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Table of Contents


Contrasting with Rorona DX, let’s go over some overview points first. I’d read through the Rorona Guide just as background, and quite honestly I’d play Rorona before this one, as Totori is way more finicky and weird and it will help to have one game under your belt first.

Firstly, this game is unstructured. You have 4 years to achieve a vague goal that you have to feel your way around (and then another 2 years for a different goal), without the framework of a chapter or assignment setup that gives you a good idea of how far you are and how well you’re doing. This can easily lead you to believe you’re on track, but the licenses get harder and harder as you go, and are spread apart by far more points.

The license board questing and points need to be engaged with constantly. You eventually need at least the second highest license, and you need every point to not be rushed at the end, and need to be efficient about it. Item quests can be easily managed once warehousing comes available, but keep up on your kill quests and exploration as well.

The main questline, let alone individual character questlines that are all necessary if you want to reach for the True Ending, require talking to different characters, even if they’re in your party; require traveling with multiple people to see various quest events in different locations, at different levels and friendship markers; require being alternately in both ateliers, and have a lot of events that happen a certain number of weeks or months after previous events. None of these have any indication or warning…

…If you are playing this casually and/or blind, make sure to switch towns every couple months, and talk to all named characters once a week, and you’ll keep the plot moving forward, as long as you’re accumulating license points regularly. If you are going for a True End, you need an FAQ, really.

The initial 1/4 of the game or so will be a cake walk and you’ll be picking up license points easily. Then the difficulty spike of needing to survive harder areas will settle in, and you’ll honestly need to make good items to survive. This is hard given the extremely restrictive and confusing crafting system. But at least the first iteration of decent weapons and armor are pretty easy to achieve. That will get you to the 50% point before you need to buckle down.

You will need to do the Spring Cup Trick. It’s in the FAQs. I can’t imagine being able to make items that will stand up to the endgame areas without these, because…

…the crafting is horrendously nerfed. Not mechanically, but in their choice of particular types and categories and in how many items are non-constructible. From the cost point mechanics to the complete lack of ability to get things onto a convenient category, I suspect that this was designed to force people to not even attempt to do creative crafting, but rather demand that they use items with traits directly from natural materials, and if you don’t have good enough traits, then go explore more and pray you’ll have the traits you need on the materials you need. The Dark Dew and Water from the Spring Cup help circumvent these issues by providing natural ingredients with most endgame traits on them.

