces StatsHas moderate chance of weakening target.
77Big stats reduc.Has high chance of weakening target.
78Induces ChangesInflicts with a random status effect.
79Crit rate downReduces critical hit chance.
80AttractsGreatly increases chance of being targeted by enemies
81Status Damage LDeals small amount of damage which increases with number of status effects on the target.
82Status Damage MDeals damage which increases with number of status effects on the target.
83Status Damage SDeals large amount of damage which increases with number of status effects on the target.
84Open WoundsCauses target to continually take damage. Effect increases as HP is reduced.
85Major WoundsCauses target to continually take damage. Effect greatly increases as HP is reduced.
86Const. Damage LCauses target to continuously take minor damage for short duration.
87Const. Damage MCauses target to continuously take moderate damage for short duration.
88Const. Damage SCauses target to continuously take great damage for short duration.
89Damage Absorb LDeals physical damage and absorbs portion back to HP.
90Damage Absorb MDeals great physical damage and absorbs portion back to HP.
91Damage Absorb SDeals very great physical damage and absorbs portion back to HP.
92Evasion DownReduces target's evasion.
93Evasion Down SGreatly reduces target's evasion.
94Weak to ChangesIncreases effects of status effects on the target.
95Weak to AttacksIncreases damage taken by target. This effect does not stack.
96All Stat Drain SReduces target's attack, defense, speed, and adds them to the user's stats.
97Hit VitalsCan instantly kill enemies if HP is below certain amount. Some monsters are immune.
98Resonant DamageDeals physical damage. Effect increase when more enemies are in the area.
994D DamageDeals damage of all elements.
100Cloud HealRestores HP over time. Small effect.
101Raincloud HealRestores HP over time. Moderate effect.
102Stormcloud HealRestores HP over time. Large effect.
103Call Slag LRestore HP and perform other support actions. Small effect.
104Call Slag MRestore HP and perform other support actions. Moderate effect.
105Call Slag SRestore HP and perform other support actions. Large effect.
106Immortality PwrIf the target is KO'd, it will auto-revive on next turn.
107HP Recovery MinRestores minor amount of HP.
108HP Recovery LRestores small amount of HP.
109HP Recovery MRestores moderate amount of HP.
110HP Recovery SRestores large amount of HP.
111HP Recovery S2Restores great amount of HP.
112HP Recovery S3Restores massive amount of HP.
113Recovery Bonus MinMinor HP recovery bonus.
114Recovery Bonus LSmall HP recovery bonus.
115Recovery Bonus MFair HP recovery bonus.
116Recovery Bonus SLarge HP recovery bonus.
117MP Recovery LRestores small amount of MP.
118MP Recovery MRestores fair amount of MP.
119MP Recovery SRestores large amount of MP.
120Recover KO MinRevives and restores minor amount of HP.
121Recover KO LRevives and restores small amount of HP.
122Recover KO MRevives and restores fair amount of HP.
123Recover KO SRevives and restores large amount of HP.
124Recover KO S2Revives and restores great amount of HP.
125HP regen LRestores small amount of HP on the target's next turn.
126HP regen MRestores fair amount of HP on the target's next turn.
127HP regen SRestores large amount of HP on the target's next turn.
128Eat Recover MinRestores minor percentage of max HP.
129Eat Recover LRestores small percentage of max HP.
130Eat Recover MRestores fair percentage of max HP.
131Eat Recover SRestores large percentage of max HP.
132Eat Recover S2Restores great percentage of max HP.
133Eat Recover S3Restores massive percentage of max HP.
134Auto Revive LAuto revives on next turn after being KO'd. Small healing.
135Auto Revive MAuto revives on next turn after being KO'd. Moderate healing.
136Auto Revive SAuto revives on next turn after being KO'd. Large healing.
137Avoid KOChange of reviving after KO.
138Ailments Down LReduces strength of ailments by small amount.
139Ailments Down MReduces strength of ailments by fair amount.
140Ailments Down SReduces strength of ailments by good amount.
141Cure PoisonCures poison
142Cure BlindnessCures blindness
143Cure WeaknessCures weakness
144Cure SlowCures slow
145Cure All Ail.Cures all ailments.
146RefreshingRestores tiny amount of MP.
147Clears the MindRestores small amount of MP.
148Perk UpRestores fair amount of MP.
149HP/MP Recovery LRestores small amount of HP/MP.
150HP/MP Recovery MRestores fair amount of HP/MP.
151HP/MP Recovery SRestores large amount of HP/MP.
152Tone of StrengthIncreases attack for 5 turns.
153Protection ToneIncreases defense for 5 turns.
154Fight ToneIncreases attack/defense for 5 turns.
155Terrible ToneDamages targets MP.
156Sits in StomachSlightly delays turn.
157Fills StomachGreatly delays turn.
158Gathering SignalGathers allies around user.
159Disperse SignalSpread allies out.
160Forbidden PowerGreatly increases all stats, but halves HP.
161HP Regen MinRegenerates minor amount of HP for next 3 turns.
162HP Regen LRegenerates small amount of HP for next 3 turns.
163HP Regen MRegenerates fair amount of HP for next 3 turns.
164HP Regen SRegenerates large amount of HP for next 3 turns.
165HP Regen S2Regenerates great amount of HP for next 3 turns.
166HP Regen S3Regenerates massive amount of HP for next 3 turns.
167Reduce Wait LReduces wait time by small amount.
168Reduce Wait SReduces wait time by fair amount.
169HP to SPReduces the wait after the target's next turn by a large amount (this effect is bugged)
170HP to MPConsumes HP to restore large amount of MP.
171Word Protect LReduces damage taken from next attack.
172Word Protect MGreatly reduces damage taken from next attack.
173Word Protect SMassively reduces damage taken from next attack.
174Strength Boost LSlightly increases max HP during battle.
175Strength Boost MModerately increases max HP during battle.
176Strength Boost SGreatly increases max HP during battle.
177NutritiousIncreases all stats by small amount.
178NourishingIncreases all stats.
179WarmIncreases water resistance.
180CoolIncreases Fire resistance.
181MP Consume LConsumes small amount of MP. Causes weakness if MP is insufficient.
182MP Consume MConsumes fair amount of MP. Causes weakness if MP is insufficient.
183MP Consume SConsumes large amount of MP. Causes weakness if MP is insufficient.
184MP Consume S2Consumes great amount of MP. Causes weakness if MP is insufficient.
185HP Consume S2Consumes great amount of HP.
186ATK Power Up LIncreases attack by small amount for 5 turns.
187ATK Power Up MIncreases attack by fair amount for 5 turns.
188ATK Power Up SIncreases attack by large amount for 5 turns.
189Speed Up LIncreases speed by small amount for 5 turns.
190Speed Up MIncreases speed by fair amount for 5 turns.
191Speed Up SIncreases speed by large amount for 5 turns.
192Defense Up LIncreases defense by small amount for 5 turns.
193Defense Up MIncreases defense by fair amount for 5 turns.
194Defense Up SIncreases defense by large amount for 5 turns.
195All Stats Up LIncreases stats by small amount for 5 turns.
196All Stats Up MIncreases stats by fair amount for 5 turns.
197All Stats Up SIncreases stats by large amount for 5 turns.
198Evasion Up LIncreases evasion by small amount for 5 turns.
199Evasion Up MIncreases evasion by fair amount for 5 turns.
200Evasion Up SIncreases evasion by large amount for 5 turns.
201Apple HealingRestores large amount of HP/MP.
202Apple BlessingRaises all stats and max HP.
203Apple MiracleAuto revives target when KO'd.
204Fire Res Up LRaises fire resistance by small amount for 5 turns.
205Fire Res Up MRaises fire resistance by fair amount for 5 turns.
206Fire Res Up SRaises fire resistance by large amount for 5 turns.
207Water Res Up LRaises water resistance by small amount for 5 turns.
208Water Res Up MRaises water resistance by fair amount for 5 turns.
209Water Res Up SRaises water resistance by large amount for 5 turns.
210Wind Res Up LRaises wind resistance by small amount for 5 turns.
211Wind Res Up MRaises wind resistance by fair amount for 5 turns.
212Wind Res Up SRaises wind resistance by large amount for 5 turns.
213Earth Res Up LRaises earth resistance by small amount for 5 turns.
214Earth Res Up MRaises earth resistance by fair amount for 5 turns.
215Earth Res Up SRaises earth resistance by large amount for 5 turns.
216Warrior BlessingRaise all stats for the entire battle. Effect increases against stronger foes.
217Hero's BlessingRaise all stats for the entire battle. Effect greatly increases against stronger foes.
218Blessing of GodRaise all stats for the entire battle. Effect massively increases against stronger foes.
219DMG Reduction LSlightly decreases physical damage taken.
220DMG Reduction MModerately decreases physical damage taken.
221DMG Reduction SGreatly decreases physical damage taken.
222Move Time Cut LSlightly reduces wait time in exchange for a period of constant damage.
223Move Time Cut MModerately reduces wait time in exchange for a period of constant damage.
224Move Time Cut SGreatly reduces wait time in exchange for a period of constant damage.
225Crit Rate Up LIncreases crit chances by small amount.
226Crit Rate Up MIncreases crit chances by fair amount.
227Crit Rate Up SIncreases crit chances by large amount.
228Crit Power Up LIncreases crit bonus power by small amount.
229Crit Power Up MIncreases crit bonus power by fair amount.
230Crit Power Up SIncreases crit bonus power by large amount.
231Good Relics?Increases chances of finding better relics.
232Amazing RelicsGreatly increases chances of finding better relics.
233Good MaterialIncreases chances of finding better materials.
234Amazing MaterialGreatly increases chances of finding better materials.
235Search UpIncreases field gauge by 25%.
236Search Up SIncreases field gauge by 50%.
237Return to BaseWarp to Atelier.
238Maximum HP +5Maximum HP +5
239Maximum HP +10Maximum HP +10
240Maximum HP +15Maximum HP +15
241Maximum MP +5Maximum MP +5
242Maximum MP +10Maximum MP +10
243Maximum MP +15Maximum MP +15
244ATK Power +2ATK Power +2
245ATK Power +4ATK Power +4
246ATK Power +6ATK Power +6
247Def Power +3Def Power +3
248Def Power +6Def Power +6
249Def Power +9Def Power +9
250Speed +5Speed +5
251Speed +10Speed +10
252Speed +15Speed +15
253Speed +25Speed +25
254Resonant BellActions increase the gauge by an extra 10%.
255Harmonic BellActions increase the gauge by an extra 25%.
256Expert WisdomExchanges 50% of HP and MP.
257Sage WisdomExchanges 100% of HP and MP.
258Hard LeatherDefense +6
259Smooth FingerCritical chance increases 15%
260Tailored PeltsDefense +15, Water Resist +20
261Increase DexHit chance increases 25%
262Magic Blessing7% of damage is subtracted from MP.
263Angel's Blessing10% of damage is subtracted from MP.
264God's Blessing15% of damage is subtracted from MP.
265Swift KnowledgeReduces waiting time after skills by 7%
266Swift SecretsReduces waiting time after skills by 10%
267Harmony PrayerBalances attack, defense, and speed.
268Strength PrayerTransfers 15% of defense and speed to attack.
269Health PrayerTransfers 15% of attack and speed to defense.
270Swift PrayerTransfers 15% of defense and attack to speed.
271Draw out WitsSlightly increases attack, defense, and speed. Greater bonus at higher levels.
272Overflow WitsModerately increases attack, defense, and speed. Greater bonus at higher levels.
273King PossessionIncreases expected damage. Effect increases with level.
274Champ PossessionIncreases expected damage by fair amount. Effect increases with level.
275Strengthen SoulIncreases expected damage by small amount. Effect increases with level.
276Slag SlayerAlways deals criticals against Slag type monsters.
277Beast SlayerAlways deals criticals against Beast type monsters.
278Spirit SlayerAlways deals criticals against Spirit type monsters.
279Dragon SlayerAlways deals criticals against Dragon type monsters.
280Forge BodyHP +15
281Forge MuscleHP +25
282Forge SpiritMP +10
283Forge MindMP +20
284Forge Mind&Body;HP +20, MP +15
285StrengthAttack +5
286Divine StrengthAttack +10
287ProtectionDefense +5
288Divine ProtectDefense +10
289Give SpeedAttack +15
290Divine SpeedAttack +20
291Draw AttentionIncreases chances of being targeted.
292Hard to NoticeDecreases chances of being targeted.
293SilencingIncreases chances of success at running.
294Consumes SpiritReduces HP by large amount each turn.
295Healing ScentRestores HP by small amount each turn.
296Accel. RecoveryRestores HP by fair amount each turn.
297Super RecoveryRestores HP by large amount each turn.
298Talisman of LuckIncreases chances of getting items from battle by small amount.
299Star TalismanIncreases chances of getting items from battle by fair amount.
300Wealth TalismanIncreases money earned from battle by small amount.
301Talisman of GoldIncreases money earned from battle by fair amount.
302Scholar TalismanIncreases experience gained from battle by small amount.
303Sage TalismanIncreases experience gained from battle by fair amount.
304Will of HeroesLow chance of surviving hit that would reduce HP to 0.
305Lineage of KingsIncreases all stats by set amount when fighting powerful or higher level foes.
306Fire BlessingFire Resistance +33
307Water BlessingWater Resistance +33
308Wind BlessingWind Resistance +33
309Earth BlessingEarth Resistance +33
310See VitalsCritical chance +33%
311Relieve AilmentsReduces chances of being afflicted by status ailments by small amount.
312Weaken AilmentsReduces chances of being afflicted by status ailments.
313Chains of Circ.Small portion of HP damage is absorbed as MP, and vice versa.
314Power of OriginCritical hit damage bonus goes up 15%.
315Chains of Dest.Critical hit damage bonus goes up 10%.
316Power AbsorptionAbsorbs 10% of damage dealt into HP.
317Skill Up LIncreases skill power 10%.
318Skill Up MIncreases skill power 15%.
319Skill Up SIncreases skill power 20%.
320Attract SuccessIncreases chances of afflicting status ailments and other chance effects by 33%.
321Fire AttackDeals additional fire damage.
322Frost AttackDeals additional water damage.
323Thunder AttackDeals additional wind damage.
324Well PowerWhen HP drops below 25%, critical hit and dodge chances increase.
325Coop StrategyIncreases effectiveness of all support actions by 15%.
326Coop SecretsIncreases effectiveness of all support actions by 30%.
327SubstitutionIncreases effect of guard support by 50%.
328AcrobaticDodge chance +7%
329Illusion PhantamDodge chance +10%
330Evasion UpDodge chance +15%
331Weaken ImpactReduce physical damage by 7%
332Aura of Prot.Reduce physical damage by 15%
333Barrier ChainsReduce physical damage by 10%
334Immune: PoisonListed for completion's sake.
335Immune: WeaknessListed for completion's sake.
336Immune: BlindListed for completion's sake.
337Immune: KOListed for completion's sake.
338Immune: AilmentsListed for completion's sake.
339Flower AwakeningAuto revives from KO on next turn. Recovered HP is small.
340Soul AwakeningAuto revives from KO on next turn. Recovered HP is fairly small.
341AwakeningAuto revives from KO on next turn. Recovered HP is fair.
342Coop UpIncreases coordination value by 10% when attacking.
343AlignmentIncreases coordination value by 7% when attacking.
344Rest EfficiencyIncreases MP regen by 50% when in back line.
345RelaxationIncreases MP regen by 100% when in back line.
346Special AttacksGreatly increase power of Finishing attacks.
347Legs of EarthHalves duration of turn delaying effects.
348Earth ShacklesImmunity to turn delaying effects.
