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Table of Contents


#NameTypeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4LvFireWaterAirEarth
1Scent BagAttack(Plant)(Smelly)(Paper)(Sundry)(Incense)350155
2CraftAttack(Spiky Fruit)(Gunpowder)(Paper)(Bomb)600020
3Bright CraftAttackCraft(Mystery)(Fuel)(Supplement)(Bomb)2200035
5Zeit BombAttackPhlogistonFlan Charcoal(Paper)(Supplement)(Bomb)2440000
6Ice BombAttackWater Crystal(Liquid)(Supplement)(Bomb)1002000
7Eis Ice BombAttackNever-Melting Ice(Junk)(Gunpowder)(Supplement)(Bomb)2604000
8Lightning BombAttack(Ore)(Salt)(Water)(Supplement)(Magic Tool)1500250
9Lightning SternAttack(Gemstone)(Mystery)Wind CorePolish Powder(Magic Tool)2800400
10Exa-BombAttackFire Spirit Breath(Paper)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)(Bomb)3355000
11Himmel SchenkAttackStar Stone(Ancient Word)(Gunpowder)(Supplement)(Magic Tool)25255250
12Divine OracleAttack(Paper)(Mystery)Memory Ink(Feather)(Magic Tool)(Book)3015201515
13Flame AquaAttack(Fuel)(Liquid)(Liquid)(Magic Tool)(Solution)415000
14Ice AquaAttack(Water)Coarse Salt(Liquid)(Magic Tool)(Solution)(Slime)2002000
15Poison AquaAttack(Poison)(Liquid)(Liquid)(Magic Tool)(Solution)400025
16Black EclipseAttack(Bomb)(Jewel)Scorching DrinkGenesis Capsule(Magic Tool)353515050
17Magic SquareAttackPixie BreathDiamond Ball(Precious Ore)(Legendary)(Magic Tool)3825255010
18Riesen OintmentHeal(Medic. Herb)(Oil)(Root)(Medicine)(Fermented)(Ointment)302000
19Powerful OintmentHeal(Nutritional)(Incense)Cow Cream(Root)(Medicine)(Elixir)(Tonic)150151020
20Wonder CreamHeal(Elixir)(Solution)Dried Medical HerbTonic(Medicine)(Ointment)26025020
21Squash TeaHeal(Water)Tea Leaf(Fruit)(Pottery)(Medicine)(Tranquilizer)1002500
22Clearing DecoctionHeal(Water)Dry Herb(Root)(Spice)(Medicine)(Tranquilizer)902055
23Disease WardHealMedicinal Leaf(Water)(Poison)(Supplement)(Medicine)(Cold Medic.)23045010
24Anti-Sick PowderHeal(Dried Plant)(Meat)(Incense)(Medicine)(Cold Medic.)800200
25Body Energy PowderHeal(Tonic)(Nutritional)(Root)(Fuel)(Medicine)(Elixir)(Tonic)1400200
26Mineral PowderHealLiquid Crystal(Elixir)(Sweetener)(Medic. Ing.)(Medicine)(Tonic)16010510
27Worker CompressHeal(Cloth)(Oil)(Medic. Herb)Body Energy Powder(Sundry)(Tranquilizer)12015015
28Body CompressHeal(Cloth)(Spice)(Clay)(Solution)(Sundry)(Cold Medic.)22202000
29Medical PatchHeal(Paper)Riesen OintmentHoney(Sundry)(Ointment)705010
30Secret RemedyHeal(Meat)(Spice)(Tonic)(Nutritional)(Medicine)(Tonic)31150500
31Silent PillHealReaper Herb(Slime)(Medic. Ing.)(Nutritional)(Medicine)(Tranquilizer)291003510
32One Drop RecoveryHeal(Medic. Herb)(Root)(Oil)Nectar Water(Medicine)(Ointment)20010035
33Mental ExtractHealAwakening Herb(Dried Plant)(Liquid)(Sweetener)(Medicine)(Tranquilizer)2404505
34Forbidden CapsuleHealBone Powder(Poison)Dunkelheit(Ore)(Medicine)(Tonic)3430303030
35Aroma MistHeal(Incense)(Flower)(Liquid)Glass Rod(Magic Tool)(Incense)17015250
36Sprayer TalismanHeal(Junk)Anti-Bug Grass(Mystery)Glass Rod(Magic Tool)(Solution)18035100
37Passion PerfumeHealClean PollenLady's Beard(Tonic)(Liquid)(Magic Tool)(Incense)1904000
38God's Miracle DrugHealTime Guard Flower(Elixir)(Legendary)Dunkelheit(Medicine)(Ointment)(Tranquilizer)(Cold Medic.)400503525
40Royal BaguetteHealGrain PowderLiquid Butter(Seasoning)(Fermented)(Food)(Bread)18150025
41Hot BaguetteHealGrain Powder(Spice)(Seasoning)(Fermented)(Food)(Bread)1525005
42Black BaguetteHealGrain Powder(Charcoal)(Seasoning)(Fermented)(Food)(Bread)1280030
43DanishHealGrain PowderLiquid Butter(Fruit)(Food)(Bread)9001510
44Crisp DanishHealGrain PowderLiquid Butter(Fruit)(Oil)(Food)(Bread)5502010
45Caramel DanishHealGrain PowderLiquid ButterHoney(Fruit)(Food)(Bread)16002515
46Flower MuffinHeal(Bean)(Sweetener)Fluffy Whip(Flower)(Food)(Snack)12010015
47Bitter MuffinHealGrain Powder(Dried Plant)Fluffy WhipBitter Leaf(Food)(Snack)15015015
48Soft MuffinHealGrain PowderFluffy Whip(Grain)(Bean)(Food)(Snack)181020020
49Bread StarsHealGrain Powder(Incense)(Milk)(Food)(Bread)7100510
50Venus Bread StarsHealGrain PowderHoney(Milk)(Food)(Bread)161501520
51Ocean StarsHealGrain PowderCoarse Salt(Milk)(Supplement)(Food)(Bread)2210151525
52BunHealGrain PowderCoarse Salt(Egg)(Food Ingredient)(Food)901055
53Meat BunHealGrain Powder(Meat)(Seasoning)(Egg)(Food)125555
54Veggie BunHealGrain Powder(Vegetable)(Seasoning)(Egg)(Food)1451055
55Country BreadHealGrain Powder(Fermented)(Bean)(Fruit)(Food)(Bread)1100515
56Traditional BreadHealGrain Powder(Fermented)Liquid Butter(Egg)(Food)(Bread)20010020
57Stone BreadHealGrain Powder(Fermented)Epicure Nut(Ore)(Food)(Bread)3000055
58Veggie SoupHeal(Water)(Vegetable)(Seasoning)(Food Ingredient)(Food)(Soup)6155010
59Bean SoupHeal(Water)(Bean)Coarse Salt(Spice)(Food)(Soup)9010020
60Sunset BrothHeal(Water)(Meat)(Seasoning)(Food Ingredient)(Food)(Soup)151015020
61Hell SoupHeal(Water)Red Devil(Meat)(Spice)(Food)(Tonic)(Soup)211520025
62Genug Water PotHeal(Food Ingredient)Nimbus Stone(Mystery)(Medicine)(Magic Tool)(Antique)(Water)300451525
63Mirage MirrorHeal(Clay)(Precious Ore)(Jewel)Polish Powder(Magic Tool)(Metal)(Antique)330205010
64Weird TalismanHeal(Mystery)(Gemstone)(Ancient Word)(Leather)(Jewel)(Magic Tool)(Mystery)(Antique)19002510
65Power TotemHealEarth Stone(Clay)(Lumber)(Fuel)(Magic Tool)(Mystery)(Antique)2115101025
66Crystal CharmHealPolished Crystal(Elixir)(Solution)Polish Powder(Jewel)(Magic Tool)(Antique)(Precious Ore)320303030
67Needleless ShotHealGlass PowderSoft Metal RodSteel Yarn Ball(Medic. Ing.)(Magic Tool)(Solution)280202530
68Metastasis WingUtility(Feather)(Mystery)(Elixir)(Adventure)(Antique)(Feather)(Access. Ing.)3530303030
69Artisan WhetstoneWhetstoneSoft Stone(Metal)(Fuel)Polish Powder(Magic Tool)(Pottery)1000020
70Expert WhetstoneWhetstonePale Clay(Metal)(Fuel)Polish Powder(Magic Tool)(Pottery)15150030
71Soul WhetstoneWhetstoneLiving Clay(Metal)(Fuel)Polish Powder(Magic Tool)(Pottery)20200035
72Blade WhetstoneWhetstone(Clay)(Metal)(Fuel)(Precious Ore)(Magic Tool)(Pottery)25250045
73Polish DyeDye(Water)Detergent(Incense)(Cloth)(Magic Tool)(Solution)1001500
74Training DyeDye(Water)Polish Powder(Cloth)(Gemstone)(Magic Tool)(Solution)15025100
75Magic DyeDye(Water)(Oil)(Elixir)(Cloth)(Magic Tool)(Solution)20035200
76Reflection DyeDye(Water)Medical SolutionSilver Liquid(Cloth)(Magic Tool)(Solution)25045250
77CheeseHeal(Milk)(Milk)Coarse Salt(Food)(Food)(Smelly)(Cheese)9051020
78Aged CheeseHeal(Milk)(Milk)Coarse Salt(Fermented)(Food)(Food)(Smelly)(Cheese)130102020
79Fermented CheeseHealCheeseCoarse Salt(Fermented)(Smelly)(Food)(Food)(Smelly)(Cheese)191503030
80Portable ContainerGathering(Lumber)(Mystery)Steel Yarn BallBottomless Pot(Adventure)(Mystery)(Antique)(Lumber)230101545
81BasketGathering(Cloth)(Paper)Strong Yarn(Feather)(Plant)(Adventure)(Antique)(String)150151530
82Speculator DieGathering(Access. Ing.)(Solution)Silver LiquidPolish Powder(Jewel)(Adventure)(Mystery)(Antique)191520300
83Nomadic ShoesGathering(Leather)Steel Yarn Ball(Lumber)(Scale)(Adventure)(Antique)(Cloth)(String)2015201040
84Corrective GlassesGatheringGlass Rod(Jewel)Soft Metal Rod(Adventure)(Antique)(Precious Ore)(Lucky Charm)21250350
86Pulp PaperSynth(Plant)(Liquid)(Sundry)(Paper)(Filter)405510
87Half PaperSynth(Lumber)Memory Ink(Solution)Detergent(Sundry)(Paper)(Filter)175152025
88Magisha SheetSynth(Lumber)(Mystery)(Ancient Word)Everpure Water(Sundry)(Paper)(Filter)2320203020
90Beast LeatherSynthCryptid FurEverpure Water(Oil)(String)(Sundry)(Cloth)210203525
91Hard SkinSynth(Leather)(Solution)Cow Cream(String)(Sundry)(Cloth)141510025
92Fortified LeatherSynth(Leather)(Solution)(Oil)(String)(Sundry)(Cloth)181001525
93Polish PowderSynth(Ore)(Clay)(Sundry)755525
94Grain PowderSynth(Grain)(Grain)(Food)(Synthesis)(Gunpowder)6010520
95Bone PowderSynth(Bone)(Fuel)(Mystery)(Synthesis)(Medic. Ing.)(Poison)2820201025
96Clean PollenSynth(Flower)(Flower)(Synthesis)(Medic. Ing.)(Incense)(Fermented)16150350
97Glass PowderSynthGlass Core(Ore)(Fuel)(Synthesis)130101525
98Black PowderSynthFire Stone(Gunpowder)(Oil)(Synthesis)(Gunpowder)9300015
99Secret SpiceSynthEpicure Nut(Spice)Red Devil(Seasoning)(Synthesis)(Seasoning)(Spice)2645151520
100Coarse SaltSynth(Salt)(Liquid)(Fuel)(Synthesis)(Seasoning)8001015
101Handmade PotSynth(Clay)(Liquid)(Fuel)(Sundry)(Antique)(Pottery)7100030
102Preserve PotSynth(Clay)(Liquid)(Fuel)Coarse Salt(Magic Tool)(Antique)(Pottery)120151535
103Genug Blessing PotSynth(Pottery)Everpure WaterNimbus Stone(Precious Ore)(Magic Tool)(Antique)(Water)(Pottery)251050025
104Bottomless PotSynth(Pottery)Night Fog Bottle(Gemstone)(Mystery)(Magic Tool)(Antique)(Pottery)182003035
105Goddess PotSynth(Pottery)Pixie BreathScorching DrinkGrain Powder(Magic Tool)(Metal)(Antique)(Pottery)3520402050
106Pressed OilSynth(Plant)(Oil)(Incense)(Liquid)(Sundry)(Fuel)7201000
107Liquid ButterSynth(Milk)(Solution)(Supplement)(Liquid)(Sundry)(Fuel)(Fermented)111015015
108White OilSynth(Fuel)(Oil)Flan Charcoal(Liquid)(Sundry)(Seasoning)20351500
109Distilled WaterSynth(Water)(Supplement)(Filter)(Liquid)(Synthesis)(Solution)1215401515
110Everpure WaterSynthDistilled Water(Charcoal)(String)Preserve Pot(Liquid)(Synthesis)(Solution)330502525
111Memory InkSynth(Charcoal)(Liquid)(Oil)(Supplement)(Liquid)(Sundry)(Solution)14020020
112Glass RodSynthGlass PowderGlass Powder(Fuel)(Synthesis)(Sundry)17001045
113WaxSynth(Bee Hive)(Bee Hive)(Fuel)(Sundry)(Fuel)6200010
114Bean MilkSynth(Bean)(Water)(Fuel)(Liquid)(Food)(Milk)1115203020
115Gelatinous OilSynthLump of FatDried Fat(Solution)(Sundry)(Fuel)(Slime)153015100
116CorundumSynthCorundum StonePolish Powder(Liquid)(Cloth)(Jewel)(Metal)(Precious Ore)2025101540
117White ObsidianSynth(Gemstone)Polish Powder(Liquid)(Cloth)(Jewel)(Precious Ore)300303525
118Diamond BallSynthDiamond GemstoneGlass PowderSilver LiquidFlan Charcoal(Jewel)(Precious Ore)353525050
119GoldSynthMoon's Gold VeinMedical SolutionScorching DrinkPixie Breath(Jewel)(Synthesis)(Metal)(Precious Ore)404530050
120Soft Metal RodSynth(Ore)(Fuel)(Supplement)(Synthesis)(Metal)11150025
121Dried Medical HerbSynth(Medic. Herb)(Fuel)(Water)(Synthesis)(Medic. Ing.)(Dried Plant)(Fermented)450155
122Dry HerbSynth(Herb)(Fuel)(Oil)(Sundry)(Incense)(Dried Plant)(Fermented)8155200
123Tea LeafSynth(Medic. Herb)(Fuel)(Fermented)(Synthesis)(Incense)(Dried Plant)(Fermented)81020300
124HoneySynth(Bee Hive)(Bee Hive)(Filter)(Food)(Food)(Sweetener)6010515
125Golden NectarSynth(Sweetener)Liquid ButterHoney(Fuel)(Food)(Food)(Sweetener)15020030
126Strong YarnSynth(Leather)(Liquid)(Oil)(Synthesis)(Filter)(String)10010020
127Steel Yarn BallSynthSoft Metal Rod(String)(Oil)Polish Powder(Synthesis)(Metal)20150030
128Cow CreamSynth(Milk)(Oil)(Supplement)(Food)(Food)(Oil)12015015
129Fluffy WhipSynth(Milk)(Egg)(Sweetener)(Sundry)(Sweetener)100301510
130DetergentSynth(Oil)(Solution)(Incense)Baby's Breath(Sundry)(Medic. Ing.)80151010
131Adhesion JellySynthGelatinous Oil(Solution)Marsh Slime(Sundry)(Medic. Ing.)20015010
132Melt SteelSynth(Metal)Scorching Ore(Fuel)(Charcoal)(Synthesis)(Metal)(Antique)3025102035
133Scorching DrinkSynthFire Spirit BreathNectar Water(Fuel)Medical Solution(Liquid)(Synthesis)(Poison)(Solution)3250252515
134Polished CrystalSynth(Crystal)Polish Powder(Liquid)(Mystery)(Jewel)(Mystery)1510152535
135Flan CharcoalSynth(Lumber)(Fuel)(Gunpowder)(Sundry)(Fuel)(Charcoal)(Filter)17350015
136Medical SolutionSynthEverpure WaterPixie Breath(Medic. Ing.)(Poison)(Liquid)(Synthesis)(Solution)280552030
137Rich FertilizerSynthCow Dropping(Plant)(Fermented)(Liquid)(Sundry)(Poison)(Smelly)(Nutritional)161510535
138TonicSynth(Plant)(Tonic)(Nutritional)Distilled Water(Sundry)(Supplement)(Nutritional)2020202020
143Success RingAccessory(Gemstone)Soft Metal Rod(Lucky Charm)(Jewel)(Accessory)2900030
144Mystery TalismanAccessory(Access. Ing.)(Mystery)(Ancient Word)(String)(Accessory)(Precious Ore)2700300
145Phoenix BraceletAccessory(Clay)(Legendary)(Bone)Scorching(Accessory)(Elixir)3740000
146Medical EarringAccessory(Ore)(Medic. Ing.)(Dried Plant)(Elixir)(Ore)(Accessory)2000020
147Unglazed CharmAccessory(Clay)(Mystery)(String)(Lucky Charm)(Accessory)(Pottery)17100010
148Feather PinAccessory(Feather)(Access. Ing.)(String)(Accessory)(Lucky Charm)1400100
150Fur GlovesAccessory(String)(Leather)(Paper)(Oil)(Accessory)(Cloth)1201000
151Dragon Scale IconAccessory(Scale)Melt Steel(Access. Ing.)Polish Powder(Accessory)(Legendary)3630000
152Shadow CloakAccessoryNight Fog Bottle(Cloth)(String)(Jewel)(Accessory)(Antique)3400040
153Soul Trap ChainAccessory(Legendary)Steel Yarn BallSoul Slag Stone(Ancient Word)(Accessory)(Metal)3204000
154Silent ShoesAccessoryMagisha Sheet(Leather)(Oil)(Cloth)(Sundry)(Accessory)2100200
155Fortune CardAccessory(Paper)Memory Ink(Flower)(Lucky Charm)(Accessory)(Mystery)2302000
156Resonance BellAccessory(Pottery)Polished Crystal(Lumber)Pixie Breath(Accessory)(Pottery)2703000
157Glass TiaraAccessoryGlass Rod(Jewel)(Precious Ore)(Crystal)(Accessory)(Lucky Charm)3000400
158Nimbus StoneImportant(Ore)(Mystery)Distilled WaterPolish Powder(Ore)(Magic Tool)3005000
159Slag TransmitterImportantCrystalline EtherLightning SternSoul Slag StonePolish Powder(Jewel)(Magic Tool)(Mystery)35003030
160Dragon TalismanImportant(Accessory)(Important)150505050
161Madder IronImportantPhlogiston(Ore)(Elixir)(Jewel)(Synthesis)(Metal)(Mystery)2030000