Detailed Contrast with Rorona DX

ImprovementEasier to Platinum in a single play-through, though still use a guide if you do
ImprovementThe Chims. There are still issues with Warehousing, but straight up (mostly) free duplication is a very welcome addition
ImprovementThere’s a better money-making method, unlike how they nerfed it in Rorona DX, so the Rich ending is not a horrific grindy pain. Well, it’s grindy, but it’s way faster and more surefire than Rorona DX
ImprovementThere is actually fast travel, sort of, though it’s only at the halfway point in the game
ImprovementNo Astrid
NeutralWeapons and armor take one material each, not two – I consider this neutral and not good because it means you must stack traits on a single ingot or cloth, and that’s harder
NeutralNo Cost traits, instead you have to use good ingredients, the LVL of the material or recipe equals how many CP are added to the synthesis. On one hand this means no need to make Cost Supplements, on the other hand, every single synthesis with big Trait transfers is a massive enterprise, reducing your interest in experimenting with anything; note that the CP from a given ingredient group is the average level of those ingredients, rounded down
RegressionTraveling, which is supposed to be the point of Totori the Adventurer of Arland, is made even more time-expensive, shanking your desire to, you know, Adventure
RegressionFighting and collecting now cost additional time, and a mere two collection points costs an entire day, which is the second most painful only to Ayesha where a single collection points could cost multiple days. You get a tool to reduce this to just below 1/3, which is more reasonable, but it’s halfway through the game already
RegressionNo Trait combining, at all
RegressionEncyclopedia doesn’t show what types of things Traits actually go on
RegressionHagel doesn’t even show you what types of ingredients go into any weapon or armor – I honestly don’t know how on Earth they just delete displaying “the recipe” from a game all about recipes
RegressionUnlike the quality of life addition to Rorona DX, there is no ending selection, so you’re going to be reloading a near-end save ten times and then doing things to get all the endings for the Platinum, and then redoing them all again for a True Ending. On one hand at least they have the courtesy to let you skip the credits, but on the other hand they make it impossible to sleep for more than one week, which is a horrifying grind when you need to sleep for a year to complete another ending
RegressionAccessories are expensive and high level to make, and you can only wear one, making them very unhelpful until late game, which is different than most Ateliers
RegressionTar Fruit might not be a massive blocker any more, but Coco Fruit, the core material for the ultra-basic Pure Oil, cannot be bought anywhere, ever. How did they not learn their lesson from last time?
DysfunctionalWarehouses and sellers are distributed between cities 20 days travel away, making purchasing decisions unnecessarily painful, and of course many things that are only available in one city are core required materials for basic necessity recipes. This eventually resolves itself when you get fast travel, but that’s a long ways off for a game with a time limit
Dysfunctional(Liquid) was very hard to access in Rorona, but it’s still hard here, and (Fuel) and (Gunpowder) are impossible, literally, until endgame. Same with (Elixir). And (Jewel) is nigh impossible as well to get Traits on it. On top of it, there are several groups of categories that are almost impossible to move between with any Traits
DysfunctionalNo search by trait on the recipe item selection menus
DysfunctionalNo recursive synthesis, to make an ingredient you don’t have
DysfunctionalNo way to look at terms and traits on any item on any menu anywhere in the game other than literally the encyclopedia itself
DysfunctionalWhen warehousing, items with any traits over 8 CP get those traits stripped, anything over 100 quality is reduced to 100, and anything with traits stripped loses Rank (E-S)
DysfunctionalThe cost level system is already convoluted enough, but when you are just about to make a synthesis, the confirmation page has zero information, just the name of the recipe. No quality, no traits, no output cost level, absolutely zero. There’s no indication anywhere what you’re about to produce. The amount of data they went out of their way to hide that is absolutely critical to gameplay is shocking
DysfunctionalI suspect there’s a permanent 1% synthesis failure rate, as even being careful not to include any of the “make synthesis more difficult” traits like Pro Favorite, I *still* failed several out of nowhere on supposedly easy things way below my level


You MUST engage with the warehousing system in the game, once it opens up, it’s critical on many levels. Each vendor has their own type of things they can copy, so familiarize yourself with them.

They each have only 10 slots, so if you run out of room and need to register something new, buy one of something you don’t buy much to get a copy, then register over that. You can always re-register that copy later.

Vendors refill on the 1 and 2. So literally the 1, 2, 11, 12, 21, 22 of every month. Yes they refill their damn stock two days in a row instead of just every 5 days.

This won’t affect you until mid to late game, but any Trait worth more than 8 will get stripped off when you register it. So most of the “L” ones (other than Quality L, luckily). You can use Chims instead but they’re slow, so be careful.

Also, quality over 100 gets stripped to 100.

What doesn’t happen with quality is reduction when a Quality Trait gets stripped off (like Beginner OK, which is the best Quality Trait). Even if the only reason your item is high quality is a trait that gets stripped off, the quality isn’t lost (other than being reduced to 100).

Also, the “uses” do not change. So even if Uses+2 or Pro Favorite get stripped off, the extra uses that came with them stick on the item.

That being said, if the high level Traits that are getting stripped off were the only thing keeping the Rank of the item high (i.e. E, D, C, B, A, S), then the Rank will go down on the registered item when the Traits are lost.

Once you get fast travel, you can split up the Sundry-warehousing between Tiffani and Ceci, as they can sell more or less the same things, and you don’t need them in the both places any more. Also, they can sell a handful of things that Iksel can sell, for example you can move Pure Oil from Iksel to Ceci (Tiffani can’t copy Pure Oil for some reason), thus freeing up Iksel for other things.

Oh, it doesn’t fit anywhere else but free tip: every restock period, go to Hagel and buy all 5 Port Outfits… then sell them right back. Free 600+ gold twice a week. Very helpful early on.

License Quests

Gerard and Filly NEVER post a quest for something you have in your inventory, either Container or Basket. Ever. This sounds unfair and annoying, but it’s very exploitable, actually.

First of all, for any item that you can spare not needing in your inventory right this second, that is warehouse-able, sell it so you have zero of them. You can always buy what you need when you need it, but this will force quests for things you can easily fill by buying and immediately turning them in.