349Movement BonusIncreases support gauge by extra 25% when taking actions.
350Protect CrystalReduces physical damage by 5%, slightly reduces chances of being afflicted by ailments.
351Twilight BlessAbsorb portion of HP and MP damage into opposite pool. Moderate effect.
352Magic Stone RayHalves chance of being afflicted by ailments.
353F/Water DMG DWNFire and Water Resistance +10
354F/Water DMG ResFire and Water Resistance +20
355E/Wind DMG DWNWind and Earth Resistance +10
356E/Wind DMG ResWind and Earth Resistance +20
357OverweightSpeed -25
358Hyper SenseHit chance +20%, dodge chance +10%
359Fists of FireSmall additional fire damage.
360Fists of WaterSmall additional water damage.
361Fists of WindSmall additional wind damage.
362Forged FistsAttack +5, critical hit damage bonus +10%
363God of War BlessAbsorbs portion of damage dealt into HP.
364Power BlessingsPower and hit chances are increased slightly.
365Flower BlessingAbsorbs a portion of HP and MP damage into opposite pool. Small effect.
366DevelopmentIncreases expected value of damage slightly. Effect increases at higher levels.
367Heated PulseCritical hit damage bonus +10%
368Fast ActionHas low chance of decreasing wait time by slight amount.
369Quick ActionHas fairly low chance of decreasing wait time by slight amount.
370Beast VitalityHP +35
371Phoenix VitalityHP +50
372Scholar's FocusMP +25
373Sage's FocusMP +30
374HP Regen MinRecovers small amount of HP each turn.
375Critical MinCritical chance +5%
376Critical LCritical chance +10%
377Critical MCritical chance +15%
378ATK Evasion MinDodge chance +5%
379ATK Evasion LDodge chance +7%
380Hit Up MinHit chance +10%
381Hit Up LHit chance +20%
382Hit Up MHit chance +30%
383Avoid KO MinVery low chance of surviving hit that would reduce HP to 0.
384Avoid KO MFairly low chance of surviving hit that would reduce HP to 0.
385Avoid KO SModerate chance of surviving hit that would reduce HP to 0.
386Avoid KO S2High chance of surviving hit that would reduce HP to 0.
387Physical MinReduces physical damage by 5%
388Physical LReduces physical damage by 7%
389Physical MReduces physical damage by 10%
390Critical ThrowUsing an item has a chance of causing a critical.
391Erase MonstersZaps enemies away from the field for you. No effect on powerful foes.
392Consecutive ActEscha can take 2 turns in a row for the next 4 turns.
393Instant ActionEscha can take 3 turns in a row for the next 6 turns.
394Spirit BlessingFire and Water Resistance +25

Direct download link: eschalogy_effects_list.csv

Properties per Item

1Bullet SeedMaterialNone
2Wind FlowerMaterialNone
3Earth FlowerMaterialNone
4Water FlowerMaterialFixed Healing
5Fire FlowerMaterialFixed Increase
6Bent ScrewMaterialRecycle
7Rusty CogMaterialRecycle
8Grain ScrapsMaterialNone
9Antique StoneMaterialNone
10Scrap MetalMaterialRecycle
11Mixed OilMaterialCritical
12Paper ScrapsMaterialRecycle+
13Garden StoneMaterialInherit PP +5
14PendelockMaterialEvade Ailments
15PendelockMaterialAll Stats +2
16Eternal LiquidMaterialNone
17Soul VineMaterialBinding
18Green SoilMaterialWind Curse
19Green SoilMaterialSpeed +6
20Crimson SoilMaterialFire Curse
21Crimson SoilMaterialAttack Power +6
22Ultramarine SoilMaterialWater Curse
23Ultramarine SoilMaterialMP +10
24Amber SoilMaterialEarth Curse
25Amber SoilMaterialHP +10
26Lethe GrassMaterialHealing Up
27River WaterMaterialEffect Up
28Legged RadishMaterialEffect Up+
29Legged RadishMaterialInherit PP +7
30Buoyant GasMaterialDestruction Up+
31Blaze OreMaterialFire Damage
32Blaze OreMaterialHP +15
33Unburning WebMaterialFire Resist
34Unburning WebMaterialLight Movement
35LotusMaterialCalming Effect
36Mantis BladeMaterialFollow-up Attack
37Fairy SoulMaterialFairy Power
38Fairy SoulMaterialWeaken Ailments
39Bubbling WaterMaterialNone
40Slag AntennaMaterialQuick Use
41Slag MemoryMaterialSlow Movement
42Slag HeartMaterialArea Bonus
43Slag HeartMaterialTime Type
44Slag CableMaterialLast Use Bonus
45Ancient JerkyMaterialNumber Bonus
46Rough DiskMaterialShow Illusions
47Bendy MateriaMaterialPower Throw
48Bendy MateriaMaterialParameters +10%
49Rot Snake SkinMaterialPoisonfire
50Rot Snake SkinMaterialLife Drain
51King's WingMaterialPurifying Curse
52King's WingMaterialFatal Attack
53Dragon FinMaterialDragon's Blood
54Dragon FinMaterialCost Compression
55Dragon CrystalMaterial4-God Barrier
56Dragon CrystalMaterialFixed Healing++
57Dragon CoreMaterial4-God Attack
58Dragon CoreMaterialDeadly Numbers
59Drying SandMaterialReliable Effect
61JunkMaterial50% Automatic
62Buried BombMaterialCount Compress+
63Buried BombMaterialCount Bonus+
64Jet Black CubeMaterialProperty Enhance+
65Jet Black CubeMaterialLast Use Bonus+
66Sky King FossilMaterialAncient Power
67Sky King FossilMaterialAbsolute Senses
68Sky WasabiMaterialFrame Compress
69Sky WasabiMaterialFrame Expand
70Noble BerryMaterialProfessional
71Noble BerryMaterialErases Ailments
72Heaven's BranchMaterialHarmful Numbers
73Heaven's BranchMaterialUse Count +2
74Wing PlantMaterialFrame Reinforce
75Jelly GemMaterialFrame Reinforce+
76Jelly GemMaterialEco Skill
77Water SourceMaterialStrong Healing
78Water SourceMaterialStrong Medicine
79Moon MilkMaterialSteal Vitality
80Moon MilkMaterialSkill Boost
81Empty CoreMaterialPower Throw+
82Empty CoreMaterialEnhance WT+
84Green AppleMaterialEase Feelings
85Poison AppleMaterialPoison
86Golden AppleMaterialGolden Aegis
87Golden AppleMaterialAll Stats +10
88Spiky FruitMaterialNone
89Spiky BudMaterialNone
90Gold Spiky FruitMaterialFixed Increase++
92Mutated TaunMaterialFrame Expand+
93Trio TaunMaterialFrame Compress
94Trio TaunMaterialPP Expansion
95Moss GrassMaterialDetoxifier
96Bitter GrassMaterialDetoxifier
97Bitter GrassMaterialErases Illness
98Dried GrassMaterialRecycle+
100Hard TaroMaterialUse Count -1
101Hard TaroMaterialFrame Compress
102Decade TaroMaterialVitality Boost
104Fresh SalatMaterialHealing Up+
105White SalatMaterialHealing Up++
106White SalatMaterialFixed Healing+
107Smoke MushroomMaterialAdd WT Delay
108Darkness ShootMaterialBlindness
109Bitter LeafMaterialTime Type
110Salt LeafMaterialQuick Use+
111Dried RootMaterialNone
112Rich RootMaterialEffect Up
113Flame RootMaterialFire Resist+
114Flame RootMaterialCritical+
115Earth RootMaterialEffect Up++
116Earth RootMaterialPP Expansion
117Beast MeatMaterialNone
118Fresh MeatMaterialEffect Up+
119Gold MeatMaterialActive Effect
120Big BoneMaterialFrame Expand
121Black BoneMaterialSoul Bind
122Black BoneMaterialFinely Crafted
123Dragon BoneMaterialAll Stats +6
124Dragon BoneMaterialDragon's Blood
125Bird EggMaterialNone
126Sea Bird EggMaterialDestruction Up++
127Ext. Bird EggMaterialHarmful Numbers
128Pale ClayMaterialNone
129Living ClayMaterial20% Automatic
130PhlogistonMaterialFire Resist
131PhlogistonMaterialDestruction Up
132Aqua LightMaterialWater Resist
133Aqua LightMaterialHealing Up
134Wind CoreMaterialWind Resist
135Wind CoreMaterialCritical
136Earth StoneMaterialEarth Resist
137Earth StoneMaterialEarth Damage
138Green GemstoneMaterialWind Damage
139Blue GemstoneMaterialWater Damage
140Rouge GemstoneMaterialFire Damage
141Shining CrystalMaterialNone
142Corundum StoneMaterialEffect Up
143Eternal CrystalMaterialSlow
144Eternal CrystalMaterialAdd WT Delay
145Aurora StoneMaterialComet Attack
146Aurora StoneMaterialPrism Light
147Night CrystalMaterialWeakness
148Glass CoreMaterialSharpness Boost
149Scorching OreMaterialFire Damage
150Scorching OreMaterialFire Resist+
151Diamond GemstoneMaterialInvulnerable
152Diamond GemstoneMaterialConsumption -20%
154Silver HiveMaterialFixed Increase
155Silver HiveMaterialHigh Price++
156Golden HiveMaterialFrame Compress
157Golden HiveMaterialPremium Price
158Bitter MelonMaterialNone
159Old MelonMaterialCritical+
160Honey MelonMaterialHigh Class Item
161Honey MelonMaterialHealing Up++
162Sugar Tree SapMaterialNone
163Milch BeanMaterialNone
164Jewel BeansMaterialRare Goods
165Jewel BeansMaterialReliable Effect+
166Big Milch BeanMaterialUse Count +1
167Red DevilMaterialHealing Up
168Blue DevilMaterialFixed Healing
169Bitter Tree SeedMaterialNone
170Epicure NutMaterialTasty Healing
171Epicure NutMaterialFinely Crafted
172Anti-Bug GrassMaterialNone
173Fragrant ChipsMaterialNone
174Charcoal PiecesMaterialDestruction Up+
175Purify BlockMaterialEase Feelings
176Purify BlockMaterialCalming Effect
177Lady's WhiskersMaterialNone
178Golden YarnMaterialMP Reinforcement
179Mysterious SilkMaterialHP/MP Boost
180Mysterious SilkMaterialFixed Healing+
181Antique MossMaterialEffect Up++
182Freshwater MossMaterialNone
183Mountain FeatherMaterialSpeed +3
184Eagle FeatherMaterialConsumption -10%
185Paradise FeatherMaterialSpeed Boost
186Paradise FeatherMaterialEvade Danger
187Word Stone-StarMaterialPower Word
188Word Stone-StarMaterialSteal Att Power
189Word Stone-MoonMaterialShield Word
190Word Stone-MoonMaterialSteal Def
191Word Stone-SunMaterialFast Word
192Word Stone-SunMaterialSteal Spd
193Word Stone-SeaMaterialLife Word
194Word Stone-SeaMaterialMental Word
195Word Stone-ManMaterialPurifying Curse
196Word Stone-ManMaterialFatal Attack
197Verdure GrassMaterialHigh Price+
198Lucky CloverMaterialUse Count +1
199Oblivion CloverMaterialCalming Effect
200Oblivion CloverMaterialPain Relief
201Honey PoppyMaterialEase Feelings
202DunkelheitMaterialSpirit Medicine
203DunkelheitMaterialStrong Medicine+
204White FlowerMaterialDetoxifier
205Red FlowerMaterialAnalgesic
206Purple FlowerMaterialHeals Wounds
208Clean WaterMaterialErases Illness
209Spring WaterMaterialErases Ailments
210Spring WaterMaterialFinely Crafted
211Liquid CrystalMaterialWater Damage
212Water CrystalMaterialNone
214River WoodMaterialDefense +6
215Mossy DriftwoodMaterialEnhance WT
216Ancient RootMaterialLarge
217Ancient RootMaterialMax Expand
218Thin FruitMaterialNone
219Ripe FruitMaterialHealing Up
220Fully Ripe FruitMaterialHealing Up+
221FluoriteMaterialAll Stats +2
222Lava StoneMaterialFire Resist+
223Dried FatMaterialPoison
224Ghost ClothMaterialNone
225Ifrit BreathMaterialFire Resist+
226Black WaterMaterialNone
227Fire Slag StoneMaterialFire Damage
228Ice Slag StoneMaterialWater Damage
229Sky Slag StoneMaterialAncient Power
230Sky Slag StoneMaterialMP Use Cut
231Earth Slag StoneMaterialDamage Absorb++
232Earth Slag StoneMaterialSkill Boost
233Hard ClawMaterialNone
234Ruler's ClawMaterialHunter's Senses
235Ruler's ClawMaterialBeast Slayer
236Crystal ClawMaterialSharpened Senses
237Crystal ClawMaterialSpirit Slayer
238Soft FurMaterialHigh Price
239Cryptid FurMaterialCrimson Blue Barrier
240Cryptid FurMaterial[[Relieve Ailments ]]
241Quality FurMaterialHigh Price+
242Silver FurMaterialFinely Crafted
243Silver FurMaterialHigh Price++
244Dragon TailMaterialVitality Boost
245Living TailMaterial30% Automatic
246Fairy TailMaterialFairy Power
247Fairy TailMaterialSmall
248Dragon ScaleMaterialDragon Slayer
249Dragon ScaleMaterialAll Stats +6
250Dragon FangMaterialStrong Medicine
251Dragon FangMaterial4-Heaven Barrier
252Beast FangMaterialSpeed +9
253Beast FangMaterialBeast Slayer
254Black FangMaterialDamage Absorb++
255Black FangMaterialCondition Attack
256Spirit MagnetMaterialNone
257Time FlowerMaterial4-Heavens Attack
258Time FlowerMaterialExtreme Healing
259Preserved BiscuitMaterialNone
260Dried Taro ChipsMaterialNone
261Cloud FinancierMaterialNone
262Melting JewelsMaterialNone
263Sweet StumpMaterialNone
264Hand-Wound ThreadRelicNone
265Ancient WaterRelicNone
266Fire Lord TearsRelicNone
267Aroma MateriaRelicNone
268Fried PaperRelicNone
269Gold ThreadRelicNone
270Primo. MedicineRelicNone
271Med FoundationRelicNone
272Old StoneRelicNone
273Ether ClothRelicNone
274Elaborate ScrewRelicNone
275CraftAttackFrame Reinforce
276CraftAttackEffect Up
277CraftAttackFrame Compress
278CraftAttackFixed Increase
279CraftAttackSharp Thorns
281BombAttackInherit PP +3
282BombAttackEffect Up+
283BombAttackDestruction Up+
284BombAttackEndow Heat
285Ice BombAttackDestruction Up
286Ice BombAttackFixed Increase
287Ice BombAttackInherit PP +3
288Ice BombAttackCritical
289Ice BombAttackEndow Cold
290Lightning BombAttackNumber Bonus
291Lightning BombAttackEffect Up
292Lightning BombAttackInherit PP +3
293Lightning BombAttackNumber Bonus
294Lightning BombAttackEndow Sparks
295Living BombAttackFrame Reinforce
296Living BombAttackEffect Up
297Living BombAttackFrame Compress
298Living BombAttackFixed Increase
299Living BombAttackInduce Dryness
300Lava CubeAttackCritical
301Lava CubeAttackInherit PP +3
302Lava CubeAttackEffect Up+
303Lava CubeAttackDestruction Up+
304Lava CubeAttackSearing Earth
305Divine JarAttackArea Bonus
306Divine JarAttackEffect Up
307Divine JarAttackInherit PP +3
308Divine JarAttackArea Bonus+
309Divine JarAttackHydro Stream