Direct download link: ayesha_recipes.csv


#NameCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4LvQualityFireWaterAirEarthLocationDropped By
1Spiky Fruit(Plant)(Fruit)(Spiky Fruit)14000150Altugle Herb Garden,Herb Garden-Corridor,Nearby Forest,Pasture Way,Mountain Way
2Blue Spiky Fruit(Plant)(Fruit)(Spiky Fruit)115005300Herb Garden-Corridor,Wayward Forest,Cliffside Path
3Gold Spiky Fruit(Plant)(Fruit)(Spiky Fruit)2670100400Salt Desert-Lighthouse,Cloud Sea Island,Yggdrasil,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley,Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
4Taun(Plant)(Medic. Herb)14005015Hidden Paradise,Altugle Herb Garden,Herb Garden-Corridor,Mountain WayFruit Hamster,Poison Squirrel
5Big Taun(Plant)(Medic. Herb)560010025Altugle Herb Garden
6Mutated Taun(Plant)(Poison)(Medic. Herb)16700101510Hidden Paradise-Earth,Herb Garden-Corridor,The Farthest ForestBitter Squirrel
7Trio Taun(Plant)(Medic. Herb)2090015045Hidden Paradise-Fire,Altugle Herb Garden,Herb Garden-Corridor,Beginning IslandGolden Rat,Green Element
8Baby's Breath(Plant)(Flower)(Fermented)(Salt)14000150Hidden Paradise,Half-Florescent FieldGrass Element
9Luminous Grass(Plant)(Poison)(Medic. Herb)166000300Hidden Paradise-Earth,The Farthest Forest
10Moss Grass(Plant)(Oil)(Smelly)(Herb)24500010Hidden Paradise,Dry Valley,Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Dry Valley-Ravine Way,Mountain Way
11Bitter Moss Grass(Plant)(Oil)(Smelly)(Herb)128000018Tunnel-Dried Waterway,Oesten Marsh-Swamp,Serenity Island,Beginning Island,Decayed Ruin Island
12Dried Moss Grass(Plant)(Smelly)(Dried Plant)(Herb)1865230025Hidden Paradise-Water,Serenity Island
13Taro(Food)(Nutritional)(Root)(Grain)14000010Hidden Paradise,Dry ValleyTree Element
14Hard Taro(Food)(Nutritional)(Root)(Grain)126000020Dry Valley
15Decade Taro(Food)(Nutritional)(Root)(Grain)208000045Hidden Paradise-Fire,Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Dry Valley-Ravine Way
16Bear's Best(Food)(Nutritional)(Root)(Grain)30100020050Hidden Paradise-Sky,Red Skin,War Bear
17Glasses Beans(Food)(Oil)(Bean)(Grain)73000015Riverside Way
18Red Devil Seed(Plant)(Gunpowder)(Spice)1255350010Hallos Village,Beginning Island,Decayed Ruin Island
19Green Seed(Food)(Vegetable)1785015030Hidden Paradise-Water,Waterfall Island,Cloud Sea Island
20Salat(Food)(Vegetable)55001500Tunnel-Old Dam,Tunnel-Dried Waterway
21Fresh Salat(Food)(Vegetable)96002000Cliffside Path
22White Salat(Food)(Vegetable)2290040015Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-Lower
23Stump Mushroom(Food)(Vegetable)44000010Hidden Paradise,Dry Valley-Ravine Way,Half-Florescent FieldTree Element
24Smoke Mushroom(Plant)(Gunpowder)760100020Evershade Woods
25Darkness Shoot(Plant)(Poison)1470010020Tunnel-Dried Waterway
26Jagged Leaf(Plant)(Herb)65000515Harvestful Forest
27Metal Leaf(Plant)(Herb)940001510Wayward Forest
28Hard Jagged(Plant)(Dried Plant)(Herb)1570001520Waterfall Island,Cloud Sea IslandMirage Element
29Moon Leaf(Plant)(Oil)(Medic. Herb)75500200Riverside Way,Grassland Hill
30Bitter Leaf(Plant)(Seasoning)106500205Wayward Forest
31Soft Leaf(Plant)(Seasoning)(Salt)15801503015Salt Desert,Salt Desert-Bones,Salt Desert-Hill
32Awakening Herb(Plant)(Medic. Herb)(Herb)4452010510Half-Florescent Field,Fragrant Wind MeadowGrass Element
33Dried Root(Plant)(Fuel)(Dried Plant)(Root)24050010Hidden Paradise,Altugle Herb Garden,Herb Garden-Corridor,Pasture Way,Mountain WayFruit Hamster
34Rich Root(Plant)(Root)970010520Grand Rocky MountainPoison Squirrel
35Flame Root(Plant)(Gunpowder)(Root)1660350015Hidden Paradise-Earth,Salt Desert-Mountain
36Earth Root(Plant)(Elixir)(Root)21850151050Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-LowerBitter Squirrel
37Cure Fruit(Food)(Medic. Ing.)(Fruit)65005200Hallos Village,Evershade Woods
38Ripe Cure Fruit(Food)(Medic. Ing.)(Fruit)(Fermented)1775010300Hidden Paradise-Water,Oesten Marshland
39North Wind Fruit(Food)(Elixir)(Medic. Ing.)(Fruit)23651015250Hidden Paradise-Wind,Waterfall IslandGreen Element
40Beast Meat(Food)(Meat)95005020Deserted HouseFlesh Eater,Howling Beast,Stray Dog
41Dangerous Meat(Food)(Poison)(Meat)(Fermented)62510101015
42Fresh Meat(Food)(Meat)1975015035Hidden Paradise-WaterFlesh Eater,Howling Beast,Wolf
43Gold Meat(Food)(Meat)301001501550Hidden Paradise-Sky,YggdrasilWolf
44Lump of Fat(Food)(Meat)(Oil)1160101505Oesten Marshland,Oesten Marsh-Swamp,Oesten Marsh-Ruin
45Marsh Slime(Natural)(Oil)(Slime)1440015010Oesten Marshland,Oesten Marsh-Ruin
46Ether Bubble(Natural)(Elixir)(Mystery)(Slime)208015151515Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-Lower
47Big Bone(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)(Access. Ing.)(Bone)650501015Grassland Hill,Evershade Woods
48Bone Fossil(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)(Mystery)(Bone)13601010030Tunnel-Dried Waterway,Salt Desert,Salt Desert-Lighthouse,Salt Desert-Hill
49Black Bone(Animal)(Gunpowder)(Medic. Ing.)(Bone)20800151535Hidden Paradise-Fire,Oesten Marsh-Ruin,Salt Desert-Mountain,Steinfeder
50Dragon Bone(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)(Access. Ing.)(Bone)269035101020Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-Mountain
51Mtn. Bird Egg(Food)(Oil)(Smelly)(Egg)245001510Hidden Paradise,Nearby Forest
52Seabird Egg(Food)(Oil)(Smelly)(Egg)755100150Hallos-Residences,Hallos-Plaza
53Extinct Bird Egg(Food)(Oil)(Smelly)(Egg)15700103015Hidden Paradise-Earth,Oesten Marshland
54Egg Stone(Ore)(Elixir)(Mystery)(Lucky Charm)20801002045Hidden Paradise-Fire,Oesten Marsh-Ruin,Decayed Ruin Island
55Phlogiston(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)1970250200Hallos Village,Hallos-Residences,Zweiteturm-Archive 4,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9
56Aqua Light(Liquid)(Natural)(Slime)19700251020Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Zweiteturm-Archive 4,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9,Salt Desert
57Wind Core(Natural)(Elixir)(Mystery)(Gemstone)1970200250Glass Factory-3F,Zweiteturm-Archive 4,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9,Serenity Island
58Earth Stone(Natural)(Clay)(Nutritional)1970020025Zweiteturm-Archive 4,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9,Riesengang-Upper,Decayed Ruin Island
59Soft Stone(Ore)(Clay)33000010Hidden Paradise,Tunnel,Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Old Coal Mine
60Peat(Ore)(Fuel)(Clay)(Charcoal)240100020Hidden Paradise,Tunnel,Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Old Coal Mine
61Pale Clay(Ore)(Clay)870010020Tunnel,Oesten Marshland,Oesten Marsh-Ruin
62Living Clay(Ore)(Elixir)(Clay)12550151020Tunnel-Old Dam,Oesten Marshland,Oesten Marsh-RuinYellow Element
63Iron Mixed Stone(Ore)(Metal)14000015Hidden Paradise,Tunnel,Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Old Coal Mine
64Bronze Ore(Ore)(Metal)655100025Tunnel,Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Fragrant Wind Meadow
65Pyrite Stone(Ore)(Metal)96555525Tunnel,Glass Factory,Glass Factory-2F,Riesengang-Upper,Riesengang-Middle
66Star Stone(Ore)12601502515Glass Factory,Glass Factory-2F,Glass Factory-Core,Grand Rocky MountainYellow Element
67Green Gemstone(Gemstone)22750103520Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-Middle
68Blue Gemstone(Gemstone)22800452020Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-Middle
69Rouge Gemstone(Gemstone)22854510020Hidden Paradise-Fire,Riesengang-Middle
70Pretty Ore(Ore)(Access. Ing.)1570015015Hidden Paradise-Earth,Glass Factory
71Big Gemstone(Ore)(Access. Ing.)2390150055Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-Bones
72Shining Crystal(Ore)(Mystery)17800102015Hidden Paradise-Water,Glass Factory
73Eternal Crystal(Ore)(Mystery)650010010Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Hallos-Plaza,Riesengang-Upper,Riesengang-Middle
74Prisma Crystal(Ore)(Mystery)(Lucky Charm)12700152515Glass Factory-3F
75Crystal Stone(Mystery)(Gemstone)(Crystal)860010105Tunnel-Old Dam,Tunnel-Dried Waterway,Glass Factory,Glass Factory-2F,Glass Factory-Core
76Amethyst Stone(Mystery)(Gemstone)(Crystal)16750152010Hidden Paradise-Earth,Glass Factory
77Night Crystal(Poison)(Mystery)(Gemstone)(Crystal)259015252015Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-Bones
78Corundum Stone(Precious Ore)(Gemstone)2080002525Hidden Paradise-Fire,Glass Factory-Core,Steinfeder
79Aurora Stone(Elixir)(Precious Ore)(Gemstone)309020202020Hidden Paradise-Sky,Steinfeder
80Glass Core(Ore)14251002515Glass Factory,Glass Factory-2F,Glass Factory-3F,Glass Factory-Core
81Luminous Gemstone(Ore)(Poison)12550101020Glass Factory-3FCarrier
82Bright Ore(Ore)(Mystery)(Precious Ore)167520101520Hidden Paradise-Earth,Glass Factory-2F,Riesengang-LowerTracker
83Scorching Ore(Ore)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)12652001015Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Glass Factory-3FPorter
84Diamond Gemstone(Ore)(Gemstone)309015151550Hidden Paradise-Sky,SteinfederFortress
85Moon's Gold Vein(Ore)(Precious Ore)401000202030Hidden Paradise-Sky,SteinfederMecha-Dragon
86Beehive(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Bee Hive)13010005Hidden Paradise,Nearby Forest,Harvestful ForestHeavy Skin,Steel Skin
87Queen Bee Hive(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Bee Hive)12551501510Spring Water Forest
88Silver Hive(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Bee Hive)1665015300Hidden Paradise-Earth,Oesten Marsh-Ruin
89Gold Hive(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Seasoning)(Bee Hive)24752520040Hidden Paradise-Wind,Cloud Sea Island,Yggdrasil,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley,Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
90Bitter Melon(Food)(Vegetable)(Fruit)94002505Wayward Forest
91Old Melon(Food)(Vegetable)(Fruit)1355040015Grand Rocky Mountain,Salt Desert-Lighthouse
92Honey Melon(Food)(Vegetable)(Fruit)207005500Hidden Paradise-Fire,Beginning IslandGreen Element
93Sugar Tree Sap(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Sweetener)(Fermented)1155025010Pond Forest
94Fermented Syrup(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Sweetener)(Fermented)1575020510Hidden Paradise-Earth,Waterfall Island,Serenity Island,Cloud Sea Island
95Natural Syrup(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Sweetener)(Fermented)13651025100Spring Water ForestMirage Element
96Milch Bean(Food)(Bean)(Grain)115005025Hallos-Residences,Deserted House
97Jewel Beans(Precious Ore)(Access. Ing.)(Gemstone)21801525045Hidden Paradise-Fire,Beginning Island
98Big Milch Bean(Food)(Bean)(Grain)1560010030Hidden Paradise-Earth,Hallos-Residences
99Small Milch Bean(Food)(Bean)(Grain)10400151510Hallos-Residences
100Red Devil(Plant)(Vegetable)(Spice)137555000Hallos Village
101Blue Devil(Plant)(Vegetable)(Spice)965252500Cliffside Path
102Sharp Pepper(Plant)(Vegetable)(Spice)16254002020Hidden Paradise-Earth,Hallos Village
103Bitter Tree Seed(Plant)(Spice)745150010Riverside Way
104Spice Fruit(Plant)(Spice)1160150010Salt Desert-Mountain
105Epicure Nut(Food)(Fruit)168025252525Hidden Paradise-Earth,Salt Desert-Hill
106Anti-Bug Grass(Plant)(Poison)(Incense)235010100Hidden Paradise,Dry Valley-Ravine Way,Pasture WayGrass Element
107Medicinal Leaf(Plant)(Elixir)12600201015Serenity Island,Beginning Island,Decayed Ruin Island
108Reaper Herb(Plant)(Poison)(Herb)232010103510Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-Lighthouse
109Wood Fragments(Plant)(Lumber)(Incense)(Dried Plant)940100015Dry Valley
110Charcoal Pieces(Plant)(Fuel)(Lumber)(Charcoal)75025055Hallos Village,Hallos-Residences,Cliffside PathTree Element
111Purification Block(Plant)(Elixir)(Lumber)16751501510Hidden Paradise-Earth,Glass Factory-3FYellow Element
112Mud Ball(Strange)(Clay)62000025Tunnel-Old Dam,Tunnel-Dried Waterway
113Ash Ball(Strange)(Clay)1235200030Hallos-Plaza
114Gold Ball(Strange)(Clay)249515151545Hidden Paradise-Wind,Riesengang-Upper
115Lady's Beard(Strange)(Filter)(String)116010101510Spring Water Forest
116Golden Yarn(Strange)(Filter)(String)228020202020Hidden Paradise-Wind,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley
117Mysterious Silk(Strange)(Filter)(String)3010030303030Hidden Paradise-Sky,Yggdrasil
118Round Moss(Strange)(Mystery)(Filter)(Lucky Charm)845020010Fragrant Wind Meadow,Hallos-Plaza
119Antique Moss(Strange)(Mystery)(Filter)(Lucky Charm)1355030015Oesten Marsh-Swamp
120Fresh Water Moss(Strange)(Mystery)(Filter)(Lucky Charm)187004500Hidden Paradise-Water,Dry Valley-Ravine Way
121Mtn. Bird Feather(Animal)(Feather)660002510Dry Valley-Lake Bed
122Eagle Feather(Animal)(Feather)(Legendary)1370004020Salt Desert-Mountain
123Paradise Feather(Animal)(Feather)(Legendary)25903020500Hidden Paradise-Wind,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley
124Word Stone-Star(Mystery)(Antique)(Ancient Word)440150020Tunnel-Broken Bridge,Zweiteturm-Archive 5,Zweiteturm-Archive 6
125Word Stone-Moon(Mystery)(Antique)(Ancient Word)850250300Zweiteturm-Archive 5,Zweiteturm-Archive 6
126Word Stone-Sun(Mystery)(Antique)(Ancient Word)1660030015Hidden Paradise-Earth,Glass Factory-2F,Zweiteturm-Archive 5,Zweiteturm-Archive 6
127Word Stone-Sea(Mystery)(Antique)(Ancient Word)24800403015Hidden Paradise-Wind,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9
128Word Stone-Man(Mystery)(Antique)(Ancient Word)36905003030Hidden Paradise-Sky,Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
129Verdure Grass(Plant)(Flower)(Lucky Charm)1560002020Hidden Paradise-Earth,Waterfall Island,Serenity Island,Cloud Sea IslandGrass Element
130Lucky Clover(Plant)(Flower)(Lucky Charm)2070030300Hidden Paradise-Fire,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9,Salt Desert-Hill
131Oblivion Clover(Plant)(Flower)(Lucky Charm)2580500050Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-Lighthouse
132Honey Poppy(Plant)(Sweetener)95505015Altugle Herb Garden,Riverside Way
133Moonlight Grass(Plant)(Elixir)(Medic. Herb)1565015035Hidden Paradise-Earth,The Farthest ForestFlower Element
134Dunkelheit(Plant)(Medic. Herb)(Flower)24900202040Hidden Paradise-Wind,Yggdrasil,Sham Linca
135White Flower(Plant)(Medic. Herb)(Flower)24000510Hidden Paradise,Nearby ForestFlower Element
136Red Flower(Plant)(Oil)(Flower)650150015Harvestful Forest,Fragrant Wind MeadowFlower Element
137Purple Flower(Plant)(Flower)1165020020Grassland HillFlower Element
138Water(Liquid)(Water)14002000Hidden Paradise,Front of Workshop,Village Plaza
139Clean Water(Liquid)(Water)116003000Pond Forest,Hornheim Plaza
140Muddy Water(Liquid)(Water)(Fermented)620015025Dry Valley,Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Dry Valley-Ravine Way,Hill Plaza
141Salty Water(Liquid)(Water)(Fermented)(Salt)1675201000Hidden Paradise-Water,Salt Desert,Salt Desert-Lighthouse,Salt Desert-Bones,Salt Desert-Hill
142Spring Water(Liquid)(Water)2090050200Hidden Paradise-Fire,Pond ForestGreen Element
143Cow Milk(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Milk)650015025
144Rich Cow Milk(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Milk)1260020025
145Aged Cow Milk(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Milk)(Tonic)188010251040Hidden Paradise-Water,Cow's Paradise-Lake
146Crowned Cow Milk(Liquid)(Seasoning)(Milk)(Tonic)259025302015Hidden Paradise-Wind,Cow's Paradise-Lake
147Liquid Crystal(Natural)(Medic. Ing.)(Solution)(Salt)940015010Hallos-Plaza
148Element Core(Natural)(Mystery)(Fuel)186535353525Hidden Paradise-Water,Glass Factory-Core,Steinfeder
149Crystalline Ether(Natural)(Precious Ore)2780045450Hidden Paradise-Sky,Salt Desert-Mountain,Tank,DragoonPico-Slag
150Water Crystal(Ore)(Natural)(Water)(Solution)1250015010Dry Valley,Spring Water Forest
151Fossil Oil(Natural)(Fuel)(Oil)(Solution)18605001530Hidden Paradise-Water,Tunnel-Old Dam
152Genesis Capsule(Natural)(Elixir)(Mystery)36900101050Hidden Paradise-Sky,Yggdrasil-Flower GateDragoon
153Eiche(Natural)(Lumber)63000015Half-Florescent Field,Harvestful ForestTree Element
154Rock Tree(Natural)(Lumber)136000035Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Grand Rocky Mountain
155Piece of Wood(Natural)(Mystery)(Lumber)1975300035Hidden Paradise-Water,The Farthest Forest,Yggdrasil,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley,Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
156River Wood(Natural)(Lumber)1540025015Hidden Paradise-Earth,Dry Valley-Ravine Way
157Mossy Driftwood(Natural)(Lumber)1850030020Hidden Paradise-Water,Oesten Marshland,Oesten Marsh-Swamp
158Ancient Root(Natural)(Mystery)(Lumber)26900203060Hidden Paradise-Sky,Decayed Ruin Island,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley
159Thin Fruit(Food)(Fruit)22005200Hidden Paradise,Dry Valley,Dry Valley-Lake Bed,Pasture WayFruit Hamster
160Ripe Fruit(Food)(Fruit)740010150Grassland HillPoison Squirrel
161Fully Ripe Fruit(Food)(Incense)(Fruit)1460020200Salt Desert-MountainBitter Squirrel
162Golden Fruit(Food)(Incense)(Fruit)(Sweetener)2280040300Hidden Paradise-Wind,Cloud Sea IslandGolden Rat
163Cow Dropping(Strange)(Incense)(Smelly)(Fermented)110150020Cow's Paradise-Grass,Hidden Paradise,Deserted House
164Gold Object(Ore)(Strange)(Mystery)(Antique)2080002040Hidden Paradise-Fire,Zweiteturm-Archive 8,Zweiteturm-Archive 9,Decayed Ruin Island
165Fire Stone(Ore)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)(Smelly)330100010Hidden Paradise,Old Coal Mine,Riesengang-Upper,Riesengang-Middle
166Fluorite(Ore)(Mystery)640051515Tunnel-Old Dam,Tunnel-Dried Waterway,Riesengang-Upper,Riesengang-Middle
167Lava Stone(Ore)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)1975500015Hidden Paradise-Fire,Glass Factory-Core,Riesengang-Lower,Steinfeder
168Dried Fat(Natural)(Fuel)(Meat)(Oil)535150010Hallos Village,Hallos-Residences
169Ghost Cloth(Natural)(Poison)(Fuel)(Cloth)1150200015Hallos-Plaza,Evershade Woods
170Fire Spirit Breath(Natural)(Gunpowder)(Fuel)2270500200Salt Desert-BonesMirage Element,Fairydrake
171Pixie Breath(Natural)(Elixir)3510040404040Hidden Paradise-Sky,Yggdrasil-Flower Gate
172Night Fog Bottle(Natural)(Poison)(Smelly)1630015150Hidden Paradise-Water,Glass Factory-2F
173Black Spring(Liquid)(Poison)(Fuel)(Solution)1140205010Tunnel-Old Dam,Oesten Marsh-Swamp
174Silver Liquid(Liquid)(Medic. Ing.)(Poison)(Slime)1955300025Hidden Paradise-Fire,Oesten Marsh-Swamp,Riesengang-Lower,Salt Desert-Hill
175Nectar Water(Liquid)(Mystery)(Water)(Sweetener)24800451510Hidden Paradise-Wind,Waterfall Island,Yggdrasil,Yggdrasil-Flower Alley,Yggdrasil-Flower GateYellow Element
176Junk(Strange)(Metal)(Antique)(Junk)1055515Hidden Paradise,Tunnel,Zweiteturm-Archive 2
177Ancient Trash(Strange)(Metal)(Antique)(Junk)6010101025Zweiteturm-Archive 2,Oesten Marsh-Swamp,Riesengang-Upper
178Broken Item(Strange)(Metal)(Antique)(Junk)20015150Hidden Paradise,Hallos-Plaza,Zweiteturm-Archive 2
179Never-Melting Ice(Strange)(Mystery)1780035015Hidden Paradise-Water,Glass Factory-3F,Riesengang-Lower,Salt Desert-Bones
180Aqua Spider Thread(Natural)(Elixir)(Gunpowder)(String)2290020025Hidden Paradise-Wind,Waterfall IslandMirage Element
181Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)51000020Mini-Slag,Nano-Slag
182Red Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)940250015Nano-Slag,Pico-Slag
183Green Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)1470002515Tera-Slag
184Slag Gem(Mystery)(Antique)925001515Guard,Watchman
185Fire Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)15553001010Watchman,Officer
186Ice Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)21850201515Officer,Leader
187Soul Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)(Legendary)15602540025Carrier,Tracker,Porter
188Sky Slag Stone(Mystery)(Antique)(Legendary)251104040200Fortress
189Earth Slag Stone(Metal)(Mystery)(Antique)(Legendary)351200204040Mecha-Dragon
190Hard Claw(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)630010020Heavy Skin
191Big Claw(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)1345010030Steel Skin
192Ruler's Claw(Animal)(Medic. Ing.)(Legendary)207000025Red Skin
193Crystal Claw(Animal)(Elixir)(Legendary)(Gemstone)27900252530War Bear,Scorching Dragon
194Fur(Animal)(Leather)53000020Altugle Herb Garden,Herb Garden-CorridorHeavy Skin,Steel Skin,Stray Dog,Flesh Eater
195Soft Fur(Animal)(Leather)75000020Howling Beast,Steel Skin,Red Skin
196Cryptid Fur(Animal)(Leather)(Legendary)33954510030Hidden Paradise-SkyWolf,War Bear
197Quality Fur(Animal)(Leather)157000030Hidden Paradise-Earth,Serenity IslandRed Skin,Howling Beast
198Silver Fur(Animal)(Leather)22850152025Hidden Paradise-Wind,Salt Desert-BonesWolf
199Dragon Tail(Animal)(Meat)(Tonic)1160101000Butterfly Lizard
200Living Tail(Animal)(Meat)(Tonic)1840151500Hidden Paradise-WaterScorching Dragon,Compact Dragon
201Fairy Tail(Animal)(Meat)2775015350Hidden Paradise-SkyFairydrake
202Dragon Scale(Animal)(Scale)42100303000Hidden Paradise-SkyOld Oath Dragon,Grand Dragon
203Land Dragon Scale(Animal)(Scale)33751015040Hidden Paradise-SkyScorching Dragon,Compact Dragon
204Shining Scale(Animal)(Scale)16550202010Hidden Paradise-WaterFairydrake
205Dragon Fang(Animal)(Elixir)(Legendary)(Access. Ing.)3911015154530Hidden Paradise-SkyCompact Dragon,Old Oath Dragon,Grand Dragon
206Great Beast Fang(Animal)(Legendary)(Access. Ing.)29700203020Hidden Paradise-SkyBitter Squirrel,Golden Rat,War Bear,Silver Wolf
207Black Fang(Animal)(Poison)(Legendary)(Access. Ing.)41905003050Hidden Paradise-SkyScorching Dragon
208Spirit Magnet(Ore)(Elixir)(Mystery)(Legendary)451205050500Wind Ruler
209Time Guard Flower(Plant)(Elixir)(Medic. Herb)(Flower)5012033333333Yggdrasil,Ancient Live Tree
210Conventional Cloth(Sundry)(Antique)(Cloth)(String)35800333333
211Salt Flower(Ore)(Jewel)(Antique)(Salt)40905003040
212Mellow Animal(Sundry)(Mystery)(Antique)(Lucky Charm)508025252525