Have an item keep coming up that you can’t warehouse, or it’s too expensive to manage for quests? Make one of that item but DON’T turn it in. Just leave it in your container. Due to the rule above, they’ll never ask for it again. Tada. Magic.

If you really want to finesse it, as you’re leaving one town for the other, buy one of each of the items warehoused in the town you’re leaving, and put them in the container. Then they will not pop up as quests while away in the other town. When arriving in the new town, sell your one placeholder items of each that you do have warehoused there, and then quests will start appearing that you can fill in the town you’re in.

Note that the quest boards are shared. The ones that are posted are unique to a town, but the ones you have accepted are in a shared list and can be completed in either town.

If at all possible, turn in all quests to Filly in Arland, not Gerard. You eventually need to turn in 75 quests to her for a plot device, so focus on her.

Note that quests, like vendor stock, also refill on the 1/2/11/12/21/22 of the month. If you want those “fill 9 quests before any new quests are posted” license quests, accept a whole bunch that you can immediately turn in, but don’t turn them in. Wait until one fo the 1s dates to see if, between the ones you accepted and the ones posted, you can turn them all in immediately. If not, wait til the 2s after and see if that gives you 9 (or later 12) altogether that can be filled before the next 1s date.

Try to make S-Rank items at some point on some warehoused items that come up frequently, you get more money, and there’s a license quest for turning in S-Rank quests.

For hunting quests, just make note of the areas you intend to head to, and make sure to pick up quest for things that live there ahead of time. There’s no penalty for failing a quest, or quitting it later, or letting it time out, so better to have your quest log filled with stuff you might run into.

Don’t jump to a new license level too quickly. Each rank has a quest for “do 10 quests while at this license level”, which is a quick and easy pick-off for license points. These quests are missable if you move on to the next license.

You cannot get the max 4000 license points and a True Ending on the same playthrough, period. First of all, you don’t need all 4000 for any in-game quest or any trophy, it’s purely a 100% completionist thing. You don’t even need the final license (Galaxy) for any trophy or ending, at all, it’s purely there to unlock a few extra super bosses. However, if you bake a Chim Pie with your final Water of Life, you cannot get the True End, though it is technically necessary for a small license quest if you really really want the 4000 max license points. Don’t do it by accident. Feel free to get the recipe by hanging on to the 5th Water of Life for a couple months without using it, but do not use it or you cannot get True End.

While it can be expensive, so wait until you have the Spring Cup set up, you can make one of each ingot and cloth, go to Hagel and make a weapon, then break the weapon down to get the ingot back, and make the next weapon, etc, and unlock everything in his store. This covers a ton of license points, but is expensive. Consider leaving one of every cloth and ingot in your container afterwards so Filly and Gerard stop asking for them, since they’re not warehouse-able and they’re too time-expensive to Chim just for quests.


Keep them making stuff all the time, there’s no reason to stop them, ever, until near the end of the game when you need to keep them under 35 pies in order to control what ending you get. If you run out of things to do, have them replicate Basic Pies so they feed themselves.

Buy tons of pies from Ceci, that’s a good place to stock up so you don’t waste time constructing them, and you can’t warehouse pies (boo)

You can only copy items you have in stock, it’s literally like taking a photograph of an item, but it takes a while to develop

You can copy an item, and then use up the item in a recipe, and the copy will still go through, as long as you don’t stop it or change what that Chim is working on before they finish. So you can point a Chim at the last of something you are using up, and then use it, and a little while later, you’ll have it back again

Gathering is the same thing. You must have an identical copy of what you want.

Some materials I had them copying if I didn’t have enough: any stone needed for an ingot, any base material for a cloth, Stench Stone, Cryptobotany, Sage Herb, Sonne Fruit, World Spirits, and late game also Dragon Scale and Dragon Horn

Some recipes I had them copying all the time because they’re not warehouseable: Tar Liquid, Sylph Breath, Liquor, Million Nights, Dried Flower, Smelly Liquid

You frequently get ONE of some rare material you won’t find again as a quest reward – make copies and you’ll have access to things very helpful earlier than usual

Nearing endgame, pay attention to the big pies. Don’t go over 34 until you’re figuring out endings. The easiest way to deal with this is to make sure that Chims #4 and #5 add up to 7 or less. If they’re 6 and 1, halt them immediately. This means the first three can go to 9 each. 9×3 + 7 = 34. Chims cannot go above 9, so you’re safe. They can still work, they just won’t incur any more large pies