310Demon EyeAttackEnhance WT
311Demon EyeAttackQuick Use
312Demon EyeAttackInherit PP +3
313Demon EyeAttackPower Throw
314Demon EyeAttackHeadwind
315Titan HammerAttackQuick Use
316Titan HammerAttackEffect Up
317Titan HammerAttackInherit PP +3
318Titan HammerAttackQuick Use+
319Titan HammerAttackMegaton Class
320Poly. PoisonAttackDestruction Up+
321Poly. PoisonAttackFixed Increase+
322Poly. PoisonAttackInherit PP +5
323Poly. PoisonAttackCritical+
324Poly. PoisonAttackLethal Dose
325Slag FigureAttackCount Bonus
326Slag FigureAttackEffect Up
327Slag FigureAttackInherit PP +3
328Slag FigureAttackCount Bonus+
329Slag FigureAttack[[Slag Figure ]]
330Dimension BombAttackCritical+
331Dimension BombAttackInherit PP +3
332Dimension BombAttackEffect Up++
333Dimension BombAttackDestruction Up++
334Dimension BombAttackDimensional Gap
335Dream BookAttackPower Throw+
336Dream BookAttackInherit PP +5
337Dream BookAttackQuick Use+
338Dream BookAttackEnhance WT+
339Dream BookAttackFantastic Story
340Knowledge BookAttackFrame Reinforce+
341Knowledge BookAttackEffect Up+
342Knowledge BookAttackFrame Compress
343Knowledge BookAttackFixed Increase+
344Knowledge BookAttackHeavenly Wave
345Roten BlitzAttackQuick Use
346Roten BlitzAttackEffect Up
347Roten BlitzAttackInherit PP +3
348Roten BlitzAttackQuick Use+
349Roten BlitzAttackFlame Core
350Flava BlitzAttackNumber Bonus
351Flava BlitzAttackEffect Up
352Flava BlitzAttackInherit PP +3
353Flava BlitzAttackNumber Bonus+
354Flava BlitzAttackFrost Core
355Guryun BlitzAttackFrame Reinforce
356Guryun BlitzAttackEffect Up
357Guryun BlitzAttackFrame Compress
358Guryun BlitzAttackFixed Increase
359Guryun BlitzAttackWind Core (property)
360Airto BlitzAttackDestruction Up+
361Airto BlitzAttackFixed Increase+
362Airto BlitzAttackInherit PP +5
363Airto BlitzAttackCritical+
364Airto BlitzAttackEarth Core
365Tauzent BlitzAttackCritical+
366Tauzent BlitzAttackInherit PP +3
367Tauzent BlitzAttackEffect Up++
368Tauzent BlitzAttackDestruction Up++
369Tauzent BlitzAttackLight Core
370Omega CraftAttackDestruction Up
371Omega CraftAttackFixed Increase
372Omega CraftAttackInherit PP +3
373Omega CraftAttackCritical
374Omega CraftAttackSharp Thorns
375Dire BombAttackEnhance WT
376Dire BombAttackQuick Use
377Dire BombAttackInherit PP +3
378Dire BombAttackPower Throw
379Dire BombAttackEndow Heat
380Eis Ice BombAttackCount Bonus
381Eis Ice BombAttackEffect Up
382Eis Ice BombAttackInherit PP +3
383Eis Ice BombAttackCount Bonus+
384Eis Ice BombAttackEndow Cold
385Blitz StoneAttackFrame Compress
386Blitz StoneAttackFrame Reinforce+
387Blitz StoneAttackEffect Up+
388Blitz StoneAttackFixed Increase+
389Blitz StoneAttackEndow Sparks
390Healing SalveHealFrame Reinforce
391Healing SalveHealEffect Up
392Healing SalveHealFrame Compress
393Healing SalveHealFixed Healing
394Healing SalveHealHeals Wounds
395Healing CloudHealHealing Up+
396Healing CloudHealFixed Healing+
397Healing CloudHealInherit PP +5
398Healing CloudHealCritical+
399Healing CloudHealPurifies Air
400Clear JellyHealCritical
401Clear JellyHealInherit PP +3
402Clear JellyHealEffect Up+
403Clear JellyHealHealing Up+
404Clear JellyHealSweet Melting
405Music BoxHealQuick Use
406Music BoxHealEffect Up
407Music BoxHealInherit PP +3
408Music BoxHealQuick Use+
409Music BoxHealResonant Tone
410SP MedicineHealHealing Up
411SP MedicineHealFixed Healing
412SP MedicineHealInherit PP +3
413SP MedicineHealCritical
414SP MedicineHealPanacea
415Healing AromaHealEffect Up+
416Healing AromaHealHealing Up+
417Healing AromaHeal30% Automatic
418Healing AromaHealInherit PP +5
419Healing AromaHealCalming
420Heal BandageHealFrame Reinforce
421Heal BandageHealEffect Up
422Heal BandageHealFrame Compress
423Heal BandageHealFixed Healing
424Heal BandageHealPain Relief
425Cup of LifeHealNumber Bonus
426Cup of LifeHealEffect Up
427Cup of LifeHealInherit PP +3
428Cup of LifeHealNumber Bonus+
429Cup of LifeHealWater of Life
431ElixirHealInherit PP +3
432ElixirHealEffect Up++
433ElixirHealHealing Up++
434ElixirHeal[[Elixir ]]
435Dragon's SecretHealHealing Up+
436Dragon's SecretHealFixed Healing+
437Dragon's SecretHealInherit PP +5
438Dragon's SecretHealCritical+
439Dragon's SecretHealDragon's Power
440Immune MedicineHealFrame Reinforce+
441Immune MedicineHealEffect Up+
442Immune MedicineHealFrame Compress
443Immune MedicineHealFixed Healing+
444Immune MedicineHealResist Illness
445Magical PaintHealCritical
446Magical PaintHealInherit PP +3
447Magical PaintHealEffect Up+
448Magical PaintHealHealing Up+
449Magical PaintHealCamouflage
450Time WatchHealQuick Use
451Time WatchHealEffect Up
452Time WatchHealInherit PP +3
453Time WatchHealQuick Use+
454Time WatchHealEarth Armor
455Slag StatueHealHealing Up+
456Slag StatueHealFixed Healing+
457Slag StatueHealInherit PP +5
458Slag StatueHealCritical+
459Slag StatueHealProtective Slag
460Goddess ShieldHealCritical+
461Goddess ShieldHealInherit PP +3
462Goddess ShieldHealEffect Up++
463Goddess ShieldHealHealing Up++
464Goddess ShieldHealGoddess Blessing
465Eye-OpenerHealHealing Up+
466Eye-OpenerHealFixed Healing+
467Eye-OpenerHealInherit PP +5
469Eye-OpenerHealSee Clearly
470Gold Curse RingHealNumber Bonus
471Gold Curse RingHealEffect Up
472Gold Curse RingHealInherit PP +3
473Gold Curse RingHealNumber Bonus+
474Gold Curse RingHealGold Curse Ring
475Demon CrucibleHealNumber Bonus
476Demon CrucibleHealEffect Up
477Demon CrucibleHealInherit PP +3
478Demon CrucibleHealNumber Bonus+
479Demon CrucibleHealDemon's Crucible
480Command ChimeHealArea Bonus
481Command ChimeHealEffect Up
482Command ChimeHealInherit PP +3
483Command ChimeHealArea Bonus+
484Command ChimeHeal[[ Command Chime]]
485Medicine BreadHealCount Bonus
486Medicine BreadHealEffect Up
487Medicine BreadHealInherit PP +3
488Medicine BreadHealCount Bonus+
489Medicine BreadHealCures Illness
490Apple TartHealEffect Up
491Apple TartHealCritical
492Apple TartHealTime Type
493Apple TartHealHealing Up+
494Apple TartHealPretty Ornaments
495Forbidden CandyHealEffect Up+
496Forbidden CandyHealHealing Up+
497Forbidden CandyHealTime Type+
498Forbidden CandyHealInherit PP +5
499Forbidden CandyHealSweet Taboo
500Pancake StackHealCount Bonus
501Pancake StackHealEffect Up
502Pancake StackHealInherit PP +3
503Pancake StackHealCount Bonus+
504Pancake StackHealMagic Mountain
505Fruit RationHealFrame Reinforce+
506Fruit RationHealEffect Up+
507Fruit RationHealFrame Compress
508Fruit RationHealFixed Healing+
509Fruit RationHealWell Preserved
510Apple StoryHealArea Bonus
511Apple StoryHealEffect Up
512Apple StoryHealInherit PP +3
513Apple StoryHealArea Bonus+
514Apple StoryHeal100-Seed Power
515Squash TeaHealCritical
516Squash TeaHealInherit PP +3
517Squash TeaHealEffect Up+
518Squash TeaHealHealing Up+
519Squash TeaHealTasty Healing
520Curing PowderHealCount Bonus
521Curing PowderHealEffect Up
522Curing PowderHealInherit PP +3
523Curing PowderHealCount Bonus+
524Curing PowderHealPreventative
525Veggie SoupHealEffect Up
526Veggie SoupHealCritical
527Veggie SoupHealTime Type
528Veggie SoupHealHealing Up+
529Veggie SoupHealTasty Healing
530Refuel OintmentHealEffect Up+
531Refuel OintmentHealHealing Up+
532Refuel OintmentHeal30% Automatic
533Refuel OintmentHealInherit PP +5
534Refuel OintmentHealHeal Deep Wounds
535Medical BandageHealFrame Reinforce+
536Medical BandageHealEffect Up+
537Medical BandageHealFrame Compress
538Medical BandageHealFixed Healing+
539Medical BandageHealAnalgesic
540Holy ChaliceHealHealing Up+
541Holy ChaliceHealFixed Healing+
542Holy ChaliceHealInherit PP +5
543Holy ChaliceHealCritical+
544Holy ChaliceHealMiracle Water
545Elixir BaseHealQuick Use
546Elixir BaseHealEffect Up
547Elixir BaseHealInherit PP +3
548Elixir BaseHealQuick Use+
549Elixir BaseHealElixir Source
550Slag EssenceHealQuick Use
551Slag EssenceHealEffect Up
552Slag EssenceHealInherit PP +3
553Slag EssenceHealQuick Use+
554Slag EssenceHealSlag Wave
555Angel PowderHealHealing Up
556Angel PowderHealFixed Healing
557Angel PowderHealInherit PP +3
558Angel PowderHealCritical
559Angel PowderHealAngelic Healing
560Traveler's RationHealEffect Up
561Traveler's RationHealHealing Up
562Traveler's RationHeal20% Automatic
563Traveler's RationHealCritical
564Traveler's RationHealTasty Healing
565Fruit PieHealEffect Up+
566Fruit PieHealHealing Up+
567Fruit PieHealTime Type+
568Fruit PieHealInherit PP +5
569Fruit PieHealSweet Heal
570Healthy RationHealEffect Up
571Healthy RationHealHealing Up
572Healthy RationHeal20% Automatic
573Healthy RationHealCritical
574Healthy RationHealTasty Healing
575Trad. MedicineHealCritical
576Trad. MedicineHealInherit PP +3
577Trad. MedicineHealEffect Up+
578Trad. MedicineHealHealing Up+
579Trad. MedicineHealPreventative
580Strong PowderHealCritical+
581Strong PowderHealInherit PP +3
582Strong PowderHealEffect Up++
583Strong PowderHealHealing Up++
584Strong PowderHealPreventative
585Rich PotageHealEffect Up
586Rich PotageHealInherit PP +
587Rich PotageHealNumber Bonus
588Rich PotageHealNumber Bonus+
589Rich PotageHealTasty Healing
590Heart of FlameAccessoryInherit PP +7
591Heart of FlameAccessoryMP +15
592Heart of FlameAccessoryAll Stats +6
593Heart of FlameAccessoryEffect Up++
594Heart of FlameAccessorySpirit Slayer
595Concealing SkinAccessorySpeed +6
596Concealing SkinAccessoryAll Stats +4
597Concealing SkinAccessoryInherit PP +5
598Concealing SkinAccessoryConsumption -15%
599Concealing SkinAccessorySpeed +9
600Angel RibbonAccessoryConsumption -15%
601Angel RibbonAccessoryEffect Up+
602Angel RibbonAccessorySpeed +6
603Angel RibbonAccessoryMP +15
604Angel RibbonAccessoryConsumption -20%
605Glorious NoteAccessoryInherit PP +3
606Glorious NoteAccessoryMP +10
607Glorious NoteAccessoryAll Stats +2
608Glorious NoteAccessoryEffect Up+
609Glorious NoteAccessoryInherit PP +5
610Spirit GarlandAccessorySpeed +3
611Spirit GarlandAccessoryAll Stats +2
612Spirit GarlandAccessoryInherit PP +3
613Spirit GarlandAccessoryConsumption -10%
614Spirit GarlandAccessorySpeed +6
615Seven Star MedalAccessoryConsumption -15%
616Seven Star MedalAccessoryEffect Up++
617Seven Star MedalAccessorySpeed +9
618Seven Star MedalAccessoryConsumption -20%
619Seven Star MedalAccessoryBeast Slayer
620Treasure GrimoireAccessorySpeed +9
621Treasure GrimoireAccessoryAll Stats +6
622Treasure GrimoireAccessoryInherit PP +7
623Treasure GrimoireAccessoryConsumption -20%
624Treasure GrimoireAccessorySlag Slayer
625Gunade RingAccessorySpeed +6
626Gunade RingAccessoryAll Stats +4
627Gunade RingAccessoryInherit PP +5
628Gunade RingAccessoryConsumption -15%
629Gunade RingAccessorySpeed +9
630Beast EarmuffsAccessoryConsumption -10%
631Beast EarmuffsAccessoryEffect Up
632Beast EarmuffsAccessorySpeed +3
633Beast EarmuffsAccessoryMP +10
634Beast EarmuffsAccessoryConsumption -15%
635Exceed BeltAccessoryConsumption -15%
636Exceed BeltAccessoryEffect Up+
637Exceed BeltAccessorySpeed +6
638Exceed BeltAccessoryMP +15
639Exceed BeltAccessoryConsumption -20%
640Phoenix BraceletAccessoryInherit PP +7
641Phoenix BraceletAccessoryMP +15
642Phoenix BraceletAccessoryAll Stats +6
643Phoenix BraceletAccessoryEffect Up++
644Phoenix BraceletAccessorySpirit Slayer
645Soul BinderAccessoryConsumption -15%
646Soul BinderAccessoryEffect Up++
647Soul BinderAccessorySpeed +9
648Soul BinderAccessoryConsumption -20%
649Soul BinderAccessoryBeast Slayer
650Glass TiaraAccessoryConsumption -10%
651Glass TiaraAccessoryEffect Up
652Glass TiaraAccessorySpeed +3
653Glass TiaraAccessoryMP +10
654Glass TiaraAccessoryConsumption -15%
655Feather OrnamentAccessoryInherit PP +3
656Feather OrnamentAccessoryMP +10
657Feather OrnamentAccessoryAll Stats +2
658Feather OrnamentAccessoryEffect Up+
659Feather OrnamentAccessoryInherit PP +5
660Leather GlovesAccessorySpeed +3
661Leather GlovesAccessoryAll Stats +2
662Leather GlovesAccessoryInherit PP +3
663Leather GlovesAccessoryConsumption -10%
664Leather GlovesAccessorySpeed +6
665Blessed RingAccessorySpeed +9
666Blessed RingAccessoryAll Stats +6
667Blessed RingAccessoryInherit PP +7
668Blessed RingAccessoryConsumption -20%
669Blessed RingAccessorySlag Slayer
670Dusk TalismanAccessoryInherit PP +5
671Dusk TalismanAccessoryMP +10
672Dusk TalismanAccessoryAll Stats +4
673Dusk TalismanAccessoryEffect Up+
674Dusk TalismanAccessoryInherit PP +7
675Magic StoneAccessoryConsumption -15%
676Magic StoneAccessoryEffect Up+
677Magic StoneAccessorySpeed +6
678Magic StoneAccessoryMP +15
679Magic StoneAccessoryConsumption -20%
680Crystal RingAccessoryInherit PP +3
681Crystal RingAccessoryMP +10
682Crystal RingAccessoryAll Stats +2
683Crystal RingAccessoryEffect Up+
684Crystal RingAccessoryInherit PP +5
685Aroma PouchAccessoryConsumption -10%
686Aroma PouchAccessoryEffect Up
