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Table of Contents


#BookNameTypeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4Add Category 1Add Category 2
1LydieHealing PadsHealPrincess Grass x1(Magic Grass) x1(Medical Materials) x1(Medicine)
2LydieGreen NeutralizerSynth(Plants) x2(Water) x1(Neutralizers)(Food)
3LydieUni BagAttackUni x2(Gunpowder) x1(Bombs)
4LydieBlue NeutralizerSynth(Oil) x2(Water) x1(Neutralizers)(Aroma)
5LydiePure OilSynthPlant Oil x2(Plants) x2(Neutralizers) x1(Fuel)(Oil)
6LydieQuartz GearGearCrystal Shards x2(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
7LydieCraftAttackUni Bag x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
8LydieLuftAttackWinged Plant x1(Gas) x1(Fuel) x1(Bombs)
9LydieJet GearGearJet x2Ingot x1(Metal) x2(Weapon Parts)
10LydieZettelSynth(Plants) x3(Water) x2(Neutralizers) x1(Paper)(Fuel)
11LydieWater BagGatherLeather x3(Oil) x2(Thread) x1(Metal) x1(Gathering Tools)
12LydieDistilled WaterSynth(Water) x3(Fuel) x1(Water)
13LydieAcid FogSupportMineral Oil x2Suspicious Liquid x1(Fuel) x1(Poison Materials) x1(Medicine)(Gas)
14LydieGathering GlovesGather(Animal Materials) x2(Plants) x1(Thread) x2(Gathering Tools)(Cloth)
15LydieCabochon GearGearBlue Crystal x2Holy Water x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
16LydieIce BombAttackHakurei Stone x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
17LydieSpecial NutrientGather(Plants) x1(Seafood) x1(Medical Materials) x1(Water) x2(Medicine)
18LydieFruit TeaHealNectar Fruit x2Drinking Water x1(Fruits) x1(Flowers) x1(Food)(Aroma)
19LydieMedea's PoisonSupportDarkshroom x2(Fungus) x1(Poison Materials) x2(Puniballs) x1(Medicine)(Poison Materials)
20LydieBreezy AromaHealPure Oil x1(Aroma) x1(Medical Materials) x1(Paper) x1(Medicine)(Gas)
21LydieHealing ElixirHealCobalt Grass x1(Medical Materials) x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Medicine)
22LydieDark WaterSupportMedea's Poison x1(Poison Materials) x3(Medicine)(Poison Materials)
23LydieStahl Ice BombAttackIce Bomb x1Eternal Ice x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
24LydieSpecial BackpackGatherLeather x3(Hidden Power) x2(Thread) x1(Cloth)
25LydieWarding IncenseSupportTall Taun x1(Aroma) x1(Paper) x1(Fuel) x1(Medicine)(Aroma)
26LydieEisen LuftAttackLuft x1(Gunpowder) x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
27LydieHero's MedicineHealDragon Scale x1(Elixirs) x2(Foodstuff) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Medicine)
28LydieSweet TeaSupportHoney x2Apcol x1(Water) x1(Aroma) x1(Food)
29LydieSapphire PommelGearSapphire x2Silvalia x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
30LydieRuby PommelGearRuby x2Silvalia x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
31LydieSmaragd PommelGearSmaragd x2Silvalia x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
32LydieNectar of LifeHealGolden Tree Leaf x2(Elixirs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Medicine)(Hidden Power)
33LydieMarble GearGearMalmore Comet x1Harmonium x2(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Parts)
34LydieReviving DewHealStar Powder Water x2(Medical Materials) x1(Gas) x1(Elixirs) x1(Medicine)(Elixirs)
35LydieTriton's TrumpetSupportHorn x1(Metal) x1(Elixirs) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
36LydieSchnee SturmAttackErtona Crystal x1(Water) x1(Gas) x1(Neutralizers) x2(Magic Tools)
37LydieSeal CanvasAttackDream Paintbrushes x1(Cloth) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Magic Tools)
38LydieDiamond Rune StoneCoreDiamonds x3Harmonium x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Parts)
39LydieElixir of LaaweHealSea Horse x1(Medical Materials) x2(Fungus) x1(Water) x1(Medicine)(Hidden Power)
40LydieMystery ElixirHealDunkelheit x1(Exliris) x2(Water) x2(Neutralizers) x1(Medicine)(Elixirs)
41SuelleWheat FlourSynthWeiss Wheat x3(Foodstuff)(Gunpowder)
42SuelleSimple CookiesHealUni x2Wheat Flour x1(Water) x1(Food)(Sweets)
43SuelleHoneySynth(Beehives) x3(Foodstuff)
44SuelleInsect NetGather(Thread) x3(Wood) x1(Metal) x1(Gathering Tools)(Thread)
45SuelleRed NeutralizerSynth(Fuel) x2(Water x1)(Neutralizers)(Gunpowder)
46SuelleBombAttackKaen Stone x1(Gunpowder) x1(Fuel) x1(Bombs)
47SuelleFishing RodGatherTasty Looking Bait x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x2(Gathering Tools)(Wood)
48SuelleTasty Looking BaitSynthWheat Flour x2(Insects) x1(Seafood) x1(Foodstuff) x1(Food)(Clay)
49SuelleBravery AllianceCoreGranate x1Polish x1(Gems) x2(Weapon Materials) x1(Weapon Cores)
50SuelleEnergy AllianceCore(Gems) x3(Weapon Materials) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Cores)
51SuelleHoney SyrupSynthHoney(Medicine) x1(Water) x2(Medicine)
52SuelleYellow NeutralizerSynth(Clay) x2(Water) 1Synthesize Blue Neutralizer x1(Neutralizers)(Medicinal)
53SuelleMining BombAttackGolden Rock x1(Gunpowder) x1(Fuel) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
54SuellePuni JellyHealHoney x1(Puniballs) x2(Water) x1(Fruits) x1(Food)(Sweets)(Hidden Power)
55SuelleStrength MeatHealBeast Meat x1Tough Bone x1(Oil) x1(Foodstuff) x1(Food)
56SuelleImp's MischiefSupportSuspicious Liquid x1(Poison Materials) x2(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
57SuelleLightning BombAttackLeiden Ore x1(Clay) x1(Neutralizers) x2(Bombs)
58SuelleBlason of FerocityCoreAlchemic Clay x2(Weapon Materials) x2(Animal Materials) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Cores)
59SuelleOri BombAttackBomb x1(Bombs) x1(Oil) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
60SuellePurple NeutralizerSynth(Poison Materials) x2(Water) x1(Neutralizers)(Oil)
61SuelleSpirit Weave ClothSupportSilver Web x2(Cloth) x1(Thread) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Cloth)
62SuelleMerry Toy BoxAttackMining Bomb x1(Puniballs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools) x1(Magic Tools)
63SuelleHigh Grade RodGatherFishing Rod x1Tasty Looking Bait x2(Thread) x2(Gathering Tools)(Wood)
64SuelleOrb of Speed of LightCoreGravistone x1(Gems) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Cores)
65SuelleOrb of Divine SpeedCorePendant Rock x1(Gems) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Cores)
66SuelleEmblem of Gordian KnotCoreBig Scale x1Polish x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Cores)
67SuelleLightning CrystalAttackLightning Bomb x1Steel Balls x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
68SuelleRed Puni JellyHealHoney Syrup x1Red Puniballs x1(Water) x1(Fruits) x1(Food)(Sweets)(Hidden Power)
69SuelleLight Insect NetGatherInsect Net x1Flugel x1(Hidden Power) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gathering Tools)(Thread)
70SuelleAnge ParureOrnamentGold Eisen x1(Gems) x4(Ornaments)
71SuelleAshes of OriginSynthGolden Tree Leaf x1(Magic Tools) x1(Wood) x1(Fuel) x1(Gunpowder)(Elixirs)(Medicine)
72SuelleSuper-explosive BombAttackMining Bomb x1(Gunpowder) x1(Fuel) x1(Gas) x1(Bombs)
73SuelleHeiter SturmAttackErtona Crystal x1(Fuel) x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x2(Magic Tools)
74SuelleBond of WisdomCoreRainbow Corundum x1Spirit Rock x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Cores)
75SuelleLiebel Crown God RodGatherHigh Grade Rod x1Tasty Looking Bait x2(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Gathering Tools)(Wood)
76SuelleBlason of Divine PowerCoreHarmonium x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Cores)
77SuelleGreat Warrior OrdenCoreDragon Core x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Cores)
78SuelleHeaven's CleanserAttackMalmore Comet x1Dragon Core x1(Bombs) x1(Metal) x2(Bombs)(Magic Tools)
79SuelleHimmelle ReliefSupportBroken Rock x1Multicolor Dye x2Zettel x1(Clay) x1(Magic Tools)
80SuelleSpirit-driven BallAttackDiamonds x1Leather x1(Metal) x1(Elixirs) x1(Magic Tools)