If they run out of pies, they don’t lose their place in their jobs, they just pause until they have pies again

Spring Cup Trick

This is in every FAQ but for posterity, as soon as Sterk gives you as a quest reward a Water of Life, a Dark Dew, and a Sonne Fruit… first use the Water of Life to make another Chim, then copy both other items. You’ll be copying that Sonne Fruit over and over for a long time, it’s high quality and it’s the best fruit in the game

Once you have a second Dark Dew, you’ll want to SAVE and then attempt to make a Spring Cup that has “Spring Liquid +” effect from the Dark Dew. Make absolutely sure the “+” is there. Also try to put all the “price down” traits on it. I had Price Down L, Price Down M, Complex L, Giga Stink, and Perishable L

Register it with Pamela, but make sure you keep one in your basket for a while. It’s one of the rare items that INCREASES in quality over time, and if you have Perishable on it, it’ll increase faster. Let it get to 100 Quality and re-register it, it should only cost 80-90g, so buying 10 of them (or 20 if you register it twice) is not that expensive. Don’t worry about the cost, you’re about to be rich

Empty your basket and put only your stock of 10-20 Spring Cups in there, and go to the World Map. If you do this indoors, there’s an annoying animation, this cuts time. Use one, it will give you 5 liquids with the best traits in the entire game on them randomly. Initially they’ll be Dark Dew, Chariot Milk, and Water. Dark Dew is some of the highest level (Liquid) in the game and you’ll be using it forever. Also, having regular Water with high traits fits into a ton of recipes

Initially, you’ll be hunting for traits on Dark Dew and Water to get good mid and late game gear

But you can also keep using it, hold onto the Dark Dew ONLY, fill up your entire basket, and then go and sell it for 12-14K each time. This is the easy way to get 500K. You can get 25K from 10 Spring Cups. That’s 25Kx6 per month if you clean out Pamela on the 1/2/11/12/21/22 of the month, or 150K per month. It’s slow and annoying but it’s way faster than any other method

And you’ll occasionally buy more just to hunt for a specific trait on Dark Dew or Water specifically at various points


At the first opportunity, get a Secret Bag, Traveler Shoes, and Speed Gloves made, and keep them in your basket for the rest of the game. Unlike Rorona where you install gathering tools in your atelier, in Totori, they must be in your basket to count

Until then, you’ll take 1/2 of a day to harvest, and extra time to move from area to area. After Speed Gloves, harvesting takes 3 units, so you can harvest 3 times and not push to another day

Make Tonics with all the cheapness traits on them, and register them with Pamela. If possible, put Pro Favorite on them so they get 4 uses each (save before trying) – this will get stripped off by registering, but the 4 uses sticks! Keep a stock and use them on EVERY MAP. Never harvest without using a Tonic, the traits and quality matter too much. Well, if you literally run out, don’t stop harvesting, but you know what I mean.

  • Note that you cannot max out a Tonic’s effects immediately, it requires items that you won’t get for a long time.
    • However the middle one is doable with some grinding. Make a Tonic even without any second tier effects, then go to Western Plains or Fragrant Plains near Alanya, SAVE before entering, enter, use the Tonic, and harvest all the Magic Grass you can. If you don’t find any of at least 77 Quality, or with an Effect Boost trait, reload and try again. You need 2, or need one and copy it with Chims.
    • The first effect you need either a Sonne Fruit with Effect Boost, a Cryptobotany with Effect Boost, or a Sage Herb
    • The third effect you need either a Forest Dew or a Dark Dew, nothing else will work
    • Once you get all these, make a Pro Favorite and cheapness trait one with all three maxed out “+” effects, and use those everywhere for the whole game

While traveling, watch out for perishable items in your basket, they’ll rot over time. Once you have the Secret Bag, you can reach into your container from anywhere, so this becomes less of an issue

However, some you WANT to rot. Keep a Sage Herb and Behemoth Heart in your bag and let them get down to 20 quality or so, then store them away for later, they’re useful to copy for some late game recipes that require them

Important note: never let anything rot all the way down to 0 quality, it actually converts permanently to a Broken Item, which is basically useless in this game