Direct download link: ayesha_materials.csv


1Scent BagAttackDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
2CraftAttackVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
3Bright CraftAttackZweiteturmBook: Useful Bombs
4BombAttackVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
5Zeit BombAttackZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
6Ice BombAttackVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
7Eis Ice BombAttackZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
8Lightning BombAttackZweiteturmBook: Useful Bombs
9Lightning SternAttackZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
10Exa-BombAttackZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
11Himmel SchenkAttackZweiteturmBook: Useful Bombs
12Divine OracleAttackSteinfederBook: Causality of Dusk
13Flame AquaAttackDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
14Ice AquaAttackZweiteturmBook: Useful Bombs
15Poison AquaAttackDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
16Black EclipseAttackSteinfederBook: Causality of Dusk
17Magic SquareAttackSteinfederBook: Causality of Dusk
18Riesen OintmentHealDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
19Powerful OintmentHealHornheimBook: Traditional Meds
20Wonder CreamHealZweiteturmBook: Alchemy Perfection
21Squash TeaHealVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
22Clearing DecoctionHealVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
23Disease WardHealZweiteturmBook: Alchemy Perfection
24Anti-Sick PowderHealVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
25Body Energy PowderHealVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
26Mineral PowderHealVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
27Worker CompressHealVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
28Body CompressHealHornheimBook: Traditional Meds
29Medical PatchHealVierzebergBook: General Goods
30Secret RemedyHealHornheimBook: Traditional Meds
31Silent PillHealHornheimBook: Traditional Meds
32One Drop RecoveryHealZweiteturmBook: Alchemy Perfection
33Mental ExtractHealTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
34Forbidden CapsuleHealYggdrasil-Flower AlleyBook: Synthesis Origins
35Aroma MistHealTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
36Sprayer TalismanHealVierzebergBook: World Treasures
37Passion PerfumeHealHornheimBook: Noble's Synthesis
38God's Miracle DrugHealYggdrasil-Flower AlleyBook: Synthesis Origins
39BaguetteHealDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
40Royal BaguetteHealVierzebergBook: Festive Baking
41Hot BaguetteHealHornheimBook: World Travels
42Black BaguetteHealVierzebergBook: Grain Miracles
43DanishHealVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
44Crisp DanishHealVierzebergBook: Baking at Home
45Caramel DanishHealVierzebergBook: Festive Baking
46Flower MuffinHealEventHarry event
47Bitter MuffinHealVierzebergBook: Festive Baking
48Soft MuffinHealVierzebergBook: Grain Miracles
49Bread StarsHealVierzebergBook: Baking at Home
50Venus Bread StarsHealVierzebergBook: Grain Miracles
51Ocean StarsHealHornheimBook: World Travels
52BunHealVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
53Meat BunHealVierzebergBook: Grain Miracles
54Veggie BunHealVierzebergBook: Grain Miracles
55Country BreadHealVierzebergBook: Baking at Home
56Traditional BreadHealVierzebergBook: Festive Baking
57Stone BreadHealHornheimBook: World Travels
58Veggie SoupHealVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
59Bean SoupHealVierzebergBook: Baking at Home
60Sunset BrothHealVierzebergBook: Festive Baking
61Hell SoupHealEventKyle event
62Genug Water PotHealHomunculus TownBook: Dirty Alchemist
63Mirage MirrorHealYggdrasil-Flower AlleyBook: Synthesis Origins
64Weird TalismanHealVierzebergBook: Amuletopedia
65Power TotemHealVierzebergBook: Amuletopedia
66Crystal CharmHealVierzebergBook: Amuletopedia
67Needleless ShotHealZweiteturmBook: Alchemy Perfection
68Metastasis WingUtilityYggdrasil-Flower AlleyBook: Synthesis Origins
69Artisan WhetstoneWhetstoneMemoryA Reliable Big Sister memory
70Expert WhetstoneWhetstoneHallos VillageBook: Original Crafts
71Soul WhetstoneWhetstoneHallos VillageBook: Original Crafts
72Blade WhetstoneWhetstoneRiesengang-MiddleBook: Forbidden Nocturne
73Polish DyeDyeMemoryRuins Showing memory (mistranslation: Refined Dye)
74Training DyeDyeHallos VillageBook: Original Crafts
75Magic DyeDyeHallos VillageBook: Original Crafts
76Reflection DyeDyeRiesengang-MiddleBook: Forbidden Nocturne
77CheeseHealNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
78Aged CheeseHealNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
79Fermented CheeseHealNearby ForestBook: Nomadic Life
80Portable ContainerGatheringVierzebergBook: World Treasures
81BasketGatheringVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
82Speculator DieGatheringVierzebergBook: World Treasures
83Nomadic ShoesGatheringMemoryHallos Village memory
84Corrective GlassesGatheringMemoryThe Glass Factory memory
85ZettelSynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
86Pulp PaperSynthDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
87Half PaperSynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
88Magisha SheetSynthHornheimBook: Noble's Synthesis
89LeatherSynthVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
90Beast LeatherSynthHomunculus TownBook: Legendary Witches
91Hard SkinSynthVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
92Fortified LeatherSynthNearby ForestBook: Nomadic Life
93Polish PowderSynthVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
94Grain PowderSynthVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
95Bone PowderSynthHomunculus TownBook: Legendary Witches
96Clean PollenSynthTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
97Glass PowderSynthGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
98Black PowderSynthVierzebergBook: Intro to Baking
99Secret SpiceSynthHornheimBook: World Travels
100Coarse SaltSynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
101Handmade PotSynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
102Preserve PotSynthHornheimBook: World Travels
103Genug Blessing PotSynthDecayed Ruin IslandBook: History of Water
104Bottomless PotSynthVierzebergBook: World Treasures
105Goddess PotSynthHomunculus TownBook: Dirty Alchemist
106Pressed OilSynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
107Liquid ButterSynthNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
108White OilSynthDecayed Ruin IslandBook: History of Water
109Distilled WaterSynthVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
110Everpure WaterSynthDecayed Ruin IslandBook: History of Water
111Memory InkSynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
112Glass RodSynthGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
113WaxSynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
114Bean MilkSynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
115Gelatinous OilSynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
116CorundumSynthZweiteturmBook: Shining Jewels
117White ObsidianSynthZweiteturmBook: Shining Jewels
118Diamond BallSynthZweiteturmBook: Shining Jewels
119GoldSynthZweiteturmBook: Shining Jewels
120Soft Metal RodSynthGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
121Dried Medical HerbSynthDefaultBook: Grandpa's Notebook
122Dry HerbSynthTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
123Tea LeafSynthVierzebergBook: Medicinal Cooking
124HoneySynthVierzebergBook: General Goods
125Golden NectarSynthHomunculus TownBook: Dirty Alchemist
126Strong YarnSynthVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
127Steel Yarn BallSynthGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
128Cow CreamSynthNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
129Fluffy WhipSynthNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
130DetergentSynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
131Adhesion JellySynthVierzebergBook: Life Necessities
132Melt SteelSynthSteinfederBook: Causality of Dusk
133Scorching DrinkSynthZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
134Polished CrystalSynthGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
135Flan CharcoalSynthZweiteturmBook: Elementalors
136Medical SolutionSynthYggdrasil-Flower AlleyBook: Synthesis Origins
137Rich FertilizerSynthHomunculus TownBook: Dirty Alchemist
138TonicSynthHomunculus TownBook: Dirty Alchemist
139Supplement-RedSynthVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
140Supplement-BlueSynthVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
141Supplement-GreenSynthVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
142Supplement-GoldSynthVierzebergBook: Alchemy Basics
143Success RingAccessoryHornheimBook: Noble's Synthesis
144Mystery TalismanAccessoryVierzebergBook: Amuletopedia
145Phoenix BraceletAccessoryHomunculus TownBook: Legendary Witches
146Medical EarringAccessoryZweiteturmBook: Alchemy Perfection
147Unglazed CharmAccessoryVierzebergBook: Amuletopedia
148Feather PinAccessoryVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
149PotpourriAccessoryTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
150Fur GlovesAccessoryVierzebergBook: Huntsmen's Life
151Dragon Scale IconAccessoryHomunculus TownBook: Legendary Witches
152Shadow CloakAccessoryRiesengang-MiddleBook: Forbidden Nocturne
153Soul Trap ChainAccessoryRiesengang-MiddleBook: Forbidden Nocturne
154Silent ShoesAccessoryNearby ForestBook: Nomadic Life
155Fortune CardAccessoryTunnel-Dried WaterwayBook: Fragrance Guide
156Resonance BellAccessoryNearby ForestBook: Life with Cows
157Glass TiaraAccessoryGlass Factory-3FBook: Glass Factory Info
158Nimbus StoneImportantEventLinca event
159Slag TransmitterImportantEventMain quest event, but make sure to finish Keith/Ophelia events and beat Mecha Dragon before using it
160Dragon TalismanImportantEventJuris event
161Madder IronImportantEventWilbell event
162Flower OilKey ItemVierzebergMain quest event in Harry's Room
163Equinox PetalKey ItemHallos-PlazaMarion event
164Glass PetalKey ItemGlass Factory 3FHarry event
165Water Lily PetalKey ItemDry Valley-Lake BedUse Nimbus Stone in Ravine Way, collect in Lake Bed
166Insectivora PetalKey ItemSalt Desert-BonesNeed Tonic x3
167Soulsoother PetalKey ItemHomunculus VillageHomonculus Town event, after Candy event
168Marsh PetalKey ItemOesten MarshlandNanaca and Poro event
169Eclipse PetalKey ItemHornheimWitness the eclipse on Y2M11D11
170Darkness PetalKey ItemRiesengang-LowerRegina event
171Flower CrystalKey ItemVierzebergReturn to Vierzeberg after getting enough petals
172Frayed BookKey ItemZweiteturmEnter Zweiteturm for the first time
173Grandpa's NotebookBookDefaultDefault
174General GoodsBookVierzebergPurchased from Black Cat's Path.
175Traditional MedsBookHornheimPurchased from White Crow.
176Medicinal CookingBookVierzebergPurchased from Black Cat's Path, after getting Alchemy Basics
177Alchemy PerfectionBookZweiteturmPurchased from Reception Desk.
178Alchemy BasicsBookVierzebergObtained from Wilbell or Marion, on Bazaar Street
179Useful BombsBookZweiteturmPurchased from Reception Desk.
180ElementalorsBookZweiteturmPurchased from Reception Desk.
181Causality of DuskBookSteinfederChest
182Synthesis OriginsBookYggdrasil-Flower AlleyChest
183Life NecessitiesBookVierzebergPurchased from Black Cat's Path, after getting Alchemy Basics
184Huntsmen's LifeBookVierzebergPurchased from Black Cat's Path.
185Legendary WitchesBookHomunculus TownPurchased from My Shop.
186Noble's SynthesisBookHornheimPurchased from White Crow.
187History of WaterBookDecayed Ruin IslandChest
188Intro to BakingBookVierzebergPurchased from Fred's Bakery.
189Baking at HomeBookVierzebergPurchased from Fred's Bakery.
190Festive BakingBookVierzebergPurchased from Fred's Bakery.
191Grain MiraclesBookVierzebergPurchased from Fred's Bakery.
192World TravelsBookHornheimPurchased from White Crow.
193Nomadic LifeBookNearby ForestPurchased from Cow's Bell.
194Shining JewelsBookZweiteturmPurchased from Reception Desk.
195Dirty AlchemistBookHomunculus TownPurchased from My Shop.
196AmuletopediaBookVierzebergPurchased from Black Cat's Path, after getting Alchemy Basics
197Forbidden NocturneBookRiesengang-MiddleObtained after defeating Fortress.
198Life with CowsBookNearby ForestPurchase from Cow's Bell.
199World TreasuresBookVierzebergObtained from Harry during an event in Black Cat's Path
200Original CraftsBookHallos VillageChest in a Deserted House
201Glass Factory InfoBookGlass Factory-3FChest
202Fragrance GuideBookTunnel-Dried WaterwayChest