81Lydie&SuelleMulticolor DyeSynthMineral Oil x2(Flowers) x2(Water) x2(Insects) x1(Medicine)
82Lydie&SuelleClothSynth(Thread) x2(Plants) x1(Animal Materials) x1(Armor Materials)(Cloth)
83Lydie&SuelleIngotSynth(Ores) x2(Fuel) x2(Weapon Materials)(Metal)
84Lydie&SuelleAngel RibbonOrnamentGolden Threads x1(Cloth) x2(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Ornaments)
85Lydie&SuelleLiquid GoldEnhancerMagnet Stone x2Suspicious Liquid x2(Oil) x1(Enhancer)
86Lydie&SuelleActivatorEnhancer(Puniballs) x1(Insects) x2(Oil) x2(Neutralizers) x1(Enhancer)
87Lydie&SuelleMoffclothSynthWild Cotton x1(Thread) x1(Animal Materials) x1(Cloth) x1(Armor Materials)(Cloth)
88Lydie&SuelleFairy Dust BagGather(Cloth) x3(Thread) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gathering Tools)(Cloth)(Gas)
89Lydie&SuelleAlchemic ClaySynth(Clay) x3(Hidden Power) x1(Medicine) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Clay)(Elixirs)
90Lydie&SuelleWahrheitEnhancerSteel Balls x2Golden Rock x2(Fuel) x1(Enhancer)
91Lydie&SuelleLucky CoinOrnamentRaw Diamonds x1(Metal) x1(Animal Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
92Lydie&SuelleSilvaliaSynthKupfer Ore x1Soul Stone x1(Metal) x1(Fuel) x1(Weapon Materials)(Metal)
93Lydie&SuelleGold EisenSynthEisen Ore x1Golden Rock x1(Metal) x1(Fuel) x1(Weapon Materials)(Metal)
94Lydie&SuellePrism CrystalSupportCrystal Shards x1Polish x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Gems)
95Lydie&SuelleThousand BookmarksSupportDistilled Water x1(Magic Grass) x1(Flowers) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Paper)
96Lydie&SuelleAnfeliteSupportGranate x1(Oil) x1(Fuel) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
97Lydie&SuelleFlugelSynthMonster Bird Feather x1(Gas) x1(Thread) x1(Cloth) x1(Armor Materials)(Cloth)
98Lydie&SuelleIce Fog StickSupportEternal Ice x2(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
99Lydie&SuelleBroken CoinSupportGold Eisen x1(Gems) x2(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Metal)
100Lydie&SuelleWind God's BagGatherFairy Dust Bag x1(Gas) x1(Elixirs) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gathering Tools)(Cloth)(Gas)
101Lydie&SuelleSpiral ClockSupportGravistone x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Hidden Power)
102Lydie&SuelleVelvetisSynthGolden Threads x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Elixirs) x1(Cloth) x1(Armor Materials)(Cloth)(Hidden Power)
103Lydie&SuelleHoly AcidEnhancerZapping Water x1Acid Fog x1(Elixirs) x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Enhancer)
104Lydie&SuelleBattle AmuletOrnamentLeather x1Animal Hide x2(Clay) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
105Lydie&SuelleGod's GiftAttackMalmore Comet x1Pendant Rock x1(Bombs) x1(Metal) x1(Bombs)(Magic Tools)
106Lydie&SuelleMalmore CometSynthBlack Star Stone x2Polish x1Distilled Water x2(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)(Hidden Power)
107Lydie&SuelleHarmoniumSynthCrimson Stone x1Spirit Rock x1(Metal) x1(Fuel) x1(Weapon Materials)(Metal)(Hidden Power)
108Lydie&SuelleCrimson StoneSynthDragon Bloodstone x1Rainbow Corundum x1(Gunpowder) x1(Elixirs) x1(Animal Materials)(Gunpowder)(Elixirs)(Neutralizers)
109Lydie&SuelleDragon AcidEnhancerDeep Core x1Acid Fog x1(Dragon Materials) x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Enhancer)
110Lydie&SuelleComet Crest StoneEnhancerWicked Fang x1Malmore Comet x1(Gems) x1(Fuel) x1(Enhancer)
111Lydie&SuelleColorful PowderSupportMulticolor Dye x1(Flowers) x1(Sand) x1(Ores) x1(Magic Tools)
112Lydie&SuelleDeep Blue StoneEnhancerBlue Crystal x1Ashes of Origin x1Dunkelheit x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Enhancer)
113Lydie&SuellePigeon Blood OilSupportMerveille Rouge x1(Oil) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Oil)
114Lydie&SuelleStar SprinklerSupportStar Powder Water x1Multicolor Dye x1(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
115Lydie&SuelleBlack and White TarotSupportZettel x1Multicolor Dye x1Black Sand x2White Sand x2(Magic Tools)(Fuel)
116Lydie&SuellePhilosopher's StoneSynthCrimson Stone x1Ashes of Origin x2(Elixirs) x2(Gems) x1(Water)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)(Hidden Power)
117BookLeatherSynthAnimal Hide x2Tanning Fluid x1(Thread) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Animal Materials)(Armor Materials)
118BookPure AromaSupportPure Oil x1(Flowers) x1(Aroma) x1(Fuel) x1(Medicine)(Aroma)
119BookPolishSynthWhite Ash Stone x2(Water) x1(Clay) x1(Fuel) x2(Clay)(Sand)
120BookGranateSynthRaw Granate x1Polish x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)
121BookTanning FluidSynthSuspicious Liquid x1(Magic Grass) x2(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Medicine)(Poison Materials)
122BookRaw JetSynthBlack Tree Stone x3Alchemic Clay x1(Water) x1(Ores)(Plants)(Gems)
123BookJetSynthRaw Jet x2Polish x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)(Plants)
124BookRaw DiamondsSynthKimberlite x2Alchemic Clay x1Polish x1(Water) x1(Gems)
125BookLightning FinderSynthLightning Bomb x1Steel Balls x1(Metal) x2(Magic Tools)
126BookRaw GranateSynthSoul Stone x2Alchemic Clay x1(Water) x1(Ores)(Gems)
127BookRaw SmaragdSynthRipple Stone x2Alchemic Clay x1(Water) x1(Ores)(Gems)
128BookRaw SapphireSynthMagnet Stone x2Alchemic Clay x1(Fuel) x1(Water) x1(Ores)(Gems)
129BookGnade RingOrnament(Gems) x2(Metal) x1(Thread) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Ornaments)
130BookKnuckle GuardOrnamentEisen Ore x2(Metal) x1(Cloth) x1(Thread) x1(Ornaments)
131BookSmaragdSynthRaw Smaragd x1Polish x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)
132BookRaw RubySynthMagnet Stone x2Alchemic Clay x1(Fuel) x1(Water) x1(Ores)(Gems)
133BookBag of Air DropsKey ItemsAir Drop x1Silver Web x2(Gas) x2(Cloth) x1(Key Items)
134BookRubySynthRaw Ruby x1Polish x1Distilled Water x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)
135BookSapphireSynthRaw Sapphire x1Polish x1Distilled Water x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)
136BookDiamondsSynthRaw Diamonds x1Polish x1Distilled Water x1(Neutralizers) x1(Gems)
137BookApcolSynthBlackberry x2(Plants) x1(Water) x1(Water)(Fuel)(Medical Materials)
138BookHeating Pottery StoneEnhancerAlchemic Clay x2(Gunpowder) x2(Sand) x1(Fuel) x1(Enhancer)
139BookFiresoul TalismanOrnamentOri Bomb x1Red Neutralizer x1(Metal) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
140BookWindspirit TalismanOrnamentEisen Luft x1Green Neutralizer x1(Metal) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
141BookReaction Fats and OilsEnhancerGolden Rock x2(Insects) x1(Fuel) x1(Oil) x3(Enhancer)
142BookHerculean GearGearGold Eisen x3(Oil) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Parts)
143BookLightningphantom TalismanOrnamentLightning Crystal x1Yellow Neutralizer x1(Metal) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
144BookIcedream TalismanOrnamentStahl Ice Bomb x1Blue Neutralizer x1(Metal) x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
145BookWandering GlobeAttackGlobe Ball x1(Ores) x1(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Bombs)(Magic Tools)
146BookRainbow NeutralizerSynthDistilled Water x1(Neutralizers) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Neutralizers)
147BookGlobe BallSynthMulticolor Dye x1(Wood) x1(Paper) x2(Wood)(Magic Tools)
148BookDeluxe PancakesHealHoney x1Unknown Egg x1Wheat Flour x2(Water) x1(Food)(Sweets)
149BookDragon Scale NecklaceOrnamentDragon Scale x1(Hidden Power) x2(Thread) x1(Aroma) x1(Ornaments)
150BookMagic Stone ChainOrnamentSmaragd x1Ruby x1Sapphire x1(Gems) x1(Ornaments)
151BookFlame of OriginAttackCrimson Stone x1Raw Jet x1(Bombs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Bombs)(Magic Tools)
