Drag blue block outside green and on top of reds.

Show directionality:

Turquoise areas show where blue and red meet.

Black border areas show how much of blue extends beyond green.

Select collision directionality to see what part of the red blocks are hit, and protrusion directionality to see what side of the green area the blue is sticking out of.

for collisions, the direction is the part of the collider that hit the obstacle, for example, if if bottom-left corner of the collider overlapped, the direction is "SW". If either the whole top side, or a chunk of the top side that doesn't touch the edges, hits an obstacle, the direction is "N". "Inside" means that the obstacle is entirely inside the colloder. "Outside" means that obstacle entirely engulfs the collider.

For protrusions, the sections are the extended direction of the obstacle from which the colliding entity is protruding. So the "S" protrusion is the part that extends beyond the south edge of the obstacle.