Direct download link: ayesha_unlocks.csv

Effects per Item

1Scent BagBad Odor1Water30-49
2Scent BagIrritating Odor2Water50-69
3Scent BagFreedom Odor3Water70-100
4Scent BagBeast Hater Odor1Air0-59
5Scent BagHunger Odor2Air60-79
6Scent BagBeast Down Odor3Air80-100
8CraftCritical Slow1Air50-100
9CraftPH Damage S1Earth0-49
10CraftPH Damage M2Earth50-100
11Bright CraftMP Usage XS1Fire0-29
12Bright CraftBlind1Water40-100
13Bright CraftCritical Slow1Air60-100
14Bright CraftPH Damage M1Earth0-49
15Bright CraftPH Damage L2Earth50-100
16BombF Damage S1Fire0-84
17BombF Damage M2Fire85-100
18BombF RES Decrease1Water30-100
19BombKnock Back S1Air30-100
20BombCritical Slow1Earth50-100
21Zeit BombMP Usage S1Fire0-29
22Zeit BombF RES Decrease1Water60-100
23Zeit BombKnock Back S1Air30-59
24Zeit BombKnock Back M2Air60-100
25Zeit BombF Damage M1Earth0-79
26Zeit BombF Damage L2Earth80-100
27Bomb IceCritical Slow1Fire40-100
28Bomb IceI Damage S1Water0-79
29Bomb IceI Damage M2Water80-100
30Bomb IceI RES Decrease1Air40-100
31Bomb IceIntertwine Foot1Earth30-100
32Eis Bomb IceMP Usage S1Fire0-29
33Eis Bomb IceI Damage M1Water0-49
34Eis Bomb IceI Damage L2Water50-100
35Eis Bomb IceI RES Decrease1Air40-100
36Eis Bomb IceIntertwine Foot1Earth40-69
37Eis Bomb IceWeaken Foot2Earth70-100
38Lightning BombStop Movement1Fire50-100
39Lightning BombKnock Back S1Water30-100
40Lightning BombL Damage S1Air0-69
41Lightning BombL Damage M2Air70-100
42Lightning BombL RES Decrease1Earth40-100
43Lightning SternMP Usage S1Fire0-29
44Lightning SternStop Movement1Water40-69
45Lightning SternSeal Movement2Water70-100
46Lightning SternL Damage M1Air0-49
47Lightning SternL Damage L2Air50-100
48Lightning SternL RES Decrease1Earth40-69
49Lightning SternBlind2Earth70-100
50Exa-BombMP Usage L1Fire0-29
51Exa-BombMP Usage M2Fire30-79
52Exa-BombCritical Slow3Fire80-100
53Exa-BombKnock Back L1Water40-100
54Exa-BombF Damage L1Air0-59
55Exa-BombBomb Damage L2Air60-79
56Exa-BombBomb Damage XL3Air80-100
57Exa-BombEffective Near1Earth50-100
58Himmel SchenkMP Usage M1Fire0-29
59Himmel SchenkMP Usage S2Fire30-69
60Himmel SchenkEffective Far1Water60-100
61Himmel SchenkKnock Back M1Air0-59
62Himmel SchenkKnock Back L2Air60-100
63Himmel SchenkDrop Wood1Earth0-39
64Himmel SchenkDrop Barrel2Earth40-74
65Himmel SchenkDrop Slag Statue3Earth75-100
66Divine OracleFire Words1Fire40-89
67Divine OraclePowerless Words2Fire90-100
68Divine OracleIce Words1Water40-69
69Divine OracleWeak2Water70-100
70Divine OracleLightning Words1Air40-59
71Divine OraclePiercing DMG S2Air60-100
72Divine OracleWords of Magic1Earth0-79
73Divine OracleMantra of Magic2Earth80-100
74Flame AquaFlammable Liquid1Fire0-100
75Flame AquaOily1Water50-100
76Flame AquaInflict Burn1Air20-100
77Ice AquaIcy Liquid1Water0-100
78Ice AquaFrostbite1Air20-100
79Ice AquaIntertwine Foot1Earth20-100
80Poison AquaPose Poison+1Water20-39
81Poison AquaWeak2Water40-100
82Poison AquaCritical Slow1Air40-100
83Poison AquaPoisonous Liquid1Earth0-100
84Black EclipseMP Usage XL1Fire0-89
85Black EclipseMP Usage L2Fire90-100
86Black EclipseCombined Effect1Water40-59
87Black EclipseWiden Wounds2Water60-89
88Black EclipseSoul Shutter3Water90-100
89Black EclipseSun Explosion1Air0-89
90Black EclipseGalaxy Explosion2Air90-100
91Black EclipseBurn Away1Earth80-100
92Magic SquareSpiritual Shine1Fire90-100
93Magic SquareMP Usage L1Water0-79
94Magic SquareMP Usage M2Water80-100
95Magic SquareBlade of Light1Air0-89
96Magic SquareSword of Light2Air90-100
97Magic SquarePiercing DMG M1Earth70-89
98Magic SquarePiercing DMG L2Earth90-100
99Riesen OintmentRecover Bonus XS1Water30-59
100Riesen OintmentRecover Bonus M2Water60-100
101Riesen OintmentRefresh1Air20-100
102Riesen OintmentHP Recovery XS1Earth0-24
103Riesen OintmentHP Recovery S2Earth25-79
104Riesen OintmentHP Recovery M3Earth80-100
105Powerful OintmentEnhances Power1Fire0-100
106Powerful OintmentGet Sturdy1Water30-59
107Powerful OintmentEnhances DEF2Water60-100
108Powerful OintmentEnhances SPD1Air30-59
109Powerful OintmentEnergize2Air60-100
110Powerful OintmentEnhances Sense1Earth70-89
111Powerful OintmentEnhances All2Earth90-100
112Wonder CreamCure Ills1Fire60-100
113Wonder CreamHP Recovery L1Water0-59
114Wonder CreamHPMP Recovery L2Water60-89
115Wonder CreamHP Recovery XL3Water90-100
116Wonder CreamMax HP Expand L1Air50-100
117Wonder CreamRecover Bonus L1Earth50-100
118Squash TeaGet Warm1Fire30-59
119Squash TeaGet Hot2Fire60-100
120Squash TeaMP Recovery S1Water0-39
121Squash TeaMP Recovery M2Water40-100
122Squash TeaRefresh1Air20-49
123Squash TeaClear-Headed2Air50-100
124Squash TeaCure-Poison1Earth40-100
125Clearing DecoctionGet Cold1Fire30-100
126Clearing DecoctionMP Recovery M1Water0-49
127Clearing DecoctionMP Recovery L2Water50-100
128Clearing DecoctionClear-Headed1Air30-59
129Clearing DecoctionAwake2Air60-100
130Clearing DecoctionEncouraging1Earth30-100
131Disease WardCure-Hold1Water0-29
132Disease WardCure-Poison2Water30-49
133Disease WardCure-Weak3Water50-100
134Disease WardGet Cold1Air0-39
135Disease WardGet Hot2Air70-100
136Anti-Sick PowderCure Ills1Fire0-89
137Anti-Sick PowderCure All Ills2Fire90-100
138Anti-Sick PowderGet Sturdy1Water50-100
139Anti-Sick PowderCure-Blind1Air0-29
140Anti-Sick PowderCure-Hold2Air30-49
141Anti-Sick PowderCure-Slow3Air50-100
142Body Energy PowderKO Recovery S1Fire0-49
143Body Energy PowderKO Recovery M2Fire50-100
144Body Energy PowderRegen Recovery S1Water30-59
145Body Energy PowderRegen Recovery M2Water60-100
146Body Energy PowderGet Energized1Earth20-39
147Body Energy PowderGet Sturdy2Earth40-69
148Body Energy PowderLighter Body3Earth70-100
149Mineral PowderMax HP Expand S1Fire30-59
150Mineral PowderMax HP Expand M2Fire60-100
151Mineral PowderHP Recovery S1Air0-29
152Mineral PowderHP Recovery M2Air30-100
153Mineral PowderHP Regen S1Earth0-29
154Mineral PowderHP Regen M2Earth30-100
155Worker CompressRegen Recovery M1Water30-59
156Worker CompressRegen Recovery L2Water60-100
157Worker CompressMax HP Expand L1Air40-100
158Worker CompressBoosts Strength1Earth0-39
159Worker CompressBoosts Accuracy2Earth40-69
160Worker CompressBoosts Sense3Earth70-100
161Body CompressHeat RES Patch1Fire30-100
162Body CompressCold RES Patch1Water40-100
163Body CompressElec. RES Patch1Air50-100
164Body CompressHP Recovery S1Earth0-39
165Body CompressHP Recovery M2Earth40-100
166Medical PatchEnergize1Fire30-100
167Medical PatchCure-Poison1Water30-59
168Medical PatchCure Ills2Water60-100
169Medical PatchRefresh1Air0-19
170Medical PatchClear-Headed2Air20-100
171Medical PatchHPMP Recovery S1Earth0-39
172Medical PatchMajor Recovery S2Earth40-59
173Medical PatchMajor Recovery M3Earth60-100
174Secret RemedyUnsavory1Fire0-79
175Secret RemedyDouble Speed S1Water50-69
176Secret RemedyDouble Speed M2Water70-89
177Secret RemedyDouble Speed L3Water90-100
178Secret RemedyImprove Body1Air0-49
179Secret RemedyImprove Mind2Air50-69
180Secret RemedyImprove Sense3Air70-100
181Silent PillForbidden Drug1Fire0-39
182Silent PillDispersion Drug2Fire40-59
183Silent PillDevotion Drug3Fire60-79
184Silent PillEndurance Drug4Fire80-100
185Silent PillPose Poison+1Water0-49
186Silent PillPose Poison2Water50-69
187Silent PillCure-Slow1Air70-100
188One Drop RecoveryMax HP Expand M1Fire40-100
189One Drop RecoveryRecover Bonus S1Water0-49
190One Drop RecoveryRecover Bonus M2Water50-100
191One Drop RecoveryHP Recovery M1Air0-69
192One Drop RecoveryHP Recovery L2Air70-89
193One Drop RecoveryHP Recovery XL3Air90-100
194Mental ExtractEncouraging1Fire50-100
195Mental ExtractStable Mind S1Water0-39
196Mental ExtractStable Mind M2Water40-69
197Mental ExtractStable Mind L3Water70-100
198Mental ExtractRefresh1Air20-39
199Mental ExtractClear-Headed2Air40-59
200Mental ExtractAwake3Air60-100
201Forbidden CapsuleKO Recovery L1Fire0-59
202Forbidden CapsuleKO Recovery XL2Fire60-79
203Forbidden CapsuleKO Recovery XXL3Fire80-100
204Forbidden CapsuleForce Backup1Water90-100
205Forbidden CapsuleSide Effect L1Earth0-59
206Forbidden CapsuleSide Effect M2Earth60-79
207Forbidden CapsuleSide Effect S3Earth80-89
208Aroma MistGet Warm1Fire30-100
209Aroma MistHPMP Recovery S1Water0-29
210Aroma MistHPMP Recovery M2Water30-100
211Aroma MistHP Regen M1Air40-100
212Aroma MistCure Ills1Earth30-100
213Sprayer TalismanBody Protection1Water0-39
214Sprayer TalismanMind Protection2Water40-59
215Sprayer TalismanBody Blessing3Water60-79
216Sprayer TalismanMind Blessing4Water80-100
217Passion PerfumeBad Odor1Fire40-69
218Passion PerfumeIrritating Odor2Fire70-100
219Passion PerfumePoison Odor1Water0-49
220Passion PerfumePiercing DMG M2Water50-100
221Passion PerfumeRestraint Odor1Air30-100
222Passion PerfumeExhausting Odor1Earth40-100
223God's Miracle DrugMP Usage XL1Fire0-100
224God's Miracle DrugHPMP Recovery M1Water0-59
225God's Miracle DrugHP Recovery XL2Water60-79
226God's Miracle DrugHP Recovery XXL3Water80-100
227God's Miracle DrugEffect Block1Air0-59
228God's Miracle DrugKO Recovery L2Air90-100
229God's Miracle DrugRegen Recovery L1Earth60-89
230God's Miracle DrugCure Ills2Earth90-100
231BaguetteFill Stomach1Air0-29
232BaguetteYummy Heal XS1Earth0-29
233BaguetteYummy Heal S2Earth30-100
234Royal BaguetteFill Stomach1Air0-29
235Royal BaguetteYummy Heal M1Earth0-39
236Royal BaguetteYummy Heal L2Earth40-100
237Hot BaguetteGet Hot1Fire30-100
238Hot BaguetteFill Stomach1Air0-39
239Hot BaguetteYummy Heal S1Earth0-49
240Hot BaguetteYummy Heal M2Earth50-100
241Black BaguetteAIL RES S1Fire50-100
242Black BaguetteClear-Headed1Water20-100
243Black BaguetteFill Stomach1Air0-29
244Black BaguetteYummy Heal XS1Earth0-39
245Black BaguetteYummy Heal S2Earth40-100
246DanishHP Regen S1Air20-100
247DanishYummy Heal XS1Earth0-100
248Crisp DanishHP Regen M1Air30-100
249Crisp DanishYummy Heal S1Earth0-100
250Caramel DanishHP Regen L1Air40-100
251Caramel DanishYummy Heal M1Earth0-100
252Flower MuffinHPMP Recovery S1Air30-100
253Flower MuffinYummy Heal XS1Earth0-100
254Bitter MuffinHPMP Recovery S1Air0-29
255Bitter MuffinHPMP Recovery M2Air30-100
256Bitter MuffinYummy Heal S1Earth0-100
257Soft MuffinHPMP Recovery M1Air20-100
258Soft MuffinYummy Heal M1Earth0-100
259Bread StarsRefresh1Water30-49
260Bread StarsClear-Headed2Water50-100
261Bread StarsYummy Heal XS1Air0-100
262Bread StarsPower of Milk1Earth20-100
263Venus Bread StarsClear-Headed1Water40-59
264Venus Bread StarsAwake2Water60-100
265Venus Bread StarsYummy Heal S1Air0-100
266Venus Bread StarsPower of Milk1Earth30-100
267Ocean StarsDelicious1Water40-100
268Ocean StarsYummy Heal M1Air0-100
269Ocean StarsPower of Milk1Earth30-100
270BunYummy Heal S1Fire0-100
271BunGet Warm1Air30-100
272Meat BunYummy Heal M1Fire0-100
273Meat BunGet Energized1Water30-59
274Meat BunLighter Body2Water60-100
275Meat BunGet Warm1Air40-100
276Veggie BunYummy Heal M1Fire0-100
277Veggie BunGet Sturdy1Water30-100
278Veggie BunGet Warm1Air40-100
279Veggie BunAIL RES S1Earth30-100
280Country BreadFull Stomach1Air0-49
281Country BreadFill Stomach2Air50-69
282Country BreadYummy Heal S1Earth0-39
283Country BreadYummy Heal M2Earth40-69
284Country BreadYummy Heal L3Earth70-100
285Traditional BreadFull Stomach1Air0-59
286Traditional BreadFill Stomach2Air60-79
287Traditional BreadYummy Heal M1Earth0-49
288Traditional BreadYummy Heal L2Earth50-79
289Traditional BreadYummy Heal XL3Earth80-100
290Stone BreadGet Sturdy1Water50-100
291Stone BreadFull Stomach1Air0-79
292Stone BreadFill Stomach2Air80-100
293Stone BreadYummy Heal L1Earth0-59
294Stone BreadYummy Heal XL2Earth60-89
295Stone BreadYummy Heal XXL3Earth90-100
296Veggie SoupGet Warm1Fire30-100
297Veggie SoupRegen Recovery S1Water0-100
298Veggie SoupCure-Hold1Earth0-100
299Bean SoupGet Warm1Fire30-100
300Bean SoupRegen Recovery S1Water0-49
301Bean SoupRegen Recovery M2Water50-100
302Bean SoupCure-Hold1Earth0-29
303Bean SoupCure Ills2Earth30-100
304Sunset BrothGet Warm1Fire30-100
305Sunset BrothRegen Recovery M1Water0-39
306Sunset BrothRegen Recovery L2Water40-100
307Sunset BrothEnergize1Air30-100
308Hell SoupGet Warm1Fire0-39
309Hell SoupBurning Body2Fire40-100
310Hell SoupHP Recovery L1Water0-49
311Hell SoupHP Recovery XL2Water50-100
312Hell SoupMP Recovery M1Air40-59
313Hell SoupMP Recovery L2Air60-100
314Genug Water PotMP Usage L1Fire0-69
315Genug Water PotMP Usage M2Fire70-100
316Genug Water PotDrop of Healing1Water0-69
317Genug Water PotRain of Healing2Water70-89
318Genug Water PotStorm of Healing3Water90-100
319Genug Water PotAIL RES S1Air50-100
320Genug Water PotClear-Headed1Earth30-49
321Genug Water PotAwake2Earth50-100
322Mirage MirrorMP Usage XL1Air0-59
323Mirage MirrorMP Usage L2Air60-79
324Mirage MirrorMP Usage M3Air80-100
325Mirage MirrorNovice Illusion1Earth0-39
326Mirage MirrorIllusion2Earth40-89
327Mirage MirrorSkilled Illusion3Earth90-100
328Weird TalismanHeal Blessing S1Water0-29
329Weird TalismanHeal Blessing M2Water30-59
330Weird TalismanHeal Blessing L3Water60-100
331Power TotemPower Spell1Earth0-49
332Power TotemSpeed Spell2Earth50-79
333Power TotemProtection Spell3Earth80-100
334Crystal CharmF Wall1Fire0-100
335Crystal CharmI Wall1Water0-100
336Crystal CharmL Wall1Air0-100
337Crystal CharmMind Wall1Earth0-69
338Crystal CharmPH Wall2Earth70-100
339Needleless ShotMajor Recovery S1Water0-29
340Needleless ShotMajor Recovery M2Water30-59
341Needleless ShotMajor Recovery L3Water60-100
342Needleless ShotCure Ills1Air50-79
343Needleless ShotCure All Ills2Air80-100
344Needleless ShotHP Regen S1Earth0-29
345Needleless ShotHP Regen M2Earth30-59
346Needleless ShotHP Regen L3Earth60-100
347Metastasis WingReturn to Base1Air0-100
348Artisan WhetstoneSee All Props1Earth0-100
349Expert WhetstoneProperty Copy 11Air0-49
350Expert WhetstoneProperty Copy 22Air50-69
351Expert WhetstoneProperty Copy 33Air70-100
352Expert WhetstoneSee All Props1Earth0-100
353Soul WhetstoneProperty Copy 21Fire0-39
354Soul WhetstoneProperty Copy 32Fire40-59
355Soul WhetstoneProperty Copy 43Fire60-100
356Soul WhetstoneSee All Props1Earth0-100
357Blade WhetstoneProperty Copy 41Fire0-69
358Blade WhetstoneCopy All Props2Fire70-100
359Blade WhetstoneSee All Props1Earth0-100
360Polish DyeSee All Props1Water0-100
361Training DyeSee All Props1Water0-100
362Training DyeProperty Copy 11Air0-49
363Training DyeProperty Copy 22Air50-69
364Training DyeProperty Copy 33Air70-100
365Magic DyeProperty Copy 21Fire0-39
366Magic DyeProperty Copy 32Fire40-59
367Magic DyeProperty Copy 43Fire60-100
368Magic DyeSee All Props1Water0-100
369Reflection DyeProperty Copy 41Water0-69
370Reflection DyeCopy All Props2Water70-100
371Reflection DyeSee All Props1Earth0-100
372CheesePower of Milk1Water30-100
373CheeseHP Recovery S1Earth0-59
374CheeseHP Recovery M2Earth60-100
375Aged CheeseLighter Body1Fire30-100
376Aged CheesePower of Milk1Water30-59
377Aged CheeseImmunity+2Water60-100
378Aged CheeseHP Recovery M1Earth0-79
379Aged CheeseHP Recovery L2Earth80-100
380Fermented CheeseGet Energized1Fire30-100
381Fermented CheesePower of Milk1Water30-59
382Fermented CheeseVitality Mold2Water60-100
383Fermented CheeseHP Recovery L1Earth0-69
384Fermented CheeseHP Recovery XL2Earth70-100
385Portable ContainerTravel Container1Fire0-100
386BasketHard to Take Out1Air0-39
387BasketEasy to Take Out2Air60-79
389BasketBig Basket1Earth0-59
390BasketSuper Basket2Earth60-79
391BasketExtreme Basket3Earth80-100
392Speculator DieObstruction1Fire0-39
393Speculator DiePossesses Magic2Fire60-79
394Speculator DieAmplify Power3Fire80-100
395Speculator DieBring Misfortune1Air0-39
396Speculator DieBring Fortune2Air40-69
397Speculator DieBring Luck3Air70-100
398Nomadic ShoesFast Walk1Air0-69
399Nomadic ShoesRun2Air70-89
400Nomadic ShoesLike the Wind3Air90-100
401Corrective GlassesGather Rate UP1Water0-100
402Success RingPowerful RES1Fire70-100
403Success RingGiant RES1Water70-100
404Success RingHarmony Wish1Earth0-39
405Success RingStrength Wish2Earth40-59
406Success RingRobust Wish3Earth60-79
407Success RingQuickness Wish4Earth80-100
408Mystery TalismanGive Power1Fire60-79
409Mystery TalismanGenesis Power2Fire80-100
410Mystery TalismanGive Protection1Water50-69
411Mystery TalismanProtection Aura2Water70-100
412Mystery TalismanGive Speed1Air80-89
413Mystery TalismanLight Speed2Air90-100
414Mystery TalismanTrain Body1Earth0-69
415Mystery TalismanTrain Heart2Earth70-100
416Phoenix BraceletRegen Speed Up1Fire0-69
417Phoenix BraceletSuper Regen2Fire70-100
418Phoenix BraceletLightning RES1Water30-100
419Phoenix BraceletSpirit Guard1Air0-100
420Phoenix BraceletView Vital Spot1Earth60-79
421Phoenix BraceletPredicament RES2Earth80-100
422Medical EarringNull Poison1Fire0-100
423Medical EarringAlleviate AIL1Water40-59
424Medical EarringWeaken AIL2Water60-79
425Medical EarringNull Hold3Water80-100
426Medical EarringNull Weak1Air70-100
427Medical EarringNull Blind1Earth50-69
428Medical EarringHandful of Life2Earth70-100
429Unglazed CharmBurning Sand1Fire60-79
430Unglazed CharmGenesis Power2Fire80-100
431Unglazed CharmBlock S1Earth0-39
432Unglazed CharmBlock M2Earth40-69
433Unglazed CharmBlock L3Earth70-100
434Feather PinGather Attention1Fire0-49
435Feather PinUnnoticeable2Fire50-100
436Feather PinAcrobatic1Air40-59
437Feather PinIllusional Ghost2Air60-79
438Feather PinEvasion Rate UP3Air80-100
439PotpourriSpirit Specific1Fire70-100
440PotpourriNull Hold1Water50-79
441PotpourriAlleviate AIL2Water80-100
442PotpourriHeal Fragrance1Air0-100
443Fur GlovesTemperature RES1Fire30-59
444Fur GlovesWeaken Shock2Fire60-100
445Fur GlovesBeast Specific1Air40-100
446Fur GlovesNo Slip1Earth0-59
447Fur GlovesPower Fill2Earth60-100
448Dragon Scale IconF Pursuit1Fire60-79
449Dragon Scale IconDragon Aura2Fire80-100
450Dragon Scale IconI Pursuit1Water60-100
451Dragon Scale IconL Pursuit1Air0-59
452Dragon Scale IconDragon Vein2Air60-79
453Dragon Scale IconDragon Specific3Air80-100
454Dragon Scale IconHero Possession1Earth70-89
455Dragon Scale IconRuler Possession2Earth90-100
456Shadow CloakReduce Soul1Water0-100
457Shadow CloakSpirit Conqueror1Air90-100
458Shadow CloakEthereal Shift1Earth90-100
459Soul Trap ChainCyclic Chain1Fire0-49
460Soul Trap ChainWall of Chains2Fire50-74
461Soul Trap ChainDamage Chain3Fire75-100
462Soul Trap ChainAbsorption Power1Water60-100
463Soul Trap ChainSlag Specific1Air0-100
464Soul Trap ChainDraw Out Wit1Earth70-89
465Soul Trap ChainWit Overflow2Earth90-100
466Silent ShoesAttack Knowledge1Fire70-89
467Silent ShoesAttack Secret2Fire90-100
468Silent ShoesFast Run1Water0-39
469Silent ShoesLightning Walk2Water40-69
470Silent ShoesDimension Walk3Water70-100
471Silent ShoesLight Speed1Air60-79
472Silent ShoesCelerity2Air80-100
473Silent ShoesMuting1Earth0-100
474Fortune CardGood Luck Card1Fire40-69
475Fortune CardDiscovery Card2Fire70-100
476Fortune CardWealthy Card1Water0-59
477Fortune CardGolden Card2Water60-100
478Fortune CardScholar Card1Air50-79
479Fortune CardWise Man Card2Air80-100
480Resonance BellStand-in Enhance1Fire0-49
481Resonance BellTeam Up Info2Fire50-69
482Resonance BellTeam Up Secret3Fire70-100
483Resonance BellResonance Bell1Air0-59
484Resonance BellHarmony Bell2Air60-79
485Resonance BellShadow Bell3Air80-100
486Glass TiaraWitch's Guard1Fire30-100
487Glass TiaraWise Wisdom1Water40-59
488Glass TiaraSage Wisdom2Water60-79
489Glass TiaraFool Wisdom3Water80-100
490Glass TiaraCall In Success1Air70-100
491Glass TiaraPower Charge S1Earth40-59
492Glass TiaraPower Charge M2Earth60-79
493Glass TiaraPower Charge L3Earth80-100
494Dragon TalismanHunt Knowledge
495Dragon TalismanDragon Soul