152BookFlame of the EndAttackCrimson Stone x1Ruby x1(Bombs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Dragon Materials)(Magic Tools)
153BookBursting GiftAttackMerry Toy Box x1(Paper) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Bombs) x2(Magic Tools)
154BookPastels of UnitySynthGlittering Pneuma x1Relentless Flame x1Teardrops of Harmony x1Samsara Compass x1(Magic Tools)
155BookGlittering PneumaSynthDunkelheit x1Ashes of Origin x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Gas) x1(Magic Tools)(Elixirs)
156BookRelentless FlameSynthDragon Bloodstone x1Gold Eisen x1(Fuel) x1(Magic Tools)
157BookTeardrops of HarmonySynthHoly Water x3Spirit Rock x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)(Neutralizers)
158BookStrong Reaction CauldronSynthHarmonium x2(Metal) x2(Fuel) x2Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Magic Tools)(Metal)
159BookSamsara CompassSynthPhilosopher's Stones x1Great Tail x1Deep Core x1Harmonium x1(Magic Tools)(Hidden Power)
160BookN/AAttackOri Bomb x1Stahl Ice Bomb x1Lightning Crystal x1Eisen Luft x1(Bombs)
161EventDream Paintbrushes?SynthCobalt Grass x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Fuel)
162EventPaint of Proud HeartSynthMystic Herb x1(Ores) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
163EventStomach-ache MedicineSynthMoisture Grass x1(Puniballs) x1(Medical Materials) x1(Beehives) x1(Medicine)
164EventGobletSynthErtona Crystal x1Polish x2(Metal) x1(Magic Tools)
165EventDream PaintbrushesSynthCobalt Grass x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)(Fuel)
166EventPaint of High-minded WatersSynth(Gunpowder) x1(Sand) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
167EventCold Wind EngineSynthIce Bomb x2(Gas) x2(Metal) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)(Gas)
168EventPaint of Frozen PhantomSynth(Water) x1(Fuel) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
169EventTeddy BearKey ItemsTorn Teddy Bear x1Wild Cotton x3(Thread) x2(Cloth) x1(Key Items)
170EventIce BoxSynthIce Bom x4(Water) x1(Wood) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
171EventRainbow PaletteKey ItemsBroken Palette x1(Wood) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Key Items)
172EventBacken's KeyKey ItemsBacken's Broken Key x1(Fuel) x2(Metal) x3(Hidden Power) x1(Key Items)
173EventPaint of Wandering on the EdgeSynthSnow Queen x1(Water) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
174EventPaint of Eternal Celestial LandSynthGold Puniballs x1(Fruits) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
175EventStrong Cold MedicineSynthLarge Egg x1Apcol x1(Medical Matherials) x1(Puniballs) x1(Medicine)
176EventLiquefaction SolutionSynthMalmore Comet x1Puni Liquid x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Medicine)
177EventSilverware SetSynthSilvalia x2Polish x2Distilled Water x2(Neutralizers) x1(Metal)
178EventNeverending DiarySynthZettel x4Golden Tree Leaf x1(Elixirs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)(Paper)(Fuel)
179EventPaint of Dreaming Night SkySynth(Elixirs) x1(Flowers) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
180EventCommutationSynthRainbow Corundum x1Apcol x2(Medical Medicines) x1(Magic Tools)(Medicine)
181EventPaint of Sinking Evil DarknessSynth(Dragon Materials) x1(Insects) x1(Oil) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)
182EventRose Crown of AdaletSynthGold Eisen x1Merveille Rouge x2(Gems) x1(Magic Tools)
183EventCute Philosopher's StonesSynthCrimson Stone x1Ashes of Origin x2(Dragon Materials) x1(Elixirs) x1(Water)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)(Hidden Power)
184EventPaint of the TwoSynthAlchemic Clay x1Multicolor Dye x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Magic Tools)
185WeaponBeginner's StaffWeapon(Weapon Materials) x2(Gems) x1(Cloth) x1(Magic Canes)
186WeaponWhisper RodWeaponIngot x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Canes)
187WeaponMisty MirageWeaponSilvalia x1Angel Ribbon x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Magic Canes)
188WeaponRevere HeartWeaponGold Eisen x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Magic Canes)
189WeaponBloom SpiralWeaponHarmonium x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Canes)
190WeaponLight GlitterWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1Ingot x1(Metal) x1(Alchemic Guns)
191WeaponAccel KeeperWeapon(Weapon Materials) x2(Wood) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Alchemic Guns)
192WeaponPirate FlareWeapon(Weapon Materials) x2Ruby x1(Wood) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Alchemic Guns)
193WeaponLiberated SoulWeaponGold Eisen x1Soul Stone x2(Weapon Materials) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Alchemic Guns)
194WeaponStar SuelleWeaponHarmonium x1(Weapon Materials) x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Gunpowder) x1(Alchemic Guns)
195WeaponHawkeye BowWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bows)
196WeaponSurf BowWeaponSilvalia x1Ingot x1(Thread) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bows)
197WeaponShooting StarWeaponSilvalia x1(Wood) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Thread) x1(Bows)
198WeaponCelestial BowWeaponGold Eisen x1(Gems) x1(Thread) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bows)
199WeaponLeitzelsteinWeaponHarmonium x1Malmore Comet x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Thread) x1(Bows)
200WeaponBlessing StaffWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Gems) x1(Thread) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Canes)
201WeaponBinary StarWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Wood) x1(Gems) x2(Hidden Power) x1(Canes)
202WeaponBlue Wings MistletoeWeaponSilvalia x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Thread) x1(Gems) x1(Canes)
203WeaponMagic Lantern of WisdomWeaponGold Eisen x1Aroma Holts x1(Gems) x2(Elixirs) x1(Canes)
204WeaponStaff of Time and UniverseWeaponHarmonium x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Elixirs) x1(Canes)
205WeaponOracle BladeWeapon(Weapon Materials) x2(Ores) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Blade)
206WeaponKlinge MahneWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Animal Materials) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Blade)
207WeaponChevalier RougeWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Blade)
208WeaponBoar FangWeaponSilvalia x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Dragon Materials) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Blade)
209WeaponVictory's FavorWeaponHarmonium x1(Gems) x1(Elixirs) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Blade)
210WeaponSummary of ArtsWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1Leather x1(Paper) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Books)
211WeaponSilver Book of IdeaWeaponSilvalia x1(Paper) x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Books)
212WeaponPraeteritumWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Paper) x1(Elixirs) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Books)
213WeaponBook of Secret Arts LectalionWeaponGold Eisen x1(Paper) x1(Gems) x1(Elixirs) x1(Books)
214WeaponBook of Darkness AdagiesWeaponHarmonium x1(Paper) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Books)
215WeaponSuper Powerful LuciabrellaWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Cloth) x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Parasols)
216WeaponNoble ParasolWeaponIngot x1Cloth x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Parasols)
217WeaponBelle CorollaWeaponSilvalia x1Moffcloth x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Parasols)
218WeaponMerk ParasolWeaponGold Eisen x1Flugel x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Parasols)
