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Here you can select any item or category, and another item or category, and it will tell you what chain of recipes to use to get from one to another. Failures means include the possibility of deliberately burning a recipe to Failure Ash and then using that in another recipe afterwards; turning this on tends to overshadow other recipe chains, so leave it off unless you want it specifically.

Also note that in order to keep the list from being nigh-infinite, I had to trim “identical subtrees”. Meaning that at any point, if a recipe chain could be achieved by a quicker method, I had to throw away the longer method. This makes sense, but it means that sometimes it picks a chain with a rarer or later item, and you won’t realize there’s other possibilities. Like for example Zafloa Oil -> Pure Water… if you use the Living Cart, Fertile Soil, and Spirit Tears, which you get way later, it’s 6 steps:
Zafloa Oil ==> Gold Thread ==> Living Cart ==> Fertile Soil ==> Neutralizer Y ==> Spirit Tears ==> Pure Water
But using more common materials, it requires 7 steps:
Zafloa Oil ==> Gold Thread ==> Cloth ==> Crystal Ball ==> Alchemic Clay ==> Neutralizer Y ==> Refresh Oil ==> Pure Water
So the latter will not show up at all.

Note that this finder app is a generalized open source project I published:
Feel free to utilize it on your own page – please give me a linkback, either to this page or the GitHub, if you would, though. If you have a CSV file from any Atelier game with recipes and materials, it should work for all of them.