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Note that there are three different kinds of material transitions in Ryza 2. The most common is simply completing a recipe, which is marked with “Synth”. However, some recipes have conversions mid-way, where if you fill in a node, the recipe changes to something new, such as if you put a Werder Nut into a Craft, it becomes an Explosive Uni; these transitions are marked with “Convert”. Finally, you eventually unlock a system called “EV Link” where you can combine two items to produce a brand new one, it must be done from the Duplicator station.

To see an example where all three are in a single recipe chain, select (Mushrooms) and Mythic Nectar and scroll through until you see Convert and EV-Link on one line. It’s on a Zettel or Alchemy Fibers line, though you may need to look for it, the order of the results is not guaranteed. If you want to see EV-Link in the middle of a chain, or a chain that has all three types at once, try (Mushrooms) to Mystic Robe.

Note that this finder app is a generalized open source project I published:
Feel free to utilize it on your own page – please give me a linkback, either to this page or the GitHub, if you would, though. If you have a CSV file from any Atelier game with recipes and materials, it should work for all of them.