219WeaponLady of TendresseWeaponHarmonium x1Velvetis x1(Wood) x1(Thread) x1(Parasols)
220WeaponFire Ring StaffWeapon(Weapon Materials) x1(Wood) x1(Gunpowder) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Decorative Canes)
221WeaponSpinel BlessingWeaponIngot x1Granate x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Decorative Canes)
222WeaponGenius CircleWeaponSilvalia x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Clay) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Decorative Canes)
223WeaponGale TempesterWeaponGold Eisen x1Smaragd x1(Metal) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Decorative Canes)
224WeaponLeinweber's Jeweled CaneWeaponHarmonium x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Gems) x2(Hidden Power) x1(Decorative Canes)
225ArmorThick Cloth ArmorArmor(Armor Materials) x1(Cloth) x1(Thread) x1(Armor)
226ArmorCotton ArmorArmorMoffcloth x1(Cloth) x1(Thread) x1(Armor)
227ArmorColorful RobesArmor(Armor Materials) x1Multicolor Dye x2(Hidden Power) x1(Armor)
228ArmorSilver Thread ArmorArmor(Armor Materials) x2Silver Web x3(Metal) x1(Armor)
229ArmorNightshadeArmor(Armor Materials) x1Black Sand x2Black Tree Stone x2(Thread) x1(Armor)
230ArmorLeather ArmorArmor(Armor Materials) x1Leather x2(Oil) x1(Thread) x2(Armor)
231ArmorYarn CoatArmor(Armor Materials) x1Soul Stone x1(Animal Materials) x1(Armor)
232ArmorRiveted Leather ArmorArmor(Armor Materials) x1Leather x2(Metal) x1(Thread) x2(Armor)
233ArmorHard RobesArmorFlugel x1Leather x2Golden Threads x1(Hidden Power) x2(Armor)
234ArmorBone MailArmorFlugel x1Tough Bone x2Leather x2(Thread) x1(Armor)
235ArmorMetal and Leather MailArmorFlugel x1Leather x2(Weapon Materials) x2(Armor)
236ArmorScale ArmorArmorFlugel x1Big Scale x2(Metal) x1(Thread) x1(Armor)
237ArmorAlchemic MailArmorVelvetis x1Leather x2Golden Threads x1(Thread) x1(Armor)
238ArmorBreast PlateArmorVelvetis x1Silvalia x1(Metal) x1(Thread) x1(Armor)
239ArmorDragoon MailArmorVelvetis x1Dragon Scale x1Harmonium x1(Hidden Power) x1(Armor)
240Pre EventTorn Teddy BearKey Items(Key Items)
241Pre EventBroken PaletteKey Items(Key Items)
242Pre EventAir DropKey Items(Key Items)
243Pre EventBacken's Broken KeyKey Items(Key Items)
244FragmentsColorful Garden FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
245FragmentsLeaf Pattern FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
246FragmentsShiny Crystal FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
247FragmentsSurging Hell Fire FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
248FragmentsAncient Frost FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
249FragmentsCoin Pattern FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
250FragmentsSpiral FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
251FragmentsFalling Star FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
252FragmentsJet Black Tile FragmentsKey Items(Key Items)
253Recipe BookSophie's ReferenceKey Items(Key Items)
254Recipe BookIlemria's ReferenceKey Items(Key Items)
255Recipe BookRoger's ReferenceKey Items(Key Items)
256Recipe BookFiris' ReferenceKey Items(Key Items)
257Recipe BookBacken's PoemBook(Book)
258Recipe BookDecorationsBook(Book)
259Recipe BookOre Processing TextBook(Book)
260Recipe BookEncyclopedia of Gems Vol. 1Book(Book)
261Recipe BookEncyclopedia of Gems Vol. 2Book(Book)
262Recipe BookPolishing GlamourBook(Book)
263Recipe BookProtecting the WorldBook(Book)
264Recipe BookBook of Dragon DivinationBook(Book)
265Recipe BookE Rank Test ProblemBook(Book)
266Recipe BookCreating Air DropsBook(Book)
267Recipe BookB Rank Test ProblemBook(Book)
268Recipe BookRecipe of HopeBook(Book)
269Recipe BookPlachta's RecipeBook(Book)
270Recipe BookIlmeria's RecipeBook(Book)
271Recipe BookAlt's RecipeBook(Book)
272Recipe BookFiris' RecipeBook(Book)
273Recipe BookSophie's RecipeBook(Book)
274Recipe BookOrnament CatalogueBook(Book)
275Recipe BookRoger's Idea NoteBook(Book)
276Recipe BookRoger's Forbidden BookBook(Book)
277Recipe BookMother's Recipe NotesBook(Book)
278Recipe BookIlmeria's HomeworkBook(Book)
279Recipe BookBook of Firis' RecipesBook(Book)
280Recipe BookBasic GuidebookBook(Book)
281Recipe BookSpirit FireBook(Book)
282Recipe BookMy Way of LifeBook(Book)
283Post EventNew Dream PaintbrushesKey Items(Key Items)
284EnhancerWater CrystalEnhancer(Enhancer)
285EnhancerMarble SaltEnhancer(Enhancer)
287EnhancerLava OreEnhancer(Enhancer)
289EnhancerPurple NeedlesEnhancer(Enhancer)
290EnhancerShining PowderEnhancer(Enhancer)
291EnhancerOld StoneEnhancer(Enhancer)
292EnhancerIncluse AmberEnhancer(Enhancer)
293EnhancerTears of HeavenEnhancer(Enhancer)
294EnhancerTime Guard FlowerEnhancer(Enhancer)
295EnhancerAncient WaterEnhancer(Enhancer)
296EnhancerDragon EyeEnhancer(Enhancer)
297AnimaArcheus AnimaAnima(Anima)
298DLCSpiked BootsGatherLeather x1(Metal) x1(Thread) x1(Gathering Tools)(Metal)
299DLCSpecial Elixir NutrientsGatherSpecial Nutrient x1(Seafood) x2(Medical Materials) x1(Water) x2(Medicine)(Elixirs)
300DLCSecret BagGatherSpecial Backpack x1(Metal) x1(Thread) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Magic Tools)(Cloth)
301DLCBlason of GenesisWeapon CoresCrimson Stone x1Harmonium x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Weapon Cores)
302DLCParasim of CourageWeapon CoresGreat Tail x1Harmonium x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Weapon Cores)
303DLCSphere of WisdomWeapon CoresDeep Core x1Harmonium x1(Gems) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Cores)
304DLCBond of RoyaltyWeapon CoresDragon Core x1Harmonium x1(Hidden Power) x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Weapon Cores)
305DLCArgento of HarmonyWeapon CoresDunkelheit x1Harmonium x1(Weapon Materials) x1(Weapon Cores)
306DLCVetur CaputWeapon PartsIce Fog Stick x1Ashes of Origin x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
307DLCSumar CaputWeapon PartsAnfelite x1Ashes of Origin x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
308DLCForce RegenWeapon PartsSpirit Rock x1Rainbow Neutralizer x1(Gems) x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Parts)
309DLCAbsorption CaputWeapon PartsWicked Bone x1Ashes of Origin x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Weapon Parts)
310DLCLion's MightWeapon PartsRainbow Corundum x1Crimson Stone x1(Metal) x1(Weapon Parts)
311DLCWhite-Hot HeadbandOrnamentMoffcloth x1Silvalia x1(Cloth) x1(Thread) x1(Ornaments)
312DLCSpirit EaringsOrnamentHimmelle Relief x1Pendant Rock x1(Gems) x1(Metal) x1(Ornaments)
313DLCMonochrome GlassesOrnamentBlack Star Stone x1(Metal) x1(Medical Materials) x1(Poison Materials) x1(Ornaments)
314DLCTime Control HourglassOrnamentBlack and White Tarot x1Spiral Clock x1(Sand) x2(Ornaments)
315DLCRadiant TalismanOrnamentHeiter Sturm x1Pious Talisman x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Ornaments)
316DLCMoonshine TalismanOrnamentSchnee Sturm x1Mystic Herb x1(Gems) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Ornaments)
317DLCPhoenix BraceletOrnamentMystery Elixir x1(Animal Materials) x1(Hidden Power) x1(Elixirs) x1(Ornaments)
318DLCTreasure GrimoireOrnamentPhilosopher's Stones x1Pigeon Blood Oil x1(Dragon Materials) x1(Paper) x1(Ornaments)
319DLCCamo CloakOrnamentFlugel x1Bat Wing x1(Thread) x2(Elixirs) x1(Ornaments)
320DLCBlitz Core: FireAttackCrystal Shards x2Eisen Ore x1(Fuel) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
321DLCBlitz Core: IceAttackCrystal Shards x2Eisen Ore x1(Water) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
322DLCBlitz Core: ThunderAttackCrystal Shards x2Eisen Ore x1(Ores) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
323DLCBlitz Core: WindAttackCrystal Shards x2Eisen Ore x1(Gas) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
324DLCManly Pickle StoneAttackSmall Statue of Hagel x1(Sand) x2(Fuel) x1(Neutralizers) x1(Magic Tools)