Direct download link: ayesha_effects.csv

Effects Descriptions

1PH Damage SDeals small non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
2PH Damage MDeals medium non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
3PH Damage LDeals large non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
4F Damage SDeals small fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
5F Damage MDeals medium fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
6F Damage LDeals large fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
7I Damage SDeals small ice damage. Damage based on resistance.
8I Damage MDeals medium ice damage. Damage based on resistance.
9I Damage LDeals large ice damage. Damage based on resistance.
10L Damage SDeals small lightning damage. Damage based on resistance.
11L Damage MDeals medium lightning damage. Damage based on resistance.
12L Damage LDeals large lightning damage. Damage based on resistance.
13Drop WoodDeals non-elemental damage lasting 3 turns. Effects can stack.
14Drop BarrelDeals non-elemental damage with knockback. Lasts 3 turns. Effects can stack.
15Drop Slag StatueDeals non-elemental damage with stun. Lasts 3 turns. Effects can stack.
16Flammable LiquidDeals fire damage with knockback. Damage based on fire resistance.
17Poisonous LiquidDeals non-elemental damage with poison. Damage based on resistance.
18Icy LiquidDeals ice damage. Damage based on resistance.
19SparkDeals small non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
20Bomb Damage LDeals powerful fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
21Bomb Damage XLDeals extreme fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
22Words of MagicDeals non-elemental damage to target, absorbs HP.
23Mantra of MagicDeals non-elemental damage to target, absorbs HP.
24Novice IllusionAn illusion attacks with items. Effect based on item. Weak effect.
25IllusionAn illusion attacks with items. Effect based on item. Random effect.
26Skilled IllusionAn illusion attacks with items. Effect based on item. Powerful effect.
27Blade of LightDeals large non-elemental damage. Damage based on activations remaining..
28Sword of LightDeals extreme non-elemental damage. Damage based on activations remaining..
29Sun ExplosionDeals powerful non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
30Galaxy ExplosionDeals extreme non-elemental damage. Damage based on resistance.
31Beast Hater OdorDeals minute fixed damage. Damage based on resistance.
32Hunger OdorDeals small fixed damage. Damage based on resistance.
33Beast Down OdorDeals medium fixed damage. Damage based on resistance.
34Bad OdorOdor reduces ATK and DEF of target a little.
35Irritating OdorPungent smell gives chance to weaken enemy and may knock them back.
36Freedom OdorStench decreases ATK, SPD, all resistances, and increases damage.
37Stop MovementStops target with chance of stun. Weak effect.
38Seal MovementSeals moves with chance of stun. Moderate effect.
39Intertwine FootGrabs the legs with chance to inflict slow. Weak effect.
40Weaken FootGrabs the legs with chance to deal slow. Moderate effect.
41Pose PoisonDeals damage with chance of inflicting poison. Weak effect.
42Pose Poison+Deals powerful damage with chance of inflicting poison. Moderate effect.
43BlindBlinds enemy with chance of inflicting blind.
44WeakWeakens constitution with chance of inflicting weak.
45Combined EffectDeals multiple status effects of poison, blind, and weak.
46Inflict BurnBurns target for minute continuous damage. Lasts 3 turns.
47Widen WoundsOpens the wound for medium continuous damage. Lasts 3 turns.
48FrostbiteDeals frostbite for small continuous damage. Lasts 3 turns.
49OilyCovers in oil to greatly reduce target's fire resistance.
50Powerless WordsMagic words that lower target's ATK.
51Fire WordsFiery words that deal addtional fire damage. Damage based on resistance.
52Ice WordsIcy words that deal addtional ice damage. Damage based on resistance.
53Lightning WordsLightning words that deal addtional lightning damage. Damage based on resistance.
54Piercing DMG SDeals minute additional damage regardless of resistance.
55Piercing DMG MDeals medium additional damage regardless of resistance.
56Piercing DMG LDeals large additional damage regardless of resistance.
57Knock Back SDeals a little knockback to a monster.
58Knock Back MDeals some knockback to a monster.
59Knock Back LDeals a lot of knockback to a monster.
60F RES DecreaseReduces fire resistance. Medium effect.
61I RES DecreaseReduces ice resistance. Medium effect.
62L RES DecreaseReduces lightning resistance. Medium effect.
63Critical SlowIncreases critical rate when using items.
64Effective FarAdditional damage proportional to distance of target.
65Effective NearAdditional damage proportional to distance of target.
66Soul ShutterReduces HP proportional to wait time.
67Burn AwayChange of dealing an instant KO. Success depends on level difference.
68Spiritual ShineReduces fire and ice resistance. Medium effect.
69Drop of HealingHeals a little amount of HP. Effect boosted the less remaining times are left.
70Rain of HealingHeals a medium amount of HP. Effect boosted the less remaining times are left.
71Storm of HealingHeals a large amount of HP. Effect boosted the less remaining times are left.
72HP Recovery XSHeals minute amount of HP.
73HP Recovery SHeals a little amount of HP.
74HP Recovery MHeals medium amount of HP.
75HP Recovery LHeals some amount of HP.
76HP Recovery XLHeals a good amount of HP.
77HP Recovery XXLHeals a great amount of HP.
78MP Recovery SHeals minute amount of MP.
79MP Recovery MHeals medium amount of MP.
80MP Recovery LHeals some amount of MP.
81HPMP Recovery SHeals minute amount of HP and MP.
82HPMP Recovery MHeals medium amount of HP and MP.
83HPMP Recovery LHeals large amount of HP and MP.
84Yummy Heal XSHeals minute amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
85Yummy Heal SHeals a little amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
86Yummy Heal MHeals medium amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
87Yummy Heal LHeals some amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
88Yummy Heal XLHeals a good amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
89Yummy Heal XXLHeals a great amount of HP. Effect based on target's maximum HP.
90HP Regen SHeals a little HP on target's turn. Lasts 2 turns.
91HP Regen MHeals some HP on target's turn. Lasts 2 turns.
92HP Regen LHeals an amount of HP on target's turn. Lasts turns.
93Regen Recovery SHeals a small amount of HP with regenerative effects each turn. Lasts 2 turns.
94Regen Recovery MHeals a medium amount of HP with regenerative effects each turn. Lasts 2 turns.
95Regen Recovery LHeals a large amount of HP with regenerative effects each turn. Lasts 2 turns.
96Major Recovery SHeals a small amount of HP. Effect is inversely proportional to HP left.
97Major Recovery MHeals a medium amount of HP. Effect is inversely proportional to HP left.
98Major Recovery LHeals a large amount of HP. Effect is inversely proportional to HP left.
99Heal Blessing SHeals HP, MP, or revives from KO, depending on target's state. Weak effect.
100Heal Blessing MHeals HP, MP, or revives from KO, depending on target's state. Medium effect.
101Heal Blessing LHeals HP, MP, or revives from KO, depending on target's state. Strong effect.
102KO Recovery SHeals a minute amount of HP and KO effect.
103KO Recovery MHeals a small amount of HP and KO effect.
104KO Recovery LHeals some amount of HP and KO effect.
105KO Recovery XLHeals a good amount of HP and KO effect.
106KO Recovery XXLHeals a great amount of HP and KO effect.
107Recover Bonus XSIncreases slight amount of HP healed.
108Recover Bonus SIncreases small amount of HP healed.
109Recover Bonus MIncreases medium amount of HP healed.
110Recover Bonus LIncreases good amount of HP healed.
111Max HP Expand SIncreases maximum HP by a minute amount.
112Max HP Expand MIncreases maximum HP by some amount.
113Max HP Expand LIncreases maximum HP by a good amount.
114RefreshCures target and heals a little MP.
115Clear-HeadedWakes up target and heals some MP.
116AwakeEnergizes target and heals a good amount of MP.
117EncouragingRevives from KO, but only with a minute amount of HP.
118EnergizeEnergizing effect revives from K0, but with only a minute amount of HP.
119Get WarmWarms the body to raise a little ice resistance.
120Get HotMakes the body hot to raise more ice resistance.
121Get ColdCools the body to raise a little fire resistance.
122Get SturdyStrengthens the body to raise a little non-elemental resistance.
123Get EnergizedBoost of energy to raise attack power a little.
124Lighter BodyLightens the body to raise speed a little.
125Double Speed SShortens target's wait time by a small amount but will deal continuous damage.
126Double Speed MShortens target's wait time by a medium amount but will deal continuous damage.
127Double Speed LShortens target's wait time by a good amount but will deal continuous damage.
128UnsavoryDisgusting flavor that largely decreases target's HP.
129Effect BlockForcefully dispells all buffs on target.
130Force BackupGreatly increases target's abilities, but will deal large continuous damage.
131Side Effect SReduces target's ATK, SPD, and all RES a little.
132Side Effect MReduces target's ATK, SPD, and all RES somewhat.
133Side Effect LReduces target's ATK, SPD, and all RES a lot.
134Fill StomachSits in the stomach to stun target for a short while.
135Full StomachMakes the target full and stuns them for a while.
136DeliciousParalyzing taste that raises lightning resistance. Medium effect.
137Power of MilkPower of milk compels target to raise non-elemental resistance by a little.
138Immunity+Raises immune system to decrease power of ailments. Does not affect chance to resist ailments.
139Vitality MoldActive mold gives HP regenerative effect. Weak effect.
140Enhances PowerOintment that boosts ATK.
141Enhances SPDOintment that boosts SPD.
142Enhances DEFOintment that boosts DEF.
143Enhances SenseOintment that boosts evasion rate.
144Enhances AllOintment that boosts ATK, SPD, and resistance to everything.
145Boosts StrengthTemporarily increases maximum HP.
146Boosts AccuracyTemporarily reduces MP consumption.
147Boosts SenseTemporarily increases evasion rate.
148Heat RES PatchTemporarily increases fire resistance. Medium effect.
149Cold RES PatchTemporarily increases ice resistance. Medium effect.
150Elec. RES PatchTemporarily increases lightning resistance. Medium effect.
151Cure-HoldHeals stun.
152Cure-PoisonHeals poison.
153Cure-BlindHeals blind.
154Cure-WeakHeals weakness.
155Cure-SlowHeals slow.
156Cure IllsHeals poison and weak.
157Cures All IllsHeals all ailments.
158AIL RES SDecreases power of ailments a little. Does not affect chance to resist ailments.
159Stable Mind SCalms the mind to heal a little MP.
160Stable Mind MCalms the mind to heal some MP.
161Stable Mind LCalms the mind to heal more MP.
162Improve BodyHones the body to temporarily raise ATK.
163Improve MindHones the mind to temporarily raise SPD.
164Improve SenseHones the senses to temporarily raise evasion rate.
165Poison OdorPoisonous fragrance that may inflict poison.
166Restraint OdorStunning fragrance that may inflict stun.
167Exhausting OdorWeakening fragrance that may inflict weak.
168Forbidden DrugForbidden medicine that greatly heals MP, but takes away half of maximum HP.
169Dispersion DrugClears mind to temporarily increase evasion rate. Medium effect.
170Devotion DrugBoosts abstinence to temporarily increase ATK, SPD, and all resistance. Small effect.
171Endurance DrugBoosts patience to survive a KO with 1 HP left. Weakens the power of ailments a little and
172Body ProtectionReduces non-elemental damage.
173Mind ProtectionReduces non-elemental damage and temporarily raises evasion rate.
174Body BlessingWeakens the power of ailments a little.
175Mind BlessingWeakens the power of ailments a little and heals MP.
176Power SpellTemporarily boosts ATK. Large efffect.
177Speed SpellTemporarily boosts SPD. Large efffect.
178Protection SpellTemporarily boosts non-elemental resistance. Large effect.
179Mind WallReduces the power of ailments by a certain amount.
180PH WallReduces non-elemental damage taken by a certain amount.
181F WallTemporarily increases fire resistance. Medium effect.
182I WallTemporarily increases ice resistance. Medium effect.
183L WallTemporarily increases lightning resistance. Medium effect.
184MP Usage XSConsumes a minute amount of MP. Effect weakens if MP is insufficient.
185MP Usage SConsumes a small amount of MP. Effect weakens if MP is insufficient.
186MP Usage MConsumes a medium amount of MP. Effect weakens if MP is insufficient.
187MP Usage LConsumes a large amount of MP. Effect weakens if MP insufficient.
188MP Usage XLConsumes a great amount of MP. Effect weakens if MP insufficient.
189Travel ContainerYou can now access your Container outside your workshop.
190Fast WalkReduces travel time on world map.
191RunGreatly reduces travel time on world map.
192Like the WindGreatly reduces travel time on world map and increases move speed in field map.
193Gather Rate UPHalves gathering time.
194Big BasketMakes Basket capacity 80.
195Super BasketMakes Basket capacity 100.
196Extreme BasketMakes Basket capacity 120.
197Hard to Take OutIncreases wait time by 20% after using item.
198Easy to Take OutReduces wait time by 10% after using item.
199PhantasmagoricReduces wait time by 20% after using item.
200Bring MisfortuneDecreases drop rate in battle by 25%.
201Bring FortuneIncreases drop rate in battle by 15%.
202Bring LuckIncreases drop rate in battle by 25%.
203ObstructionDecreases item's power by 10%.
204Possesses MagicIncreases item's power by 10%.
205Amplify PowerIncreases item's power by 15%.
206See All PropsUsing it on unidentified equipment will reveal all hidden abilities.
207Copy All PropsUsing it on equipment will copy all hidden abilities to the equipment.
208Property CopyUsing it on equipment will copy hidden ability to the equipment.
209Property Copy 2Using it on equipment will copy 2 hidden abilities to the equipment.
210Property Copy 3Using it on equipment will copy 3 hidden abilities to the equipment.
211Property Copy 4Using it on equipment will copy 4 hidden abilities to the equipment.
212Light SpeedReduces the wait time a little after using a skill.
213CelerityReduces the wait time some after using a skill.
214Resonance BellBoosts rate of increase of gauge in battle by a small amount.
215Harmony BellBoosts rate of increase of gauge in battle by some amount.
216Shadow BellBoosts rate of increase of gauge in battle by a good amount.
217Wise WisdomEquip item with this effect for HP and MP to invert 25%.
218Sage WisdomEquip item with this effect for HP and MP to invert 50%.
219Fool WisdomEquip item with this effect for HP and MP to Equip item with this effect for part of the SPD
220Witch's GuardEquip item with this effect for part of the HP damage to go to the MP bar.
221Ethereal ShiftEquip item with this effect for non-elemental damage to be greatly reduced.
222Spirit ConquerorEquip item with this effect for fire and ice resistance to be greatly increased.
223Attack KnowledgeEquip item with this effect to receive a very low chance of greatly reducing wait time.
224Attack SecretEquip item with this effect to receive a low chance of greatly reducing wait time.
225Harmony WishEquip item with this effect for ATK, SPD, and DEF to be averaged out. Only applies to base stats.
226Strength WishEquip item with this effect for part of the SPD and DEF to be added to ATK. Only applies to base stats.
227Robust WishEquip item with this effect for part of the ATK and SPD to be added to DEF. Only applies to base stats.
228Quickness WishEquip item with this effect for part of the ATK and DEF to be added to SPD. Only applies to base stats.
229Fast RunEquip item with this effect to reduce wait time after using a skill a little, but deals continuous damage.
230Lightning WalkEquip item with this effect to reduce wait time after using a skill by some, but deals continuous damage.
231Dimension WalkEquip item with this effect to reduce wait time after using a skill somewhat, but deals continuous damage.
232Draw Out WitEquip item with this effect for ATK, SPD, and DEF to be boosted. Amount based on level.
233Wit OverflowEquip item with this effect for ATK, SPD, and DEF to be boosted a lot. Amount based on level.
234Hero PossessionEquip item with this effect to receive the same benefits as if character was a higher level. Medium effect.
235Ruler PossessionEquip item with this effect to receive the same benefits as if character was a higher level. Large effect.
236Slag SpecificEquip item with this effect to get 100% Equip item with this effect for DEF to be
237Beast SpecificEquip item with this effect to get 100% critical rate against beast monsters.
238Spirit SpecificEquip item with this effect to get 100% critical rate against spirit monsters.
239Dragon SpecificEquip item with this effect to get 100% critical rate against dragon monsters.
240Train BodyEquip item with this effect for maximum HP to be raised.
241Train HeartEquip item with this effect for maximum MP to be raised.
242Give PowerEquip item with this effect for ATK to be raised.
243Give ProtectionEquip item with this effect for DEF to be raised.
244Give SpeedEquip item with this effect for SPD to be raised.
245Gather AttentionEquip item with this effect to become more likely to be targeted.
246UnnoticeableEquip item with this effect to become less likely to be targeted.
247MutingEquip item with this effect to greatly increase the chance of fleeing.
248Reduce SoulEquip item with this effect to be dealt large continuous damage each turn.
249Heal FragranceEquip item with this effect to heal a little HP each turn.
250Regen Speed UpEquip item with this effect to heal some HP each turn.
251Super RegenEquip item with this effect to heal a lot of HP each turn.
252Good Luck CardEquip item with this effect to increase drop rate in battle. Medium effect.
253Discovery CardEquip item with this effect to increase drop rate in battle. Large effect.
254Wealthy CardEquip item with this effect to increase Cole gained in battle. Medium effect.
255Golden CardEquip item with this effect to increase Cole gained in battle. Large effect.
256Scholar CardEquip item with this effect to increase EXP gained in battle. Medium effect.
257Wise Man CardEquip item with this effect to increase EXP gained in battle. Large effect.
258Spirit GuardEquip item with this effect to raise fire and ice resistance. Small effect.
259Temperature RESEquip item with this effect to raise ice resistance. Medium effect.
260Burning SandEquip item with this effect to raise fire resistance. Medium effect.
261Lightning RESEquip item with this effect to raise lightning resistance. Medium effect.
262Handful of LifeEquip item with this effect for a low chance to survive a KO. No effect when HP is 1.
263Dragon VeinEquip item with this effect for a medium chance to survive a KO. No effect when HP is 1.
264No SlipEquip item with this effect to increase hit rate. Medium effect.
265Power FillEquip item with this effect to increase critical rate. Medium effect.
266View Vital SpotEquip item with this effect to increase critical rate. Large effect.
267Block SEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage taken by minute amount.
268Block MEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage taken by a little amount.
269Block LEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage taken by some amount.
270Alleviate AILEquip item with this effect to reduce the power of ailments a little. Does not affect chance to resist ailments.
271Weaken AILEquip item with this effect to reduce the power of ailments by some. Does not affect chance to resist ailments.
272Cyclic ChainEquip item with this effect tomake HP damage go to MP and MP consumption to heal HP.
273Genesis PowerEquip item with this effect to increase damage dealt by critical hits a little.
274Dragon AuraEquip item with this effect to increase damage dealt by critical hits somewhat.
275Damage ChainEquip item with this effect to increase damage dealt by critical hits by some.
276Absorption PowerEquip item with this effect to absorb part of damage dealt to heal HP.
277Power Charge SEquip item with this effect to boost effects of everything a little.
278Power Charge MEquip item with this effect to boost effects everything a minute amount.
279Power Charge LEquip item with this effect to boost effects everything a small amount.
280Call In SuccessEquip item with this effect to increases chance of randomized effects. Medium effect.
281F PursuitEquip item with this effect to deal fire-elemental damage. Small effect.
282I PursuitEquip item with this effect to deal ice-elemental damage. Small effect.
283L PursuitEquip item with this effect to deal lightning-elemental damage. Small effect.
284Predicament RESEquip item with this effect to boost stats when low on HP. Large effect.
285Team Up InfoEquip item with this effect to boost the strength of all AC. Medium Effect.
286Team Up SecretEquip item with this effect to boost the strength of all AC. Large Effect.
287Stand-in EnhanceEquip item with this effect to boost the effect of Defend. Very large effect.
288Powerful RESEquip item with this effect to raise stats when fighting enemies of higher level.
289Giant RESEquip item with this effect to raise stats when fighting enemies of larger size.
290AcrobaticEquip item with this effect to raise evasion rate a little.
291Illusional GhostEquip item with this effect to raise evasion rate some.
292Evasion Rate UPEquip item with this effect to raise evasion rate somewhat.
293Weaken ShockEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage a little. Can stack with other effects.
294Protection AuraEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage some. Can stack with other effects.
295Wall of ChainsEquip item with this effect to reduce non-elemental damage somewhat. Can stack with other effects.
296Null PoisonEquip item with this effect to nullify poison status.
297Null HoldEquip item with this effect to nullify stun status.
298Null WeakEquip item with this effect to nullify weak status.
299Null BlindEquip item with this effect to nullify blind status.
300Return to BaseReturn to base instantly from any gathering point, but will use up 1 day.
301Burning BodyEquip item with this effect for strong fire resistance, but will deal continuous damage.
302Hunt KnowledgeEquip item with this effect to increase hit and critical rates. Medium effect.
303Dragon SoulEquip item with this effect to boost rate of increase of gauge and reduce non-elemental damage.
304Spike BlowA spike from a Spiky Fruit that deals a minute amount of non-elemental damage.
305Blue Spike BlowA spike from a Blue Spiky Fruit that deals a small amount of non-elemental damage.
306Gold Spike BlowA spike from a Gold Spiky Fruit that deals a medium amount of non-elemental damage.