Also, some items say “Slow Enhance” or such, these INCREASE in Quality in your bag over time. Keep these in there on purpose to make them better. Alchemy Yeast and Blessed Wine come to mind, they’ll max out at 120 nicely and make for great ingredients, or can be re-registered (tho registering cuts them to 100)

Always look at your License list to see if an area is one that has a landmark, a mini-boss, or is one that you need to harvest every single thing for extra points. Try to do those as you go through an area, minus maybe minibosses if they’re too hard, but if an area has a “must collect everything”, then one collection point is probably behind the miniboss

Try to finish off areas so you don’t have to re-tread a path to go back for one more area. Save inbetween if you want to be safe if you’re underleveled. But avoid having to waste a week returning to a far corner of the world, as visiting every area in a section of the world map gets extra license points, but going back to a far corner of the world to do one extra thing starts becoming less and less worth it

Remember to set your Chims to something useful while you’re about to head out, make sure they have enough pies and are working on something that will use the time wisely, either filling out items you don’t have enough of, or working on a really long copy that will finish by the time you get back (some take 20-40 days)

You can Chim the damn Tar Liquid this game, thank deity. Keep a good stock of the stuff, it’s the best Fuel/Gunpowder in the game, always have at least one to copy at a minimum

Once you get Totori’s Duplication spell, never use items again, just duplicate them in battle. It’s slightly less effective, but costs only MP. If you have MP-20% and MP-30% on your accessory, you’ll only be using 18-20 each use, and your healing items might just heal your MP as well (yes you can use MP to dup an MP-healing item on yourself, so you never run out of either items or MP)

Trait Sets

First one immediately useful thing: Sturdy and Lightweight, both 0-cost and on very early game materials (Audra’s Tail and Distill Stone, repsectively), are excellent traits. They give DEF+10 and SPD+10, as high as the highest endgame trait, for free. And they go on everything. Especially Lightweight, it will be on everything you wear, all the way to superbosses – SPD is always king.

Early game Armor: HP+, MP+, Def+, Sturdy, Lightweight

Early game Weapon: Atk+, Convert (HP Absorb), Any Power (Ice, Lightning, etc), Sturdy, Lightweight, Inflict Sleep if you can find it (Sleep is amazingly powerful and even works on some bosses)

After mid-game, the “Power” traits peter out quickly in viability, but they’re good for the first half of the game, and extremely easy to get on any Ingot

Make it cheap: Price Down, Complex, Giga Stink (or any of the Stinky ones)

Warehouse S-Rank stuff: cheap traits above mixed with Quality

Late game Weapon: Atk+10, Convert L, Inflict Sleep, Beast Repel, Lightweight, or substitute Dragon Repel for some situations (perhaps keep dual builds of your weapons), and possibly swap out Convert L for something else once you start using Skills most of the time rather than normal attacks

Late game Armor: HP+30, MP+30, LP+30, Def+10, Lightweight, maybe swap out HP+20 instead of LP+30

Late game Accessory: Skill+20%, Skill+30%, MP-20%, MP-30%, All Stats +10, possibly swap out one of the 20%’s for All Stats +5 or Speed+10/Lightweight

Side note: the stats are so nerfed in this game that equipment upgrades actually matter. You might actually get more stat gain from upgrading to the next level weapon or armor, than from adding better traits, and that’s heretical for most atelier games. So in early game, even if you find NO decent traits, it’s worth upgrading armor and weapon just for stats.

Pro Favorite, Kid Friendly, Uses+2, and Uses+1 do not stack. You’ll get the max, so don’t waste your effort trying to get Pro Favorite and also Uses+2 on an item like I did before I found I was throwing my time and Trait slots away

Not sure where else to put it, but the Living, Lively, and Pepped Up traits do not work on all items that are aimed at your own party. I put them on an Auto Alarm and they never once triggered, not sure if there’s a list of ones that they will work on, but don’t bother on that one, and they definitely do not work on attack items aimed at the enemy


Unlike Rorona, Cost Points are not controlled by traits but by the Level of the item. So if you have Level 4 and 6 materials in one slot for a recipe, and Level 10 in another slot, you’ll get (4+6)/2 and 10, or 15 cost points for the synthesis. This might seem like a nice simplification from the system before, but altogether too many recipes call for items that are forced to be low level, so you don’t have enough CP a lot of the time