687Aroma PouchAccessorySpeed +3
688Aroma PouchAccessoryMP +10
689Aroma PouchAccessoryConsumption -15%
690Royal CrestAccessoryConsumption -15%
691Royal CrestAccessoryEffect Up++
692Royal CrestAccessorySpeed +9
693Royal CrestAccessoryConsumption -20%
694Royal CrestAccessoryBeast Slayer
695Dark Night CapeAccessorySpeed +3
696Dark Night CapeAccessoryAll Stats +2
697Dark Night CapeAccessoryInherit PP +3
698Dark Night CapeAccessoryConsumption -10%
699Dark Night CapeAccessorySpeed +6
700Acrobatic ArmorAccessoryInherit PP +3
701Acrobatic ArmorAccessoryMP +10
702Acrobatic ArmorAccessoryAll Stats +2
703Acrobatic ArmorAccessoryEffect Up+
704Acrobatic ArmorAccessoryInherit PP +5
705Tarot of FateAccessorySpeed +6
706Tarot of FateAccessoryAll Stats +4
707Tarot of FateAccessoryInherit PP +5
708Tarot of FateAccessoryConsumption -15%
709Tarot of FateAccessorySpeed +9
710Brother CallAccessoryEffect Up++
711Brother CallAccessoryInherit PP +7
712Brother CallAccessoryMP +15
713Brother CallAccessorySpirit Slayer
714Brother CallAccessoryAll Stats +6
715CardboardIngredientDefense +6
716CardboardIngredientHP +10
717CardboardIngredientMP +10
718CardboardIngredientDefense +9
719CardboardIngredientParameters +7%
720Iron ClayIngredientDestruction Up
721Iron ClayIngredientHealing Up
722Iron ClayIngredientCritical
723Iron ClayIngredientEffect Up+
724Iron ClayIngredientFrame Compress
725Black PowderIngredientDestruction Up+
726Black PowderIngredientFixed Increase+
727Black PowderIngredientInherit PP +5
728Black PowderIngredientArea Bonus+
729Black PowderIngredientFrame Reinforce+
730Freezing GasIngredientDestruction Up
731Freezing GasIngredientFixed Increase
732Freezing GasIngredientInherit PP +3
733Freezing GasIngredientArea Bonus
734Freezing GasIngredientFrame Reinforce
735SprayIngredientEffect Up
736SprayIngredientInherit PP +3
737SprayIngredientFrame Compress
739SprayIngredientCount Compress
740Wood ChipsIngredientAttack Power +6
741Wood ChipsIngredientDefense +6
742Wood ChipsIngredientSpeed +6
743Wood ChipsIngredientMP +10
744Wood ChipsIngredientHP +15
745Iron PlateIngredientAttack Power +3
746Iron PlateIngredientDefense +3
747Iron PlateIngredientSpeed +3
748Iron PlateIngredientMP +5
749Iron PlateIngredientHP +10
750Mixed LubricantIngredientDestruction Up
751Mixed LubricantIngredientFixed Increase
752Mixed LubricantIngredientInherit PP +3
753Mixed LubricantIngredientArea Bonus
754Mixed LubricantIngredientFrame Reinforce
755Crystal BallIngredientSpeed +3
756Crystal BallIngredientInherit PP +3
757Crystal BallIngredientMP +5
758Crystal BallIngredientConsumption -10%
759Crystal BallIngredientAll Stats +2
760Purple CrystalIngredientSpeed +6
761Purple CrystalIngredientInherit PP +5
762Purple CrystalIngredientMP +10
763Purple CrystalIngredientConsumption -15%
764Purple CrystalIngredientAll Stats +4
765Yellow CrystalIngredientSpeed +9
766Yellow CrystalIngredientInherit PP +7
767Yellow CrystalIngredientMP +15
768Yellow CrystalIngredientConsumption -20%
769Yellow CrystalIngredientAll Stats +6
770Green CrystalIngredientEffect Up+
771Green CrystalIngredientInherit PP +5
772Green CrystalIngredientFrame Compress+
773Green CrystalIngredientRecycle+
774Green CrystalIngredientCount Compress+
775Comet Crest StoneIngredientHigh Price++
776Comet Crest StoneIngredientProperty Enhance+
777Comet Crest StoneIngredientInherit PP +7
778Comet Crest StoneIngredientQuick Use+
779Comet Crest StoneIngredientFrame Expand+
780Capacitive PaperIngredientDestruction Up
781Capacitive PaperIngredientFixed Increase
782Capacitive PaperIngredientInherit PP +3
783Capacitive PaperIngredientArea Bonus
784Capacitive PaperIngredientFrame Reinforce
785Burning GasIngredientDestruction Up+
786Burning GasIngredientFixed Increase+
787Burning GasIngredientInherit PP +5
788Burning GasIngredientArea Bonus+
789Burning GasIngredientFrame Reinforce+
790AbrasiveIngredientHigh Price
791AbrasiveIngredientReliable Effect
792AbrasiveIngredientInherit PP +5
793AbrasiveIngredientLast Use Bonus
794AbrasiveIngredientProperty Enhance
795Multi-patchIngredientDefense +3
796Multi-patchIngredientHP +5
797Multi-patchIngredientMP +5
798Multi-patchIngredientDefense +6
799Multi-patchIngredientParameters +5%
800Five Grain FlourIngredientHealing Up
801Five Grain FlourIngredientFixed Healing
802Five Grain FlourIngredientInherit PP +3
803Five Grain FlourIngredientNumber Bonus
804Five Grain FlourIngredientReliable Effect+
805Ziegel NuggetIngredientAttack Power +6
806Ziegel NuggetIngredientDefense +6
807Ziegel NuggetIngredientSpeed +6
808Ziegel NuggetIngredientMP +10
809Ziegel NuggetIngredientHP +15
810Natural ExtractIngredientHealing Up++
811Natural ExtractIngredientFixed Healing++
812Natural ExtractIngredientInherit PP +7
813Natural ExtractIngredientTime Type+
814Natural ExtractIngredient50% Automatic
815Distilled WaterIngredientDestruction Up
816Distilled WaterIngredientHealing Up
817Distilled WaterIngredientCritical
818Distilled WaterIngredientEffect Up+
819Distilled WaterIngredientFrame Compress
820Allgemein BoardIngredientDestruction Up
821Allgemein BoardIngredientHealing Up
822Allgemein BoardIngredientCritical
823Allgemein BoardIngredientEffect Up+
824Allgemein BoardIngredientFrame Compress
825ZettelIngredientDestruction Up
826ZettelIngredientHealing Up
828ZettelIngredientEffect Up+
829ZettelIngredientFrame Compress
830LeatherIngredientDefense +3
831LeatherIngredientHP +5
832LeatherIngredientMP +5
833LeatherIngredientDefense +6
834LeatherIngredientParameters +5%
835Powdered GlassIngredientSpeed +3
836Powdered GlassIngredientInherit PP +3
837Powdered GlassIngredientMP +5
838Powdered GlassIngredientConsumption -10%
839Powdered GlassIngredientAll Stats +2
840Handmade PotteryIngredientAttack Power +3
841Handmade PotteryIngredientDefense +3
842Handmade PotteryIngredientSpeed +3
843Handmade PotteryIngredientMP +5
844Handmade PotteryIngredientHP +10
845Pressed OilIngredientDestruction Up
846Pressed OilIngredientFixed Increase
847Pressed OilIngredientInherit PP +3
848Pressed OilIngredientArea Bonus
849Pressed OilIngredientFrame Reinforce
850Glass RodIngredientAttack Power +3
851Glass RodIngredientDefense +3
852Glass RodIngredientSpeed +3
853Glass RodIngredientMP +5
854Glass RodIngredientHP +10
855Dried HerbsIngredientHealing Up
856Dried HerbsIngredientFixed Healing
857Dried HerbsIngredientInherit PP +3
858Dried HerbsIngredientNumber Bonus
859Dried HerbsIngredientReliable Effect+
860HoneyIngredientHealing Up
861HoneyIngredientFixed Healing
862HoneyIngredientInherit PP +3
863HoneyIngredientNumber Bonus
864HoneyIngredientReliable Effect+
865Strong YarnIngredientAttack Power +3
866Strong YarnIngredientDefense +3
867Strong YarnIngredientSpeed +3
868Strong YarnIngredientMP +5
869Strong YarnIngredientHP +10
870Fluffy WhipIngredientDestruction Up
871Fluffy WhipIngredientHealing Up
872Fluffy WhipIngredientCritical
873Fluffy WhipIngredientEffect Up+
874Fluffy WhipIngredientFrame Compress
875Colseit FiberIngredientDefense +3
876Colseit FiberIngredientHP +5
877Colseit FiberIngredientMP +5
878Colseit FiberIngredientDefense +6
879Colseit FiberIngredientParameters +5%
880White PowderIngredientPower Throw+
881White PowderIngredientInherit PP +5
882White PowderIngredientQuick Use+
883White PowderIngredientEnhance WT+
884White PowderIngredientDestruction Up++
885Rainbow PowderIngredientDestruction Up++
886Rainbow PowderIngredientFixed Increase++
887Rainbow PowderIngredientInherit PP +7
888Rainbow PowderIngredientCritical++
889Rainbow PowderIngredientNumber Bonus+
890Metal ChipsIngredientAttack Power +3
891Metal ChipsIngredientInherit PP +3
892Metal ChipsIngredientAttack Power +6
893Metal ChipsIngredientSkill Power +10%
894Metal ChipsIngredientDamage Absorb
895Golt BoardIngredientAttack Power +9
896Golt BoardIngredientInherit PP +7
897Golt BoardIngredientFrame Reinforce+
898Golt BoardIngredientSkill Power +20%
899Golt BoardIngredientDamage Absorb++
900Various ScrapsIngredientDefense +6
901Various ScrapsIngredientHP +10
902Various ScrapsIngredientMP +10
903Various ScrapsIngredientDefense +9
904Various ScrapsIngredientParameters +7%
905Mystery LanternAlchemyDestruction Up+
906Mystery LanternAlchemyHealing Up+
907Mystery LanternAlchemyCritical+
908Mystery LanternAlchemyEffect Up++
909Mystery LanternAlchemyFrame Compress
910Plant NutrientsAlchemyDestruction Up+
911Plant NutrientsAlchemyHealing Up+
912Plant NutrientsAlchemyCritical+
913Plant NutrientsAlchemyEffect Up++
914Plant NutrientsAlchemyFrame Compress
915Dowsing RodAlchemyDestruction Up+
916Dowsing RodAlchemyHealing Up+
917Dowsing RodAlchemyCritical+
918Dowsing RodAlchemyEffect Up++
919Dowsing RodAlchemyFrame Compress
920Beast King ReliefAlchemySpeed +6
921Beast King ReliefAlchemyInherit PP +5
922Beast King ReliefAlchemyMP +10
923Beast King ReliefAlchemyConsumption -15%
924Beast King ReliefAlchemyAll Stats +4
925Heavenly SpiritsAlchemyDestruction Up+
926Heavenly SpiritsAlchemyHealing Up+
927Heavenly SpiritsAlchemyCritical+
928Heavenly SpiritsAlchemyEffect Up++
929Heavenly SpiritsAlchemyFrame Compress
930Preserved TabletAlchemyHealing Up
931Preserved TabletAlchemyFixed Healing
932Preserved TabletAlchemyInherit PP +3
933Preserved TabletAlchemyNumber Bonus
934Preserved TabletAlchemyReliable Effect+
935Ancient ScrollAlchemyDestruction Up
936Ancient ScrollAlchemyFixed Increase
937Ancient ScrollAlchemyInherit PP +3
938Ancient ScrollAlchemyArea Bonus
939Ancient ScrollAlchemyFrame Reinforce
940Reverent IncenseAlchemyDestruction Up
941Reverent IncenseAlchemyHealing Up
942Reverent IncenseAlchemyCritical
943Reverent IncenseAlchemyEffect Up+
944Reverent IncenseAlchemyFrame Compress
945Sun FlowerAlchemyDestruction Up++
946Sun FlowerAlchemyHealing Up++
947Sun FlowerAlchemyCritical++
948Sun FlowerAlchemyEffect Up++
949Sun FlowerAlchemyFrame Compress+
950Purifying LiquidAlchemyHealing Up
951Purifying LiquidAlchemyFixed Healing
952Purifying LiquidAlchemyInherit PP +3
953Purifying LiquidAlchemyNumber Bonus
954Purifying LiquidAlchemyReliable Effect+
955Precious StoneAlchemySpeed +9
956Precious StoneAlchemyInherit PP +7
957Precious StoneAlchemyMP +15
958Precious StoneAlchemyConsumption -20%
959Precious StoneAlchemyAll Stats +6
960Bi-color CorundumAlchemySpeed +6
961Bi-color CorundumAlchemyInherit PP +5
962Bi-color CorundumAlchemyMP +10
963Bi-color CorundumAlchemyConsumption -15%
964Bi-color CorundumAlchemyAll Stats +4
965Polarized GemAlchemySpeed +3
966Polarized GemAlchemyInherit PP +3
967Polarized GemAlchemyMP +5
968Polarized GemAlchemyConsumption -10%
969Polarized GemAlchemyAll Stats +2
970Gold DustAlchemyEffect Up++
971Gold DustAlchemyInherit PP +7
972Gold DustAlchemyFrame Compress+
973Gold DustAlchemyRecycle++
974Gold DustAlchemyCount Compress+
975Moon TabletAlchemyAttack Power +9
976Moon TabletAlchemyDefense +9
977Moon TabletAlchemySpeed +9
978Moon TabletAlchemyMP +15
979Moon TabletAlchemyParameters +7%
980Magic FiberAlchemyDefense +6
981Magic FiberAlchemyHP +10
982Magic FiberAlchemyMP +10
983Magic FiberAlchemyDefense +9
984Magic FiberAlchemyParameters +7%
985Automatic DriveAlchemyHigh Price++
986Automatic DriveAlchemyProperty Enhance+
987Automatic DriveAlchemyInherit PP +7
988Automatic DriveAlchemyQuick Use+
989Automatic DriveAlchemyFrame Expand+
990Melty MetalAlchemyAttack Power +6
991Melty MetalAlchemyDefense +6
992Melty MetalAlchemySpeed +6
993Melty MetalAlchemyMP +10
994Melty MetalAlchemyHP +15
995Polished CrystalAlchemyHigh Price
996Polished CrystalAlchemyReliable Effect
997Polished CrystalAlchemyInherit PP +5
998Polished CrystalAlchemyLast Use Bonus
999Polished CrystalAlchemyProperty Enhance
1000Medical SolutionAlchemyHealing Up++
1001Medical SolutionAlchemyFixed Healing++
1002Medical SolutionAlchemyInherit PP +7
1003Medical SolutionAlchemyTime Type+
1004Medical SolutionAlchemy50% Automatic
1005Neutralizer-RAlchemyDestruction Up
1006Neutralizer-RAlchemyFixed Increase
1007Neutralizer-RAlchemyInherit PP +3
1008Neutralizer-RAlchemyArea Bonus
1009Neutralizer-RAlchemyFrame Reinforce
1010Neutralizer-BAlchemyHealing Up
1011Neutralizer-BAlchemyFixed Healing
1012Neutralizer-BAlchemyInherit PP +3
1013Neutralizer-BAlchemyNumber Bonus
1014Neutralizer-BAlchemyReliable Effect+
1015Neutralizer-GAlchemyDestruction Up
1016Neutralizer-GAlchemyHealing Up
1018Neutralizer-GAlchemyEffect Up+
1019Neutralizer-GAlchemyFrame Compress
1020Neutralizer-YAlchemyEffect Up
1021Neutralizer-YAlchemyInherit PP +3
1022Neutralizer-YAlchemyFrame Compress
1024Neutralizer-YAlchemyCount Compress
1025Windmill PartsAlchemyDestruction Up
1026Windmill PartsAlchemyHealing Up
1027Windmill PartsAlchemyCritical
1028Windmill PartsAlchemyEffect Up+
1029Windmill PartsAlchemyFrame Compress
1030Flight Gas JarAlchemyHigh Price+