Direct download link: ayesha_effects_list.csv

Properties per Item

#ItemPropertyTotal Lv to Unlock
1Spiky FruitSpark Fruit
2Blue Spiky FruitHard
3Gold Spiky FruitBurst Fruit
4TaunFix Slight Wound
5Big TaunBig
6Big TaunFix Wound
7Mutated TaunNeural Poison
8Mutated TaunQuality Change
9Trio TaunFix Major Wound
10Baby's BreathNone
11Luminous GrassDark Vision
12Moss GrassStinky
13Moss GrassRepel Monster
14Bitter Moss GrassBitter
15Bitter Moss GrassRepel Monster
16Dried Moss GrassFainting in Agony
17Dried Moss GrassMonster Calling
19Hard TaroSmall
20Hard TaroSome Nutrition
21Decade TaroFull of Power
22Bear's BestGreat Vitality
23Glasses BeansNone
24Red Devil SeedBurns Your Tongue
25Green SeedGreen Power
27Fresh SalatSome Nutrition
28White SalatSoft
29White SalatFull Nutrition
30Stump MushroomNone
31Smoke MushroomStinky
32Smoke MushroomVery Bitter
33Darkness ShootVisual Poison
34Jagged LeafVery Nice Smell
35Metal LeafHard
36Metal LeafSharp Spike
37Hard JaggedEvolve Materials
38Moon LeafNone
39Bitter LeafBitter
40Soft LeafSalty
41Awakening HerbNice Smell
42Dried RootNone
43Rich RootSome Nutrition
44Flame RootFire Guard
45Earth RootRegenerative
46Cure FruitPrevent Ailment
47Ripe Cure FruitPrevent Ailment
48North Wind FruitNorth Wind Guard
49Beast MeatNone
50Dangerous MeatStinky
51Dangerous MeatWeakening Poison
52Fresh MeatJuicy
53Gold MeatReinforce Body
54Lump of FatSoft
55Marsh SlimeHeavy Body
56Ether BubbleAuto Activate 50%
57Big BoneBig
58Bone FossilLife Capture
59Black BoneBurn Furiously
60Black BoneGood Quality
61Dragon BoneStats +4
62Dragon BoneDragon Wave
63Mtn. Bird EggSome Nutrition
64Seabird EggFull Nutrition
65Extinct Bird EggAncient Taste
66Egg StoneMystic Guard
67Egg StoneAll Power Pour
68Egg StoneAmplification
69PhlogistonBurn Furiously
70Aqua LightHealing Water
71Wind CoreLightweight
72Wind CoreLightning Guard
73Earth StoneEarth Guard
74Soft StoneSoft
75PeatPrice -10%
76Pale ClayPerky
77Living ClayAuto Activate 20%
78Iron Mixed StoneNone
79Bronze OreSkill Usage -10%
80Pyrite StonePH RES +5
81Pyrite StoneSkill Usage -15%
82Star StoneReally Hard
83Green GemstoneLightning Power
84Blue GemstoneIce Power
85Rouge GemstoneFire Power
86Pretty OrePrice +5%
87Pretty OreBeautiful Form
88Big GemstoneBig
89Big GemstonePower Pour
90Shining CrystalVirtual Image
91Eternal CrystalSuppress Movement
92Prisma CrystalShow Illusion
93Prisma CrystalRainbow Light
94Crystal StoneAcoustic
95Amethyst StoneLose Power
96Amethyst StoneAcoustic
97Night CrystalCompound Poison
98Night CrystalAcoustic
99Corundum StoneHigh Power
100Corundum StoneGood Quality
101Aurora StoneRed Power
102Glass CoreGlass Power
103Luminous GemstoneWeakening Poison
104Bright OreLight Power
105Scorching OreBurn Furiously
106Diamond GemstoneATK +8
107Diamond GemstoneDiamond Power
108Moon's Gold VeinMoon Power
110Queen Bee HiveReally Sweet
111Silver HivePrice +10%
112Silver HiveSilver Honey
113Gold HivePrice +15%
114Gold HiveGold Honey
115Bitter MelonSweet
116Bitter MelonBitter
117Old MelonAncient Taste
118Honey MelonSuper Sweet
119Sugar Tree SapSweet
120Fermented SyrupSkill Usage -10%
121Fermented SyrupSour
122Natural SyrupSkill Usage -15%
123Natural SyrupSuper Sweet
124Milch BeanTiny
125Jewel BeansBean Brightness
126Big Milch BeanSmall
127Small Milch BeanFlea Size
128Red DevilStinky
129Red DevilReally Spicy
130Blue DevilVery Bitter-Spicy
131Sharp PepperHellish Spicy
132Bitter Tree SeedVery Bitter
133Spice FruitTiny
134Spice FruitSuperior Smell
135Epicure NutExquisite Taste
136Epicure NutGood Quality
137Anti-Bug GrassStinky
138Anti-Bug GrassSpicy
139Medicinal LeafPrevent Ailment
140Reaper HerbDeath Odor
141Reaper HerbHarmful Poison
142Wood FragmentsNice Smell
143Charcoal PiecesBurn Easily
144Purification BlockStimulant
145Mud BallWeird Shape
146Ash BallStrange Shape
147Gold BallPrice +15%
148Gold BallAvant-Garde Form
149Lady's BeardSoft
150Golden YarnGold Power
151Mysterious SilkMystic Power
152Round MossSoft
153Antique MossSuper Elastic
154Fresh Water MossGreen Power
155Mtn. Bird FeatherNone
156Eagle FeatherWind Words
157Paradise FeatherGale Words
158Word Stone-StarPower Words
159Word Stone-MoonProtection Words
160Word Stone-SunTiny
161Word Stone-SunSpeed Words
162Word Stone-SeaLife Words
163Word Stone-SeaMind Words
164Word Stone-ManAll Soul Pour
165Word Stone-ManSoul Words
166Verdure GrassCute
167Lucky CloverLoveable
168Lucky CloverFairy Power
169Oblivion CloverOblivion Power
170Honey PoppyVery Nice Smell
171Moonlight GrassNormalize Body
173DunkelheitSave Predicament
174White FlowerUnparalyze
175Red FlowerStimulant
176Purple FlowerFix Wound
177Purple FlowerDetoxify
179Clean WaterHealing Water
180Muddy WaterPrice -10%
181Salty WaterSalty
182Spring WaterWater Blessing
183Spring WaterGood Quality
184Cow MilkNone
185Rich Cow MilkFull Nutrition
186Aged Cow MilkSome Nutrition
187Crowned Cow MilkSkill Usage -25%
188Crowned Cow MilkPerfect Nutrition
189Liquid CrystalIce Power
190Element CoreFire Power
191Element CoreSpirit's Anger
192Crystalline EtherHide
193Water CrystalIce Guard
194Fossil OilScorching Flame
195Genesis CapsuleLight of Life
196Genesis CapsuleAbility Decline
198Rock TreeBig
199Piece of WoodHuge
200River WoodReally Hard
201Mossy DriftwoodBurn Easily
202Ancient RootMonster Size
203Ancient RootGood Quality
204Thin FruitSour
205Ripe FruitSweet
206Fully Ripe FruitSuper Sweet
207Golden FruitHeavenly Sweet
208Golden FruitGold Power
209Golden FruitGood Quality
210Cow DroppingSuperior Smell
211Cow DroppingMonster Calling
212Gold ObjectRegular Form
213Gold ObjectGold Power
214Gold ObjectGood Quality
215Fire StoneBurn Easily
217Lava StoneBlow Away
218Dried FatBurn Easily
219Ghost ClothRestrain Poison
220Fire Spirit BreathFire Guard
221Pixie BreathSpirit Specific
222Pixie BreathFix Fatal Wound
223Night Fog BottleComplex Poison
224Black SpringReally Stinky
225Silver LiquidBrittle
226Nectar WaterRevival
227JunkPrice -10%
228JunkSkill Usage -10%
229Ancient TrashPrice -20%
230Ancient TrashSkill Usage -15%
231Broken ItemPrice -30%
232Broken ItemSkill Usage -25%
233Never-Melting IceIce Power
234Aqua Spider ThreadNone
235Slag StoneSmall
236Red Slag StoneLife Power
237Green Slag StoneSlag Specific
238Slag GemSlag Specific
239Slag GemLightning Power
240Fire Slag StoneFire Power
241Ice Slag StoneIce Power
242Soul Slag StoneSlag Specific
243Soul Slag StoneExhaustion
244Sky Slag StoneGeometrical Form
245Sky Slag StoneResonate Alchemy
246Earth Slag StoneSuper Hard Body
247Earth Slag StoneScrape Off Life
248Hard ClawHard
249Big ClawBig
250Ruler's ClawBeast Specific
251Ruler's ClawExplosiveness
252Crystal ClawSpirit Specific
253Crystal ClawKeen Sense
254FurPH RES +5
255Soft FurPrice +5%
256Soft FurSoft
257Cryptid FurTemperature RES
258Quality FurPrice +10%
259Silver FurPrice +15%
260Silver FurGood Quality
261Dragon TailSome Nutrition
262Living TailAuto Activate 30%
263Fairy TailSmall
264Fairy TailFairy Power
265Dragon ScaleStats +6
266Dragon ScaleDragon Specific
267Land Dragon ScaleAncient Power
268Shining ScaleRewind Time
269Dragon FangPurification
270Great Beast FangBeast Specific
271Great Beast FangFaster
272Black FangAmplify Pain
273Spirit MagnetSpirit Blessing
274Spirit MagnetSpirit Power
275Time Guard FlowerMythic Potency
276Time Guard FlowerTime Power
277Conventional ClothPH RES +12
278Conventional ClothBig
279Conventional ClothBeautiful Form
280Conventional ClothVery Nice Smell
281Conventional ClothGood Quality
282Salt FlowerStats +6
283Salt FlowerRegular Form
284Salt FlowerReally Hard
285Salt FlowerNice Smell
286Salt FlowerQuality Change
287Mellow AnimalHuge
288Mellow AnimalLoveable
289Mellow AnimalWeird Shape
290Mellow AnimalSuper Elastic
291Mellow AnimalGood Quality
292Scent BagForce +10%11
293Scent BagHigh Speed LV116
294Scent BagStable Effect 20%22
295Scent BagCritical LV133
296Scent BagPrice -20%44
297CraftForce +10%12
298CraftHigh Speed LV118
299CraftStable Effect 20%24
300CraftCritical LV137
301CraftPrice -20%49
302Bright CraftCritical LV118
303Bright CraftStable Effect 20%28
304Bright CraftForce +20%37
305Bright CraftHigh Speed LV256
306Bright CraftCritical LV275
307BombCritical LV113
308BombStable Effect 20%19
309BombForce +20%26
310BombHigh Speed LV239
311BombCritical LV252
312Zeit BombPrice -10%19
313Zeit BombCritical LV229
314Zeit BombStable Effect 30%39
315Zeit BombHigh Speed LV258
316Zeit BombForce +20%78
317Ice BombPrice -10%14
318Ice BombCritical LV221
319Ice BombStable Effect 30%28
320Ice BombHigh Speed LV242
321Ice BombForce +20%56
322Eis Ice BombCritical LV120
323Eis Ice BombStable Effect 20%30
324Eis Ice BombForce +20%40
325Eis Ice BombHigh Speed LV261
326Eis Ice BombCritical LV281
327Lightning BombForce +10%16
328Lightning BombHigh Speed LV124
329Lightning BombStable Effect 20%32
330Lightning BombCritical LV148
331Lightning BombPrice -20%64
332Lightning SternPrice -10%21
333Lightning SternCritical LV231
334Lightning SternStable Effect 30%42
335Lightning SternHigh Speed LV263
336Lightning SternForce +20%84
337Exa-BombPrice -10%23
338Exa-BombCritical LV234
339Exa-BombStable Effect 30%46
340Exa-BombHigh Speed LV269
341Exa-BombForce +20%92
342Himmel SchenkForce +10%20
343Himmel SchenkHigh Speed LV130
344Himmel SchenkStable Effect 20%40
345Himmel SchenkCritical LV160
346Himmel SchenkPrice -20%80
347Divine OracleCritical LV122
348Divine OracleStable Effect 20%33
349Divine OracleForce +20%44
350Divine OracleHigh Speed LV266
351Divine OracleCritical LV288
352Flame AquaForce +10%11
353Flame AquaHigh Speed LV117
354Flame AquaStable Effect 20%23
355Flame AquaCritical LV134
356Flame AquaPrice -20%46
357Ice AquaCritical LV118
358Ice AquaStable Effect 20%27
359Ice AquaForce +20%36
360Ice AquaHigh Speed LV254
361Ice AquaCritical LV272
362Poison AquaPrice -10%11
363Poison AquaCritical LV217
364Poison AquaStable Effect 30%23
365Poison AquaHigh Speed LV234
366Poison AquaForce +20%46
367Black EclipsePrice -10%24
368Black EclipseCritical LV236
369Black EclipseStable Effect 30%48
370Black EclipseHigh Speed LV272
371Black EclipseForce +20%96
372Magic SquarePrice -10%25
373Magic SquareCritical LV237
374Magic SquareStable Effect 30%50
375Magic SquareHigh Speed LV275
376Magic SquareForce +20%100
377Riesen OintmentRecovery +10%11
378Riesen OintmentCritical LV116
379Riesen OintmentStable Effect 20%22
380Riesen OintmentPrice -10%33
381Riesen OintmentHigh Speed LV144
382Powerful OintmentCritical LV116
383Powerful OintmentRecovery +10%24
384Powerful OintmentHigh Speed LV132
385Powerful OintmentPrice -10%48
386Powerful OintmentStable Effect 30%64
387Wonder CreamRecovery +10%20
388Wonder CreamCritical LV230
389Wonder CreamStable Effect 30%40
390Wonder CreamContinuation LV161
391Wonder CreamRecovery +30%81
392Squash TeaCritical LV114
393Squash TeaRecovery +10%21
394Squash TeaHigh Speed LV128
395Squash TeaPrice -10%42
396Squash TeaStable Effect 30%56
397Clearing DecoctionHigh Speed LV113
398Clearing DecoctionStable Effect 20%20
399Clearing DecoctionCritical LV227
400Clearing DecoctionRecovery +30%40
401Clearing DecoctionStable Effect 30%54
402Disease WardRecovery +10%19
403Disease WardCritical LV128
404Disease WardStable Effect 30%38
405Disease WardHigh Speed LV257
406Disease WardRecovery +20%76
407Anti-Sick PowderRecovery +10%13
408Anti-Sick PowderCritical LV119
409Anti-Sick PowderStable Effect 20%26
410Anti-Sick PowderPrice -10%39
411Anti-Sick PowderHigh Speed LV152
412Body Energy PowderHigh Speed LV115
413Body Energy PowderStable Effect 20%23
414Body Energy PowderCritical LV231
415Body Energy PowderRecovery +30%46
416Body Energy PowderStable Effect 30%62
417Mineral PowderRecovery +10%16
418Mineral PowderCritical LV124
419Mineral PowderStable Effect 20%32
420Mineral PowderPrice -10%49
421Mineral PowderHigh Speed LV165
422Worker CompressCritical LV114
423Worker CompressRecovery +10%22
424Worker CompressHigh Speed LV129
425Worker CompressPrice -10%44
426Worker CompressStable Effect 30%59
427Body CompressHigh Speed LV118
428Body CompressStable Effect 20%28
429Body CompressCritical LV237
430Body CompressRecovery +30%56
431Body CompressStable Effect 30%75
432Medical PatchRecovery +10%12
433Medical PatchCritical LV119
434Medical PatchStable Effect 20%25
435Medical PatchPrice -10%38
436Medical PatchHigh Speed LV151
437Secret RemedyRecovery +10%22
438Secret RemedyCritical LV133
439Secret RemedyStable Effect 30%44
440Secret RemedyHigh Speed LV267
441Secret RemedyRecovery +20%89
442Silent PillRecovery +10%21
443Silent PillCritical LV132
444Silent PillStable Effect 30%43
445Silent PillHigh Speed LV264
446Silent PillRecovery +20%86
447One Drop RecoveryCritical LV118
448One Drop RecoveryHigh Speed LV127
449One Drop RecoveryAuto Activate 20%36
450One Drop RecoveryRecovery +20%54
451One Drop RecoveryCritical LV272
452Mental ExtractCritical LV119
453Mental ExtractHigh Speed LV129
454Mental ExtractAuto Activate 20%39
455Mental ExtractRecovery +20%58
456Mental ExtractCritical LV278