So what actually makes the effect bar grow when you toss an ingredient in? It’s not the Level, it’s a hidden value for each item, plus or minus a bit for quality, plus or minus “Effect Boost S/M/L”. So some effects in recipes are physically impossible until you not only find a later item, but also find one of the right quality or with Effect Boost on it. You can ALSO add Effect Boost to an item, if you can construct your ingredients, and it will “count” for more

Some Traits like Pro Favorite say “increase synthesis difficulty”. They’re not kidding. ALWAYS SAVE immediately before doing any synthesis with one of these, and be very careful it’s not randomly in your list of traits, or you’re likely to fail. Pro Favorite in particular is nasty and you’ll be reloading a lot to get it to work

Supplements are all but useless. The ingredients don’t have enough CP, you can’t get anything endgame into them until you have the Spring Cup working, and can put ONE trait from a Dark Dew onto them

Sylph Breath and Blessed Coin are the god items of the game, they carry most traits, and have very good categories, particularly for getting things onto weapons or accessories

Make a Blessed Coin and a Mysterious Ankh with high quality and all the cheapness traits and register with Pamela, they’ll be cost point fodder for a long time, all the way through post-game

Hay and Living Rope are constructible (Plant) and (Thread), which is rare in atelier games, so do make use of them. They and Dried Plant (which is sadly not Warehousable) are great early game CP powerhouses, ditto the evil and dreaded Tar Liquid

(Fuel) and (Gunpowder) can never be constructed in the entire game. There are some recipes for them, but they all have entirely natural ingredients, so there’s never a place to insert traits or quality you want

(Jewel) is incredibly hard to get anything into until postgame, and even then it’s restricted to some traits. It’s one of many annoying recipes where its category feeds into its own recipe, i.e. (Jewel) takes (Jewel) as the only constructible ingredient, which is useless for trying to transfer things around. This repeats itself for (Mystery), (Poison), (Plant), (Liquid), (Seasoning), and (Spice)

The categories (Spice), (Seasoning), and (Liquid) are tightly locked into each other, it’s almost impossible to get anything from them onto anything else outside that group, but they’re the things that end up on Cloth items for armor, so you’ll be making Liquor using Water from your Spring Cup, and then that in Million Nights to clone before making Cloth

The categories (Mystery) and (Ore), mostly comprising loops of Sylph Breath and Blessed Coin, and occasionally Mystery Ankh, loop into each other and are almost impossible to get into anything else, but getting things onto a Sylph Breath (especially from Spring Cup liquids, again) is very easy, and can feed into your Blessed Coin, which will go into Ingots and Accessories

It is 100% absolutely impossible to pull traits out of a completed Cloth or Ingot item. You can never retrieve those and get them into something useful again. You can reuse them to make a new armor or weapon with Hagel, but they’re complete and total dead-ends for recipe chains

Unfortunately in this game, and much to the extreme frustration of vets who would like to do otherwise, you have to give up all hope of doing game-breaking things midgame, or even at all in some cases. The web of categories and ingredients is too broken, too many categories are non-constuctible (Fuel, Gunpowder, Jewel), too many items that transfer between groups of categories are the wrong type of thing and won’t help with Traits (Mystery Ankh, Dark Water), too many items disallow useful traits due to forced low-CP ingredients (Honey, Supplement, Komet, Arland Crystal), and too many recipes that might otherwise work just take too long to he helpful (Komet, Magic Paint).

Case in point example: try to get 5 good traits on a Meteor. You’d think this is easy, as there’s two constructible categories as ingredients: (Cloth) and (Jewel). (Reminder that by non-constructible, I mean you can make an item of that type, but all ingredients for that item are natural ones, so you can never insert constructed ingredients with your own choice of traits or quality). But Cloth cannot hold bomb-type traits, so that won’t work. And the only Jewels are Arland Crystal which takes a non-constructible and unhelpfully (Jewel)… and Komet, which takes two non-constructibles and Supplement… the latter of which can only at most hold one good trait… so you’d have to make 5 Komets, at 3 days each, so 15 whole days just for this… and then you’d need to make 5 Meteors at the same time just to incorporate them all in… and you’ll never get those Komets back for another similar synthesis later, after having gone thru so much time and trouble… unless you have every one of the 5 Chims copying the 5 Komets, which by the way take way too long for Chims to copy helpfully… or use up 5 warehouse slots to hold onto them for later, even if just for one refill cycle. This feels deliberate on their part, making this either impossible or horrendously inefficient.