1031Flight Gas JarAlchemyReliable Effect+
1032Flight Gas JarAlchemyInherit PP +5
1033Flight Gas JarAlchemyLast Use Bonus+
1034Flight Gas JarAlchemyProperty Enhance+
1035Spirit GemAlchemySpeed +6
1036Spirit GemAlchemyInherit PP +5
1037Spirit GemAlchemyMP +10
1038Spirit GemAlchemyConsumption -15%
1039Spirit GemAlchemyAll Stats +4
10403rd Gen EngineAlchemyNone
1041Slumber IncenseAlchemyHealing Up++
1042Slumber IncenseAlchemyFixed Healing++
1043Slumber IncenseAlchemyInherit PP +7
1044Slumber IncenseAlchemyTime Type+
1045Slumber IncenseAlchemy50% Automatic
1046Einzel SteelAlchemyDefense +9
1047Einzel SteelAlchemyHP +15
1048Einzel SteelAlchemyMP +15
1049Einzel SteelAlchemyDefense +9 (lolwut)
1050Einzel SteelAlchemyParameters +10%
1051Purify BottleAlchemyHealing Up+
1052Purify BottleAlchemyFixed Healing+
1053Purify BottleAlchemyInherit PP +5
1054Purify BottleAlchemyNumber Bonus+
1055Purify BottleAlchemy30% Automatic
1056FertilizerAlchemySpeed +6
1057FertilizerAlchemyInherit PP +5
1058FertilizerAlchemyMP +10
1059FertilizerAlchemyConsumption -15%
1060FertilizerAlchemyAll Stats +4
1061Canned FoodAlchemyHealing Up++
1062Canned FoodAlchemyFixed Healing++
1063Canned FoodAlchemyInherit PP +7
1064Canned FoodAlchemyTime Type+
1065Canned FoodAlchemy50% Automatic
1066Burning SpiceAlchemyEffect Up+
1067Burning SpiceAlchemyInherit PP +5
1068Burning SpiceAlchemyFrame Compress+
1069Burning SpiceAlchemyRecycle+
1070Burning SpiceAlchemyCount Compress+
1071Apple JamAlchemyFrame Compress
1072Apple JamAlchemyEffect Up
1073Apple JamAlchemyRecycle
1074Apple JamAlchemyInherit PP +3
1075Apple JamAlchemyCount Compress
1076White NeutralizerAlchemyDestruction Up+
1077White NeutralizerAlchemyHealing Up+
1078White NeutralizerAlchemyCritical+
1079White NeutralizerAlchemyEffect Up++
1080White NeutralizerAlchemyFrame Compress
1081Black NeutralizerAlchemyEffect Up+
1082Black NeutralizerAlchemyInherit PP +5
1083Black NeutralizerAlchemyFrame Compress+
1084Black NeutralizerAlchemyRecycle+
1085Black NeutralizerAlchemyCount Compress+
1086SP NeutralizerAlchemyDestruction Up++
1087SP NeutralizerAlchemyHealing Up++
1088SP NeutralizerAlchemyCritical++
1089SP NeutralizerAlchemyEffect Up++
1090SP NeutralizerAlchemyFrame Compress+
1091Flowing MetalAlchemyAttack Power +6
1092Flowing MetalAlchemyInherit PP +5
1093Flowing MetalAlchemyAttack Power +9
1094Flowing MetalAlchemySkill Power +15%
1095Flowing MetalAlchemyDamage Absorb+
1096Traditional StaffWeaponAttack Power +3
1097Traditional StaffWeaponSkill Power +10%
1098Traditional StaffWeaponAttack Power +6
1099Traditional StaffWeaponPoison
1100Traditional StaffWeaponSharpness Boost
1101Golden Wing StaffWeaponAttack Power +3
1102Golden Wing StaffWeaponSkill Power +10%
1103Golden Wing StaffWeaponInherit PP +3
1104Golden Wing StaffWeaponAdd WT Delay
1105Golden Wing StaffWeaponSharpness Boost
1106Feather StaffWeaponSkill Power +10%
1107Feather StaffWeaponAttack Power +6
1108Feather StaffWeaponSkill Power +15%
1109Feather StaffWeaponDamage Absorb
1110Feather StaffWeaponExplosive Boost
1111Sky Alchemy StaffWeaponSkill Power +10%
1112Sky Alchemy StaffWeaponAttack Power +6
1113Sky Alchemy StaffWeaponInherit PP +5
1114Sky Alchemy StaffWeaponFire Damage
1115Sky Alchemy StaffWeaponExplosive Boost
1116Lifetree StaffWeaponAttack Power +9
1117Lifetree StaffWeaponSkill Power +10%
1118Lifetree StaffWeaponInherit PP +7
1119Lifetree StaffWeaponDamage Absorb+
1120Lifetree StaffWeaponAggression Boost
1121Phantom SaberWeaponAttack Power +3
1122Phantom SaberWeaponSkill Power +10%
1123Phantom SaberWeaponAttack Power +6
1124Phantom SaberWeaponAdd WT Delay
1125Phantom SaberWeaponSharpness Boost
1126Glass SabreWeaponAttack Power +3
1127Glass SabreWeaponSkill Power +10%
1128Glass SabreWeaponAttack Power +6
1129Glass SabreWeaponWeakness
1130Glass SabreWeaponSharpness Boost
1131Black Wing VeilWeaponSkill Power +10%
1132Black Wing VeilWeaponAttack Power +6
1133Black Wing VeilWeaponInherit PP +5
1134Black Wing VeilWeaponFire Damage
1135Black Wing VeilWeaponExplosive Boost
1136Crystal FangWeaponSkill Power +10%
1137Crystal FangWeaponSkill Power +15%
1138Crystal FangWeaponAttack Power +6
1139Crystal FangWeaponWater Damage
1140Crystal FangWeaponExplosive Boost
1141Proto PhantomWeaponAttack Power +9
1142Proto PhantomWeaponInherit PP +7
1143Proto PhantomWeaponSkill Power +20%
1144Proto PhantomWeaponSlag Slayer
1145Proto PhantomWeaponAggression Boost
1146Sledge HeadWeaponAttack Power +3
1147Sledge HeadWeaponSkill Power +10%
1148Sledge HeadWeaponAttack Power +6
1149Sledge HeadWeaponWeakness
1150Sledge HeadWeaponSharpness Boost
1151Graviton GaleWeaponAttack Power +3
1152Graviton GaleWeaponAttack Power +6
1153Graviton GaleWeaponSkill Power +10%
1154Graviton GaleWeaponBlindness
1155Graviton GaleWeaponSharpness Boost
1156MjolnirWeaponSkill Power +10%
1157MjolnirWeaponSkill Power +15%
1158MjolnirWeaponAttack Power +6
1159MjolnirWeaponWater Damage
1160MjolnirWeaponExplosive Boost
1161Soul BreakerWeaponSkill Power +10%
1162Soul BreakerWeaponInherit PP +5
1163Soul BreakerWeaponSkill Power +15%
1164Soul BreakerWeaponEarth Damage
1165Soul BreakerWeaponExplosive Boost
1166Brave BunkerWeaponAttack Power +9
1167Brave BunkerWeaponSkill Power +20%
1168Brave BunkerWeaponInherit PP +7
1169Brave BunkerWeaponBeast Slayer
1170Brave BunkerWeaponAggression Boost
1171Ruby TalismanWeaponAttack Power +3
1172Ruby TalismanWeaponAttack Power +6
1173Ruby TalismanWeaponSkill Power +10%
1174Ruby TalismanWeaponBlindness
1175Ruby TalismanWeaponSharpness Boost
1176Aqua TalismanWeaponAttack Power +3
1177Aqua TalismanWeaponSkill Power +10%
1178Aqua TalismanWeaponInherit PP +3
1179Aqua TalismanWeaponSlow
1180Aqua TalismanWeaponSharpness Boost
1181Magic TalismanWeaponSkill Power +10%
1182Magic TalismanWeaponInherit PP +5
1183Magic TalismanWeaponSkill Power +15%
1184Magic TalismanWeaponEarth Damage
1185Magic TalismanWeaponExplosive Boost
1186Wind TalismanWeaponSkill Power +10%
1187Wind TalismanWeaponAttack Power +6
1188Wind TalismanWeaponInherit PP +5
1189Wind TalismanWeaponWind Damage
1190Wind TalismanWeaponExplosive Boost
1191Holy TalismanWeaponAttack Power +9
1192Holy TalismanWeaponSkill Power +10%
1193Holy TalismanWeaponSkill Power +20%
1194Holy TalismanWeaponSpirit Slayer
1195Holy TalismanWeaponAggression Boost
1196ScattershotWeaponAttack Power +3
1197ScattershotWeaponSkill Power +10%
1198ScattershotWeaponInherit PP +3
1200ScattershotWeaponSharpness Boost
1201Silver ArmWeaponAttack Power +3
1202Silver ArmWeaponSkill Power +10%
1203Silver ArmWeapon[[Attack Power +6]
1204Silver ArmWeapon[[Poison]]
1205Silver ArmWeaponSharpness Boost
1206Red StarterWeaponSkill Power +10%
1207Red StarterWeaponAttack Power +6
1208Red StarterWeaponInherit PP +5
1209Red StarterWeaponWind Damage
1210Red StarterWeaponExplosive Boost
1211GoltriatWeaponSkill Power +10%
1212GoltriatWeaponAttack Power +6
1213GoltriatWeaponSkill Power +15%
1214GoltriatWeaponDamage Absorb
1215GoltriatWeaponExplosive Boost
1216White Feather 9WeaponAttack Power +9
1217White Feather 9WeaponSkill Power +10%
1218White Feather 9WeaponInherit PP +7
1219White Feather 9WeaponDragon Slayer
1220White Feather 9WeaponAggression Boost
1221Explorer's PackWeaponAttack Power +3
1222Explorer's PackWeaponSkill Power +10%
1223Explorer's PackWeaponAttack Power +6
1224Explorer's PackWeaponPoison
1225Explorer's PackWeaponSharpness Boost
1226Medical BagWeaponAttack Power +3
1227Medical BagWeaponSkill Power +10%
1228Medical BagWeaponAttack Power +6
1229Medical BagWeaponWeakness
1230Medical BagWeaponSharpness Boost
1231Teak BasketWeaponSkill Power +10%
1232Teak BasketWeaponAttack Power +6
1233Teak BasketWeaponSkill Power +15%
1234Teak BasketWeaponDamage Absorb
1235Teak BasketWeaponExplosive Boost
1236Dark Angel BagWeaponSkill Power +10%
1237Dark Angel BagWeaponSkill Power +15%
1238Dark Angel BagWeaponAttack Power +6
1239Dark Angel BagWeaponWater Damage
1240Dark Angel BagWeaponExplosive Boost
1241Traveling DoctorWeaponAttack Power +9
1242Traveling DoctorWeaponSkill Power +10%
1243Traveling DoctorWeaponInherit PP +7
1244Traveling DoctorWeaponDamage Absorb+
1245Traveling DoctorWeaponAggression Boost
1246Great BladeWeaponAttack Power +3
1247Great BladeWeaponSkill Power +10%
1248Great BladeWeaponInherit PP +3
1249Great BladeWeaponAdd WT Delay
1250Great BladeWeaponSharpness Boost
1251CleaverWeaponAttack Power +3
1252CleaverWeaponAttack Power +6
1253CleaverWeaponSkill Power +10%
1255CleaverWeaponSharpness Boost
1256BoneshatterWeaponSkill Power +10%
1257BoneshatterWeaponAttack Power +6
1258BoneshatterWeaponInherit PP +5
1259BoneshatterWeaponFire Damage
1260BoneshatterWeaponExplosive Boost
1261Slaying BladeWeaponSkill Power +10%
1262Slaying BladeWeaponInherit PP +5
1263Slaying BladeWeaponSkill Power +10%
1264Slaying BladeWeaponEarth Damage
1265Slaying BladeWeaponExplosive Boost
1266Humming QuasarWeaponInherit PP +7
1267Humming QuasarWeaponAttack Power +9
1268Humming QuasarWeaponSkill Power +20%
1269Humming QuasarWeaponSlag Slayer
1270Humming QuasarWeaponAggression Boost
1271Magician's BroomWeaponAttack Power +3
1272Magician's BroomWeaponAttack Power +6
1273Magician's BroomWeaponSkill Power +10%
1274Magician's BroomWeaponWeakness
1275Magician's BroomWeaponSharpness Boost
1276Precision BroomWeaponAttack Power +6
1277Precision BroomWeaponSkill Power +10%
1278Precision BroomWeaponSkill Power +15%
1279Precision BroomWeaponWater Damage
1280Precision BroomWeaponExplosive Boost
1281Meteor BroomWeaponInherit PP +7
1282Meteor BroomWeaponAttack Power +9
1283Meteor BroomWeaponSkill Power +20%
1284Meteor BroomWeaponBeast Slayer
1285Meteor BroomWeaponAggression Boost
1286Inspector's bladeWeaponInherit PP +3
1287Inspector's bladeWeaponAttack Power +3
1288Inspector's bladeWeaponSkill Power +10%
1289Inspector's bladeWeaponSlow
1290Inspector's bladeWeaponSharpness Boost
1291Cross RapierWeaponInherit PP +5
1292Cross RapierWeaponAttack Power +6
1293Cross RapierWeaponSkill Power +10%
1294Cross RapierWeaponWind Damage
1295Cross RapierWeaponExplosive Boost
1296Peerless SabreWeaponInherit PP +7
1297Peerless SabreWeaponAttack Power +9
1298Peerless SabreWeaponSkill Power +10%
1299Peerless SabreWeaponDragon Slayer
1300Peerless SabreWeaponAggression Boost
1301Service StickWeaponAttack Power +3
1302Service StickWeaponAttack Power +6
1303Service StickWeaponSkill Power +10%
1304Service StickWeaponPoison
1305Service StickWeaponSharpness Boost
1306Mystery StickWeaponAttack Power +6
1307Mystery StickWeaponSkill Power +10%
1308Mystery StickWeaponSkill Power +15%
1309Mystery StickWeaponDamage Absorb
1310Mystery StickWeaponExplosive Boost
1311Fantasy StickWeaponInherit PP +7
1312Fantasy StickWeaponAttack Power +9
1313Fantasy StickWeaponSkill Power +10%
1314Fantasy StickWeaponDamage Absorb+
1315Fantasy StickWeaponAggression Boost
1316Light LadleWeaponAttack Power +3
1317Light LadleWeaponAttack Power +6
1318Light LadleWeaponSkill Power +10%
1319Light LadleWeaponWeakness
1320Light LadleWeaponSharpness Boost
1321Metal TurnerWeaponAttack Power +6
1322Metal TurnerWeaponSkill Power +10%
1323Metal TurnerWeaponSkill Power +15%
1324Metal TurnerWeaponWater Damage
1325Metal TurnerWeaponExplosive Boost
1326Single MixerWeaponAttack Power +9
1327Single MixerWeaponSkill Power +10%
1328Single MixerWeaponSkill Power +20%
1329Single MixerWeaponSpirit Slayer
1330Single MixerWeaponAggression Boost
1331Cotton ShirtArmorDefense +3
1332Cotton ShirtArmorHP +5
1333Cotton ShirtArmorInherit PP +3
1334Cotton ShirtArmorFire Resist
1335Cotton ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1336Sturdy ShirtArmorDefense +3
1337Sturdy ShirtArmorMP +5
1338Sturdy ShirtArmorInherit PP +3
1339Sturdy ShirtArmorWater Resist
1340Sturdy ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1341Knitted ShirtArmorDefense +3
1342Knitted ShirtArmorHP +5
1343Knitted ShirtArmorInherit PP +3
1344Knitted ShirtArmorWind Resist
1345Knitted ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1346Stylish ShirtArmorDefense +3
1347Stylish ShirtArmorMP +5
1348Stylish ShirtArmorInherit PP +3
1349Stylish ShirtArmorEarth Resist
1350Stylish ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1351Leather ShirtArmorDefense +3
1352Leather ShirtArmorHP +5
1353Leather ShirtArmorInherit PP +3
1354Leather ShirtArmorMP +5
1355Leather ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1356Fur ShirtArmorMP +5
1357Fur ShirtArmorDefense +6
1358Fur ShirtArmorInherit PP +5
1359Fur ShirtArmorMP +10
1360Fur ShirtArmorFire Resist+
1361Chain ShirtArmorMP +5
1362Chain ShirtArmorDefense +6
1363Chain ShirtArmorInherit PP +5
1364Chain ShirtArmorMP +10
1365Chain ShirtArmorWind Resist+
1366Rainbow ShirtArmorMP +5
1367Rainbow ShirtArmorDefense +6