325DLCDimension BombAttackHeaven's Cleanser x1Flame of the End x1Bursting Gift x1(Neutralizers) x1(Bombs)
326DLCOmega CraftAttackCraft x1Gold Eisen x1(Gunpowder) x1(Gas) x1(Bombs)
327DLCApple TartHealSnow Queen x1Large Egg x1Wheat Flour x1(Foodstuff) x1(Sweets)
328DLCMushroom StewHealFairy Parasol x2(Fungus) x2(Foodstuff) x1(Metal) x1(Food)
329DLCTonic PowderSupportWicked Bone x1(Medical Materials) x1(Seafood) x1(Dragon Materials) x1(Medicine)
330DLCBlue Sky TearEnhancer(Enhancer)
331DLCWind Rider FeatherEnhancer(Enhancer)
332DXPainting World ScrapKey Items
333DXSp. Plant NutrientKey ItemsTaun x2Princess Grass x1Chariot Milk x1
334DLCBloody SpearOrnament

Direct download link: lydiesuelle_recipes.csv


NameTypeCategory 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
TaunMaterial(Magic Grass)(Plants)(Medical Materials)
Tall TaunMaterial(Magic Grass)(Plants)(Medical Materials)
Triple TaunMaterial(Magic Grass)(Plants)(Hidden Power)
Mystic HerbMaterial(Magic Grass)(Plants)(Medical Materials)(Hidden Power)
Cobalt GrassMaterial(Plants)(Water)(Aroma)
Winged PlantMaterial(Plants)(Medical Materials)
Golden Tree LeafMaterial(Plants)(Medical Materials)
Weiss WheatMaterial(Plants)
Moisture GrassMaterial(Plants)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)
Wild CottonMaterial(Plants)(Fuel)(Thread)
Princess GrassMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Medical Materials)
Red FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)
Blue FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Medical Materials)
Green FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)
Yellow FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Aroma)
Purple FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Poison Materials)
Merveille RougeMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Aroma)
DunkelheitMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)
Star FlowerMaterial(Plants)(Flowers)(Hidden Power)
Silver BeehiveMaterial(Beehives)(Gunpowder)
Golden BeehiveMaterial(Beehives)(Gunpowder)(Gems)
Candy BeehiveMaterial(Beehives)(Sweets)
Nectar FruitMaterial(Fruits)(Water)(Aroma)
BlackberryMaterial(Fruits)(Medical Materials)
Snow QueenMaterial(Fruits)(Water)(Hidden Power)
Slime MushroomMaterial(Fungus)(Oil)
Fairy ParasolMaterial(Fungus)(Plants)(Foodstuff)
DarkshroomMaterial(Fungus)(Poison Materials)
Smoke FungusMaterial(Fungus)(Gas)(Aroma)
Soil PotatoMaterial(Foodstuff)(Plants)
Fresh MeatMaterial(Foodstuff)
Beast MeatMaterial(Foodstuff)
Unknown EggMaterial(Foodstuff)
Large EggMaterial(Foodstuff)(Oil)
WoolMaterial(Animal Materials)(Thread)(Fuel)
Monster Bird FeatherMaterial(Animal Materials)(Thread)
Griffon FeatherMaterial(Animal Materials)(Thread)
Bat WingMaterial(Animal Materials)(Foodstuff)(Magic Tools)
Turtle ClawMaterial(Animal Materials)(Foodstuff)(Medical Materials)
Animal HideMaterial(Animal Materials)
Tough BoneMaterial(Animal Materials)(Medical Materials)
HornMaterial(Animal Materials)(Medical Materials)
Big Beast BoneMaterial(Animal Materials)
Wicked FangMaterial(Animal Materials)(Poison Materials)
Jelly GemMaterial(Animal Materials)(Gems)
Rabbit FurMaterial(Animal Materials)(Thread)
Big ScaleMaterial(Animal Materials)(Hidden Power)
Wicked BoneMaterial(Animal Materials)(Poison Materials)
Lady BugMaterial(Insects)
Big Horned BeetleMaterial(Insects)(Medical Materials)
Baby WilmMaterial(Insects)(Foodstuff)
Ingot BugMaterial(Insects)(Metal)
Leiden DragonflyMaterial(Insects)
Comet ButterflyMaterial(Insects)
Chestnut WeevilMaterial(Insects)
Helmeted GrasshopperMaterial(Insects)(Foodstuff)
Killer BeeMaterial(Insects)(Poison Materials)
Gem FlyMaterial(Insects)(Gems)
Pretty ShellsMaterial(Seafood)(Medical Materials)
Butterfly FishMaterial(Seafood)(Foodstuff)
Sea SnailMaterial(Seafood)(Foodstuff)
Balloon FishMaterial(Seafood)(Poison Materials)
Sea HorseMaterial(Seafood)(Medical Materials)
Old MasterMaterial(Seafood)(Oil)
Master of IceMaterial(Seafood)(Water)
Master of FireMaterial(Seafood)(Fuel)
Rapier FishMaterial(Seafood)(Foodstuff)
Mace FishMaterial(Seafood)(Foodstuff)
Blue PuniballsMaterial(Puniballs)(Foodstuff)(Hidden Power)
Green PuniballsMaterial(Puniballs)(Foodstuff)(Hidden Power)
Red PuniballsMaterial(Puniballs)(Foodstuff)(Hidden Power)(Gunpowder)
Gold PuniballsMaterial(Puniballs)(Foodstuff)(Hidden Power)(Metal)
Dragon ScaleMaterial(Dragon Materials)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)
Dragon CoreMaterial(Dragon Materials)(Gems)(Hidden Power)(Elixirs)
Dragon BloodstoneMaterial(Dragon Materials)(Water)(Elixirs)(Poison Materials)
Great TailMaterial(Dragon Materials)(Foodstuff)
Drinking WaterMaterial(Water)
Well WaterMaterial(Water)
Crackling WaterMaterial(Water)(Gas)
Zapping WaterMaterial(Water)(Hidden Power)
Lakebottom WaterMaterial(Water)(Medical Materials)
Suspicious LiquidMaterial(Water)(Poison Materials)
Puni LiquidMaterial(Water)(Medical Materials)
Star Powder WaterMaterial(Water)(Sand)(Hidden Power)
Holy WaterMaterial(Water)(Medical Materials)(Hidden Power)
Eternal IceMaterial(Water)(Hidden Power)
Paper ScrapsMaterial(Paper)(Fuel)
Church TalismanMaterial(Paper)(Fuel)
High Class TalismanMaterial(Paper)(Fuel)
Pious TalismanMaterial(Paper)(Fuel)(Magic Tools)
Backen's BromideMaterial(Paper)(Fuel)
Plant OilMaterial(Fuel)(Oil)
Oil Tree FruitMaterial(Fuel)(Oil)
Mineral OilMaterial(Fuel)(Ores)(Oil)
Raven WoodMaterial(Wood)
Aroma HoltsMaterial(Wood)(Aroma)
Silver WebMaterial(Thread)
Golden ThreadsMaterial(Thread)(Animal Materials)(Fuel)
Natural FertilizerMaterial(Clay)(Medical Materials)
Red SandMaterial(Sand)(Clay)
Black SandMaterial(Sand)(Clay)
White SandMaterial(Sand)
Sand CrystalsMaterial(Sand)(Ores)
White Ash StoneMaterial(Ores)
Golden RockMaterial(Ores)(Gunpowder)
Broken RockMaterial(Ores)(Clay)
GravistoneMaterial(Ores)(Hidden Power)
Ertona CrystalMaterial(Ores)(Gems)(Hidden Power)
Eisen OreMaterial(Ores)
Leiden OreMaterial(Ores)
Kupfer OreMaterial(Ores)
Kaen StoneMaterial(Ores)(Gunpowder)
Hakurei StoneMaterial(Ores)
Steel BallsMaterial(Ores)(Metal)
Black Tree StoneMaterial(Ores)(Plants)
Soul StoneMaterial(Ores)(Metal)
Ripple StoneMaterial(Ores)
Magnet StoneMaterial(Ores)
Black Star StoneMaterial(Ores)
Spirit RockMaterial(Ores)(Magic Tools)(Hidden Power)
Rainbow CorundumMaterial(Ores)(Gems)(Medical Materials)(Hidden Power)
Crystal ShardsMaterial(Gems)
Blue CrystalMaterial(Gems)(Ores)
Deep CoreMaterial(Gems)(Hidden Power)(Elixirs)
Small Statue of HagelMaterial(Metal)(Hidden Power)
Pendant RockMaterial(Hidden Power)(Gems)
Chaotic DirtMaterial(Oil)(Gunpowder)(Clay)(Poison Materials)
Judgement Calling StoneMaterial(Water)(Ores)(Metal)
Terminus LeafMaterial(Wood)(Hidden Power)(Elixirs)
Floating OrbsMaterial(Gas)(Hidden Power)(Elixirs)
Fragrant PowderMaterial(Aroma)(Medical Materials)
Ensnaring RootMaterial(Plants)(Elixirs)
Blue SapMaterial(Water)(Plants)(Medical Materials)
Chipped CrystalMaterial(Gems)(Ores)
Spirit of ServiceMaterial(Hidden Power)(Medical Materials)
Ostracon ShellMaterial(Metal)(Elixirs)
Cannon FruitMaterial(Foodstuff)
Nectar SpringwaterMaterial(Water)(Medical Materials)(Elixirs)
Chariot MilkMaterial(Foodstuff)(Water)
Mandragora RootMaterial(Plants)(Medical Materials)

Direct download link: lydiesuelle_materials.csv

Recipe and Item Unlocks

Note that I broke this down by “Book”, i.e. the 5 tabs in the “Recipe Book” menu. However, there’s a bunch of items that are unlocked or found in other ways that are not in the menu, so those have a “Book” that isn’t a real tab. Those include some “Pre Event” and “Post Event” ones that pop up before or after the ones technically on the “Event” tab, all the “Weapon” and “Armor” unlocks for Hagel, the “Fragments” from the paintings, the individual “Recipe Book” items themselves, the “Enhancers”, and some “DLC” and “DX” specific things.