What makes this truly aggravating to me is that with extremely few tweaks, this would be far easier. Give one (Liquid) item with an (Ore) or (Mystery) input, like holy shit how about just don’t delete (Liquid) as a category on Magic Paint like it had in Rorona?? Give Tar Liquid, I dunno, a (Liquid) input? Make the Jewels depend on (Ore) instead of unhelpfully just taking more (Jewel). Literally those three changes alone would fix almost everything. Bonus points if they let you pull traits out of a Cloth or Ingot. Side annoyance, there’s no constructible (Elixir) until postgame, even the Elixir recipe itself. This feels like a joke or a deliberate backstab.

See the Traits section above, the early game traits can be gotten from random materials fairly easily, and they’re “good enough”. By the time that’s “not good enough” any more, you should have a Spring Cup system working, in which case the two loops above (Water>Liquor>Million Nights>Cloth, Dark Dew>Sylph Breath>Blessed Coin>Ingot/Accessory)


I’m going to differ with the standard logic of the endings and offer a more efficient method, to save on a lot of redoing endgame quests. First you need to finish the entire story and have all the point of no returns set up, as per any of the FAQs you’ll read up on. However, they all recommend that you do every ending separately, and then redo them all together for the True Ending. Not needed. You can stack them so the only repetition is reloading and lots of sleeping, but you do not need to redo the character ending requirements, ever.

  1. Go to Totori’s Atelier and make a BASE SAVE
    • Make sure that you have 499K money, and 34 large Chim Pies, and the 35th very close to done, but halt all Chims completely – you don’t have much else to do so this isn’t that hard to set up – before the BASE SAVE
    • Sleep until 6Y5M, make a “NORMAL” SAVE, i.e. the three endings associated with the Normal Ending
      • Sleep until 6Y6M1D for the Normal Ending
      • Reload NORMAL SAVE, unleash the Chims so they get 35 pies over the next month, sleep until the end for the Chim Ending
      • Reload NORMAL SAVE, sell enough to go over 500K, sleep to the end, get the Rich Ending
  2. Reload the BASE SAVE
    • Get Gino to Lv 25, make a “GINO” SAVE after all the events from that
    • Sleep until 6Y5M, make a “STERK” SAVE
      • Sleep to the end for the Sterk Ending
      • Reload STERK SAVE, and while sleeping, make sure to agree to one of Gino’s Friend Requests to push him above Sterk’s friendship level (you may need to reload before 6/6/1 if he never shows up), sleep to the end, get the Gino Ending
  3. Reload the GINO SAVE (this is where I’m differing from the usual), which is before you got any additional friendship for anyone, so all friends are back to 60, but you have done the Gino stuff and don’t need to redo it later
    • Do Melvia’s requirements, make MELVIA SAVE
    • Sleep til the end, but make sure to do one Melvia quest on the way to make her the highest friendship, get Melvia Ending
  4. Reload MELVIA SAVE (see the pattern here, we’re stacking the endings and saving before we bump anyone over 60), Gino and Melvia both don’t need to be redone
    • Travel to Rorona’s Atelier (important so you get friendship quests for the other characters, not Gino and Melvia)
    • Get Mimi to Lv50, make MIMI SAVE
    • Sleep to the end but make sure to do one quest for Mimi along the way, get Mimi Ending
  5. Reload MIMI SAVE
    • Do Marc’s end events, make MARC SAVE
    • Sleep to the end but make sure to do one quest for Marc along the way, get Marc Ending
  6. Reload MARC SAVE
    • Synth in Rorona’s cauldron while at Alchemy Lv50, make RORONA SAVE
    • Sleep to the end but make sure to do one quest for Rorona along the way, get Rorona Ending
  7. Reload RORONA SAVE
    • Unleash the Chims
    • Sell stuff to go over 500K
    • Sleep to the end and don’t bother with any quests, get True Ending
    • No need for repeating any of the above, especially Marc, Melvia and Mimi, which might be annoying otherwise; grinding Mimi to Lv50 took a while, even starting from Lv49