1368Rainbow ShirtArmorInherit PP +5
1369Rainbow ShirtArmorMP +10
1370Rainbow ShirtArmorParameters +7%
1371Combat ShirtArmorMP +5
1372Combat ShirtArmorEffect Up+
1373Combat ShirtArmorInherit PP +7
1374Combat ShirtArmorParameters +7%
1375Combat ShirtArmorHP +15
1376Gold Thread ShirtArmorParameters +5%
1377Gold Thread ShirtArmorEffect Up+
1378Gold Thread ShirtArmorInherit PP +7
1379Gold Thread ShirtArmorMP +15
1380Gold Thread ShirtArmorHP +15
1381Celestial ShirtArmorMP +5
1382Celestial ShirtArmorHP +10
1383Celestial ShirtArmorDefense +9
1384Celestial ShirtArmorParameters +7%
1385Celestial ShirtArmorMP +15
1386Chest PlateArmorDefense +3
1387Chest PlateArmorMP +5
1388Chest PlateArmorInherit PP +3
1389Chest PlateArmorWater Resist
1390Chest PlateArmorParameters +5%
1391Alloy PlateArmorDefense +3
1392Alloy PlateArmorMP +5
1393Alloy PlateArmorInherit PP +3
1394Alloy PlateArmorEarth Resist
1395Alloy PlateArmorParameters +5%
1396Bone PlateArmorDefense +3
1397Bone PlateArmorMP +5
1398Bone PlateArmorInherit PP +3
1399Bone PlateArmorFire Resist
1400Bone PlateArmorParameters +5%
1401Magic PlateArmorDefense +3
1402Magic PlateArmorMP +5
1403Magic PlateArmorInherit PP +3
1404Magic PlateArmorMP +5
1405Magic PlateArmorParameters +5%
1406Crystal PlateArmorHP +5
1407Crystal PlateArmorDefense +6
1408Crystal PlateArmorInherit PP +5
1409Crystal PlateArmorHP +10
1410Crystal PlateArmorWater Resist+
1411Jewel PlateArmorHP +5
1412Jewel PlateArmorDefense +6
1413Jewel PlateArmorInherit PP +5
1414Jewel PlateArmorHP +10
1415Jewel PlateArmorEarth Resist+
1416Ebony PlateArmorMP +5
1417Ebony PlateArmorDefense +6
1418Ebony PlateArmorInherit PP +5
1419Ebony PlateArmorMP +10
1420Ebony PlateArmorParameters +7%
1421Scale PlateArmorHP +10
1422Scale PlateArmorEffect Up+
1423Scale PlateArmorInherit PP +7
1424Scale PlateArmorDefense +9
1425Scale PlateArmorMP +15
1426Meteor PlateArmorDefense +9
1427Meteor PlateArmorEffect Up+
1428Meteor PlateArmorInherit PP +7
1429Meteor PlateArmorParameters +7%
1430Meteor PlateArmorHP +15
1431Dragon ScaleArmorMP +5
1432Dragon ScaleArmorHP +10
1433Dragon ScaleArmorDefense +9
1434Dragon ScaleArmorParameters +7%
1435Dragon ScaleArmorMP +15
1436Leather CoatArmorDefense +3
1437Leather CoatArmorMP +5
1438Leather CoatArmorInherit PP +3
1439Leather CoatArmorEarth Resist
1440Leather CoatArmorParameters +5%
1441Assassin's CoatArmorDefense +3
1442Assassin's CoatArmorHP +5
1443Assassin's CoatArmorInherit PP +3
1444Assassin's CoatArmorMP +5
1445Assassin's CoatArmorParameters +5%
1446Heroic CapeArmorMP +5
1447Heroic CapeArmorDefense +6
1448Heroic CapeArmorInherit PP +5
1449Heroic CapeArmorMP +10
1450Heroic CapeArmorParameters +7%
1451Dragoon CapeArmorHP +10
1452Dragoon CapeArmorMP +5
1453Dragoon CapeArmorMP +15
1454Dragoon CapeArmorParameters +7%
1455Dragoon CapeArmorDefense +9

Direct download link: eschalogy_properties.csv

Properties Descriptions

1High PriceSlightly increases selling price.
2High Price+Moderately increases selling price.
3High Price++Greatly increases selling price.
4High Class ItemGreatly increases selling price.High Price x High Price+
5Rare GoodsSubstantially increases selling price.High Price+ x High Price++
6Premium PriceDramatically increases selling price.High Class Item x Rare Goods
7Frame CompressReduces cost to equip Search Equipment by 1.
8Frame Compress+Reduces cost to equip Search Equipment by 2.
9Max CompressReduces cost to equip Search Equipment by 3.Frame Compress x Frame Compress+
10Frame ExpandCost to equip Search Equipment is increased by 1, item's effect is increased by small amount. The game mistranslated this property.
11Frame Expand+Cost to equip Search Equipment is increased by 2, item's effect is increased. The game mistranslated this property.
12Max ExpandCost to equip Search Equipment is increased by 4, item's effect is increased. The game mistranslated this property.Frame Expand x Frame Expand+
13Frame ReinforceIncreases item effect by ((equipment cost)^2 x 3) %
14Frame Reinforce+Increases item effect by ((equipment cost)^2 x 4) %
15Pricy ReinforceIncreases item effect by ((equipment cost)^2 x 5) %Frame Reinforce x Frame Reinforce+
16Effect UpUseless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.
17Effect Up+Useless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.
18Effect Up++Useless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.
19Finely CraftedUseless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.Effect Up x Effect Up+
20ProfessionalUseless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.Effect Up+ x Effect Up++
21Super QualityUseless. The Quality skills during synthesis are better, as they don't require a property slot.Finely Crafted x Professional
22Destruction UpIncreases effect of attack items by 10%
23Destruction Up+Increases effect of attack items by 20%
24Destruction Up++Increases effect of attack items by 30%
25Very DestructiveIncreases effect of attack items by 30%Destruction Up x Destruction Up+
26Intense BlastIncreases effect of attack items by 50%Destruction Up+ x Destruction Up++
27Super DestructiveIncreases effect of attack items by 75%Very Destructive x Intense Blast
28Fixed IncreaseAttack item is slightly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.
29Fixed Increase+Attack item is enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.
30Fixed Increase++Attack item is greatly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.
31Painful NumbersAttack item is enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.Fixed Increase x Fixed Increase+
32Harmful NumbersAttack item is greatly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.Fixed Increase+ x Fixed Increase++
33Deadly NumbersAttack item is massively enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the power, the stronger the effect.Painful Numbers x Harmful Numbers
34Healing UpIncreases effect of healing items by 10%
35Healing Up+Increases effect of healing items by 15%
36Healing Up++Increases effect of healing items by 20%
37Strong HealingIncreases effect of healing items by 25%Healing Up x Healing Up+
38Intense HealingIncreases effect of healing items by 35%Healing Up+ x Healing Up++
39Extreme HealingIncreases effect of healing items by 50%Strong Healing x Intense Healing
40Fixed HealingHealing item is slightly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.
41Fixed Healing+Healing item is fairly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.
42Fixed Healing++Healing item is enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.
43Strong MedicineHealing item is by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.Fixed Healing x Fixed Healing+
44Strong Medicine+Healing item is by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.Fixed Healing+ x Fixed Healing++
45Fixed Healing+++Healing item is greatly enhanced by a set amount. The weaker the base power, the higher the effect.Strong Medicine x Strong Medicine+
46Critical15% chance to critically hit
47Critical+25% chance to critically hit
48Critical++35% chance to critically hit
49Decently Crafted40% chance to critically hitCritical x Critical+
50Critical Hit100% chance to critically hitCritical+ x Critical++
51Fatal Blow100% chance to critically hit and cause instant kills (except bosses)Decently Crafted x Critical Hit
52Reliable EffectReduces number variation. Items are more likely to produce larger numbers.
53Reliable Effect+Halves number variation. Items are more likely to produce larger numbers.
54Constant EffectReduces number variation. Items will always produce largest numbers.Reliable Effect x Reliable Effect+
55Recycle15% chance that item count will not be reduced in battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
56Recycle+25% chance that item count will not be reduced in battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
57Recycle++35% chance that item count will not be reduced in battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
58Low Energy Mode30% chance that item count will not be reduced in battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.Recycle x Recycle+
59Reuse Resources50% chance that item count will not be reduced in battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.Recycle+ x Recycle++
60Perpetual MotionItem count will not go down during battle. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.Low Energy Mode x Reuse Resources
6120% AutomaticIf alchemist's HP drops below 20%, item automatically unleashes. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
6230% AutomaticIf alchemist's HP drops below 30%, item automatically unleashes. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
6350% AutomaticIf alchemist's HP drops below 50%, item automatically unleashes. Decreases amount of gauge item produces.
64Use Count +1Item's uses go up by 1. Slightly reduces power.
65Use Count +2Item's uses go up by 2. Moderately reduces power.
66LargeItem's uses go up by 3.Use Count +1 x Use Count +2
67Use Count -1Item's uses go down by 1. Slightly increases power.
68Use Count -2Item's uses go down by 2. Increases power.
69SmallItem's uses go down by 5. Massively increases power.Use Count -1 x Use Count -2
70Inherit PP +3PP increases by 3 when item is used in synthesis.
71Inherit PP +5PP increases by 5 when item is used in synthesis.
72Inherit PP +7PP increases by 7 when item is used in synthesis.
73PP ExpansionPP increases by 8 when item is used in synthesis.Inherit PP +3 x Inherit PP +5
74PP EnhancementPP increases by 12 when item is used in synthesis.Inherit PP +5 x Inherit PP +7
75PP MaximizationPP increases by 20 when item is used in synthesis.PP Expansion x PP Enhancement
76HP +5HP +5
77HP +10HP +10
78HP ReinforcementHP +15HP +5 x HP +10
79HP BoostHP +25HP +10 x HP +15
80HP Max EnhanceHP +40HP Reinforcement x HP Boost
81MP +5MP +5
82MP +10MP +10
83MP +15MP +15
84MP ReinforcementMP +15MP +5 x MP +10
85MP BoostMP +25MP +10 x MP +15
86MP Max EnhanceMP +40MP Reinforcement x MP Boost
87Parameters +5%Increases armor base stats by 5%.
88Parameters +7%Increases armor base stats by 7%.
89Parameters +10%Increases armor base stats by 10%.
90Reinforce BodyIncreases armor base stats by 10%.Parameters +5% x Parameters +7%
91Draw PowerIncreases armor base stats by 15%.Parameters +7% x Parameters +10%
92Enhance BodyIncreases armor base stats by 25%.Reinforce Body x Draw Power
93Attack Power +3Attack Power +3
94Attack Power +6Attack Power +6
95Attack Power +9Attack Power +9
96Attack ReinforceAttack +10Attack Power +3 x Attack Power +6
97Attack BoostAttack +15Attack Power +6 x Attack Power +9
98Attack SurgeAttack +25Attack Reinforce x Attack Boost
99Defense +3Defense +3
100Defense +6Defense +6
101Defense +9Defense +9
102Defense ReinforceDefense +10Defense +3 x Defense +6
103Defense BoostDefense +15Defense +6 x Defense +9
104Defense SurgeDefense +25Defense Reinforce x Defense Boost
105Speed +3Speed +3
106Speed +6Speed +6
107Speed +9Speed +9
108Speed ReinforceSpeed +10Speed +3 x Speed +6
109Speed BoostSpeed +15Speed +6 x Speed +9
110Speed SurgeSpeed +25Speed Reinforce x Speed Boost
111Att/Def UpAttack & Defense +7Attack Reinforce x Defense Reinforce
112Att/Spd UpAttack & Speed +7Attack Reinforce x Speed Reinforce
113Def/Spd UpDefense & Speed +7Defense Reinforce x Speed Reinforce
114Ability UpAttack, Defense & Speed +10Att/Def Up x Att/Spd Up x Def/Spd Up
115Att/Def BoostAttack & Defense +10Attack Boost x Defense Boost
116Att/Spd BoostAttack & Speed +10Attack Boost x Speed Boost
117Def/Spd BoostDefense & Speed +10Defense Boost x Speed Boost
118Boost all statsAttack, Defense, & Speed +15Att/Def Boost x Att/Spd Boost x Def/Spd Boost
119Consumption -10%Skill MP Consumption -10%
120Consumption -15%Skill MP Consumption -15%
121Consumption -20%Skill MP Consumption -20%
122MP Use ReducedSkill MP Consumption -20%Consumption -10% x Consumption -15%
123MP Use CutSkill MP Consumption -30%Consumption -15% x Consumption -20%
124MP Use 1/2Skill MP Consumption -50%MP Use Reduced x MP Use Cut
125Skill Power +10%Increases skill power and cost.
126Skill Power +15%Increases skill power and cost.
127Skill Power +20%Increases skill power and cost.
128Skill ReinforceIncreases skill power and cost.Skill Power +10% x Skill Power +15%
129Skill BoostIncreases skill power and cost.Skill Power +15% x Skill Power +20%
130Skill SurgeIncreases skill power and cost.Skill Reinforce x Skill Boost
131Eco SkillSkill power increased by 20%.MP Use Reduced x Skill Reinforce
132Cost CompressionSkill power increased by 30%.MP Use Cut x Skill Boost
133Saving SkillSkill power increased by 50%.MP Use 1/2 x Skill Surge
134Fire DamageAdds additional fire damage to attacks.