#BookNameTypeUnlock Notes 1Unlock Notes 2
1LydieHealing PadsHealDefault
2LydieGreen NeutralizerSynthDefault
3LydieUni BagAttackDefaultNote that this lies to you, it says to collect one Uni but it never triggers - make the recipe once and you "earn the recipe", it's silly
4LydieBlue NeutralizerSynthDefeat Blue Puni x1
5LydiePure OilSynthCollect Plant Oil x1
6LydieQuartz GearGearCollect Crystal Shards x1
7LydieCraftAttackUse Uni Bag x3
8LydieLuftAttackGather Winged Plant x1
9LydieJet GearGearSynthesize Jet x1
10LydieZettelSynthGather [Plants] x20
11LydieWater BagGatherSynthesize Leather x1
12LydieDistilled WaterSynthSynthesize a Blue Neturalizer (50+) x1
13LydieAcid FogSupportGather Suspicious Liquid x1
14LydieGathering GlovesGatherGather 30 times
15LydieCabochon GearGearGather Blue Crystal x1
16LydieIce BombAttackGather Hakurei Stone x1
17LydieSpecial NutrientGatherGather [Seafood] x1Gather [Medical Materials] x10
18LydieFruit TeaHealGather Nectar Fruit x1
19LydieMedea's PoisonSupportGather Darkshroom x1
20LydieBreezy AromaHealSynthesize Pure Aroma x1 (Area Bonus)
21LydieHealing ElixirHealGather Cobalt Grass x1
22LydieDark WaterSupportSynthesize Medea's Poison x1
23LydieStahl Ice BombAttackGather Eternal Ice x1
24LydieSpecial BackpackGatherSynthesize Leather x1 (Fast Use+)
25LydieWarding IncenseSupportGather Tall Taun x1
26LydieEisen LuftAttackSynthesize Luft x3
27LydieHero's MedicineHealCollect Dragon Scale x1
28LydieSweet TeaSupportSynthesize Apcol x1 (Boost Count +)
29LydieSapphire PommelGearSynthesize Sapphire x1
30LydieRuby PommelGearSynthesize Ruby x1
31LydieSmaragd PommelGearSynthesize Smaragd x1
32LydieNectar of LifeHealGather Golden Tree Leaf x2
33LydieMarble GearGearSynthesize Malmore Comet x1
34LydieReviving DewHealGather Star Powder Water x1
35LydieTriton's TrumpetSupportCollect Horn x1
36LydieSchnee SturmAttackGather Ertona Crystal x1Synthesize Stahl Ice Bomb x1 (Speed Down M)
37LydieSeal CanvasAttackSynthesize Dream Paintbrushes x1 (Intense Destruction)
38LydieDiamond Rune StoneCoreSynthesize Diamonds x1 (Overflowing Life)
39LydieElixir of LaaweHealCollect Sea Horse x1
40LydieMystery ElixirHealGather Dunkelheit x1
41SuelleWheat FlourSynthGather Weiss Wheat x1
42SuelleSimple CookiesHealSynthesize Wheat Flour x2
43SuelleHoneySynthGather [Beehives] x1
44SuelleInsect NetGatherDefeat Species - Plant x3
45SuelleRed NeutralizerSynthGather [Fuel]Defeat Red Puni x1
46SuelleBombAttackGather Kaen Stone x1
47SuelleFishing RodGatherGather [Wood] x1Gather [Thread] x1
48SuelleTasty Looking BaitSynthCollect [Insects] x2
49SuelleBravery AllianceCoreSynthesize Granate x1
50SuelleEnergy AllianceCoreGather [Gems] x1
51SuelleHoney SyrupSynthSynthesize Honey x1
52SuelleYellow NeutralizerSynthGather [Clay] x1Synthesize Red Neutralizer x1
53SuelleMining BombAttackGather Golden Rock x1
54SuellePuni JellyHealCollect [Puniballs] x1Synthesize Honey Syrup x1 (Uses +1)
55SuelleStrength MeatHealCollect Beast Meat x1Collect Tough Bone x1
56SuelleImp's MischiefSupportDefeat Species - Bat x1
57SuelleLightning BombAttackGather Leiden Ore x1
58SuelleBlason of FerocityCoreSynthesize Alchemic Clay x1 (Enhance Attack)
59SuelleOri BombAttackSynthesize Bomb x1 (Fire Damage L)
60SuellePurple NeutralizerSynthGather [Poison Materials] x3Synthesize Yellow Neutralizer (Fixed Recovery)
61SuelleSpirit Weave ClothSupportGather Silver Web x1
62SuelleMerry Toy BoxAttackSynthesize Ori Bomb x1 (Pinpoint Flare)
63SuelleHigh Grade RodGatherSynthesize Fishing Rod x1 (High Class)
64SuelleOrb of Speed of LightCoreGather Gravistone x1
65SuelleOrb of Divine SpeedCoreCollect Pendant Rock x1
66SuelleEmblem of Gordian KnotCoreCollect Big Scale x1
67SuelleLightning CrystalAttackSynthesize Lightning Bomb x1 (Slightly Slow Movement)
68SuelleRed Puni JellyHealSynthesize Honey Syrup x1 (Great Recovery)
69SuelleLight Insect NetGatherSynthesize Insect Net x1 (Boost Speed)
70SuelleAnge ParureOrnamentSynthesize Gold Eisen x1 (Magcian's Wisdom)
71SuelleAshes of OriginSynthSynthesize [Magic Tools] x1
72SuelleSuper-explosive BombAttackSynthesize Mining Bomb x1
73SuelleHeiter SturmAttackGather Ertona Crystal x1Synthesize Ori Bomb x2 (Defense Down S)
74SuelleBond of WisdomCoreGather Rainbow Corundum x1
75SuelleLiebel Crown God RodGatherSynthesize High Grade Rod x1 (Rare Item)
76SuelleBlason of Divine PowerCoreSynthesize Harmonium x1 (Boost ATK-DEF)
77SuelleGreat Warrior OrdenCoreCollect Dragon Core x1
78SuelleHeaven's CleanserAttackSynthesize God's Gift x1 (Falling ???)