457Forbidden CapsuleRecovery +10%23
458Forbidden CapsuleCritical LV135
459Forbidden CapsuleStable Effect 30%47
460Forbidden CapsuleHigh Speed LV270
461Forbidden CapsuleRecovery +20%94
462Aroma MistCritical LV116
463Aroma MistHigh Speed LV125
464Aroma MistAuto Activate 20%33
465Aroma MistRecovery +20%50
466Aroma MistCritical LV267
467Sprayer TalismanCritical LV117
468Sprayer TalismanRecovery +10%25
469Sprayer TalismanHigh Speed LV134
470Sprayer TalismanPrice -10%51
471Sprayer TalismanStable Effect 30%68
472Passion PerfumeStable Rate 20%17
473Passion PerfumeForce +10%26
474Passion PerfumeHigh Speed LV135
475Passion PerfumePrice -10%52
476Passion PerfumeStable Effect 30%70
477God's Miracle DrugRecovery +10%26
478God's Miracle DrugCritical LV239
479God's Miracle DrugStable Effect 30%52
480God's Miracle DrugContinuation LV178
481God's Miracle DrugRecovery +30%104
483BaguetteRecovery +10%16
485BaguetteCritical LV133
486BaguettePrice -20%44
487Royal BaguetteNice Smell17
488Royal BaguetteHigh Speed LV125
489Royal BaguetteJuicy34
490Royal BaguettePrice -10%51
491Royal BaguetteRecovery +30%68
492Hot BaguetteSoft16
493Hot BaguetteStable Effect 20%24
494Hot BaguetteSalty32
495Hot BaguetteRecovery +20%48
496Hot BaguetteHigh Speed LV264
497Black BaguetteSweet14
498Black BaguetteRecovery +10%22
499Black BaguetteCute29
500Black BaguetteCritical LV144
501Black BaguettePrice -20%59
503DanishRecovery +10%20
505DanishCritical LV140
506DanishPrice -20%54
507Crisp DanishSoft12
508Crisp DanishStable Effect 20%18
509Crisp DanishSalty24
510Crisp DanishRecovery +20%36
511Crisp DanishHigh Speed LV248
512Caramel DanishNice Smell16
513Caramel DanishHigh Speed LV124
514Caramel DanishJuicy32
515Caramel DanishPrice -10%49
516Caramel DanishRecovery +30%65
517Flower MuffinNice Smell14
518Flower MuffinSweet22
519Flower MuffinSimple Taste29
520Flower MuffinCute44
521Flower MuffinHomemade Taste59
522Bitter MuffinSweet16
523Bitter MuffinRecovery +10%24
524Bitter MuffinCute32
525Bitter MuffinCritical LV148
526Bitter MuffinPrice -20%64
527Soft MuffinSoft17
528Soft MuffinStable Effect 20%25
529Soft MuffinSalty34
530Soft MuffinRecovery +20%51
531Soft MuffinHigh Speed LV268
532Bread StarsSweet12
533Bread StarsRecovery +10%19
534Bread StarsCute25
535Bread StarsCritical LV138
536Bread StarsPrice -20%51
537Venus Bread StarsSoft16
538Venus Bread StarsStable Effect 20%24
539Venus Bread StarsSalty32
540Venus Bread StarsRecovery +20%49
541Venus Bread StarsHigh Speed LV265
542Ocean StarsNice Smell18
543Ocean StarsHigh Speed LV128
544Ocean StarsJuicy37
545Ocean StarsPrice -10%56
546Ocean StarsRecovery +30%75
548BunRecovery +10%20
550BunCritical LV140
551BunPrice -20%54
552Meat BunSoft14
553Meat BunStable Effect 20%22
554Meat BunSalty29
555Meat BunRecovery +20%44
556Meat BunHigh Speed LV259
557Veggie BunSoft15
558Veggie BunStable Effect 20%23
559Veggie BunSalty31
560Veggie BunRecovery +20%46
561Veggie BunHigh Speed LV262
562Country BreadSweet14
563Country BreadRecovery +10%21
564Country BreadCute28
565Country BreadCritical LV143
566Country BreadPrice -20%57
567Traditional BreadSoft18
568Traditional BreadStable Effect 20%27
569Traditional BreadSalty36
570Traditional BreadRecovery +20%54
571Traditional BreadHigh Speed LV272
572Stone BreadNice Smell22
573Stone BreadHigh Speed LV133
574Stone BreadJuicy44
575Stone BreadPrice -10%66
576Stone BreadRecovery +30%88
577Veggie SoupSweet12
578Veggie SoupRecovery +10%18
579Veggie SoupCute24
580Veggie SoupCritical LV137
581Veggie SoupPrice -20%49
582Bean SoupSoft13
583Bean SoupStable Effect 20%20
584Bean SoupSalty27
585Bean SoupRecovery +20%40
586Bean SoupHigh Speed LV254
587Sunset BrothNice Smell16
588Sunset BrothHigh Speed LV124
589Sunset BrothJuicy32
590Sunset BrothPrice -10%48
591Sunset BrothRecovery +30%64
592Hell SoupSpicy9
593Hell SoupBitter14
594Hell SoupReally Spicy19
595Hell SoupVery Bitter24
596Hell SoupTasteless34
597Genug Water PotRecovery +10%22
598Genug Water PotCritical LV133
599Genug Water PotStable Effect 20%44
600Genug Water PotPrice -10%66
601Genug Water PotHigh Speed LV188
602Mirage MirrorCritical LV123
603Mirage MirrorStable Effect 20%34
604Mirage MirrorForce +20%46
605Mirage MirrorHigh Speed LV269
606Mirage MirrorCritical LV292
607Weird TalismanHigh Speed LV117
608Weird TalismanStable Effect 20%26
609Weird TalismanCritical LV235
610Weird TalismanRecovery +30%52
611Weird TalismanStable Effect 30%70
612Power TotemRecovery +10%18
613Power TotemCritical LV127
614Power TotemStable Effect 30%36
615Power TotemHigh Speed LV255
616Power TotemRecovery +20%73
617Crystal CharmCritical LV122
618Crystal CharmRecovery +10%34
619Crystal CharmHigh Speed LV145
620Crystal CharmPrice -10%68
621Crystal CharmStable Effect 30%91
622Needleless ShotCritical LV121
623Needleless ShotHigh Speed LV131
624Needleless ShotAuto Activate 20%42
625Needleless ShotRecovery +20%63
626Needleless ShotCritical LV284
627Metastasis WingNone
628Artisan WhetstoneATK +314
629Artisan WhetstoneHP +1021
630Artisan WhetstoneSkill Usage -10%28
631Artisan WhetstoneSkill Power +7%42
632Artisan WhetstoneATK +556
633Expert WhetstoneHP +1016
634Expert WhetstoneMP +1024
635Expert WhetstoneSPD +532
636Expert WhetstoneATK +548
637Expert WhetstoneAIL RES +5064
638Soul WhetstoneSkill Power +5%18
639Soul WhetstoneSkill Usage -10%27
640Soul WhetstoneATK +336
641Soul WhetstoneHP +1554
642Soul WhetstoneMP +1572
643Blade WhetstoneATK +320
644Blade WhetstoneSPD +530
645Blade WhetstonePH RES +540
646Blade WhetstoneSkill Usage -15%60
647Blade WhetstoneSkill Enhance LV180
648Polish DyeATK +314
649Polish DyeF RES +1021
650Polish DyeAIL RES +2028
651Polish DyeMP +1042
652Polish DyePH RES +756
653Training DyeSPD +516
654Training DyeF RES +1024
655Training DyeStats +232
656Training DyeI RES +1048
657Training DyeSkill Enhance LV164
658Magic DyeStats +218
659Magic DyeAIL RES +2027
660Magic DyePH RES +536
661Magic DyeMP +1054
662Magic DyeHP +1572
663Reflection DyeF RES +1520
664Reflection DyeI RES +1530
665Reflection DyeL RES +1540
666Reflection DyeAIL RES +3360
667Reflection DyeStats +480
669CheeseStable Effect 20%20
671CheeseRecovery +20%40
672CheeseHigh Speed LV254
673Aged CheeseSoft15
674Aged CheeseStable Effect 20%22
675Aged CheeseSalty30
676Aged CheeseRecovery +20%45
677Aged CheeseHigh Speed LV260
678Fermented CheeseSoft17
679Fermented CheeseStable Effect 20%26
680Fermented CheeseSalty35
681Fermented CheeseRecovery +20%52
682Fermented CheeseHigh Speed LV270
683Portable ContainerNone
685Speculator DieNone
686Nomadic ShoesNone
687Corrective GlassesNone
688ZettelContinuation LV219
689ZettelRecovery +30%32
690Pulp PaperCritical LV217
691Pulp PaperAuto Activate 50%29
692Half PaperRecovery +10%25
693Half PaperContinuation LV342
694Magisha SheetContinuation LV228
695Magisha SheetStable Effect 50%48
696LeatherRecovery +20%21
697LeatherPrice -30%36
698LeatherPH RES +551
699Beast LeatherRecovery +10%27
700Beast LeatherCritical LV346
701Beast LeatherPH RES +1261
702Hard SkinStable Rate 30%23
703Hard SkinHigh Speed LV339
704Hard SkinPH RES +554
705Fortified LeatherCritical LV225
706Fortified LeatherForce +20%43
707Fortified LeatherPH RES +758
708Polish PowderStable Effect 30%19
709Polish PowderCritical LV332
710Grain PowderContinuation LV218
711Grain PowderRecovery +30%31
712Bone PowderBig31
713Bone PowderStable Rate 50%53
714Clean PollenCritical LV224
715Clean PollenAuto Activate 50%41
716Glass PowderCritical LV222
717Glass PowderForce +20%38
718Black PowderStable Rate 30%20
719Black PowderHigh Speed LV334
720Secret SpiceCritical LV230
721Secret SpiceAuto Activate 50%51
722Coarse SaltRecovery +10%19
723Coarse SaltContinuation LV333
724Handmade PotCritical LV219
725Handmade PotForce +20%32
726Preserve PotStable Effect 30%22
727Preserve PotCritical LV337
728Genug Blessing PotForce +10%30
729Genug Blessing PotStable Effect 50%50
730Bottomless PotBig25
731Bottomless PotStable Rate 50%43
732Goddess PotCritical LV236
733Goddess PotPrice -30%60
734Pressed OilCritical LV219
735Pressed OilAuto Activate 50%32
736Liquid ButterRecovery +10%21
737Liquid ButterContinuation LV336
738White OilAuto Activate 30%27
739White OilStable Effect 50%45
740Distilled WaterRecovery +20%22
741Distilled WaterPrice -30%37
742Everpure WaterRecovery +10%34
743Everpure WaterCritical LV358
744Memory InkStable Rate 30%23
745Memory InkHigh Speed LV339
746Glass RodCritical LV225
747Glass RodForce +20%42
748WaxStable Effect 30%18
749WaxCritical LV331
750Bean MilkContinuation LV221
751Bean MilkRecovery +30%36
752Gelatinous OilForce +10%24
753Gelatinous OilStable Effect 50%40
754CorundumATK +318
755CorundumHP +1027
756CorundumSkill Usage -10%36
757CorundumSkill Power +7%54
758CorundumATK +572
759White ObsidianATK +322
760White ObsidianF RES +1033
761White ObsidianAIL RES +2044
762White ObsidianMP +1066
763White ObsidianPH RES +788
764Diamond BallSPD +524
765Diamond BallF RES +1036
766Diamond BallStats +248
767Diamond BallI RES +1072
768Diamond BallSkill Enhance LV196
769GoldStats +226
770GoldAIL RES +2039
771GoldPH RES +552
772GoldMP +1078
773GoldHP +15104
774Soft Metal RodStable Rate 30%21
775Soft Metal RodHigh Speed LV336
776Dried Medical HerbContinuation LV217
777Dried Medical HerbRecovery +30%29
778Dry HerbCritical LV219
779Dry HerbAuto Activate 50%33
780Tea LeafRecovery +10%19
781Tea LeafContinuation LV333
782HoneyContinuation LV218
783HoneyRecovery +30%31
784Golden NectarAuto Activate 30%24
785Golden NectarStable Effect 50%40
786Strong YarnATK +314
787Strong YarnHP +1021
788Strong YarnSkill Usage -10%28
789Strong YarnSkill Power +7%42
790Strong YarnATK +556
791Steel Yarn BallATK +318
792Steel Yarn BallF RES +1027
793Steel Yarn BallAIL RES +2036
794Steel Yarn BallMP +1054
795Steel Yarn BallPH RES +772
796Cow CreamCritical LV222
797Cow CreamAuto Activate 50%37
798Fluffy WhipAuto Activate 30%21
799Fluffy WhipStable Effect 50%35
800DetergentRecovery +10%19
801DetergentCritical LV333
802Adhesion JellyContinuation LV227
803Adhesion JellyRecovery +30%45
804Melt SteelStable Rate 30%33
805Melt SteelHigh Speed LV355
806Scorching DrinkStable Effect 30%34
807Scorching DrinkCritical LV357
808Polished CrystalATK +316
809Polished CrystalHP +1024
810Polished CrystalSkill Usage -10%32
811Polished CrystalSkill Power +7%48
812Polished CrystalATK +564
813Flan CharcoalCritical LV225
814Flan CharcoalForce +20%42
815Medical SolutionContinuation LV231
816Medical SolutionRecovery +30%53
817Rich FertilizerRecovery +10%24
818Rich FertilizerContinuation LV341
819TonicCritical LV227
820TonicAuto Activate 50%45
825Success RingATK +321
826Success RingHP +1032
827Success RingSkill Usage -10%43
828Success RingSkill Power +7%64
829Success RingATK +586
830Mystery TalismanATK +320
831Mystery TalismanF RES +1031
832Mystery TalismanAIL RES +2041
833Mystery TalismanMP +1062
834Mystery TalismanPH RES +783
835Phoenix BraceletSPD +524
836Phoenix BraceletF RES +1037
837Phoenix BraceletStats +249
838Phoenix BraceletI RES +1074
839Phoenix BraceletSkill Enhance LV199
840Medical EarringStats +218
841Medical EarringAIL RES +2027
842Medical EarringPH RES +536
843Medical EarringMP +1054
844Medical EarringHP +1572
845Unglazed CharmMP +1016
846Unglazed CharmSkill Usage -15%25
847Unglazed CharmSkill Power +7%33
848Unglazed CharmATK +350
849Unglazed CharmSPD +767
850Feather PinHP +1015
851Feather PinMP +1023
852Feather PinSPD +531
853Feather PinATK +546
854Feather PinAIL RES +5062
855PotpourriSkill Power +5%14
856PotpourriSkill Usage -10%21
857PotpourriATK +328
858PotpourriHP +1542
859PotpourriMP +1556
860Fur GlovesATK +314
861Fur GlovesSPD +522
862Fur GlovesPH RES +529
863Fur GlovesSkill Usage -15%44
864Fur GlovesSkill Enhance LV159
865Dragon Scale IconF RES +1524
866Dragon Scale IconI RES +1536
867Dragon Scale IconL RES +1548
868Dragon Scale IconAIL RES +3373
869Dragon Scale IconStats +497
870Shadow CloakATK +323
871Shadow CloakHP +1035
872Shadow CloakSkill Usage -10%47
873Shadow CloakSkill Power +7%70
874Shadow CloakATK +594
875Soul Trap ChainATK +322
876Soul Trap ChainF RES +1034
877Soul Trap ChainAIL RES +2045
878Soul Trap ChainMP +1068
879Soul Trap ChainPH RES +791
880Silent ShoesSPD +518
881Silent ShoesF RES +1027
882Silent ShoesStats +236
883Silent ShoesI RES +1055
884Silent ShoesSkill Enhance LV173
885Fortune CardStats +219
886Fortune CardAIL RES +2028
887Fortune CardPH RES +538
888Fortune CardMP +1057
889Fortune CardHP +1576
890Resonance BellMP +1020
891Resonance BellSkill Usage -15%31
892Resonance BellSkill Power +7%41
893Resonance BellATK +362
894Resonance BellSPD +783
895Glass TiaraHP +1022
896Glass TiaraMP +1033
897Glass TiaraSPD +544
898Glass TiaraATK +566
899Glass TiaraAIL RES +5088
900Nimbus StoneStats +433
901Nimbus StoneHuge55
902Slag TransmitterSlag Specific36
903Slag TransmitterGeometrical Form60
904Dragon TalismanHP +15
905Dragon TalismanMP +15
906Dragon TalismanStats +6
907Madder IronFire Guard27
908Madder IronScorching Flame45