135Water DamageAdds additional water damage to attacks.
136Earth DamageAdds additional earth damage to attacks.
137Wind DamageAdds additional wind damage to attacks.
138Crimson BlueAdds fire and water damage to attacks.Fire Damage x Water Damage
139Verdant GoldAdds earth and wind damage to attacks.Earth Damage x Wind Damage
140Spirit BlessingAdds all elemental damage.Crimson Blue x Verdant Gold
141Spirit AttackAdds damage from all elements to attacks.Spirit Blessing x Spirit Slayer
142Slag Slayer100% critical rate against Slag types.
143Beast Slayer100% critical rate against Beast types.
144Spirit Slayer100% critical rate against Spirit types.
145Dragon Slayer100% critical rate against Dragon types.
146PoisonChance to poison targets when dealing damage.
147PoisonfirePoison and adds Fire damage. Increases attack.Poison x Fire Damage
148Add WT DelayDelays enemy's next turn.
149Stagnant WaterDelays enemy's turn, adds water damage... increases HP.Add WT Delay x Water Damage
150Binding EarthIncreases defense, inflicts weakness, earth damage.Weakness x Earth Damage
151Night WindIncreases speed, inflicts blind, wind damage.Blindness x Wind Damage
152Time SpiritInflicts slow, damage from all elements, raises all statsSlow x Spirit Attack
153All Stats +2Increases all stats except resistances by 2
154All Stats +4Increases all stats except resistances by 4
155All Stats +6Increases all stats except resistances by 6
156All Stats UpIncreases all stats except resistances by 6 (yes same as All+6 above)All Stats +2 x All Stats +4
157All Stats +10Increases all stats except resistances by 10All Stats +4 x All Stats +6
158Ability PowerIncreases all stats except resistances by 20All Stats Up x All Stats +10
159Damage AbsorbAbsorbs 3% of damage dealt
160Damage Absorb+Absorbs 5% of damage dealt
161Damage Absorb++Absorbs 7% of damage dealt
162HP AbsorbAbsorbs 7% of damage dealtDamage Absorb x Damage Absorb+
163Steal VitalityAbsorbs 10% of damage dealtDamage Absorb+ x Damage Absorb++
164Absorb SoulAbsorbs 15% of damage dealtHP Absorb x Steal Vitality
165Fire ResistFire Damage -15%
166Fire Resist+Fire Damage -25%
167Water ResistWater Damage -15%
168Water Resist+Water Damage -25%
169Wind ResistWind Damage -15%
170Wind Resist+Wind Damage -25%
171Earth ResistEarth Damage -15%
172Earth Resist+Earth Damage -25%
173Crimson Blue ShieldFire & Water Damage -15%Fire Resist x Water Resist
174Verdant Gold ShieldWind & Earth Damage -15%Wind Resist x Earth Resist
175Crimson Blue BarrierFire & Water Damage -25%Fire Resist+ x Water Resist+
176Verdant Gold BarrierWind & Earth Damage -25%Wind Resist+ x Earth Resist+
177Property EnhanceStronger properties give stronger effect.
178Property Enhance+Stronger properties give stronger effect.
179Cost BonusOne of the best properties in the game. Stronger properties give stronger effect.
180Sharp ThornsLarge continuous damage to target.
181Endow HeatGreatly decreases defense.
182Endow ColdGreatly decreases speed.
183Endow SparksTarget is more susceptible to ailments.
184Induce DrynessGreatly decreases attack.
185Searing EarthMassive continuous damage.
186Hydro StreamHigh chance to slow target.
187HeadwindPushes target's turn back a small amount.
188Megaton ClassHeavy attack with high critical chance
189Lethal DoseHigh chance of poison
190Slag FigureReduce all enemy stats for 5 turns.
191Dimensional GapPushes turn back.
192Fantastic StoryAdds HP absorption.
193Heavenly WaveDeals a set amount of damage.
194Flame CoreDeals fire damage.
195Frost CoreDeals water damage.
196Wind Core (property)Deals wind damage.
197Earth CoreDeals earth damage.
198Light CoreDeals damage from all elements.
199Heals WoundsRestores small amount of HP.
200Purifies AirHP regeneration
201Sweet MeltingRestores MP.
202Resonant ToneReduces effect of ailments.
203PanaceaRemoves all ailments.
204CalmingRestores MP
205Pain ReliefReduces physical damage
206Water of LifeRevives target
207ElixirRevives, HP regen
208Dragon's PowerIncrease damage bonus from critical hits.
209Resist IllnessRemoves ailments
210CamouflageIncreases dodge chance for 5 turns
211Earth ArmorReduces wait time by small amount.
212Protective SlagIncreases defense for 5 turns.
213Goddess BlessingReduces physical damage taken.
214See ClearlyIncreases crit chance.
215Gold Curse RingIncreases support gauge a lot.
216Demon's CrucibleWaiting time is shortened.
217Command ChimeIncreases speed by large amount.
218Cures IllnessIncreases max HP temporarily
219Pretty OrnamentsRestores large amount of MP.
220Sweet TabooReduces wait time, but inflicts damage
221Magic MountainRestores HP. The amount restored increases with max HP.
222Well PreservedRevives on turn after being KO'd.
223100-Seed PowerAuto revives target after KO
224Area BonusIncreases power by total targets x 10%
225Area Bonus+Increases power by total targets x 20%
226Multiple EffectIncreases power by total targets x 30%Area Bonus x Area Bonus+
227Number BonusIncreases power by (25/total targets)%
228Number Bonus+Increases power by (50/total targets)%
229Single TargetIncreases power by (75/total targets)%Number Bonus x Number Bonus+
230Last Use BonusPower +30% when one use is left.
231Last Use Bonus+Power +60% when one use is left.
232Final AttackPower +90% when one use is left.Last Use Bonus x Last Use Bonus+
233Quick UseReduces wait time by 10%. Slightly decreases power.
234Quick Use+Reduces wait time by 20%. Slightly decreases power.
235Sonic ThrowReduces wait time by 30%. Slightly decreases power.Quick Use x Quick Use+
236Count CompressUses item up in one use, increases power by x5%.
237Count Compress+Uses item up in one use, increases power by x10%.
238Power DepletionUses item up in one use, increases power by x15%.Count Compress x Count Compress+
239Count BonusIncreases power by use count x3%
240Count Bonus+Increases power by use count x6%
241Count BoostIncreases power by use count x9%Count Bonus x Count Bonus+
242Time TypeTurns healing item into healing effect with 1 turn. Wait time is slightly increased.
243Time Type+Turns healing item into healing effect with 2 turns. Wait time is moderately increased.
244Item CloneTurns healing item into healing effect with 3 turns. Wait time is increased.Time Type x Time Type+
245Traditional SoulPP +30
246Fire SoulIncreases HP and attack
247Water SoulIncreases MP and defense
248Wind SoulIncreases critical bonus and hit chance
249Earth SoulResists delay effects, increases health when on standby
250Light God SoulDamage reversal and immunity to ailments
251Dark God SoulIncreases speed, reduces wait time after skills
252Day Lord SoulHP regen, chance to avoid KO
253Night Lord SoulIncrease critical chance, chance to reduce waiting time
254Holy SoulDamage conversion and reduce physical damage.
255Demon SoulGreatly increases attack, drains HP each turn
256Sunlight SoulFire/Water resistance
257Moonlight SoulWind/Earth resistance
258Planetary SoulSwitch HP and MP, increase dodge chance
259Aerial SoulDunno. This has been tested; it doesn't do what the description says.
260Brave SoulSkill Power +100%
261Warlord SoulAdds physical damage and ailments
262Vampiric SoulAbsorbs portion of damage dealt
263Forceful SoulAdds constant damage and physical damage
264Awakened SoulStrengthens level proportions.
265Vitality SoulIncreases max HP, auto KO revival
266Heroic SoulIncreases abilities against powerful foes
267Loving SoulStrengthens support abilities
268Godkiller PowerItem effect +125%
269Blessed PowerItem effect +100%
270Auto UseIf HP drops below 60%, auto use, but no gauge produced.
271Perfect BodyHP & MP +50
272Robust BodyDefense +50, all stats +25%
273Power OverwhelmAttack +20, 10% damage absorption
274Expert TechniqueSkill power +50%, MP consumption -25%
275Multi BonusItem power increased by (targets x 60)%
276Single BonusItem power increased by (120 / targets)%
277All Around BoostItem power increased by (90/targets)% + (targets x 40)%
278Last StrikeOn last use, item power increases 150%
279Mach ThrowReduces wait time caused by item by 50%
280One Time EndUses item in one use, but increases power by (use count x 20)%.
281Enhance Count+Power increases by (use count x 15)%
282Auto MaterialTurns healing item into timed effect, auto use at 25% health
283Unseen AttackIncreases skill power, adds physical damage.
284Skillful AttackSkill power greatly increases, adds high physical damage.
285Changing AttackAdds set damage to attacks, increases skill power.
286Persisting AttackAdds large set damage to attacks, high damage variation, greatly increases skill power.
287Follow-up AttackAdds large physical damage, skill increases small amount.
288Comet AttackDamage from all elements, chance to inflict poison/blind/weakness, increases skill power.
289Fire CurseTarget's fire resist -20
290Water CurseTarget's water resist -20
291Wind CurseTarget's wind resist -20
292Earth CurseTarget's earth resist -20
293Jumbo BlessingItem effect +(equip cost squared x8)%. In other words, a max 200% bonus.
294Secret ExplosiveIncreases attack item effect by fixed amount. Inversely proportional to original amount.
295Secret HealingIncreases healing item effect by large amount. Inversely proportional to original amount.
296Evolve BodyBase stats +50%
297Super PropertiesIncreases effect by total PP of properties on item.
298HP/MP ReinforceHP & MP +15HP Reinforcement x MP Reinforcement
299HP/MP BoostHP & MP +25HP Boost x MP Boost
300HP/MP SurgeHP & MP +40HP Max Enhance x MP Max Enhance
301Fairy PowerHP regen, reduces physical damage. Weak effect.
302InvulnerableHP regeneration, reduces physical damage. Fairly weak effect.
303Ancient PowerHP regeneration, reduces physical damage. Moderate effect.
304Hunter's SensesIncreases critical and hit chances. Weak effect.
305Sharpened SensesIncreases critical and hit chances. Fairly weak effect.
306Absolute SensesIncreases critical and hit chances. Moderate effect.
307Light MovementIncreases dodge chance and chance to avoid KO. Weak effect.
308Show IllusionsIncreases dodge chance and chance to avoid KO. Fairly weak effect.
309Evade DangerIncreases dodge chance and chance to avoid KO. Moderate effect.
310Evade AilmentsReduces effectiveness of ailments. Weak effect.
311Weaken AilmentsReduces effectiveness of ailments. Fairly weak effect.
312Relieve AilmentsReduces effectiveness of ailments. Moderate effect.
3134-Heaven BarrierAll resistances +10
3144-God BarrierAll resistances +20
315Vitality BoostTemporary HP +10%
316Spirit MedicineHP + MP healing.
317DetoxifierCures poison.
318Erases IllnessCure weakness + poison
319Erases AilmentsCures all ailments
320Ease FeelingsRecovers small amount of MP
321Calming EffectRecovers limited amount of MP
322Dragon's BloodIncreases stats temporarily. More powerful against stronger foes.
323Active EffectAll stats increased for 5 turns.
324Golden Aegis25% reduction in damage. It's really not worth using.
325BindingDelays turn small amount.
326Prism LightRandom ailment
327Power WordAdds physical damage, slightly reduces target's attack
328Shield WordAdds set damage, slightly reduces target's defense
329Fast WordDelays targets turn, slightly reduces their speed
330Life WordPhysical damage to target, absorbs portion.
331Mental WordContinous damage to target, reduced dodge chance
332Soul BindChance to slow target
333Life DrainReduces target's max HP. Effect is stronger with higher HP.
334Purifying CurseDeals large set damage.
335Enhance WTIncreases item power a small amount proportional to wait time after use.
336Enhance WT+Increases item power a fair amount proportional to wait time after use.
337Charge ItemIncreases item power proportional to wait time after use.Enhance WT x Enhance WT+
338Power ThrowIncreases item power a small amount in exchange for increasing wait time.
339Power Throw+Increases item power in exchange for increasing wait time.
340Powerful ThrowGreatly increases item power in exchange for increasing wait time.Power Throw x Power Throw+
341Heal Deep WoundsModerate HP recovery.
342AnalgesicPhysical damage -10%
343Miracle WaterRevives, recovers HP.
344Elixir SourceGrealy heals HP & MP
345Slag WaveIncreases support gauge a small amount.
346Angelic HealingAvoid KO once.
347Sweet HealRecover small amount of HP, increases with max HP.
348Tasty HealingRecover HP, increase with max HP.
349PreventativeReduces ailment effectiveness
350Sharpness BoostAdds physical damage to attacks and skills, increases skill power. Very low effect.
351Explosive BoostAdds physical damage to attacks and skills, increases skill power. Fairly low effect.
352Aggression BoostAdds physical damage to attacks and skills, increases skill power. Low effect.
353Condition AttackAdds additional damage to attacks and skills when target has ailments.
354Fatal AttackAdds additional damage to attacks and skills. Power increases as target's HP decreases.
355Slow MovementSlightly delays turn.
356Steal Att PowerTemporarily absorbs attack power from target
357Steal DefTemporarily absorbs defense from target
358Steal SpdTemporarily absorbs speed from target
3594-Heavens AttackAdds powerful damage from all elements.
3604-God AttackAdds extremely powerful damage from all elements.