79SuelleHimmelle ReliefSupportSynthesize Multicolor Dye x1 (Uses +2)
80SuelleSpirit-driven BallAttackSynthesize Diamonds x1 (Final Blow)
81Lydie&SuelleMulticolor DyeSynthGather Mineral Oil x1
82Lydie&SuelleClothSynthGather [Thread] x1
83Lydie&SuelleIngotSynthGather [Ores] x1
84Lydie&SuelleAngel RibbonOrnamentCollect Golden Threads x1
85Lydie&SuelleLiquid GoldEnhancerReach Alchemy Level 18
86Lydie&SuelleActivatorEnhancerReach Alchemy Level 14
87Lydie&SuelleMoffclothSynthGather Wild Cotton x1Synthesize Cloth x1
88Lydie&SuelleFairy Dust BagGatherDefeat Species - Fairy x1
89Lydie&SuelleAlchemic ClaySynthGather [Clay] x1Synthesize [Medicine] x1
90Lydie&SuelleWahrheitEnhancerReach Alchemy Level 16
91Lydie&SuelleLucky CoinOrnamentSynthesize Raw Diamonds x1 (Increase HPMP)
92Lydie&SuelleSilvaliaSynthGather Kupfer Ore x1Synthesize Ingot x1
93Lydie&SuelleGold EisenSynthGather Eisen Ore x1Synthesize Silvalia (High Class)
94Lydie&SuellePrism CrystalSupportCollect Shiny Crystal Fragments x1
95Lydie&SuelleThousand BookmarksSupportCollect Leaf Pattern Fragments x1
96Lydie&SuelleAnfeliteSupportCollect Surging Hell Fire Fragments x1
97Lydie&SuelleFlugelSynthCollect Monster Bird Feather x1
98Lydie&SuelleIce Fog StickSupportCollect Ancient Frost Fragments x1
99Lydie&SuelleBroken CoinSupportCollect Coin Pattern Fragments x1
100Lydie&SuelleWind God's BagGatherSynthesize Fairy Dust Bag x3
101Lydie&SuelleSpiral ClockSupportCollect Spiral Fragments x1
102Lydie&SuelleVelvetisSynthSynthesize Rainbow Neutralizer x1
103Lydie&SuelleHoly AcidEnhancerReach Alchemy Level 25
104Lydie&SuelleBattle AmuletOrnamentSynthesize Leather x1 (Full of Life)
105Lydie&SuelleGod's GiftAttackSynthesize Malmore Comet x1 (Effective vs Many)
106Lydie&SuelleMalmore CometSynthGather Black Star Stone x1
107Lydie&SuelleHarmoniumSynthSynthesize Crimson Stone x1
108Lydie&SuelleCrimson StoneSynthCollect Dragon Bloodstone x1
109Lydie&SuelleDragon AcidEnhancerAlchemy Level 32
110Lydie&SuelleComet Crest StoneEnhancerAlchemy Level 30
111Lydie&SuelleColorful PowderSupportCollect Colorful Garden Fragments x1
112Lydie&SuelleDeep Blue StoneEnhancerAlchemy Level 27
113Lydie&SuellePigeon Blood OilSupportChapter 12Obtain Bloodstained Fragments after defeating Termina
114Lydie&SuelleStar SprinklerSupportCollect Falling Star Fragments x1
115Lydie&SuelleBlack and White TarotSupportCollect Jet Black Rile Fragments x1
116Lydie&SuellePhilosopher's StoneSynthAlchemy Level 35
117BookLeatherSynthIlmeria's Request - "Ilmeria's Homework"
118BookPure AromaSupportRoger's Request - "Roger's Idea Note"
119BookPolishSynthCh. 4: Liane's Shop - "Ore Processing Text"
120BookGranateSynthCh. 4: Liane's Shop - "Ore Processing Text"
121BookTanning FluidSynthIlmeria's Request - "Ilmeria's Homework"
122BookRaw JetSynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 1"
123BookJetSynthCh. 4: Liane's Shop - "Ore Processing Text"
124BookRaw DiamondsSynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 2"
125BookLightning FinderSynthCh. 5: Event - "E Rank Test Problem"
126BookRaw GranateSynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 1"
127BookRaw SmaragdSynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 1"
128BookRaw SapphireSynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 2"
129BookGnade RingOrnamentAlts's Request - "Ornament Catalogue"
130BookKnuckle GuardOrnamentAlts's Request - "Ornament Catalogue"
131BookSmaragdSynthCh. 6: Liane's Shop - "Polishing Glamour"
132BookRaw RubySynthCh. 5: Liane's Shop - "Encyclopedia of Gems Vol. 2"
133BookBag of Air DropsKey ItemsCh. 7: Event - "Creating Air Drops"
134BookRubySynthCh. 6: Liane's Shop - "Polishing Glamour"
135BookSapphireSynthCh. 6: Liane's Shop - "Polishing Glamour"
136BookDiamondsSynthCh. 6: Liane's Shop - "Polishing Glamour"
137BookApcolSynthCh. 7: Event - "Bracken's Poem"
138BookHeating Pottery StoneEnhancerCh. 7: Event - "Bracken's Poem"
139BookFiresoul TalismanOrnamentCh. 8: Corneria's Shop - "Protecting the World"
140BookWindspirit TalismanOrnamentCh. 8: Corneria's Shop - "Protecting the World"
141BookReaction Fats and OilsEnhancerCh. 9: Event - "B Rank Test Problem"
142BookHerculean GearGearChapter 12My Way Of Life book from collecting all Hagel Statues
143BookLightningphantom TalismanOrnamentCh. 8: Corneria's Shop - "Protecting the World"
144BookIcedream TalismanOrnamentCh. 8: Corneria's Shop - "Protecting the World"
145BookWandering GlobeAttackCh. 9: Event - "B Rank Test Problem"
146BookRainbow NeutralizerSynthCh. 9: Event - "B Rank Test Problem"
147BookGlobe BallSynthCh. 9: Hagel's Shop - "Decorations"
148BookDeluxe PancakesHealHonnete's Request - "Mother's Recipe Notes"
149BookDragon Scale NecklaceOrnamentCh. 11: Liane's Shop - "Book of Dragon Divination"
150BookMagic Stone ChainOrnamentCh. 11: Liane's Shop - "Book of Dragon Divination"
151BookFlame of OriginAttackCh. 7: Event - "Basic Guidebook"
152BookFlame of the EndAttackChapter 12Sophie Event - Book "Spirit Fire"
153BookBursting GiftAttackLiane - "Book of Firis' Recipes"
154BookPastels of UnitySynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
155BookGlittering PneumaSynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
156BookRelentless FlameSynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
157BookTeardrops of HarmonySynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
158BookStrong Reaction CauldronSynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
159BookSamsara CompassSynthChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
160BookN/AAttackRoger - "Roger's Forbidden Book"
161EventDream Paintbrushes?SynthChapter 2
162EventPaint of Proud HeartSynthChapter 4
163EventStomach-ache MedicineSynthFritz's Request - "Stomach Medicine"
164EventGobletSynthPamela's Request - "The Broken Goblet"
165EventDream PaintbrushesSynthChapter 2
166EventPaint of High-minded WatersSynthChapter 5
167EventCold Wind EngineSynthChapter 5
168EventPaint of Frozen PhantomSynthChapter 6
169EventTeddy BearKey ItemsChapter 6
170EventIce BoxSynthCorneria's Request - "Transport and Logistics"
171EventRainbow PaletteKey ItemsChapter 6
172EventBracken's KeyKey ItemsChapter 7
173EventPaint of Wandering on the EdgeSynthChapter 8
174EventPaint of Eternal Celestial LandSynthChapter 9
175EventStrong Cold MedicineSynthMathias's Request - "Royal Medicine"
176EventLiquefaction SolutionSynthChapter 10
177EventSilverware SetSynthMireille's Request - "Sturdy Tableware"
178EventNeverending DiarySynthChapter 11
179EventPaint of Dreaming Night SkySynthChapter 11
180EventCommutationSynthLucia - "Trading Places"
181EventPaint of Sinking Evil DarknessSynthChapter 12After finding painting at Eternal Peak
182EventRose Crown of AdaletSynthMathias's Request - "The King's Crown"
183EventCute Philosopher's StonesSynthChapter 12Ilmeria event
184EventPaint of the TwoSynthChapter 12After accepting S-rank exam but before turning it in, make any paint item again, then make another couple, follow the event chain
185WeaponBeginner's StaffWeaponChapter 2
186WeaponWhisper RodWeaponChapter 6
187WeaponMisty MirageWeaponChapter 8
188WeaponRevere HeartWeaponChapter 10
189WeaponBloom SpiralWeaponChapter 11After Harmonium event
190WeaponLight GlitterWeaponChapter 2
191WeaponAccel KeeperWeaponChapter 6
192WeaponPirate FlareWeaponChapter 8
193WeaponLiberated SoulWeaponChapter 10
194WeaponStar SuelleWeaponChapter 11After Harmonium event
195WeaponHawkeye BowWeaponChapter 5
196WeaponSurf BowWeaponChapter 6
197WeaponShooting StarWeaponChapter 8
198WeaponCelestial BowWeaponChapter 10
199WeaponLeitzelsteinWeaponChapter 11After Harmonium event and final Firis event
200WeaponBlessing StaffWeaponChapter 7
