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World Map

Here’s the piece de la resistance, the dynamic and interactive map of the world of Atelier Sophie. If you are interested in seeing what went into the creation process, I wrote some blog posts detailing everything here.


Table of Contents

Kirchen Bell

Recipe Maps

Beginner Page

Growth Page

Hope Page

Dream Page

Mystery Page

Note that the Sage’s Emblem and Atelier Tent are DLC only.

Area Maps

Calm Banks

Chick Woods

City of the Lost

Dead Tree Wasteland

Enlightened Mountain

Fallen Palace

Fertile Shore

Flower Garden

Foggy Woodland

The chest is blocked off until you get the Never Sunny Forest and End of Rain Rumors.

Forest of Fairies

Fairy Cauldron in the back of the (duh) Den of Fairies.

Forgetful Stream

Forgotten Nursery

Fungal Garden

Gate of Trees

Gathering of Beasts

Green Ruins

Husk Forest

Leisure Plaza

Library of All Creation

The Dusk Shelf to the DLC area only appears if you have the DLC and have hit that point in the plot, The Two’s Circumstances Event.

Also, regarding those two topmost gold exits on the balconies lying to either side of the main entrance, that face each other, and seem to have no exit… those are bugs. The symbols really do exist on the minimap, but there are no exits that I can find there.

Ancient Cauldron behind the end-game end-boss. Yes, you have to actually go all the way back to get it.

Merbert Farm

Moon Sun Moor

Expert Cauldron all the way in the back of the Silent Bedroom (rectilinear area).

Mountain Boundary

Open Ruins

Pilgrim Road

Prospectors Strand

Puzzling Path

Rocky Grove

Rocky Mountain

Scar of the Land

Sealed Temple

Note that the area after the third map is not available until the Search for Nazarus Event begins. Also, the path to Soul Space opens only during that plotline (for the first time) and then on Seed Day. You have to arrive at that location on Seed Day – don’t leave your Atelier on Seed Day, or you may not make it in time, and you’ll have to wait a week for the pathway to open again.

Silent Lakeside

Small Islet

Three Bridge Spring

Underground Lake

Tuned Cauldron all the way in the back (hard to see the gold diamond), behind the Unliving King boss – when you kill him, don’t just take the chest he drops, also check the very back.

Verdant Hill

Waterside Ruins

Half of those red dots are Gold Punis, and they respawn (as does everything) when you gather after killing an enemy.

Wood Cabin