Direct download link: ayesha_properties.csv

Properties Descriptions

1Force +10%Item power increases 10% when used against an enemy.
2Force +20%Item power increases 20% when used against an enemy.Force +10% x Force +10%
3Force +30%Item power increases 30% when used against an enemy.Force +20% x Force +20%
4Recovery +10%Item power increases 10% when used on an ally.
5Recovery +20%Item power increases 20% when used on an ally.Recovery +10% x Recovery +10%
6Recovery +30%Item power increases 30% when used on an ally.Recovery +20% x Recovery +20%
7Critical LV20% chance of item's effect to land a critical hit. Stackable.Force +10% x Recovery +10%
8Critical LV 230% chance of item's effect to land a critical hit. Stackable.Force +20% x Recovery +20% OR Critical Lv1 x Critical Lv1
9Critical LV 350% chance of item's effect to land a critical hit. Stackable.Force +30% x Recovery +30% OR Critical Lv2 x Critical Lv2
10Auto Activate 20%Item activates when Ayesha's HP drops below 20%. However, item power decreases by 20%.
11Auto Activate 30%Item activates when Ayesha's HP drops below 30%. However, item power decreases by 30%.
12Auto Activate 50%Item activates when Ayesha's HP drops below 50%. However, item power decreases by 50%.
13Stable Effect 20%The lowest randomly generated item power increases by 20%.
14Stable Effect 30%The lowest randomly generated item power increases by 30%.
15Stable Effect 50%The lowest randomly generated item power increases by 50%.
16Stable Rate 20%Increases success rate of an item's effect by 20%.
17Stable Rate 30%Increases success rate of an item's effect by 30%.Stable Rate 20% x Stable Rate 20%
18Stable Rate 50%Increases success rate of an item's effect by 50%.Stable Rate 30% x Stable Rate 30%
19Price +5%Increase the cost of an item by 5%.
20Price +10%Increase the cost of an item by 10%.Price +5% x Price +5%
21Price +15%Increase the cost of an item by 15%.Price +10% x Price +10%
22Price -10%Decrease item cost by 10%, but no less than a certain value.
23Price -20%Decrease item cost by 20%, but no less than a certain value.Price -10% x Price -10%
24Price -30%Decrease item cost by 30%, but no less than a certain value.Price -20% x Price -20%
25HP +10Max. HP increases by 10.
26HP +15Max. HP increases by 15.
27HP +25Max. HP increases by 25.HP +10 x HP +15
28MP +10Max. MP increases by 10.
29MP +15Max. MP increases by 15.
30MP +25Max. MP increases by 25.MP +10 x MP +15
31ATK +3ATK increases by 3.
32ATK +5ATK increases by 5.
33ATK +8ATK increases by 8.ATK +3 x ATK +5
34SPD +58PD increases by 5.
35SPD +7SPD increases by 7.
36SPD +12SPD increases by 12.SPD +3 x SPD +5
37Stats +2Increase HP, MP, ATK, PH RES, and 8PD by 2.
38Stats +4Increase HP, MP, ATK, PH RES, and SPD by 4.
39Stats +6Increase HP, MP, ATK, PH RES, and SPD by 6.Stats +2 x Stats +4
40PH RES +5PH RES increases by 5.
41PH RES +7PH RES increases by 7.
42PH RES +12PH RES increases by 12.PH RES +5 x PH RES +7
43F RES +10F RES increases by 10.
44F RES +15F RES increases by 15.
45F RES +25F RES increases by 25.F RES +10 x F RES +15
46I RES +10I RES increases by 10.
47I RES +15I RES increases by 15.
48I RES +25I RES increases by 25.I RES +10 x I RES +15
49L RES +10L RES increases by 10.
50L RES +15L RES increases by 15.
51L RES +25L RES increases by 25.L RES +10 x L RES +15
52AIL RES +20AIL RES increases by 20.
53AIL RES +33AIL RES increases by 33.
54AIL RES +50AIL RES increases by 50.AIL RES +20 x AIL RES +33
55Skill Power +5%Skill power increases by 5%, but MP cost increases by 10%.
56Skill Power +7%Skill power increases by 7%, but MP cost increases by 14%.
57Skill Power +12%Skill power increases by 12%, but MP cost increases by 24%.Skill Power +5% x Skill Power +7%
58Skill Usage -10%MP consumption decreased by 10%.
59Skill Usage -15%MP consumption decreased by 15%.
60Skill Usage -25%MP consumption decreased by 25%.Skill Usage -10% x Skill Usage -15%
61Skill Enhance LV1Skill power increases by 5% and MP cost decreases by 10%.Skill Power +5% x Skill Usage -10%
62Skill Enhance LV2Skill power increases by 7% and MP cost decreases by 15%.Skill Power +7% x Skill Usage -15%
63Skill Enhance LV3Skill power increases by 12% and MP cost decreases by 25%.Skill Power +12% x Skill Usage -25%
64High Speed LV1Required wait time after item usage reduced by 10%.
65High Speed LV2Required wait time after item usage reduced by 20%.
66High Speed LV3Required wait time after item usage reduced by 30%.
67Continuation LV1Item becomes time-activated, but power decreases by 20%. (1 turn)
68Continuation LV2Item becomes time-activated, but power decreases by 30%. (2 turns)
69Continuation LV3Item becomes time-activated, but power decreases by 40%. (3 turns)
70BigItem power increases by 20%, but wait time increases by 20%.
71HugeItem power increases by 30%, but wait time increases by 30%.
72Monster SizeItem power increases by 50%, but wait time increases by 50%.Big x Huge
73SmallWait time after item usage shortens by 20%, but reduces power by 10%.
74TinyWait time after item usage shortens by 30%, but reduces power by 20%.
75Flea SizeWait time after item usage shortens by 50%, but reduces power by 30%.Small x Tiny
76CutePrice increases by 10%, rating increases by 5. Looks cute.
77LoveablePrice increases by 15%, rating increases by 7. Looks lovely.
78Ultimate CutenessPrice increases by 25%, rating increases by 10. Looks super cute.Cute x Loveable
79Weird ShapePrice increases by 10%, rating increases by 4. Looks oddly cute.
80Strange ShapePrice increases by 15%, rating increases by 6. Looks strange.
81Avant-Garde FormPrice increases by 25%, rating increases by 11. Very avant-garde.Weird Shape x Strange Shape
82Regular FormPrice increases by 10%, rating increases by 6. Looks organized.
83Beautiful FormPrice increases by 15%, rating increases by 9. Looks beautiful.
84Geometrical FormPrice increases by 25%, rating increases by 12. Looks geometrical.Regular Form x Beautiful Form
85HardThe hard material inflicts minor additional damage.
86Really HardThe very hard material inflicts additional damage.
87Super Hard BodyThe super hard material inflicts major additional damage.Hard x Really Hard
88SoftThe soft material slightly increases the HP restoration.
89PerkyThe perky material increases the HP restoration a little.
90Super ElasticThe elastic material increases the HP restoration by a lot.Soft x Perky
91StinkyIts stinky smell slightly decreases ATK.
92Really StinkyIts really stinky smell decreases ATK.
93Fainting in AgonyIts extremely foul smell decreases ATK by a lot.Stinky x Really Stinky
94Nice SmellIts nice smell slightly increases the MP restore effect.
95Very Nice SmellIts very nice smell increases the MP restore effect a little.
96Superior SmellIts superior smell increases the MP restore effect.Nice Smell x Really Nice Smell
97Simple TasteThe simple taste increases the HP restoration. Effect depends on the max. HP. (S)
98Homemade TasteThe homemade taste increases the HP restoration. Effect depends on the max. HP. (M)
99Comfort TasteThe comfort taste increases the HP restoration. Effect depends on the max. HP. (L)Simple Taste x Homemade Taste
100SweetThe sweetness slightly lengthens the HP restoration time.
101Really SweetThe strong sweetness lengthens the HP restoration time a little.
102Super SweetThe extreme sweetness lengthens the HP restoration time. PH RES decreases slightly.Sweet x Really Sweet
103Heavenly SweetThe heavenly sweetness increases the HP restoration time.Really Sweet x Super Sweet
104SpicyThe spices slightly increase ATK, but deal damage for a certain length of time.
105Really SpicyThe crazy spices increase ATK a little, but deal damage for a certain length of time.
106Burns Your TongueThe extreme spices increase ATK, but deal damage for a certain length of time.Spicy x Really Spicy
107Hellish SpicyThe out-of-this-world spices increase ATK, but deal damage for a certain length of time.Really Spicy x Burn Your Tongue
108Some NutritionThe nutrients increase item effect by 10%.
109Full NutritionPlenty of nutrients increase item effect by 20%.
110Perfect NutritionThe abundant nutrients increase item effect by 30%.Some Nutrition x Full Nutrition
111BitterThe bitterness inflicts slight MP damage.
112Very BitterThe bitterness has a chance of inflicting stun.
113Bitter-SpicyThe bitter-spiciness inflicts slight HP and MP damages.Bitter x Any Spicy
114Very Bitter-SpicyThe bitter-spiciness inflicts HP damage, and has a chance of inflicting stun.Very Bitter x Any Spicy
115Ultimate BitterThe ultimate bitterness inflicts MP damage, and has a chance of inflicting stun.Bitter x Very Bitter
116SourThe sourness slightly restores MP.
117SaltyThe saltiness inflicts minor MP damage.
118JuicyThe juiciness slightly restores HP.
119Exquisite TasteThe rich flavor restores HP and increases ATK, SPD and all RES.Any Bitter x Any Different Bitter x Juicy
120TastelessNumbs your taste buds.
121Slag SpecificGuaranteed critical hit against slag monsters when equipped.
122Spirit SpecificGuaranteed critical hit against elemental monsters when equipped.
123Beast SpecificGuaranteed critical hit against beast monsters when equipped.
124Dragon SpecificGuaranteed critical hit against dragon monsters when equipped.
125Spark FruitThe sparks inflict minor physical damage.
126Burst FruitThe bursts inflict additional physical damage.
127Fix Slight WoundIncreases HP restoration. (S)
128Fix WoundIncreases HP restoration. (M)
129Fix Major WoundIncreases HP restoration. (L)
130Fix Fatal WoundRevives and restores a lot of HP, and revives when KO'd.
131StimulantRevives and restores a little HP, and revives when KO'd.
132RevivalRevives and slightly restores HP, and revives when KO'd.
133RecoveryRevives and restores HP, and revives when KO'd.
134UnparalyzeNulls stun.
135DetoxifyNulls poison.
136Rewind TimeNulls slow.
137Normalize BodyNulls weak.
138Dark VisionNulls blind.
139PurificationNulls all effects on the body, including positive effects.
140Full of PowerATK increases for a certain length of time.
141Great VitalityMax. HP increases for a certain length of time in a battle.
142LightweightSPD increases for a certain length of time.
143SturdyPH RES increases for a certain length of time.
144FasterWait time after an action shortens for a certain length of time.
145ExplosivenessWait time after an action shortens by a lot for a certain length of time.
146Reinforce BodyIncreases ATK, SPD, and all RES.
147Save PredicamentTemporarily increases ATK, 8PD, and all RES. It becomes more effective in critical times.
148Keen SenseTemporarily increases the chance of critical hits.
149Monster CallingIncreases the chance of being targeted.
150Repel MonsterDecreases the chance of being targeted.
151Light of LifeLeaves 1 HP before being KO'd. Effective only once.
152Mythic PotencyTemporarily increases all stats. The higher the level, the more effective it is.
153Spirit BlessingTemporarily increases F RES and I RES
154Prevent AilmentTemporarily decreases the chance of receiving status ailments.
155Death OdorGreatly increases MP, but slight chance of being KO'd.
156Ancient TasteSlightly increases HP restoration. The higher the max. HP, the stronger the effect.
157Healing WaterIncreases HP restoration.
158Water BlessingIncreases HP restoration, and revives when KO'd.
159Fire GuardIncreases F RES by 15.
160Ice GuardIncreases I RES by 15.
161Lightning GuardIncreases L RES by 15.
162North Wind GuardIncreases I RES by 25.
163Mystic GuardIncreases AIL RES by 33.
164Earth GuardSlightly restores HP every turn.
165Silver HoneySlightly restores HP and MP.
166Gold HoneyRestores HP and MP.
167Fire PowerAttack inflicts Fire damage.
168Ice PowerAttack inflicts Ice damage.
169Lightning PowerAttack inflicts Lightning damage.
170RegenerativeSlightly restores HP during an action.
171Gold PowerDecreases physical damage.
172Mystic PowerIncreases AIL RES by 50.
173Oblivion PowerChance of surviving KO, except when HP is 1.
174Life PowerSlightly restores HP during an action.
175Spirit PowerAdds Fire and Ice damage to an attack.
176Fairy PowerSlightly restores HP during an action, and gain chance of surviving K0, except when HP is 1.
177Light PowerGain resistance to Fire and Ice. Decreases MP consumption by 10%.
178Time PowerIncreases success rate by 25%, and item effect becomes timed.
179Diamond PowerDecreases physical damage by 5%. Increases HP, MP, ATK, and SPD by 3.
180Moon PowerIncreases attack evasion rate. Absorbs damage inflicted on enemies as HP.
181High PowerAbsorbs partial damage inflicted on enemies as MP.
182Red PowerAdds Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage to attacks. Absorbs inflicted damage as HP.
183Glass PowerGreatly increases critical bonus and skill power. Greatly decreases PH RES in exchange.
184Ancient PowerGreatly increases skill and item powers.
185Green PowerRestores HP during an action.
186Power PourIncreases critical hit damage by 10%.
187All Power PourIncreases critical hit damage by 15%.
188All Soul PourIncreases critical hit damage by 20%.
189HideSlightly increases the chance of evading attacks.
190Show IllusionModerately increases the chance of evading attacks.
191Virtual ImageIncreases the chance of evading attacks.
192Bean BrightnessRestores HP every turn. Increases the chance of critical hits.
193Temperature RESIncreases resistance to Fire and Ice.
194Restrain PoisonChance of inflicting stun. Same effect when added to equipment.
195Harmful PoisonChance of inflicting poison. Same effect when added to equipment.
196Neural PoisonChance of inflicting slow. Same effect when added to equipment.
197Weakening PoisonChance of inflicting weak. Same effect when added to equipment.
198Visual PoisonChance of inflicting blind. Same effect when added to equipment.
199Complex PoisonChance of inflicting multiple ailments. Same effect when added to equipment.
200Compound PoisonChance of inflicting powerful poison. Same effect when added to equipment.
201Lose PowerAdds an effect to weaken ATK.
202Heavy BodyAdds an effect to weaken SPD.
203BrittleAdds an effect to weaken PH RES.
204ExhaustionConsumes HP during an action. The effect depends on the wait time after the action.
205Scrape Off LifeConsumes HP during an action. The effect depends on the wait time after the action.
206Ability DeclineTemporarily weakens all stats.
207Resonate AlchemyIncreases damage inflicted by items.
208Amplify PainSlightly increases damage inflicted by skills.
209Blow AwayKnock back the target.
210Spirit's AngerAdds Fire and Ice damage during an attack.
211Burn EasilyDecreases F RES
212Burn FuriouslyAdds Fire damage. Temporarily inflicts additional damage.
213Scorching FlameInflicts great Fire damage. Temporarily inflicts additional damage.
214Life CaptureAdds physical damage. Absorbs partial damage inflicted on enemies as HP.
215Sharp SpikeAdds small physical damage.
216Dragon WaveGreatly adds physical damage.
217Suppress MovementChance of inflicting stun.
218Rainbow LightChance of inflicting a random ailment.
219Power WordsDecreases target's ATK. Increases ATK by 5 when equipped.
220Protection WordsDecreases target's PH RES. Increases PH RES by 5 when equipped.
221Speed WordsDecreases target's 8PD. Increases 8PD by 5 when equipped.
222Life WordsInflicts physical damage to target. Increases the max. HP by 15 when equipped.
223Mind WordsInflicts continuous damage to target. Increases the max. MP by 15 when equipped.
224Soul WordsDecreases all stats of a target. Increase HP, MP, ATK, and SPD when equipped.
225Wind WordsDecreases target's SPD. Increases 8PD by 7 when equipped.
226Gale WordsChance of inflioting slow. Shortens the wait time after using a skill when equipped.
227Acoustic ResonanceIncreases item power by 15%.
228AmplificationIncreases item power by 25%.
229Good QualityIncreases item quality by 10.
230Quality ChangeIncreases item quality by 20.
231Evolve MaterialsIncreases item quality by 30.

Direct download link: ayesha_properties_list.csv

Traits per Item

1Portable ContainerEarth Power
2BasketDirt Power
3Speculator DieStorm Power
4Nomadic ShoesBlack Soil Power
5Corrective GlassesStorm Power
7Pulp PaperWind Power
8Half PaperWind Power
9Half PaperGood w/ Plants
10Magisha SheetStorm Power
11Magisha SheetDivision
12LeatherDirt Power
13Beast LeatherTempest Power
14Beast LeatherExpand Power
15Hard SkinDirt Power
16Hard SkinWell-Made
17Fortified LeatherRock Power
18Fortified LeatherUsage Control
19Polish PowderDirt Power
20Grain PowderDirt Power
21Bone PowderDirt Power
22Clean PollenWind Power
23Glass PowderRock Power
24Glass PowderNice w/ Ore
25Black PowderFire Power
26Secret SpiceHellfire Power
27Secret SpiceGreat w/ Liquid
28Coarse SaltGood w/ Liquid
29Handmade PotRock Power
30Preserve PotBlack Soil Power
31Preserve PotUsage Ease
32Genug Blessing PotFlood Power
33Genug Blessing PotHeighten Power
34Bottomless PotBlack Soil Power
35Bottomless PotUsage Null
36Goddess PotEarth Power
37Goddess PotAmazingly Made
38Pressed OilFire Power
39Liquid ButterDirt Power
40Liquid ButterWell-Made
41White OilFlame Power
42Distilled WaterFlood Power
43Distilled WaterGreat w/ Liquid
44Everpure WaterRain Soul
45Everpure WaterPermanent Trait
46Memory InkUsage Ease
47Glass RodBlack Soil Power
48WaxFire Power
49Bean MilkEarth Power
50Bean MilkNicely Made
51Gelatinous OilFire Power
52CorundumBlack Soil Power
53White ObsidianTornado Power
54Diamond BallEarth Power
55Diamond BallRock Soul
56GoldRelease Power
57GoldPermanent Trait
58Soft Metal RodRock Power
59Dried Medical HerbWind Power
60Dry HerbFire Power
61Dry HerbWind Power
62Tea LeafStorm Power
63Tea LeafGreat w/ Liquid
64HoneyWind Power
65Golden NectarNice w/ Plants
66Golden NectarNice w/ Liquid
67Strong YarnDirt Power
68Strong YarnWell-Made
69Steel Yarn BallRock Power
70Steel Yarn BallStable Matter
71Cow CreamDirt Power
72Fluffy WhipRain Power
73Fluffy WhipNice w/ Liquid
74DetergentWater Power
75Adhesion JellyWell-Made
76Adhesion JellyNice w/ Ore
77Melt SteelBlack Soil Power
78Melt SteelStable Matter
79Scorching DrinkFlame Soul
80Scorching DrinkUsage Ease
81Polished CrystalWater Power
82Flan CharcoalFire Soul
83Flan CharcoalGreat w/ Ore
84Medical SolutionRain Soul
85Medical SolutionGreat w/ Liquid
86Rich FertilizerWell-Made
87Rich FertilizerGreat w/ Plants
88TonicHeighten Power
89TonicNice w/ Plants
90Supplement-RedFire Power
91Supplement-BlueWater Power
92Supplement-GreenWind Power
93Supplement-GoldDirt Power
94Success RingExpand Power
95Mystery TalismanStable Matter
96Phoenix BraceletFlame Soul
97Medical EarringDirt Soul
98Unglazed CharmRock Soul
99Feather PinWind Soul
100PotpourriNice w/ Plants
101Fur GlovesWell-Made
102Dragon Scale IconRelease Power
103Shadow CloakUsage Null
104Soul Trap ChainStagnation
105Silent ShoesRain Soul
106Fortune CardGreat w/ Plants
107Resonance BellWind Spirit
108Glass TiaraStorm Soul
109Nimbus StoneRain Soul
110Nimbus StoneGreat w/ Ore
111Slag TransmitterStorm Power
112Slag TransmitterStable Matter
113Dragon TalismanNone
114Madder IronFlame Power
115Madder IronFlame Soul

Direct download link: ayesha_traits.csv

Traits Descriptions

1Fire PowerWhen a Fire element item is used, +10 to its effect.
2Flame PowerWhen a Fire element item is used, +15 to its effect.
3Hellfire PowerWhen a Fire element item is used, +20 to its effect.
4Scorching HotWhen a Fire element item is used, +30 to its effect.
5Water PowerWhen an Ice element item is used, +10 to its effect.
6Rain PowerWhen an Ice element item is used, +15 to its effect.
7Flood PowerWhen an Ice element item is used, +20 to its effect.
8Drizzle PowerWhen an Ice element item is used, +30 to its effect.
9Wind PowerWhen a Wind element item is used, +10 to its effect.
10Storm PowerWhen a Wind element item is used, +15 to its effect.
11Tempest PowerWhen a Wind element item is used, +20 to its effect.
12Tornado PowerWhen a Wind element item is used, +30 to its effect.
13Dirt PowerWhen an Earth element item is used, +10 to its effect.
14Rock PowerWhen an Earth element item is used, +15 to its effect.
15Black Soil PowerWhen an Earth element item is used, +20 to its effect.
16Earth PowerWhen an Earth element item is used, +30 to its effect.
17Well-MadeWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, Item Quality +5.
18Nicely MadeWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, Item Quality +10.
19Amazingly MadeWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, Item Quality +15.
20Fire SpiritWhen adding a Fire element item, the elemental points of all the ingredients will be added to Fire.
21Water SpiritWhen adding an Ice element item, the elemental points of all the ingredients will be added to Ice.
22Wind SpiritWhen adding a Wind element item, the elemental points of all the ingredients will be added to Wind.
23Earth SpiritWhen adding an Earth element item, the elemental points of all the ingredients will be added to Earth.
24Fire SoulWhen the next item has the Fire property, 25% bonus will be added to the item's Fire affinity.
25Flame SoulWhen the next item has the Fire property, 50% bonus will be added to the item's Fire affinity.
26Water SoulWhen the next item has the Ice property, 25% bonus will be added to the item's Ice affinity.
27Rain SoulWhen the next item has the Ice property, 50% bonus will be added to the item's Ice affinity.
28Wind SoulWhen the next item has the Wind property, 25% bonus will be added to the item's Wind affinity.
29Storm SoulWhen the next item has the Wind property, 50% bonus will be added to the item's Wind affinity.
30Dirt SoulWhen the next item has the Earth property, 25% bonus will be added to the item's Earth affinity.
31Rock SoulWhen the next item has the Earth property, 50% bonus will be added to the item's Earth affinity.
32Heighten PowerWhen present in the Stock Yard this will give a +5 bonus to the next ingredient used.
33Expand PowerWhen present in the Stock Yard this will give a +10 bonus to the next ingredient used.
34Release PowerWhen present in the Stock Yard this will give a +15 bonus to the next ingredient used.
35Good w/ PlantsWhen a Plant item is used, 10% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
36Nice w/ PlantsWhen a Plant item is used, 20% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
37Great w/ PlantsWhen a Plant item is used, 30% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
38Good w/ OreWhen an Ore item is used, 10% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
39Nice w/ OreWhen an Ore item is used, 20% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
40Great w/ OreWhen an Ore item is used, 30% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
41Good w/ LiquidWhen a Liquid item is used, 10% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
42Nice w/ LiquidWhen a Liquid item is used, 20% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
43Great w/ LiquidWhen a Liquid item is used, 30% of the ingredient's quality level will be added to each element.
44Stable MatterWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, +10 to the item, but no trait will be added.
45Permanent TraitWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, +20 to the item, but no trait will be added.
46StagnationWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, +30 to the item, but no trait will be added.
47Usage ControlCP consumption -30% when this trait exists in the Stock Yard (decimals will be rounded up).
48Usage EaseCP consumption -50% when this trait exists in the Stock Yard (decimals will be rounded up).
49Usage NullCP is not required when this trait exists in the Stock Yard (decimals will be rounded up).
50DivisionWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, CP consumption x2, but 1 extra item will result.
51MultiplicationWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, CP consumption x1.75, but 1 extra item will result.
52AdditionWhen this trait exists in the Stock Yard, CP consumption x1.5 but 1 extra item will result.

Direct download link: ayesha_traits_list.csv