201WeaponBinary StarWeaponChapter 7
202WeaponBlue Wings MistletoeWeaponChapter 8
203WeaponMagic Lantern of WisdomWeaponChapter 10
204WeaponStaff of Time and UniverseWeaponChapter 12After Harmonium event and final Sophie event
205WeaponOracle BladeWeaponChapter 3
206WeaponKlinge MahneWeaponChapter 6
207WeaponChevalier RougeWeaponChapter 8
208WeaponBoar FangWeaponChapter 10
209WeaponVictory's FavorWeaponChapter 11After Harmonium event and final Mathias event
210WeaponSummary of ArtsWeaponChapter 5
211WeaponSilver Book of IdeaWeaponChapter 6
212WeaponPraeteritumWeaponChapter 8
213WeaponBook of Secret Arts LectalionWeaponChapter 10
214WeaponBook of Darkness AdagiesWeaponChapter 11After Harmonium event and final Alt event
215WeaponSuper Powerful LuciabrellaWeaponChapter 5
216WeaponNoble ParasolWeaponChapter 5
217WeaponBelle CorollaWeaponChapter 6
218WeaponMerk ParasolWeaponChapter 8
219WeaponLady of TendresseWeaponChapter 10
220WeaponFire Ring StaffWeaponChapter 7
221WeaponSpinel BlessingWeaponChapter 7
222WeaponGenius CircleWeaponChapter 8
223WeaponGale TempesterWeaponChapter 10
224WeaponLeinweber's Jeweled CaneWeaponChapter 12After Harmonium event and final Ilmeria event
225ArmorThick Cloth ArmorArmorChapter 2
226ArmorCotton ArmorArmorChapter 4
227ArmorColorful RobesArmorChapter 6
228ArmorSilver Thread ArmorArmorChapter 7
229ArmorNightshadeArmorChapter 8
230ArmorLeather ArmorArmorChapter 2
231ArmorYarn CoatArmorChapter 4
232ArmorRiveted Leather ArmorArmorChapter 6
233ArmorHard RobesArmorChapter 7
234ArmorBone MailArmorChapter 8
235ArmorMetal and Leather MailArmorChapter 8
236ArmorScale ArmorArmorChapter 9
237ArmorAlchemic MailArmorChapter 10
238ArmorBreast PlateArmorChapter 11
239ArmorDragoon MailArmorChapter 11After Harmonium event, possibly more requirements, didn't appear immediately
240Pre EventTorn Teddy BearKey ItemsChapter 6
241Pre EventBroken PaletteKey ItemsChapter 6
242Pre EventAir DropKey ItemsChapter 7
243Pre EventBracken's Broken KeyKey ItemsChapter 7
244FragmentsColorful Garden FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 9
245FragmentsLeaf Pattern FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 3
246FragmentsShiny Crystal FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 4
247FragmentsSurging Hell Fire FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 5
248FragmentsAncient Frost FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 6
249FragmentsCoin Pattern FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 7
250FragmentsSpiral FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 8
251FragmentsFalling Star FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 10
252FragmentsJet Black Tile FragmentsKey ItemsChapter 11
253Recipe BookSophie's ReferenceKey ItemsChapter 10A Rank Quests
254Recipe BookIlemria's ReferenceKey ItemsChapter 10A Rank Quests
255Recipe BookRoger's ReferenceKey ItemsChapter 10A Rank Quests
256Recipe BookFiris' ReferenceKey ItemsChapter 10A Rank Quests
257Recipe BookBracken's PoemBookChapter 7
258Recipe BookDecorationsBookChapter 9 (maybe earlier)Buy from Hagel's Shop
259Recipe BookOre Processing TextBookChapter 4Buy from Liane
260Recipe BookEncyclopedia of Gems Vol. 1BookChapter 5Buy from Liane
261Recipe BookEncyclopedia of Gems Vol. 2BookChapter 5Buy from Liane
262Recipe BookPolishing GlamourBookChapter 6Buy from Liane
263Recipe BookProtecting the WorldBookChapter 8Buy from Corneria
264Recipe BookBook of Dragon DivinationBookChapter 11Buy from Liane
265Recipe BookE Rank Test ProblemBookChapter 5
266Recipe BookCreating Air DropsBookChapter 7
267Recipe BookB Rank Test ProblemBookChapter 9
268Recipe BookRecipe of HopeBookChapter 12After accepting S-rank exam but before turning it in, if all requirements are met, win any battle and return to the Atelier and follow the event chain
269Recipe BookPlachta's RecipeBookChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
270Recipe BookIlmeria's RecipeBookChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
271Recipe BookAlt's RecipeBookChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
272Recipe BookFiris' RecipeBookChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
273Recipe BookSophie's RecipeBookChapter 12Recipe of Hope event chain
274Recipe BookOrnament CatalogueBookChapter 7Alt event
275Recipe BookRoger's Idea NoteBookChapter 6
276Recipe BookRoger's Forbidden BookBookChapter 12Final Roger event
277Recipe BookMother's Recipe NotesBookChapter 10Heavenly Garden Event
278Recipe BookIlmeria's HomeworkBookChapter 4
279Recipe BookBook of Firis' RecipesBookChapter 10Liane event
280Recipe BookBasic GuidebookBookChapter 7Sophie event
281Recipe BookSpirit FireBookChapter 12Sophie event
282Recipe BookMy Way of LifeBookChapter 12Collect all Hagel statues and open chest in the Smithy
283Post EventNew Dream PaintbrushesKey ItemsChapter 4
284EnhancerWater CrystalEnhancerChapter 4Found in Luminous Ice Grotto
285EnhancerMarble SaltEnhancerChapter 4Found in Braisewest
286EnhancerLotusEnhancerChapter 2Purchase from green haired girl in Lucia's Atelier
287EnhancerLava OreEnhancerChapter 5Found in Great Cascades of Anfel
288EnhancerAlberichEnhancerChapter 8 (maybe earlier)Buy from secret vendor inside Entrance Hall, on the left near the entrance to the Gallery
289EnhancerPurple NeedlesEnhancerChapter 6Found in The Frozen Palace
290EnhancerShining PowderEnhancerChapter 10Found in Heavenly Flower Garden
291EnhancerOld StoneEnhancerChapter 6Found in The Frozen Palace
292EnhancerIncluse AmberEnhancerChapter 5Found in Great Cascades of Anfel
293EnhancerTears of HeavenEnhancerChapter 9Found in Heavenly Flower Garden
294EnhancerTime Guard FlowerEnhancerChapter 10Found im Starlight Plain
295EnhancerAncient WaterEnhancerChapter 6Found in The Frozen Palace
296EnhancerDragon EyeEnhancerChapter 6Found in Great Cascades of Anfel (after returning)
297AnimaArcheus AnimaAnimaChapter 1, Any collecting in any painting gives AnimaChapter 6, event to learn to synth Anima
298DLCSpiked BootsGatherDefault DLC
299DLCSpecial Elixir NutrientsGatherDefault DLC
300DLCSecret BagGatherDefault DLC
301DLCBlason of GenesisWeapon CoresDefault DLC
302DLCParasim of CourageWeapon CoresDefault DLC
303DLCSphere of WisdomWeapon CoresDefault DLC
304DLCBond of RoyaltyWeapon CoresDefault DLC
305DLCArgento of HarmonyWeapon CoresDefault DLC
306DLCVetur CaputWeapon PartsDefault DLC
307DLCSumar CaputWeapon PartsDefault DLC
308DLCForce RegenWeapon PartsDefault DLC
309DLCAbsorption CaputWeapon PartsDefault DLC
310DLCLion's MightWeapon PartsDefault DLC
311DLCWhite-Hot HeadbandOrnamentDefault DLC
312DLCSpirit EaringsOrnamentDefault DLC
313DLCMonochrome GlassesOrnamentDefault DLC
314DLCTime Control HourglassOrnamentDefault DLC
315DLCRadiant TalismanOrnamentDefault DLC
316DLCMoonshine TalismanOrnamentDefault DLC
317DLCPhoenix BraceletOrnamentDefault DLC
318DLCTreasure GrimoireOrnamentDefault DLC
319DLCCamo CloakOrnamentDefault DLC
320DLCBlitz Core: FireAttackDefault DLC
321DLCBlitz Core: IceAttackDefault DLC
322DLCBlitz Core: ThunderAttackDefault DLC
323DLCBlitz Core: WindAttackDefault DLC
324DLCManly Pickle StoneAttackDefault DLC
325DLCDimension BombAttackDefault DLC
326DLCOmega CraftAttackDefault DLC
327DLCApple TartHealDefault DLC
328DLCMushroom StewHealDefault DLC
329DLCTonic PowderSupportDefault DLC
330DLCBlue Sky TearEnhancerChapter 4Buy from Corneria
331DLCWind Rider FeatherEnhancerChapter 4Buy from Corneria
332DXPainting World ScrapKey ItemsGlowing chest in each painting - DX only
333DXSp. Plant NutrientKey ItemsDX Event
334DLCBloody SpearOrnamentDefeat Nightless Demon Core

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