Direct download link: eschalogy_properties_list.csv

Traits per Item

#NameTrait 1Trait 2
1Bullet SeedNone
2Wind FlowerNone
3Earth FlowerNone
4Water FlowerNone
5Fire FlowerAppearance Lv+1
6Bent ScrewEarth Bonus x2
7Rusty CogWind Bonus x2
8Grain ScrapsEarth Bonus x2
9Antique StoneEffect Power+5
10Scrap MetalFire Bonus x2
11Mixed OilNone
12Paper ScrapsEarth Bonus x2
13Garden StoneNone
15Eternal LiquidEffect Power+5
16Soul VineNone
17Green SoilWind Bonus x2
18Crimson SoilFire Bonus x2
19Ultramarine SoilNone
20Water Bonus 2None
21Amber SoilEarth Bonus x2
22Lethe GrassNone
23River WaterNone
24Legged RadishFire Bonus x3
25Buoyant GasNone
26Blaze OreFire Bonus x2
27Unburning WebNone
28LotusEffect Power+10
29Mantis BladeNone
30Fairy SoulNone
31Bubbling WaterWater Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
32Slag AntennaWind Bonus x2
33Slag MemoryAppearance Lv+1
34Slag HeartEffect Power+5
35Slag CableWater Bonus x2
36Ancient JerkyWater Bonus x3
37Rough DiskWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
38Bendy MateriaEffect Power+5
39Rot Snake SkinEarth Bonus x4
40King's WingEffect Power+15
41Dragon FinAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+10
42Dragon CrystalAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+15
43Dragon CoreAppearance Lv+2Effect Power+5
44Drying SandNone
45JunkWater Bonus x4Earth Bonus x4
46Buried BombFire Bonus x5
47Jet Black CubeWind Bonus x5
48Sky King FossilEarth Bonus x4
49Sky WasabiAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+10
50Noble BerryNone
51Heaven's BranchNone
52Water BonusEarth Bonus x3
53Wing PlantWind Bonus x2
54Jelly GemNone
55Water BonusEffect Power+10
56Water SourceWater Bonus x5
57Moon MilkWater Bonus x3Earth Bonus x3
58Empty CoreAppearance Lv+2Effect Power+15
60Green AppleEffect Power+5
61Poison AppleEarth Bonus x2
62Golden AppleAll Elements x3Appearance Lv+1
63Spiky FruitNone
64Spiky BudNone
65Gold Spiky FruitAppearance Lv+1
67Mutated TaunWater Bonus x2Wind Bonus x2
68Trio TaunEarth Bonus x2
69Moss GrassNone
70Bitter GrassNone
71Dried GrassFire Bonus x2
73Hard TaroEffect Power+5
74Decade TaroEarth Bonus x2
76Fresh SalatWater Bonus x2
77White SalatEffect Power+10
78Smoke MushroomFire Bonus x2
79Darkness ShootEarth Bonus x3
80Bitter LeafEffect Power+5
81Salt LeafAppearance Lv+1
82Dried RootNone
83Rich RootEffect Power+5
84Flame RootFire Bonus x2
85Earth RootEarth Bonus x2Effect Power+10
86Beast MeatNone
87Fresh MeatEffect Power+5
88Gold MeatAppearance Lv+1
89Big BoneNone
90Black BoneEarth Bonus x2
91Dragon BoneFire Bonus x3
92Bird EggNone
93Sea Bird EggEffect Power+5
94Ext. Bird EggWind Bonus x4Earth Bonus x4
95Pale ClayEffect Power+5
96Living ClayEarth Bonus x2
98Aqua LightNone
99Wind CoreNone
100Earth StoneNone
101Green GemstoneWind Bonus x2
102Blue GemstoneNone
103Water Bonus 2None
104Rouge GemstoneFire Bonus x2
105Shining CrystalEffect Power+5
106Corundum StoneEarth Bonus x2
107Eternal CrystalAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+15
108Aurora StoneAppearance Lv+1
109Night CrystalNone
110Glass CoreNone
111Scorching OreFire Bonus x4
112Diamond GemstoneEarth Bonus x5
114Silver HiveEffect Power+5
115Golden HiveAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+10
116Bitter MelonWater Bonus x3
117Old MelonWater Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
118Honey MelonAppearance Lv+1
119Sugar Tree SapNone
120Milch BeanNone
121Mich BeanNone
122Jewel BeansAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+10
123Big Milch BeanEffect Power+5
124Red DevilFire Bonus x2
125Blue DevilNone
126Bitter Tree SeedFire Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
127Epicure NutNone
128Anti-Bug GrassAppearance Lv+1
129Fragrant ChipsWind Bonus x3
130Charcoal PiecesFire Bonus x2Wind Bonus x2
131Purify BlockNone
132Lady's WhiskersNone
133Golden YarnAppearance Lv+1Effect Power+5
134Mysterious SilkWind Bonus x3
135Antique MossWater Bonus x2
136Freshwater MossNone
137Mountain FeatherNone
138Eagle FeatherWind Bonus x3
139Paradise FeatherWind Bonus x4
140Word Stone-StarWind Bonus x2
141Word Stone-MoonEarth Bonus x2
142Word Stone-SunFire Bonus x3
143Word Stone-SeaNone
144Water Bonus ×5None
145Word Stone-ManAll Elements x5
146Verdure GrassNone
147Lucky CloverAppearance Lv+1
148Oblivion CloverAll Elements x2
149Honey PoppyNone
150DunkelheitAll Elements x5Appearance Lv+2
151White FlowerNone
152Red FlowerNone
153Purple FlowerAppearance Lv+1
155Clean WaterWater Bonus x2
156Spring WaterWater Bonus x4
157Liquid CrystalNone
158Water CrystalNone
160River WoodNone
161Mossy DriftwoodWater Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
162Ancient RootEarth Bonus x3
163Thin FruitNone
164Ripe FruitEffect Power+5
165Fully Ripe FruitAppearance Lv+1
167Lava StoneFire Bonus x2
168Dried FatFire Bonus x3
169Ghost ClothNone
170Ifrit BreathFire Bonus x4
171Black WaterFire Bonus x2
172Fire Slag StoneFire Bonus x2
173Ice Slag StoneWater Bonus x2
174Sky Slag StoneAppearance Lv+1
175Earth Slag StoneAppearance Lv+2
176Hard ClawNone
177Ruler's ClawEffect Power+5
178Crystal ClawWater Bonus x4
179Soft FurNone
180Cryptid FurAppearance Lv+1
181Quality FurEffect Power+5
182Silver FurNone
183Dragon TailFire Bonus x2Water Bonus x2
184Living TailNone
185Fairy TailNone
186Dragon ScaleAppearance Lv+1
187Dragon FangAppearance Lv+2
188Beast FangAppearance Lv+1
189Black FangFire Bonus x3Water Bonus x3
190Spirit MagnetNone
191Time FlowerAll Elements x4
192Preserved BiscuitWind Bonus x2
193Dried Taro ChipsFire Bonus x2
194Cloud FinancierWater Bonus x2
195Melting JewelsEarth Bonus x2
196Sweet StumpEffect Power+10
197Fire Lord's BlessFire Bonus x5
198Hand-Wound Thread
199Ancient Water
200Fire Lord Tears
201Aroma Materia
202Fried Paper
203Gold Thread
204Primo. Medicine
205Med Foundation
206Old Stone
207Ether Cloth
208Elaborate Screw
210BombFire Bonus x2
211Ice BombWater Bonus x2
212Lightning BombWind Bonus x2
213Living BombEarth Bonus x2
214Lava CubeFire Bonus x3
215Divine JarNone
216Water BonusNone
217Demon EyeWind Bonus x3
218Titan HammerEarth Bonus x3
219Poly. PoisonNone
220Slag FigureNone
221Dimension BombFire Bonus x5
222Dream BookNone
223Knowledge BookAll Elements x3
224Roten BlitzFire Bonus x2
225Flava BlitzWater Bonus x2
226Guryun BlitzWind Bonus x2
227Airto BlitzEarth Bonus x2
228Tauzent BlitzNone
229Omega CraftEffect Power+5
230Dire BombEffect Power+5
231Eis Ice BombEffect Power+10
232Blitz StoneEffect Power+10
233Healing SalveNone
234Healing CloudWater Bonus x2
235Clear JellyNone
236Music BoxNone
237SP MedicineNone
238Healing AromaEffect Power+5
239Heal BandageNone
240Cup of LifeWater Bonus x2
241ElixirAll Elements x2
242Dragon's SecretFire Bonus x5Appearance Lv+1
243Immune MedicineNone
244Magical PaintNone
245Time WatchAppearance Lv+1
246Slag StatueNone
247Goddess ShieldEffect Power+5
248Eye-OpenerEffect Power+10
249Gold Curse RingNone
250Demon CrucibleAll Elements x2
251Command ChimeNone
252Medicine BreadEffect Power+5
253Apple TartNone
254Forbidden CandyNone
255Pancake StackEarth Bonus x4
256Fruit RationEffect Power+10
257Apple StoryAppearance Lv+2
258Squash TeaWater Bonus x2
259Curing PowderNone
260Veggie SoupNone
261Refuel OintmentWater Bonus x2
262Refuel OintmentEarth Bonus x2
263Medical BandageNone
264Holy ChaliceWater Bonus x4
265Elixir BaseAll Elements x5
266Slag EssenceNone
267Angel PowderWind Bonus x4
268Traveler's RationFire Bonus x2
269Fruit PieEarth Bonus x3
270Healthy RationFire Bonus x3
271Trad. MedicineNone
272Strong PowderEffect Power+10
273Rich PotageNone
274CardboardEffect Power+10
275Iron ClayEarth Bonus x3
276Black PowderFire Bonus x3
277Freezing GasNone
279Wood ChipsEffect Power+5
280Iron PlateEffect Power+5
281Cloth ScrapsNone
282Mystery LanternEarth Bonus x2
283Plant NutrientsEffect Power+10
284Dowsing RodWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
285Beast King ReliefAppearance Lv+1
286Heavenly SpiritsAll Elements x4Appearance Lv+2
287Mixed LubricantNone
288Preserved TabletEffect Power+5
289Crystal BallWind Bonus x2
290Purple CrystalFire Bonus x2
291Yellow CrystalWind Bonus x3Earth Bonus x3
292Green CrystalWater Bonus x2Wind Bonus x2
293Comet Crest StoneAll Elements x3
294Ancient ScrollNone
295Reverent IncenseNone
296Capacitive PaperWind Bonus x2
297Burning GasFire Bonus x2
298Sun FlowerAll Elements x5Appearance Lv+2
299Purifying LiquidNone
300Precious StoneFire Bonus x5
301Bi-color CorundumFire Bonus x2Water Bonus x2
302Polarized GemWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
304Gold DustEarth Bonus x5
306Five Grain FlourNone
307Ziegel NuggetNone
308Ziegel NuggetEarth Bonus x3
309Natural ExtractWater Bonus x4Wind Bonus x4
310Moon TabletAppearance Lv+2
311Distilled WaterWater Bonus x2
312Allgemein BoardNone
313Magic FiberEffect Power+10
314Automatic DriveAll Elements x2
317Powdered GlassNone
318Handmade PotteryNone
319Pressed OilFire Bonus x2
320Glass RodEarth Bonus x2
321Dried HerbsEffect Power+5
322HoneyEffect Power+10
323Strong YarnNone
324Fluffy WhipNone
325Melty MetalNone
326Polished CrystalNone
327Medical SolutionWater Bonus x5
328Neutralizer-RFire Bonus x2
329Neutralizer-BWater Bonus x2
330Neutralizer-GWind Bonus x2
332Windmill PartsNone
333Flight Gas JarWind Bonus x3
334Spirit GemFire Bonus x2
3353rd Gen EngineNone
336Slumber IncenseNone
337Einzel SteelEarth Bonus x5
338Purify BottleNone
339FertilizerEarth Bonus x3
340Canned FoodAppearance Lv+2Effect Power+15
341Burning SpiceAppearance Lv+1
342Apple JamEffect Power+10
343Heart of FlameFire Bonus x3
344Concealing SkinNone
345Angel RibbonAppearance Lv+1
346Glorious NoteEarth Bonus x2
347Spirit GarlandNone
348Seven Star MedalEffect Power+10
349Treasure GrimoireAll Elements x2Appearance Lv+1
350Gunade RingEarth Bonus x2
351Beast EarmuffsNone
352Exceed BeltEffect Power+5
353Phoenix BraceletFire Bonus x4Effect Power+15
354Soul BinderAppearance Lv+2
355Glass TiaraNone
356Feather OrnamentWind Bonus x2
357Leather GlovesNone
358Blessed RingNone
359Dusk TalismanNone
360Magic StoneNone
361Crystal RingNone
362Aroma PouchNone
363Royal CrestNone
364Dark Night CapeNone
365Acrobatic ArmorNone
366Tarot of FateNone
367Brother CallNone
368Brother allNone
369Hand-Wound ThreadNone
370Colseit FiberEffect Power+5
371White NeutralizerFire Bonus x2Wind Bonus x2
372Black NeutralizerWater Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
373SP NeutralizerAll Elements x2
374Flowing MetalNone
375White PowderFire Bonus x3
376Rainbow PowderAll Elements x2
377Metal ChipsNone
378Golt BoardEffect Power+15Earth Bonus x5
379Various ScrapsNone
380Ancient WaterFire Bonus x2
381Fire Lord TearsFire Bonus x4
382Aroma MateriaAll Elements x3Appearance Lv+1
383Gold ThreadAppearance Lv+2Effect Power+15
384Primo. MedicineWater Bonus x5Wind Bonus x5
385Med FoundationEarth Bonus x3
386Old StoneFire Bonus x3Earth Bonus x3
387Ether ClothAppearance Lv+2
388Elaborate ScrewEarth Bonus x5
389Traditional StaffNone
390Golden Wing StaffNone
391Feather StaffWind Bonus x2
392Sky Alchemy StaffWind Bonus x3Appearance V+1
393Lifetree StaffAll Elements x3
394Phantom SaberNone
395Glass SabreNone
396Black Wing VeilEarth Bonus x2
397Crystal FangWater Bonus x2Wind Bonus x2
398Proto PhantomFire Bonus x5Appearance V+1
399Sledge HeadNone
400Graviton GaleNone
402Soul BreakerFire Bonus x3Appearance V+1
403Brave BunkerWind Bonus x4Earth Bonus x4
404Ruby TalismanFire Bonus x2
405Aqua TalismanNone
406Magic TalismanEarth Bonus x4
407Wind TalismanWind Bonus x5Appearance V+1
408Holy TalismanAll Elements x2
410Silver ArmNone
411Red StarterFire Bonus x2
412GoltriatFire Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
413White Feather 9Wind Bonus x5Appearance Lv+1
414Explorer's PackNone
415Medical BagNone
416Teak BasketWater Bonus x.
417Dark Angel BagFire Bonus x3
418Traveling DoctorNone
419All ElementsNone
420Great BladeNone
422BoneshatterEarth Bonus x2
423Slaying BladeWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
424Humming QuasarWind Bonus x3Earth Bonus x3
425Magician's BroomNone
426Precision BroomFire Bonus x2Appearance V+1
427Meteor BroomFire Bonus x5
428Inspector's bladeNone
429Cross RapierWind Bonus x2
430Peerless SabreWind Bonus x5Appearance V+1
431Service StickNone
432Mystery StickWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
433Fantasy StickAll Elements x3Appearance V+1
434Light LadleNone
435Metal TurnerWater Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
436Single MixerAll Elements x2Appearance V+1
437Cotton ShirtNone
438Sturdy ShirtEarth Bonus x2
439Knitted ShirtWind Bonus x2
440Stylish ShirtNone
441Leather ShirtNone
442Fur ShirtNone
443Chain ShirtFire Bonus x2
444Rainbow ShirtWind Bonus x2Earth Bonus x2
445Combat ShirtFire Bonus x3
446Gold Thread ShirtAppearance Lv+1
447Celestial ShirtAll Elements x2
448Chest PlateNone
449Alloy PlateNone
450Bone PlateNone
451Magic PlateNone
452Crystal PlateWater Bonus x2
453Jewel PlateNone
454Ebony PlateEarth Bonus x2
455Scale PlateWater Bonus x3
456Meteor PlateAppearance Lv+1
457Dragon ScaleWater Bonus x4
458Leather CoatNone
459Assassin's CoatWind Bonus x2
460Heroic CapeAppearance Lv+1
461Dragoon CapeFire Bonus x4

Direct download link: eschalogy_traits.csv

Traits Descriptions

1Fire Bonus x2Fire attribute +2
2Fire Bonus x3Fire attribute +3
3Fire Bonus x4Fire attribute +4
4Fire Bonus x5Fire attribute +5
5Water Bonus x2Water attribute +2
6Water Bonus x3Water attribute +3
7Water Bonus x4Water attribute +4
8Water Bonus x5Water attribute +5
9Wind Bonus x2Wind attribute +2
10Wind Bonus x3Wind attribute +3
11Wind Bonus x4Wind attribute +4
12Wind Bonus x5Wind attribute +5
13Earth Bonus x2Earth attribute +2
14Earth Bonus x3Earth attribute +3
15Earth Bonus x4Earth attribute +4
16Earth Bonus x5Earth attribute +5
17All Elements x2All attributes +2
18All Elements x3All attributes +3
19All Elements x4All attributes +4
20All Elements x5All attributes +5
21Appearance Lv+1Increases properties that appear in synthesis LV+1
22Appearance Lv+2Increases properties that appear in synthesis LV+2
23Effect Power+5Effect power +5
24Effect Power+10Effect power +10
25Effect Power+15Effect power +15

Direct download link: eschalogy_traits_list.csv